A Blessed Miracle



When John Black left for Paris after his divorce from Dr. Marlena Evans, he thought he had lost his soul mate.  When John comes back to Salem to reconcile with Marlena, and make amends with his son, Brady, things don’t go the way John anticipated.  Brady has been abusing drugs and alcohol with new friend Theresa Donovan.  After whooping it up in Vegas, a confused Brady comes back married to Theresa.  When John confronts Theresa about her marriage to his son, things get ugly and John winds up in a coma.  Suddenly, John is visited by a mysterious visitor.  Just who is this visitor and will they be able to help Brady out of his recent dilemma?


Chapter 1


“Marlena, can we talk?” John stops Marlena when he spots her in shopping at Horton Square.


“I thought I already told you, John, I had nothing to say to you.  Our marriage is over and I’ve moved on with Roman once again.” Marlena lies to him.


“Please, Marlena!  I have missed you.  I never wanted a divorce.” John pleads.


“Haven’t you heard a word I’ve told you, John!  It’s over!  Period!  I have nothing to say to you!” Marlena demands.


“Okay!  Just thought we could talk like civil adults.  I guess I was wrong!  Have a nice day.”


John leaves Marlena to her shopping and heads on over to Brady’s to see if he can make amends again with his son.  When John arrives at Brady’s, he is shocked to learn that Brady and Theresa partied it up in Vegas and is now married.  He really needed to have a talk with Brady.  John was very disappointed in Brady’s recent behavior.  Ever since his failed wedding to Kristen, Brady has been on a downward spiral abusing drugs and alcohol, and Theresa Donovan is soley to blame for everything.


Brady is passed out on the couch when Theresa answers the door to see a shocked John.


“Why hello, John!  It’s so good of you to drop by!”


“Cut the drama, Theresa!  I’m just here to speak with Brady!” John spits out.


“Well, good morning to you too, daddy!” Theresa replies back.


“Excuse me?  What did you just call me?” John questions her.


“I’m sorry, John!  Haven’t you heard?  Brady and I are now husband and wife!” Theresa gloats.


“You’re what?” John rages.  Looking towards the couch at an obviously passed out Brady, John says, “How can that be?  Brady certainly does not look like he was in any position to consent to a wedding.”


“Well, daddy dear, it’s true.  I’m your new daughter.”


“Over my dead body.  I want this sham of a marriage annulled.”


“Well, daddy dear, that won’t happen.  Brady is happily committed to me.”


“Well, we’ll see about that!  Tell Brady I’ll be back later!”


As John turns to walk out of Brady’s apartment, Theresa hits John over the head with the lamp knocking him out cold and sending him straight to the floor.  The commotion wakes up Brady who has just noticed that John is out cold on his floor.


“Theresa, what just happened?” Brady asks her.


“Oh, Brady!  I’m so sorry!  John showed up!  I was so scared for my life.  John was acting crazy when I told him we were married.  He came towards me.  He was going to rape me, so I hit him over the head.” Theresa lies.


“He did what?”


“Your father was going to rape me!”


“I don’t believe it?” Brady asks, confused, looking over at John lying unconscious on the floor.


“Well, believe it, Brady, because it’s true.  John was so angry about you and I getting married, he was going to rape me!”


“We have to call the paramedics and have him taken to the hospital.”


Brady grabs his cell that is lying by the couch and dials 9-1-1 to have paramedics come pick up John and take him to the hospital.  As soon as John is transported to Salem University Hospital, Brady tells Theresa he has to take a walk to clear his head.


Chapter 2


Brady finds himself in front of an abandoned warehouse owned by Titan Publishing waiting for the dealer to bring him his coke.  Suddenly, Brady is knocked over the head and knocked unconscious.  While unconscious, Brady has a dream about his mother, Isabella.


“Brady, my dear son.” Isabella rouses Brady


Brady comes to find a woman clothed in a veil.


“What?  Who are you?” a confused Brady asks the mysterious figure in the veil.


“Sh-sh-sh-sh!  It’s okay, Brady.  Everything will be alright.”


