A Harmonious Life: An EJ & Theresa Romance



After EJ DiMera fakes his death to get away from his two crazy ex-wives’ constant fighting, he moves to Harmony, New England with his three children—Johnny, Ali and Sydney—to start a new life. He is instantly smitten with Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald when he gets a job at the law firm courtesy of law school buddy, Ethan Winthrop. But can Theresa give her heart to another man after all the years of waiting for Ethan Winthrop only to have her heartbroken when Ethan remains married to Gwen?




EJ DiMera – James Scott

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald – Lindsay Hartley

Ethan Winthrop – Eric Martsolf

Gwen Hotchkiss Winthrop – Liza Huber

Piloma Lopez-Fitzgerald – Silvana Arias

Noah Bennet – Dylan Fergus

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald – Jesse Metcalfe

Charity Standish – Molly Stanton

Kay Bennet – Heidi Mueller

Tabitha Lenox – Juliet Mills

Sheridan Crane – McKenzie Westmore

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald – Galen Gering


Chapter 1


EJ had to fake his death.  The fighting between Sami and Nicole was unbearable.  After the truth came out that he set up Nicole to kidnap Sydney was just a ruse to draw out Lucas for faking the DNA test that showed Ali was Lucas’ daughter and not EJ’s.  EJ knew that Ali was his, but he couldn’t prove it and Sami wouldn’t listen to his theories.  So he set up the alleged kidnapping of his own daughter Sydney.


But Sami and Nicole can’t seem to stop fighting about it.  So EJ faked his death and got Clyde Weston to shoot him.  It was Stefano who gave him the drug that would slow his heartbeat to make it appear he was dead.  EJ always wonder if Stefano  had a market on that drug.  I mean, Stefano always seems to be able to get his hands on this stuff.


As EJ looked at his three children, Johnny, Ali and Sydney, he is glad he made the choice to leave.  And Harmony, New England sounds like a perfect town to hide out in.  He called Ethan Winthrop, an old college law buddy if there was a position in his law firm.  Luckily, Ethan said there was and he hopped a flight to Harmony.


Arriving in Harmony, EJ and the children got a cab to the new home that Stefano had arranged for EJ to live in, unbeknownst to EJ, that it was a family home.  Stefano couldn’t bear to tell EJ that they had ties to Harmony and the Crane family.


“Well, children, here we are?” EJ said in a jovial manner.  “Our new home!”


“I want mommy!” Sydney pouted.


“Sydney, we have a new life here now!” EJ said, as he bent down to his daughter’s level.


“I miss mommy!” Sydney cried, as she hugged her daddy.


“It’s okay, Syd.” Ali said to her sister.  “We all miss mommy!”


“Well, let’s go get something to eat.” EJ said to his children, trying to break the ice.


“Yeah.  I’m hungry.” Johnny said, the first one out the door and to the car.


As EJ got Johnny, Ali, and Sydney into the car, he drove to town and pulled into the parking lot of the hamburger joint.  Hamburgers were Johnny’s and Ali’s favorite meal and knew they would like it.


As EJ and the children were being escorted to their table, the most beautiful brunette sitting with her two children, a boy and girl, caught EJ’s eye.  He was struck by her beauty that he barely heard the server ask for his order.


“Sir, can I take your order?”


EJ still didn’t hear the server.


“Sir.” the server said, tapping EJ on the shoulder.  “Can I take your order?”


“What?” EJ said, looking up at the server.  “Oh my.  I’m so sorry.”


“What can I get you?”


“That gorgeous woman’s name and number.” EJ thought to himself, but instead said, “I’ll take 3 of your children’s meals with 2 Sprites and 1 Coke, and I’ll have the fish n chips and a coffee.”


“Very well, sir.”


As EJ and the children were waiting for their dinner, EJ was watching the woman and her two children.  He was shocked to find Ethan join her.  Assuming that they were involved in some way, EJ tried to take his mind off them by focusing on Johnny, Ali and Sydney.


Chapter 2


Trying his best to take his mind off of the gorgeous brunette sitting across the restaurant with Ethan and two children, EJ wondered if that was Ethan’s wife.  EJ was about to leave the restaurant as Sydney was getting cranky and Johnny and Ali were fighting, when Ethan noticed his friend from law school, and motioned him to come over.


“Well, I don’t believe it?” Ethan said, when EJ brought the kids over.


“Ethan.” EJ said.  “It’s been a long time since college.”


“So, how has life treated you since going back to Salem?” Ethan asked.


“Not so well.” EJ told Ethan, with Theresa wondering who the handsome gentleman was.


