A Brand New Life: Love & Lust in Pine Valley



After the death of her husband, Patrick Thornhart, Marty Saybrooke bids Llanview farewell with her 15-year-old son, Cole Patrick and 3-year-old daughter, Brianna Brooklyn for a new life in Pine Valley.  She forms a friendship with Greenlee Smythe Lavery, who just married Ryan Lavery and becomes romantically tangled with Zack Slater, who divorced his wife Kendall Hart after discovering her affair with Aidan DeVane.  Will Marty find happiness with Zack or will Kendall and Aidan come between the newly happy couple?




Marty Saybrooke – Susan Haskell

Zack Slater – Thorsten Kaye

Greenlee Smythe Lavery – Rebecca Budig

Ryan Lavery – Cameron Mathison

Kendall Hart Slater – Alicia Minshew

Aidan DeVane – Aiden Turner



Chapter 1


Marty Saybrooke needed a brand new start after the love of her life, Patrick Thornhart died and left her with 15-year-old Cole Patrick and 3-year-old Brianna Brooklyn.  Marty could no longer stay in Llanview, Pennsylvania where she had too many memories of her life with Patrick and the kids.  The only regret was Cole, who was forced to give up his girlfriend, Starr Manning, whom he had known since they were infants.


“Cole, I don’t want you to leave.” a heartbroken Starr sobbed, as Cole held her tight.


“I don’t want to leave you either.” Cole said, just as heartbroken.  “But what can I do?”


“We can Skype when we can’t visit each other.” Cole tried to be reassuring.


“It’s not the same as having you near.” Starr cried.  “I’m going to miss you so much.”


Marty packed the last bit of their belongings in the car and went inside to get Brianna.  Then after locking the door a final time, Marty stood back and bid the house that was their home for the last 16 years.


“Say good-bye to Starr, Cole.” Marty said.  “We need to get on the road to Pine Valley.”


“I love your Starr.” Cole said, as he kissed her good-bye.


“I love you too, Cole.” Starr said, sadly.


As Marty drove off, Starr watched her boyfriend wave from the back seat window.


“I’m sorry you have to leave Starr behind, Cole.” Marty apologized to her son.  “I know how much Starr means to you.”


Cole didn’t say anything, but just sat there sullen, looking out the passenger window.


“I promise, when we get settled in Pine Valley, we’ll ask Todd and Blair if Starr can visit.”


Cole still remained silent, looking out the back window.


A few hours on the road, and Marty saw the sign that told them they were in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.  As soon as they got to their new home, their neighbors, Ryan and Greenlee Lavery came out to greet them and and welcome them to Pine Valley and help them move in.


“Hello.  I’m Greenlee.” Greenlee warmly greeted Marty.  “And this is my husband, Ryan.”


Ryan reached out to shake Marty’s hand.


“I’m Marty Saybrooke, and this is my son, Cole, and my daughter, Brianna.” Marty said, introducing her family to Ryan and Greenlee.


“What brings you to Pine Valley, if you don’t mind me prying?” Greenlee asked, as she helped Marty bring in her belongings.


“A new start.” Marty explained.  “My husband just died and I could no longer remain in Llanview as there were just too many memories.”


“I’m so sorry for your loss.” Greenlee sympathized with Marty.  “I’m sure you will like it here.  Pine Valley is a nice community.  And I’ll introduce you to my friend, Kendall, as soon as get settled.”


“That would be nice.” Marty said.


“Well, Ryan and I will let you finish getting settled.”


Ryan and Greenlee left Marty to unpack what little they had until the truck arrived with the rest of their belongings.  Marty hoped she liked it here.  Pine Valley sounded like a nice place to live.


Chapter 2


The truck arrived with their belongings as Marty unpacked and arranged their new home.  Marty logged onto the Internet to look for a job.  After scanning over hundreds of possible jobs, she came across an administration assistant at a casino in Pine Valley.  Submitting her resume to the casino’s website, Marty was surprised to receive a call for an interview just minutes after her submitting her resume.


“Hello?” Marty answered her cell.


“Yes, this is Zack Slater.” Zack said, when Marty answered.  “I’m the CEO of Cambias Industries, who runs the Casino where you applied.  Can you come in for an interview in one hour?”


“Yes, I can.” Marty said, nearly jumping at her first offer.


“Great.” Zack said.  “I’ll see you in one hour.”


Marty thank Zack for the interview and hung up her call.  She had to get ready for her interview.