“What?  How do you know my name?”


“It’s not important right now.  I’m here to help you.”


Suddenly, the mysterious woman in the veil runs off, leaving Brady more confused than ever.  Brady’s dealer never shows so Brady walks off to The Cheatin’ Heart, to get drunk.  After having a few too many drinks, Brady is being hassled by an obnoxious drunk woman flirting and making passes at him.  As the woman is groping Brady, he tries to let her down gently, but doesn’t take no for an answer.  After failing to convince the woman to leave him alone, Brady finally loses it and leaves The Cheatin’ Heart hoping he is free of the drunk woman.


Feeling scorned, the woman only follows Brady back to his grandfather, Victor Kiriakis’s mansion.  As Brady lets himself inside, the woman shoves Brady inside the mansion where she passionately kisses him on the lips.  Too drunk to respond, Brady passes out on the floor of the foyer as soon as the woman kisses him.


Not caring about Brady’s condition, the woman manages to get him upstairs to Brady’s room.  When she gets a passed-out Brady on the bed, she takes his clothes off and starts to “make love” to him.  She removes her clothing and climbs on top of him, as Brady quickly gets aroused, despite his drunken state.


Just as the woman has removed her mask of Brady’s ex-fiancee, Madison James, revealing herself to be Kristen DiMera, whose wedding to Brady was short-lived after the video of Kristen “sleeping with” then-Father Eric Brady was revealed at their wedding.  Theresa has just let herself into Brady’s, her new husband, room; who was never drunk, just pretending to be drunk.


“Kristen?  What the hell are you doing here with my husband?” a shocked Theresa asks.


“Theresa, what do you mean, your husband?”


“Yes, Brady and I were married last night in Vegas.” Theresa proudly announces to Kristen.


“No, that can’t be?” Kristen rages.


“Well, Kristen, it is.  Brady is my husband now, so get out of here before I call Henderson and have you thrown out!”


Theresa struggles with Kristen as they fight over Brady, as he is coming to.  Brady is shocked to see Theresa fighting with a blonde-haired woman.  He manages to walk over to them and pull Theresa off the woman, only to discover the woman she is fighting with is Kristen.


“Kristen!” a shocked Brady asks.  “What are you doing here?”


“Well, Brady, I came back to you, my love.  We just made love, and it was very passionate.”


“How did you find me, Kristen?”


“I found you getting drunk at The Cheatin’ Heart.”


“I didn’t see you there?  I only saw  who I thought was ‘Madison James.’ “ a confused Brady replies.


“That’s right, Brady dear.” Kristen says, picking up the mask laying on the foot of Brady’s bed.


“You were my ex-fiancee, Madison James?”


“Yes, Brady.  I had to get you in bed and I read about your failed nuptials to the CEO of Madworld.”


Theresa butts in, “You slept with my husband?”


“Yes, Theresa, I had sex with Brady, but he isn’t your husband!”


“Just what are you talking about?”


“Your Vegas wedding to Brady isn’t legal.” Kristen confidentially assures Theresa and stuns Brady even more.


“How can that be?” Theresa asks.


“Well, you see, I was posing as that minister who married you.” Kristen replies, with a smirk.


Now, it was Theresa’s turn pass out, as she grabbed onto the chair next to her to keep herself from falling, as Brady looked relieved to know he was still single.  Theresa, however, lunged toward Kristen with and nearly hit her with the lamp, but Brady grabbed her hand before she could hit Kristen.


“Both of you get out, now!” Brady yells at them.  “I want the two of you out of here!”


Theresa tries to console Brady, but he just shoves her away.


“C’mon, Theresa, let’s give Brady some space.” Kristen says, grabbing Theresa’s arm and pulling her away.


“Yeah, Kristen, why don’t you do that, after you just raped me―just like you did Eric.” Brady reminds her.


“Oh, you Salemites still trying to say I raped that priest?”


“What else do you call drugging Eric and having sex with him?  You cost him his vows to the priesthood.  The Catholic church defrocked him.  I hope your happy!” Brady spits back at her.


