All or Nothing: A Rafe & Jordan Romance



Rafe Hernandez knew he messed up when he drunkenly slept with his ex-lover, Kate Roberts, after professing his love for Jordan Ridgeway.  Now, Jordan wants nothing to do with Rafe and has moved on with Chad DiMera.  Rafe doesn’t trust Chad and thinks he will only hurt Jordan in the long run.  When Rafe discovers Chad’s true intentions toward Jordan, will Rafe be able to save Jordan from Chad, or will he lose Jordan forever?


Chapter 1


“Rafe, couldn’t believe that Jordan had moved on with Chad DiMera, of all  people.  He knew that getting drunk and sleeping with Kate after his sister went to prison for Nick Fallon’s murder was wrong, but Rafe had profusely asked Jordan for forgiveness.  But Jordan couldn’t forgive Rafe for his indiscretion.  It was one thing to move on, but did she have to move on with Chad?


Rafe was sure Chad was up to something.  Rafe just didn’t trust Chad.  What’s worse, Chad had started showing his true DiMera colors ever since he came back to Salem.  And Rafe couldn’t stand the DiMeras.  They were all the same―sly, sneaky, and downright manipulative.  Chad was truly becoming Stefano’s son.


Rafe vowed one thing:  to save Jordan from Chad, whether she like it or not.


Just then, Rafe heard voices coming Salem Park where Rafe was sitting at one of the benches.  He snuck out of sight, only to spy Chad and Jordan holding hands and kissing in public view.


“Thanks for dinner, Chad.” Jordan said, when they finally came up for air.


“You’re welcome, Jordan.” Chad said, kissing her again.  “I had a real nice time.”


“The lasagna meal that you ordered for us was the best I’ve had.”


“Someday I will have to make my very special lasagna for you.”


“Hmmmm…I’d love that Chad.”


Rafe watched heartbroken as Chad kissed Jordan again.  Rafe pulled out his cell and answer it before Chad or Jordan saw him hiding in the bushes.


“Yeah, Roman.” Rafe said answering his cell.


“Rafe, we have a bit of a disturbance down here at the cop shop.” Roman said, exacerbated.  “Can you get here ASAP?”


“Yes, Roman.  I need to get out of this park anyway.” Rafe told Roman.


“Okay, Rafe, I’ll see you in a few.”


Rafe shut off his cell as he ended his call with Roman.  As he took one last look at Jordan and Chad, Rafe made a vow to find out exactly what Chad was hiding.


Chapter 2


Rafe hit pay-dirt when he happened upon Chad having a heated conversation with a young woman in the park.  He crept closer so he could hear what the two of them were discussing.


“Why did you come back?” Rafe heard Chad tell the woman.


“I got some news that I had to tell you.” the woman told Chad.


“So, what is it?  I’m kinda busy.” Chad said, obviously trying to hurry the woman along so he could get away fast before anyone saw him with her.


“I’m pregnant, Chad, and you’re the father.” the woman told him.


“No!   You can’t be!  We used protection!” Chad angrily told her.


“Well, I guess I missed a day!” the woman said, nearly in tears.


“Well, I want proof I’m the father!  Because I don’t believe you!”


“Why do you need proof, Chad?  You know I was only with you!”


“I don’t know that!”


“Well, you’re the only one I’ve been with.”


“I still want a paternity test!”


“Fine!  You win!  I’ll get one done on the baby!”


“Let me know when you schedule it.” Chad said.  “I have to leave now.  I’m late for an appointment.”


As Chad left, the young woman watched him, with a smile on her face, rubbing her stomach.  Now Rafe knew something was up.  And he intended to get to the bottom of it.



Meanwhile, Chad met Jordan at the hospital and the two agreed to a lunch date.


While Chad and Jordan were enjoying each others company, the young woman whom Chad was having the heated conversation with sat just a few tables down watching them, and not looking all to happy.


“If you think you are going to move on and forget about me and this baby, Chad, you’re sadly mistaken.” the young woman said, rubbing her stomach.


Chapter 3


When Jordan came back from her lunch with Chad, she found the young pregnant woman waiting in her office.


“I’m sorry, did we have an appointment?” Jordan asked the young woman.


“No.  But a hospital volunteer let me in.” the young woman told her.


“Well, nobody informed me you were here, and they usually inform me when they do.”