“Cole, can you watch Brianna?” Marty asked him, who was Skyping with Starr.  “I just got an interview for a job.”


“Yes, mom.” Cole said, who quickly went back to Skyping with Starr.


As soon as Marty got ready for her interview, she said good-bye to Cole and Brianna and left the house.


Marty arrived at the casino and easily found a parking spot near the entrance.  As soon as she parked the car, Marty headed inside the casino.


“Hello, may I assist you in any way.” Lily Montgomery asked Marty as soon as she walked in.


“Yes, my name is Marty Saybrooke and I have an interview with a Zack Slater?” Marty told Lily.


“Ah, yes, Marty Saybrooke.” Lily said, remembering what Zack told her.  “Zack said to send you on up to his office as soon as you arrived.”


Lily gave Marty directions to Zack’s office, and after thanking Lily for her help, walked up the stairs to Zack’s office.


Zack was just coming back to his office when Marty arrived at his office.


“Marty?” Zack said, when he got to his door.


“Yes, I am.” Marty said.


“You’re a little early.” Zack said.  “But come in and we will get started with the interview.”


Zack was instantly taken with Marty and was pleased with her efficiency during the interview.  Zack hired her on the spot and told Marty her first day was tomorrow.


As Marty was about to leave the casino, happy that she found a job so quickly, Lily yelled after her.


“Ms. Saybrooke!”


“Yes.” Marty said, turning at the sound of her voice.


“Mr. Slater wanted me to give you these.” Lily said, giving her a complimentary ticket for dinner at the casino for her and her children, who Zack managed to pry out of Marty during the interview.


Marty thanked Lily and went home to get Cole and Brianna so they could have dinner at the Casino.


As soon as Marty left, Zack came down the stairs, and thanked Lily for a job well done.


Zack had plans for Marty that night.


Chapter 3


Marty, Cole and Brianna arrived at the casino and as soon as the maitre’ d saw Marty and her children, she escorted them to the private room Zack had prepared for them.


“I appreciate the tickets for dinner for me and my children, but I never expected this?” Marty told the maitre’ d.


“Well, Mr. Slater wanted to make sure you were well taken care of.” the maitre’ d said, not letting on the real reason for the private dining.


As Marty, Cole and Brianna sat down at the table, the head chef came out with a buffet of all Marty and her children’s favorite that Zack had miraculously pried out of Marty during her interview.


Cole and Brianna began to eat the delicious dinner as Zack arrived to join them.


“Well, it looks as if you are enjoying your dinner.” Zack said, pleased.


“Mr. Slater?” Marty said, surprised.  “I didn’t expect to see you tonight?”


“I just wanted you to have a pleasant dinner with your children on your first night in Pine Valley and celebrate your first day tomorrow.” Zack exclaimed.


“Mom, you got a job here at the casino?” Cole inquired.


“Yes, honey!” Marty told him.  “I got the job here.”


“I’m happy for you.”


“Mommy, this mac-n-cheese is good!” Brianna exclaimed.


“I’m glad you like it, Brianna!” Zack said.  “My chef made it especially for you!”


Brianna just smiled and continued eating her mac-n-cheese.


“Zack, thank you for this delicious dinner.” Marty told Zack, gratefully.


“I have a confession to make.” Zack began.  “I really just wanted a night with you and your lovely children.”


“I’m touched.” was all Marty could say.


As Zack is enjoying his dinner with Marty and her children, Kendall walks into the casino looking for Zack.


“Lily, have you seen Zack?”


“Yes, Ms. Slater.” Lily informs her.  “He’s having dinner in the main private dining room.”


“Thank you, Lily.” Kendall says, as she heads upstairs to the main private dining room.


When she gets there, she sees Zack enjoying himself with Marty and her children and doesn’t like it one bit.  She slams open the door to the private dining room, startling little Brianna, as well as leaving Marty, Zack and Cole surprised.


Chapter 4


“Well, well, well!” Kendall exclaimed.  “What do we have here?!”


“Kendall, this is a private party.” Zack said.  “And I don’t believe you were invited.”


“I’m sorry, Zack.” Kendall taunts him.  “I guess you forgot to send me an invite.”


“No, I’m pretty sure you weren’t invited.” Zack reaffirms.


“So, you’ve moved on, huh?” Kendall questions Zack.  “My, my, my, Zack, that was fast!  From our bed to. . .” Marty looks at Marty.  “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I never caught your name?”