Kristen didn’t have a reply, just turned around and left the mansion.


“I think you should go to, Theresa.” Brady told her.


“But I’m your wife.” Theresa reminded him.


“I think Kristen took care of that one.  So go.  Now!”


Theresa grabs her purse and leaves on Brady’s orders.  “I’ll be by tomorrow when you’ve calmed down.”


“Don’t bother.  I’ll let you know when I’m ready to see you.” he tells Theresa as she walks out.


All Brady can think about is that he had sex with Kristen DiMera while passed-out and that somehow, he is not married to Theresa.  Breathing a sigh of relief, Brady is relieved when Kristen revealed she was the minister that married them and he was not married to Theresa, but he was angry at Kristen for having sex with him while he was too drunk.  Brady had to make a change.  His father could die.  He may have killed his father.  His drugs and boozing had to stop.  Brady blamed his recent behavior on his father’s current condition.


Chapter 3


A mysterious figure hidden behind a veil is sitting at John’s bedside, holding his hand, tears coming down their cheeks.


“Please, John, wake up.” the veiled figure whispers.


But the mysterious figure is alarmed by a knock on John’s hospital door, and hides in the bathroom.


It is John’s ex-wife, Dr. Marlena Evans, sitting in the chair next to John’s bed.


“Oh, my dear John.  I don’t know what I’d do if you don’t pull through this.  I need you so much.  I was a fool to let you go.  Please wake up.  I need you, John.  Brady needs you.  We all need you.”


After her tear-felt speech, Marlena lays her head on John’s chest, as the mysterious veiled figure watches from the bathroom.  The mysterious figure can’t take seeing Marlena near John.  She nearly reveals herself, but is interrupted by a hospital nurse who has come in to deliver his medication.


“Oh, Dr. Evans, I’m so glad to see you here.”


Marlena looks up to see the nurse.  “Oh, nurse, has there been any change?”


“No, I’m sorry, Dr. Evans, Mr. Black is the same.” the nurse informs her.


“It’s so hard to see him like this.  I just hope he wakes up soon.”


“We all wish that.  Mr. Black is a beloved man.”


“Yes, yes, he is.” Marlena agrees.


Just then, Brady enters John’s hospital room.  Marlena welcomes him with a hug, which seems to infuriate the mysterious figure hiding in the bathroom.


“How is he?” Brady asks Marlena, trying to stay strong.  “Has there been any change?”


“No, there hasn’t.  I’m so sorry, Brady.  I want him to wake up too.  I want answers as to who did this to him.’


“What do you mean, ‘who did this to him?’  You don’t think I did this?” Brady questions Marlena.


“I think Theresa knows exactly what happened to John.”


“I wish I could reveal myself to you two.” the mysterious figure thinks to themselves.  “I know it was Theresa.  I saw her hit John with the lamp.”


Brady and Marlena watch vigil over John for about an hour before they have to leave for other commitments.  Just as soon as they leave, the mysterious figure is relieved.  They give John a kiss on his lips.


“Dear sweet John, I will find justice for you.  I know who did this to you.  And Theresa will pay for what she has done.” the mysterious figure promises.




Theresa is awakened by a sudden noise in her apartment.


Chapter 4


The intruder gags Theresa’s mouth and ties her hands and feet.  Then a slender woman with red hair comes in.


“Well, well, well, Theresa Donovan.” Isabella says.  “Did you have fun being married to my son for the five minutes that you were?  It’s funny that that nasty Kristen DiMera got the better of you.”


“Isabella?” Theresa asks, shocked.  “But it can’t be?  You’re dead?”


“Does it look like I’m dead?” Isabella asks, mocking her.  “I saw what you did to John and how you framed my son for it!”


“You know what happened to John?”


“I saw you hit John and move their bodies to make it look like Brady did it.”


“Then why didn’t you come forward?”


“Because then I would have to reveal my identity and I wasn’t ready to do that yet.” Isabella explained.  “No one can know that I am alive just yet.”


“But how, Isabella?”


“How do you think, Stefano DiMera!” Isabella remarked.  “Duh!”


