A Life in Danger: A Sonny & Will Romance



After cheating on his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, Will Horton feels guilty he throws himself into his work, further neglecting Sonny and their daughter, Ari.  But after writing an expose on Clyde Westin, Will’s life is in jeopardy.  Will Sonny find Will in time?




Will Horton – Guy Wilson

Sonny Kiriakis – Freddie Smith

Paul Narita – Christopher Sean

John Black – Drake Hogestyn

Marlena Evans – Diedre Hall

Sami DiMera – Alison Sweeney

Clyde Westin – James Read


Chapter 1


Ever since the truth about Paul Narita came out, that he was John Black’s son, his husband was more drawn to Paul more than ever, and Will Horton couldn’t stand it.  He loved Sonny with all his heart.  He knew it was a mistake to sleep with Paul.  If only Sonny just believed that.  But Sonny decided to head to San Francisco and see if he and Paul could renew their love.


So Will decided to throw himself into his writing and his next assignment was an expose on Clyde Westin.  When he wasn’t tending to his daughter, Ari, Will was researching the web for anything on Clyde.


Will was waiting at Victor’s new club for Clyde to start his interview.  While he was waiting, his grandmother, Marlena, sat down next to him to talk.


“Hey, Will, I just heard from your mother.” Marlena said, hoping to break the ice between them.


“Oh, how is mother?” Will said.


“She’s doing well.” Marlena explained.  “Johnny and Sydney miss you terribly.  They ask about Ari all the time.”


“Well, tell mother that Ali misses her, but loves living with dad.”


“Your mother’s reality show is really a big hit.” Marlena said.


“That’s great.  Grandmother, can you excuse me, please.” Will said as he got up when he saw Clyde having an intense conversation with some unknown person.


Will walked over to an undisclosed table so Clyde couldn’t see that he was spying on him.


“I don’t care what you think, just do it!” Clyde ordered.


“Okay Mr. Westin!  But you’ll regret it!” the unknown person reminded him.


“Nobody will ever know it was me who ordered the hit on Victor Kiriakis!” Clyde rebuffed.  “I want Victor taken out!  I want his territory!”



Will couldn’t believe what he heard.  Clyde was ordering someone he didn’t recognize to take out Victor.  Will knew what he had to do.  He had to keep on eye on Clyde and his business dealings.  Will had to find out just who Clyde Westin was.


Chapter 2


Will googled Clyde Weston’s name in Poplar Bluff, Arkansas and found nothing.  But Will wasn’t giving up.  It was obvious that Clyde knew how to keep his name out of the press.  Will would just have to outsmart Clyde.


Will closed his laptop when he heard a familiar voice talking with Clyde.  It was his grandmother’s voice.


“Clyde, we need to be more discreet when it comes to Victor Kiriakis.” Kate told Clyde.


“You don’t need to remind me, Kate.” Clyde replied back.  “I know what I’m doing where Victor Kiriakis is concerned.”


“But you don’t want anyone knowing that you ordered the hit that got Sonny stabbed.”


“Yes, Kate, I know.”


Will was shocked upon learning that Clyde ordered the hit that got Sonny stabbed.  Will was now more determined to write the article and get the goods on Mr. Westin.


Will took out his cell and dialed Ben’s number.


“Will?” Ben said, answering his cell when he saw Will’s number.  “This is a surprise?”


“Yes, Ben.” Will began.  “I’d like to talk to you about an article I’m writing.”


“It doesn’t have to do with my father, does it?”


“Yes, as a matter of a fact, it does.” Will confessed.


“A sure.” Ben said.  “When do you want to meet?”


“How does an hour sound?” Will asked.  “At my apartment?”


“Ah, sure.  I’m due for a break then.  I’ll see you then.”


“Great.  See you in an hour.”


As Will hung up his cell, Will was determined to get the goods on Clyde, no matter what it took.


Chapter 3


Upset that he hasn’t found anything on Clyde Weston for his article, Will decides to take Ari for a walk through the park.  Walking through the park, Will hears voices and hides, so he doesn’t get seen, but he didn’t imagine he would hit pay dirt with what he overheard.


“What do you want?” Clyde asks the henchman.


“I want more money to keep your secret!” the henchman demands.


“I’m sorry, I can’t do that!” Clyde replies.


“You will hand over more money, or I will tell Stefano how you shot and killed EJ DiMera!” the henchman demands.