“Ethan, who is this?” Theresa asked.


“I’m sorry, Theresa.”Ethan apologized.  “This is my old college buddy from my law school days, EJ Wells.”


“It’s DiMera now.” EJ informed his friend.


“DiMera?” Ethan asked confused.


“It’s a long story.” EJ explained.  “One that I will be glad to tell you when I have time.”


“Who are these lovely children?” Theresa said, fawning over little Sydney, who was tired and crying.


“This here is Sydney.” EJ said, referring to Sydney crying in his arms.  “And these two are my twins, Johnny and Ali.”


“Well, Johnny, Ali, how would you like a sucker?  If it’s alright with your daddy?” Theresa winked at EJ, who gave a nod for approval.


As Johnny and Ali each took a sucker from Theresa, Jane began crying as well.


“I’m sorry, it seems as if I too have a tired little girl.” Theresa said, picking up little Jane.


“Well, shall we set a date for dinner at a better time?” Ethan asked.


“That would be fine.” EJ said, as he handed Ethan his cell number before heading out of the restaurant and back to his hotel room.


As EJ left, Theresa couldn’t seem to take her eyes of him.  She could get involved with a man like him.  Now that Ethan has gone back to that witch, Gwen.  If Ethan could be happy with that witch, why shouldn’t she.


“Theresa, you’re not thinking of getting involved with EJ, are you?” Ethan demanded.


“And why shouldn’t I? Theresa said, sharply.  “We’re divorced and you’re with Gwen now!”


Chapter 3


Ethan came over to Theresa’s with Gwen, who was nine months pregnant and about to give birth anytime.


“Gwen, haven’t you given birth to that baby yet?” Theresa asked in a mocking tone.


“What can I say?” Gwen lied.  “The kid just doesn’t want to arrive in this world!”


Gwen had to come up with an excuse why her baby girl wasn’t born yet as she was in reality only seven months pregnant instead of what everyone believes her to be nine months.  The real father was Jared, whom Gwen tricked into sleeping with her so she pass the baby off as Ethan’s when Gwen miscarried her and Ethan’s child a month into her pregnancy.


“I still find it odd that the child has yet to come?” Theresa questioned Gwen.


“Well, my doctor says all is going well.”


Pilar arrived at the sitting room with EJ and his children as Gwen began to relax now that she was out of danger from Theresa’s questioning glances.


“EJ, you’re here.” Theresa said, smiling at him, as an uncomfortable Ethan looked on.


“Thank you for the dinner invitation.” EJ said.  “I have yet to get to the supermarket to shop for anything to eat.”


“It’s no problem.” Theresa said.  “We love having you.”


As Johnny and Ali head upstairs to find Little Ethan, Theresa takes Sydney from EJ’s arms and places her in Jane’s playpen.  Everyone watches in awe as the two little girls became fast friends, as if they were soul mates or something.


“So, Ethan, what brings you to Harmony?” Theresa asks him, as she takes a seat next to him.


“Relationship issues.” EJ explained.  “I thought the kids and I needed a fresh start.”


“Well, I hope you find it inviting here.” Theresa said cheerfully.


“So Gwen, when you expecting?” EJ asked, breaking the ice and changing the subject.


“Anytime.” Gwen said, not happy that things shifted to her again.


As the foursome got to know each other, Pilar, who insisted on making her specialty Mexican feast against Theresa’s wishes, came into the room to announce that dinner was ready.


The four gathered into the cozy dining room and Pilar fetched Johnny, Ali and Little Ethan to the kitchen table for dinner.



After dinner, Ethan insisted that he take Gwen home to get some rest, despite his concerns about Theresa spending time alone with EJ.


Chapter 4


As Ethan took Gwen home to get some rest, he hoped that EJ wasn’t becoming too close to Theresa.  Ethan was still in love with Theresa and hoped one day to divorce Gwen and get back with Theresa.  Ethan was only married to Gwen out of obligation to the baby they were having.  Deep down, Ethan longed to be in Theresa’s arms and often thought of Theresa when he was making love to Gwen.



Meanwhile, EJ and Theresa were talking and having grand time talking and getting to know each other.  Pilar had just gotten Little Ethan and Jane down for bed and Johnny, Ali, and Sydney were fast asleep in one of the spare bedrooms.


“I think I should get my kids home.” EJ started to say.


“Oh, please, stay the night.” Theresa spoke up.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to impose.” EJ explained.


“It’s no bother.” Theresa said.  “Besides, why wake the children from their slumber.”