“But why?”


“Who knows why Stefano does the things he does?  Maybe to get back at John and the Brady’s?  The point is I know what you did and now you are going to be my puppet!  Do you understand?”


“Yes, Isabella.” Theresa told her.  “What would you like me to do?”


“I want you to convince everyone that it was Nicole who hit John.  I want you to tell them that Nicole did it in a fit of passion because she couldn’t stand you being married to Brady.  She intended to hit you but hit John instead.”


“And just how am I supposed to convince everyone of that?  Nicole was even there?” Theresa asked.


“Tell them she showed up unexpectedly and after witnessing the scuffle between you and John came at you with the poker, but hit John.”


“Okay, I’ll go to Abe in the morning to tell him.” Theresa told her.


“Thank you.  I’ll check in on your progress in two days to see if you did it.”


Isabella put on her disguise and slipped out of Theresa’s apartment before anyone saw her.  Theresa still didn’t know how she was going to convince everyone that Nicole hit John accidentally trying to hit her.  And why did Isabella want her identity kept secret?  What was she hiding?


Chapter 5


The next morning Theresa received a text from Isabella:


“Wake up, Theresa!  Go tell Abe what I told you to say!”


Theresa headed to Abe’s office to tell him what Isabella convinced her to tell him.


“I need to speak to Abe Carver.” Theresa told the police captain, Roman Brady.


“I’m sorry, but Commander Carver isn’t here.  Can I be of assistance?” Capt. Roman Brady asked.


“I guess you’ll have to do then.” Theresa said.


“What can I help you with?”


“I have new evidence on what happened to John Black.” Theresa told him.


“In other words, you’re changing your story?” Capt. Brady asked her.


“No, I have new evidence.”


“What is it, Theresa?”


“It was Nicole who hit John on the head.” Theresa said.


“Really, Theresa?” Capt. Brady asked, incredulously.


“Yes.  Nicole must’ve heard the scuffle between John and Brady arguing over me, and she went to hit me, but hit John instead.” Theresa lied like Isabella told her to do.


“You expect me to believe it was Nicole who hit John and put him in a coma?”


“Yes, Capt. Brady.”


“Theresa, that is impossible.  Nicole’s prints were not found on the poker.”


“Well, she must’ve wiped them off?”


“Well, thank you, Theresa, for your update.  We’ll look into your story.”


Roman led Theresa out of the police station.  As soon as Theresa was away from the police station, she receives a text from Isabella:


“Did U tell Abe Carver?”


Theresa texts back:


“No.  Commander Carver wasn’t there, so I told Capt. Brady instead.”


“Good.  Your job is done.” Isabella texts back.  “1 more thing:  stay away from my son.”


“I can’t.  Brady & I slept together again.” Theresa text back.  “I may be pregnant.”


“U better pray Ur not, if U no wat is gud 4 U!” Isabella warned her.


It was the happiest moment of her life when Brady pulled her into a kiss and they ended up making love.  The next morning, Theresa had a feeling that she may be pregnant after that.  Now she has to pray she isn’t pregnant?  Just what will Isabella do if she is?


Chapter 6


The next morning, Theresa suddenly had to vomit.  As she ran to the bathroom, Isabella’s words came back to haunt her, “U better pray you’re not if you know what is good for you!”


Theresa couldn’t deny the morning sickness.  She was definitely pregnant, but decided she better go to the doctor to find out for sure.


She gets dressed and heads to Salem University Hospital.  Along the way, she runs into Nicole.


“Thanks, Theresa!” Nicole blasts her.


“What are you talking about?” Theresa lies.


“You know exactly what I’m talking about?” Nicole spits out.  “Roman Brady calls me in to his office to ask me how I managed to show up at the Kiriakis mansion and hit John with the poker!”


“I’m sorry.” was all Theresa could say.


“You’re sorry!  How could you do it?” Nicole blasts her.  “I wasn’t even there!”


“I had no choice but to name you!” Theresa says.


“Yeah, I’ll bet!  Had to take the heat of you, didn’t you!”