“I’d think that one over if I were you.” Clyde says.


“I have nothing to lose if I tell Stefano, but you Clyde, what will you lose?”


“Okay.  I’ll get the money to you.  But I need a few days.”


“24 hours, or I tell all!” the henchman demands.


As Clyde goes on his way, Will is stunned to learn of Clyde’s involvement in EJ’s death.  He now had the goods on Clyde, but what was he going to do about it?  Will thought about the dilemma as he walked Ari back home.


When he got back home with Ari, will found Sonny in a close moment with Paul.  Upset with seeing his husband with another man, Will tried his best not to show it, but Sonny and Will got into a heated argument which led Will to abruptly leave the apartment.


After seeing Sonny with Paul, Will decided to confront Clyde with what he learned in the park.


Chapter 4


Will woke up the next morning and was on his way out the door, when he saw Sonny and Ari having breakfast together.


“Will, I made us all some breakfast.” Sonny said cheerfully.


“Sorry Sonny, but I don’t have time for breakfast.” Will said, hastily drinking down a cup of coffee and giving Ari a kiss before heading out.


“Well, I guess daddy is a little busy this morning.” Sonny tells Ari, as Will walked out the door.


Feeling bad about the way he walked out, Will felt bad about leaving in such a hurry, but he had to get to Clyde’s office.  He vowed to make it up to Ari and Sonny later when he got home.


Arriving at Clyde’s shipping business, Will told Clyde’s executive assistant that he had an interview with Mr. Weston.


“I’ll let you into Mr. Weston’s office.” Bunny, Clyde’s executive assistant told Will.


“Thank you.” Will politely told her.


After Bunny buzzed Will into Clyde’s office, Will immediately searched around Clyde’s office for a inconspicuous spot to plant the bug.


After planting the bug in the back of Clyde’s desk drawer, Will quickly sat down in the chair in front of Clyde’s desk when he heard Clyde’s office door open.


“Well, Mr. Horton.” Clyde said greeting Will.  “I didn’t know we had an interview?”


“Don’t you remember you asked me to come this morning?” Will lied to Clyde.


“No, but then I’ve had a lot on my mind.  Maybe I forgot.” Clyde said.


“No problem.” Will said.  “We can do it some other time if you’re not available.”


“Well, thank you Mr. Horton.” Clyde said.  “Have my assistant pencil you in for tomorrow.”


“Thank you.  I will do that.” Will said on his way out.


Will thank Bunny on his way of Clyde’s office and told her to have a nice day.  He had accomplished what he wanted and that was to plant a bug in Clyde’s office.


Next it was time to head over to Chad’s office at DiMera Enterprise and do the same.


Will barged into Chad’s office pretending to give Chad a piece of his mind after what he did to his cousin, Abby.


“Who do you think you are?!” Will said, blasting into Chad..


“What the hell are you talking about?” Chad asks an irate Will.


“Sleeping with Abby to break up her and Ben?!”


“Well, what can I say?  Abigail wanted me.” Chad said proudly.  “It wasn’t hard to convince her.”


“This is all about how you feel she betrayed you by sleeping with your brother, EJ?”


“Abigail deserves to lose Ben!” Chad flat out told Will.  “How can you defend her?  He was engaged to your mother?”


During the staged argument, Will managed to get Chad out of his seat and slipped the bug under Chad’s desk drawer without Chad seeing him.


“Abby and my mother made up after her humiliation of Abby in town.” Will pointed out.  “They moved on and let bygones be.”


“Just get out Will!” Chad angrily told him.


Will did just that after succeeding with his mission.


Now Will could go home and listen in on Clyde and Chad’s business.  It was the beginning of the end for Weston Shipping, Inc. and DiMera Enterprises.  Will would make sure of that.


Chapter 5


Satisifed that he got the bug planted in both Clyde office and the DiMera mansion, Will went home to listen to open up his laptop and spy on both Clyde and Chad.  But when he got home, he was unhappy to discover Paul sitting with Sonny holding his daughter.


“What the hell are you doing, holding my daughter!” Will railed at Paul.


“Will, chill out!” Sonny told him.


“I don’t want him holding my daughter!” Will said, turning his rage on Sonny.


“Oh, she’s your daughter now!” Sonny yelled back, making Ari cry, regretting letting Will get him so riled up.  Sonny had always managed to keep his cool.


