A New Mob War: Sonny Corinthos Meets Joe Novak



Sonny Corinthos needed help getting back at Julian Jerome and Johnny Zacchara for stabbing him in the back and taking over his mob territory.  After a weekend trip back to his old stomping grounds in Bensonhurst, Sonny is caught in a mob war from the rival town of Riverside and comes face to face with Joe Novak.  When Joe recognizes Sonny from the news in Port Charles, Joe offers Sonny a deal Sonny can’t refuse.  Is Joe really wanting a Sonny’s help, or just another mobster out to ruin Sonny?




Sonny Corinthos:  Maurice Benard


Joe Novak:  Roscoe Born


Julian Jerome:  William DeVry


Johnny Zacchara:  Brandon Barash


Jason Morgan:  Billy Miller


Chapter 1


Sonny couldn’t believe that Julian Jerome and Johnny Zacchara stabbed him in the back just to get their hands on his mob territory.  No, he couldn’t believe he could be so stupid as to trust them.  He needed to get away and since going to his island in Puerto Rico was his forte for getting away,  Sonny decided to head to his childhood stomping grounds of Bensonhurst to throw everyone off his trail.


When Sonny arrived in Bensonhurst, he was shocked to find it wasn’t the same.  He pulled off to the side of the road where he lived as a teen and walked up the front steps of his old home.  Just as he was about to ring the doorbell, shots rang out.


As Sonny ducked for cover, he knew what was happening.  A mob war from a rival gang―but who could it be?  After the violence and bloodshed was over, Sonny thought he saw a familiar face:  “It couldn’t be?  Joe Novak?” Sonny thought to himself.  “What the hell did Joe Novak want in this neck of the woods?”


Just when Sonny thought it was clear to leave, he comes face to face with Joe Novak from his rival city of Riverside, another suburb of New York.


“Joe Novak?” a surprised Sonny asks.


“What are you doing here, Corinthos?” Joe asks, just as surprised.


“I need to get away and came to my old stomping grounds.” Sonny explained.  “I never expected to see you here?”


“Well, I never thought you had the nerve to show your face after everything that has happened?”


“So you kept up-to-date on my trial?”


“Yes, Sonny, I did.” Joe informed him.  “That was mighty ingenious getting the governor to pardon you from prison after you murdered your son’s biological father.”


“I never got the governor to pardon me, Novak.” Sonny defended himself.  “I was just as surprised as everyone else.”


“Well, your son wasn’t to happy to learn of your pardon.”


“Michael will get over it in time.” Sonny tried to reason.  “Michael is angry with me but I’m confident he will get over it in time.”


“And getting custody of your daughter and renaming her after his father. . .that didn’t hurt?”


“Yeah it did.” Sonny confessed.  “But the one thing that really hurts, is what Julian Jerome and Johnny Zacchara did to me.”


“Ah, yes, they back-stabbed you and took over your territory.” Joe said.  “Now that had to hurt.”


“More than you know.”


“Hey, Sonny, want to really get back at them?” Joe asked.


“What do you have in mind?” Sonny asked, not sure if he really wanted to know.


“You and I go in together and take back your territory, as well as theirs.” Joe offered the proposition.’


“You trying to strike a deal with me, Joe?”


“Yes, Sonny.” Joe repeated.  “Are you in?”


“Yes, Joe, I’m in.” Sonny said, as he and Joe shook hands.


“Great!” Joe said, smiling.  “You won’t regret this.”


“I hope not.” Sonny said.


“I’ll be in Port Charles in two days.” Joe said.  “We can meet and discuss strategy then.”


“I’ll see you then.” Sonny agreed.


Sonny couldn’t believe his luck, running into Joe Novak from Riverside.  He hoped he wouldn’t regret accepting Joe’s proposal to take back his territory from Julian and Johnny as well as theirs as well.


Chapter 2


After seeing Joe, Sonny went to see Olivia’s mother and Connie’s aunt to see how things were going.


“Sonny?” Mrs. Falconeri said, a bit surprised by Sonny’s arrival.


“Hello, Mrs. Falconeri.” Sonny said.  “I hope I’m not imposing, but I just came to see how you all were.”


“We’re doing okay.” Mrs. Falconeri said.  “So how are you and Olivia?”


“I’m fine and Olivia and Dante and family are doing fine too.”


“How is the little bambino?” Mrs. Falconeri asked.