“It wasn’t like that!” Theresa says.  “But you wouldn’t understand.”


“Why don’t you just try me!”


Just then Theresa felt the urge to vomit and peeked her head in a bush.


“Are you sick, Theresa?” Nicole says, sarcastically.


“Just a little.” Theresa confesses, trying not to let Nicole know.  “It’s nothing.”


Theresa starts to leave, but Nicole pulls her back.


“Just where do you think you are going?”


“I need to see a doctor and have a checkup.” Theresa says, as she covers up her suspicions.


“Oh, forget it, Theresa!  Just go!”


As Nicole watches Theresa on her way and thinks that Theresa is up to something, so she decides to follow her to find out what is going on.


With Nicole following her unnoticed, Theresa arrives at the hospital and manages to get in right away, thanks to Anne.


Theresa is surprised to find that the doctor examining her is Daniel.


“Don’t they have a policy about doctors examining ex-lovers?” Theresa asks, when Daniel comes into the exam room.


“We were never lovers, Theresa.” Daniel reminds her.  “You just tried to make it look that way.”


“Well, anyway, I want another doctor.” Theresa demands.


“I’m sorry, Theresa.  I’m all you got.” Daniel says.  “But you can leave and come back another day.”


“Fine.  Let’s just get it over with.”


“Now, what seems to be the problem.”


“I think I may be pregnant.” Theresa mumbles.


“I’m sorry.  I didn’t quite hear you.”


“I said, I need to see if I may be pregnant.” Theresa says, a little louder.


“Well, let’s get started.” Daniel says, beginning with a exam as he instructs Theresa to put her legs up in the stirrups.


When Daniel is done examining her, he draws some blood to have a test done.


“Okay, Theresa, you can get dressed now.” Daniel says.  “Come back tomorrow for the results of your test.  Otherwise, everything else looks alright.”


As Theresa is getting dressed, Daniel hears someone accidentally knock down a shelf in the next exam room.  As he goes to the other exam room, he discovers Nicole picking up the contents of the shelf.


“Nicole, what are you doing?”


“I thought I’d do a little cleaning?” Nicole covers.


“You were spying on us, weren’t you?”


“Yes.” Nicole admits.  “I had to find out what Theresa was up to.  Is she really pregnant?”


“That’s confidential.” Daniel says.  “I can’t give that kind of info out.”


“Oh c’mon Daniel.  It’s me, Nikki.  You can tell me.” Nicole says, trying to butter him up.  “We’re partners, right?”


“Sorry, Nicole, but I can’t tell you anything.  You’ll have to ask Theresa tomorrow when she gets the results.”


As he leaves the room, she adds, “You can bet I will!”




Theresa is arriving home to find Isabella sitting in her living room.


Chapter 7


Theresa gets a call from Daniel.


“Theresa, I have results of your test.” Daniel tells her.


“Well, Daniel?  Am I?”


“No, Theresa, you are not pregnant!” Daniel said, matter-of-factly.


When Daniel got off the phone with Theresa, he flashed to him examining Theresa and how he injected Theresa with a drug that would eliminate any proof of a baby.  When Daniel received the results of Theresa’s test, he was relieved to learn that the injection worked.


Daniel wanted revenge on Theresa for coming between him and Jennifer that resulted in their breakup.


Daniel was glad.  Theresa deserved everything she got and Daniel was glad.  He just hoped he didn’t regret his actions.


Meanwhile, Isabella showed up to see if Theresa did as she asked her to.


“Yes, Isabella, I told Abe everything you told me to say, but I don’t think he believed my story.”


“Good job, Theresa.” Isabella said.  “You let me worry about what the police think.”


Isabella left Theresa wondering what would happen next.


Back at Salem University Hospital, John is waking from coma when he thinks he sees Isabella.


“Izzy B.” John says out loud.  “Is that you?”


Then he drifts back to sleep.


“Sh-sh-sh!” Isabella says quietly to John as he is soundly sleeping.


“I’m here, darling.” Isabella says, holding a sleeping John in her arms.


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