“I’m sorry.  I didn’t know it would be a problem.” the young woman apologized.


“Well, what can I do for you?”


“My doctor told me I needed to do some exercises as I was gaining a little too much weight.”


“You look fine to me.”


“Well, I’m just concerned for my baby.”


“I’ll look over your case with your doctor and come up with a exercise regimen for you and let you know tomorrow.”


“Thank you, you don’t know how much this means to me.”


As the young woman left Jordan’s office, she realized she forgot to get her name.  Running to catch up with the young woman, she saw the same young woman arguing with Chad.  After the young woman left a few minutes later, obviously angry about something, Jordan confronted Chad about his conversation.


“Who was that woman you were talking to? Jordan asked Chad.


“Why do you want to know?”


“Because she just left my office asking about some exercise regimen and I never got her name.”


“I’m sorry, she came to see you?” Chad asked, a little miffed.  “I’ve got to go!”


“Chad!” Jordan asked, as Chad left in a hurry.  “I didn’t cat. . .”


Chad caught up with the young woman within ten minutes at her motel room.


“What are you trying to do?” Chad yelled at the young woman.  “Are you trying to ruin everything I am trying to do for us?”


“I needed to know who my competition was.”


“You know I only have eyes for you.” Chad assured her.  “I’m only using Jordan to get in good with my father so I can get control of DiMera.”


“Are you sure that’s all it is?  You sure looked pretty cozy at the diner earlier today?”


“You were spying on us?”


“I’m sorry.  I missed you so.  And when I learned I was pregnant, I had to tell you.”


“You couldn’t do it in a text?”


“It wasn’t the news I wanted to leave via text.”


“Geez, you do look hot.” Chad said, nuzzling the young woman’s neck.


“I missed you honey.”


“Me too, baby.” Chad told her.  “You’re the only one for me.”


A few kisses and Chad and the young woman ended up in bed making love.  As they lay in each others arms, the young woman vowed never to let Chad know that she was never taking precautions to avoid a pregnancy.  She didn’t want Chad knowing that she intended to trap Chad into marriage by getting pregnant.


Chapter 4


After Chad left with the mystery woman, Rafe headed over to Jordan’s office to tell her what he heard.


“Jordan.” Rafe said, as he walked into Jordan’s office.  “We need to talk.”


“I have nothing to say to you.” Jordan told him.


“But you need to hear what I just found out about Chad.” Rafe insisted.


“What could you possibly tell me about Chad that would change my mind?” Jordan asked, in anger.


“Chad is using you.” Rafe blurted out.


“Yeah, right, Rafe!” Jordan said, accusing him.  “You’re just jealous of what I have with Chad!”


“I overheard him talking with some young woman when I was walking through the park.” Rafe explained.  “Chad was telling this woman about how he was using you to get in good with Stefano in between making out with her.”


“You’re delusional, Rafe, and I’m sick of you trying to find something wrong with Chad!” Jordan told him in anger.  “You can’t accept that Chad loves me, so you’re trying to hurt me by telling me he’s cheating on me!”


“Please, Jordan!  Just listen to me!” Rafe pleaded.


But his pleas fell on deaf ears, as Jordan demanded Rafe leave her office.  Rafe left before Jordan could have him thrown out by hospital security.  Jordan was hurt, thinking that Chad too was cheating on her.  She couldn’t let on that secretly she believed Rafe.  She was still bitter from Rafe’s indiscretion with Kate Roberts, and that she still wanted Rafe back.  It took every ounce of strength not to rush back into his arms, and she so desperately wanted to.


Jordan was interrupted with her thoughts when Chad walked in.  He came in and gave her a kiss, as Jordan tried to squelch out the lingering doubts left in her mind by Rafe.  Chad’s kiss temporarily made Jordan forget Rafe as she allowed things to heat up between her and Chad.


Chad and Jordan were about to make love when there was knock on Jordan’s door.  Buttoning up her blouse just in time as Jordan’s assistant let the mystery woman into her office.


Not wanting to let Jordan know that he knew the mystery woman, Chad quickly excused himself by giving Jordan one last kiss before exiting her office.  The mystery woman looked hurt to see Chad kiss Jordan, but quickly recovered so Jordan wouldn’t see her pain.