“Rocco?” Sonny asked.  “He’s growing like a weed.”


“Awwwww, he’s so cute.” Mrs. Falconeri says, as Sonny hands her a photo of the tot.  “You must be quite the proud grampa!”


Sonny’s dimples show as he blushes at Mrs. Falconeri’s remark.


“Come, Sonny,  you must have dinner with us.” Mrs. Falconeri demands.


Sonny reluctantly agrees to dinner.


“That was a delicious dinner, Mrs. Falconeri.” Sonny says, thankfully.  “But I’m afraid I must go.”


As Sonny heads back to Port Charles, Joe Novak is meeting with a mysterious person before he heads to Port Charles to exact revenge on Sonny and Julian for the murder of his wife, Siobahn Ryan.


Chapter 3


Sonny couldn’t wait to meet with Joe Novak and discuss strategy.  He was afraid that Joe had been holding his wife, Siobahn’s death against him.  Sonny felt bad for Joe.  But Joe had got it all wrong assuming Sonny was responsible for Siobahn’s death.  He didn’t know that the person responsible was Julian Jerome.


Joe had arrived at Sonny’s mansion to talk about strategy to take out the Jerome and Zacchara organizations.


“Hey, Sonny!” Joe shook Sonny’s hand, despite the rage he still felt over Sonny’s part in Siobahn death.


“Joe, I’m glad you could make it.”


“Yeah, me too.”


“There’s just one thing I have to ask you, Joe?”


“What’s that, Sonny?”


“You don’t blame me for Siobahn’s death, do you?” Sonny came out and asked, despite being afraid to ask.


Joe could feel his blood boiling, but managed to contain his anger.  “No, Sonny, I’ve gotten over Siobahn’s death.”


“Whew!” Sonny said, relieved a bit.


“What do you mean by that, Sonny?!” Joe asked, starting to feel his anger rise again.


“That you don’t blame me, is all?”


“But you killed my wife?!” Joe raged.  “And you’re not one bit sorry!”


“Joe, calm down!” Sonny said, trying to calm Joe down.  “It’s time you knew who was responsible for Siobahn’s murder!”


“What the hell does that mean?”


“Julian!” Sonny confessed.  “Julian Jerome is the one who took out a hit on Siobhan!”


“Julian Jerome?!” Joe questioned Sonny, confused.  “You mean after all this time, you weren’t the one?”


“No, Joe.”


“I have a confession too.” Joe said.  “I was only here to avenge Siobahn’s death.”


Suddenly, there was a round of gunfire as Sonny and Joe took cover inside Sonny’s home.


Chapter 4


“So what do you want to do to get back at this Julian Jerome?” Joe asked Sonny while they were ducking for cover from the gunfire.


“Bro, that’s why I came to you in Bensonhurst.” Sonny confessed.


“You wanted an ally in me?” Joe said, touched.


“Yeah, Joe.  We go way back.  I knew you’d have my back.”


“I want to get even with Julian Jerome for the death of my wife.” Joe confessed.


“And I want to take back my territory from Jerome and Zacchara clans.” Sonny also confessed.  “Everything went downhill for me when I lost my right hand man, Jason Morgan.”


“Jason Morgan?” Joe asked.  “Was he the one that was killed by Cesar Faison?”


“Yeah, and he left a wife and son.” Sonny said sadly.


“I read about him.  He was one hell of a guy.”


“He was the best.  He really had my back, as well as those of most of us back in Port Charles.” Sonny said, trying to hold back the tears.


“So, what’s the plan to get this Jerome and Zacchara dynasties?” Joe asked.


“Fight fire with fire.” Sonny told Joe.


“What do you have in mind?”


“By planting drugs in Julian’s art gallery and in the Zacchara’s home.”


“Who will call the police?”


“We don’t have to.” Sonny explained.  “My son, Dante, is a cop at PCPD.”


“Dante Falconeri is your son?” Joe asked amazed.  “Olivia’s son?”


“Yes.  I only found out a few years ago as Olivia kept him from me for fear of being tied to the mob.”


“So, Dante will just be driving by Julian’s art gallery and happen to ‘drop in?’ “ Joe asked.


“Yes.  He will get a tip and check it out.”


While Joe and Sonny were discussing how to bring Julian and Johnny down, they heard a crash come from inside Sonny’s home.  As the two men carefully checked each room, they were shocked to find Jason Morgan hiding in Sonny’s kitchen.


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