The truth was, Theresa was enjoying EJ’s company and didn’t want him to leave.  She felt lonely ever since Ethan left her and married Gwen.  EJ was a breath of fresh air compared to Ethan.  She was beginning to fall head over heels for him.


“You can stay in the other spare bedroom.” Theresa told him.


“Thank you, Theresa.” EJ said gratefully.


“It’s nothing really.” Theresa said.


The silence between them was undeniable as Theresa and EJ could no longer deny their feelings for one another as EJ took Theresa in his arms and kissed her softly on the lips.  Theresa gave in to EJ’s kiss as she led him to her bedroom.



Back at Ethan and Gwen’s, Ethan was looking for his briefs for a case he had to work on for court, when he realized he had left it over at Theresa’s.  Knowing that Gwen was sleeping, Ethan slipped out of their home quietly so as not to bother Gwen.



Ethan arrived at Theresa’s in time to spy EJ and Theresa in the throes of passion and barged into the house and barreled through Theresa’s bedroom door.


“Ethan.” Theresa said embarrassed as she covered herself up.


“I’m sorry.  I left my briefs here.” Ethan explained, trying not to show his displeasure at finding Theresa with EJ.


EJ got dressed and went to get some sleep in the spare bedroom next to his children as Theresa put on her robe and followed Ethan downstairs.


“Ethan, what makes you think your briefs are here?” Theresa asks him exasperated.


“Don’t you remember I came over here after coming from the office.” Ethan reminded her.


After looking for 15 minutes, Theresa says, “Well, Ethan, I don’t know what to tell you?  Are you sure you even left them here?”


“I was no other place but your place today.”


Just then, Theresa spied Ethan’s briefcase strewn all over in the children’s playroom.


“Well, the children must’ve found them.” Theresa said, as she went into the playroom, with Ethan following her.


“Oh no!  My legal briefs!” Ethan exclaimed, as he saw his hard work go down the drain when he saw that his briefs tossed all over the playroom.


When EJ heard Ethan’s cries, he came into the playroom to see what was the matter.  “What’s wrong?”


“My legal briefs that I was working on for court in the morning!” Ethan exclaimed angrily.


“Ethan, let me look at those!” EJ told him.


Looking over what Ethan’s briefs, EJ took the papers and began to organize them.  15 minutes later, EJ had managed to get Ethan’s briefs back in order.


“Here you go!” EJ said, handing Ethan his briefs.


“Thank you, EJ.” Ethan said gratefully.  “You saved my case.”


“It’s nothing.” EJ said.


“Say, if you need a job, would you like to partner with me in my firm?”


“I’ll think about it.” EJ told him.  “Right now, I think I will go back to sleep.”


“Well, me too.” Theresa gave Ethan the hint to Ethan.


“Right.  I need to get home so I can be up early.” Ethan said.


Theresa saw Ethan out the front door and headed up to bed for the night.

Chapter 5


EJ woke up the next morning having thought about Ethan’s offer to partner in his firm.  He was getting ready when he heard a knock on the door.


“Theresa.” EJ exclaimed happily as he let her inside.


“I thought I would bring over breakfast for you and the kids.”


“Smells delish!” EJ said as Theresa began setting out plates and silverware for her, EJ and the kids as all five of the children gathered around the table to eat.


“Mom, can Johnny come over and play?” Little Ethan asked his mother.


“Well, that’s up to EJ.” Theresa told him.


“Can he, Mr. DiMera?” Little Ethan pleaded with him.


“I don’t see why not.” EJ said to him, making the two boys happy.  “I have to go see Ethan this morning anyway.”


“Oh, about his offer?” Theresa asked.


“Yes.  I am taking him up on his offer to partner in his firm.” EJ told her.


“So, you’re going to stay here in Harmony?” Theresa said with glee.


“Yes.  I want to make Harmony home for Johnny, Ali, Sydney and I.”


Theresa just smiled at EJ as she sat down to eat her mother’s breakfast of huevos rancheros with salsa and egg and cheese burritos.


“This is really good.’ EJ said to Theresa.




Meanwhile, as they all enjoyed there breakfast, Gwen had received a call from a mysterious caller.


“Hello?” Gwen asked as she answered her cell.


“Gwen Hotchkiss?” a mysterious woman’s voice asked.


“Yes.  This Gwen Hotchkiss.”


“My name is Sami Brady.” Sami asked.


“Ms. Brady?  What can I do for you”


“I will be in Harmony on business.  It’s imperative that we talk.” Sami said.




“I will give you details when I arrive.” Sami said before the call ended.


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