“It’s Marty.  Marty Saybrooke.”


“So, Marty, where are you from?” Kendall interrogates her.


“I’ve lived most my life in Llanview, Pennsylvania.” Marty replies back.


“Kendall, I believe I told you to go.” Zack warned.


“Yes, Zack, I’ll go.” Kendall threatened.  “But let me forewarn you!  I’m suing you for full custody of Ian!”


“I’ll see you in court, Kendall.” Zack said.


Kendall left the private dining room, mad as hell.  There was no way that “whore” was going to raise Ian.  If Zack wanted to carry on with a “whore”, that was his prerogative, but she was going to make sure he didn’t involve Ian in that life.


“I’m sorry, Marty.” Zack apologized.  “Kendall can be such a bitch sometimes.”


“Don’t be sorry, Zack.” Marty told him.


Zack leaned in for kiss, a kiss that Marty didn’t resist.


Meanwhile. . .


“Aiden, I need your help.” Kendall said, rushing into his arms.


“What’s wrong, love?” Aiden asked, holding her tight in his arms.


“It’s Zack.  He’s gotten involved with someone new.”


“So, why does that matter?” Aiden asked confused.


“With a ‘whore’ from Llanview, Pennsylvania.” Kendall told him.  “I want to sue Zack for full custody of Ian.  I don’t want him around Zack’s women.”


“I’m sure this new woman in Zack’s life is not so bad.” Aiden tried to reassure her.


“Who the hell’s side are you on?!” Kendall asked, disbelievingly.


“I’m sorry, Love.” Aiden apologized.  “Of course I’ll help you.”


“That’s better.” Kendall told him with a kiss, as the two begin to make love.


Chapter 5


After dinner, Cole had taken Brianna home after insisting that he needed to skype with Starr, Marty and Zack found themselves in Zack’s suite in his casino.  After Ian had finally gotten to sleep, Zack joined Marty on his loveseat where the two found themselves in a liplock that turned passionate.  The longer they kissed, the harder it was for the two of them to deny their feelings any longer as Zack led Marty to his room and kissed her some more.


Despite being a little nervous, Marty gave in to the passion as Zack unbuttoned her blouse and massaged her breasts, kissing her over and over.  The sensations Marty felt were undeniable as she gave into the desire she had missed since she Patrick had passed.


As Zack and Marty reveled in their new-found passion, Kendall had managed to get Jack Montgomery’s assistance with a new custody order who promised that Zack would be served in the morning.



The next morning, Zack woke up to the sound of his doorbell ringing.  As he looked at Marty sleeping peacefully, Zack got up out of bed and went to answer the door.


“Zack Slater, you’ve been served!” the process server said as he handed him the papers before leaving.


As Zack scanned the papers, his blood began to boil when he realized the new terms for Kendall gaining custody of their son, Ian.


“What is the meaning of this?!” Zack screamed at Kendall as soon as she answered her cell.


“I’m taking Ian away from you!” Kendall yelled back.


“What about our agreement!”


“Well, that went out the window when you became involved with that floozy!” Kendall wailed at him.


“FYI, Marty is no floozy and you’re going to regret this Kendall!” Zack said before he ended the call.


Marty woke up to Zack’s yelling and got up to see what was going on.


“Zack, what’s wrong?” Marty asked, as she tried to calm him down.


“Kendall is suing me for custody of Ian.” Zack told her.


“Well, let’s have a nice breakfast together.” Marty told him, heading into his kitchen to start breakfast.


“I enjoyed our night last night.” Zack said, grabbing her from behind to kiss her, preventing her from making breakfast.


“Zack.” Marty said in between his kisses.  “I’m trying to make us some breakfast.”


“Forget about breakfast.” Zack said as he continued to kiss her.  “All I want is you.”


As their passion started to heat up again, Zack pushed Marty up on the counter as they nearly made love again, but they were interrupted by Marty’s cell ringing.  Spying on the screen that it was Cole, Marty ended their passion to answer it.


“I’m sorry, Zack.” Marty apologized.  “It might be important.”


“Cole, what’s wrong?’ Marty answered her cell.


“It’s Brianna.” Cole said with concern.  “She has spiked a fever.”


“I’m on my way!” Marty said before hanging up.


As Zack helped Marty to her car, he kissed her one last time before she got into the car. As he watched her drive away, he dialed his attorney.


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