As Will snatched Ari out of Paul’s arms, he went to put a crying Ari in her crib to soothe his daughter, leaving Sonny to apologize for Will’s behavior.


“I’m so sorry, Paul.”


“Hey, that’s okay.  I’d probably be upset to.” Paul said, trying to forgive Will for his outburst.  “I’d probably be upset too if I came home to find another man with my family.”


“Will was out of line.” was all Sonny could say.


“Hey, it’s no worry.” Paul said sympathetically.  “Anyway, I got to go.  Have a dinner date with dear old dad.”


“Say hello to John and Marlena.” Sonny said, as he saw Paul out the door.


Sonny was upset with Will’s outburst and waited for Will to come out of Ari’s room to tell him so.


“What was that about?!” Sonny railed, when Will finally came out of Ari’s room.


“I don’t want to talk about it?!” Will said, bitterly, opening up his laptop.  “I have work to do!”


“Fine.  If that’s the way you want it!” Sonny said, as he picked up his car keys and stormed out of their apartment to Club TBD to do a little work himself.


Will was sorry about what he did to Paul, but it couldn’t be helped right now.  He had to find out was going on with Clyde and Chad.


Putting on his headphones, Will was glad that Sonny left.  He just wasn’t happy about the way he left.  But it was all forgotten when Will’s surveillance started working and he was hearing Clyde talk to an unknown caller in his office.


As Will listened to Clyde and his mysterious caller, Will got to work on his article for Zoe.


Chapter 6


Will finished the article on Clyde Weston and went to pick up Ari so he could give it to Zoe for

publication as Sonny had yet to come home after their argument.


“Zoe, I have the article on Clyde Weston.” Will announces when he enters Zoe’s office with Ari.


“Oh, you brought your daughter.” Zoe says, fawning over the cute little tyke.


“Sorry, but I couldn’t find a sitter and Sonny was at Club TBD.” Will explained.


“No problem.” Zoe said, still fawning over little Ari.  “I enjoy seeing this little girl.”


“Well, I brought in the article.” Will said, handing it to Zoe.


“Thank you, Will.  I’m sure it won’t be a disappointment.” Zoe said, giving Will praise for his writing.


“Well, I gotta run.” Will says, heading out.


As Will heads back to his and Sonny’s apartment, an unknown person phones Clyde.


“Will just submitted the article.”


“Great work.” Clyde says to the mystery person.  “Your payment will be in your account.”


As Clyde hangs up with the mystery caller, he comes up with a revenge plot on Will for writing the article.


“You’re going to be sorry for writing the article, Will.  I warned you not too, but you wrote it anyway.” Clyde says to himself.


Meanwhile, Sonny returns home to find Ari in her playpen and Will nowhere in sight. . .


Chapter 7


“Dad, is it true?” Ben asked when he called Clyde after reading Will’s article.


“No, it’s not son.” Clyde said trying to calm his son down.  “Will’s a journalist and you know how they like to trash people.”


“But it says you smuggle drugs?” a confused Ben asks his father.


“Son, you know all about my business.”


“Do I?” Ben questions him.


“Yes, son, I run a legit business.” Clyde lies.


“Okay, dad.” Ben said satisfied.  “I don’t want to lose you.  We just got our relationship back on track.”


“I know son.  I wouldn’t do anything to destroy it now.”


As Ben hangs up, Clyde is out the door to meet with his henchman.


“Hey, I want you to find Will Horton and take him to this location.” Clyde orders his henchman.


“Sure, boss!” the henchman says without questioning Clyde.



Will is walking Ari home through the park after another nasty fight with Sonny.


“I can’t believe Sonny doesn’t believe me?” Will says to himself, feeling sorry for himself.


But just as they near the playground, a mystery man grabs Will from behind, knocks him out cold, and drags him off, leaving Ari alone in the park.


Soon, Paul is also taking a walk through the park when he spots Will being dragged off.  As he chases after the person who took Will, Paul loses them.  Discouraged, Paul heads back to get Ari and take her home to Sonny.


“Paul?” Sonny asks when he answers the knock at his door, thinking it’s Will.  “Why are you holding Ari and where is Will?”


“I-I-I think somebody took Will!”


Sonny pulls Paul and Ari inside as Paul recounts the scene in the park.


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