Just as Chad was leaving Jordan’s office, Rafe stepped out from where he had been hiding down the hall and confronted Chad about the mystery woman he had just seen go into Jordan’s office.


Chapter 5


“How can you do what you’re doing to Jordan?!” Rafe asked Chad bitterly.


“I’m sorry?” Chad asked.  “What the hell are you talking about?”


“The woman I saw you with in the park?”


“A friend from high school?” Chad said, trying to recover.  “She needed a loan.”


“Oh, is that all?!”


“Yes, Rafe, that was all.” Chad said.  “Now, if you don’t mind, I have meetings to get to.”


As Rafe watched Chad hurry off for his meeting, Rafe knew something was up.  Rafe decided to follow Chad to see just who he was meeting.


Ten minutes later, Chad was true to his word when Rafe saw Chad enter DiMera Enterprises and head to his office to get ready for his meeting.


Rafe was about to leave when Jordan spotted Rafe watching Chad.


“What are you doing, Rafe?”


“I had to run an errand for Roman Brady.” Rafe covered.


“Spying on Chad?” Jordan accused him.  “Roman has you spying on Chad?”


“I was coming out of Alice’s picking up her famous donuts for Roman.  I just happened to see Chad.” Rafe lied, as Jordan noticed Rafe had no donuts in his hand.


“So where are these alleged donuts?” Jordan quizzed him.


“I haven’t gotten them yet.” Rafe lied.


“I can’t believe you’re spying on Chad?  Who do you think you are, Rafe?  And to think I thought you were better than that?”


Jordan ran off before Rafe could get a word in, “Jordan!  Wait!  Just let me explain!”


But Jordan didn’t want to hear Rafe’s lies.  Rafe wanted to go after Jordan, but he was stopped by Eric who needed his help.  Rafe would have to confront Jordan another time.


Chapter 6


Rafe was still trying to get Jordan trust him but now he wondered if he should let things go and let Chad dig his own grave.  Who was he to find dirt on Chad just to win Jordan’s heart.  He knew he has no saint, but Rafe knew Chad was hiding something big from Jordan.


Rafe decided that he had to find the truth about Chad even if it meant losing Jordan forever.  So Rafe decided that he needed to find a way to get a bug on Chad to monitor his every move.  Then it hit Rafe.  He headed over to Jordan’s office.


Rafe got to Salem University Hospital, donned a scrub and fake name badge, and managed to let himself into Jordan’s office, where he left a small box on Jordan’s desk.  Then quietly slipped out unseen.


Fifteen minutes later, Jordan came into her office and saw the wrapped box, that said, “To Chad, with all my love, Jordan!”


“Hmmmmmm, when did I get Chad a gift?” Jordan thought to herself.  “I must have had my PA buy it for me.  I must head over to Chad’s to give it to him.”


As Jordan left for Chad’s, a happy Rafe watched from the sidelines.


Jordan showed up at Chad’s and knocked on the door.


“Jordan!” Chad said, surprised.


“I had to see you, Chad.” Jordan said.  “I had to give you something.”


“Wow!” Chad said.  “What did I do to deserve this?”


“For being the best boyfriend ever.” Jordan smiled.


As Chad unwrapped the small box, Jordan watched, just as surprised as Chad was.


“Wow!  It’s a tie clip!” Chad said, surprised.


“Yes, it is!” Jordan said, just as surprised as Chad was.


“You didn’t know what it was?”


“I . . . I had my PA buy it for you, when I didn’t have time to get you something.” Jordan covered.


“I’ll wear them everyday.  Just for you.” Chad said, kissing her.


“Well, I hate to bring gifts and run. . .but I must really get back to my patients.” Jordan apologized.


“Again, thank you so much, Jordan.” Chad said, as he put on his tie clasp just as he promised.


“Now make sure you wear it everyday. . .like you promised.” Jordan reminded him.


“I will.”


Jordan kissed Chad once more before leaving, as Rafe spied them, happy to know that his “gift” would be worn.


Rafe went home to turn on his equipment so he could see just what Chad was up to.


Chapter 7


As soon as Jordan had left, he took off the tie clip and headed for the Java Café where he met with the mysterious woman.


Chad wanted to end this farce of a marriage, but Stefano demanded Chad marry the girl and stay in the marriage for one year.  The mysterious woman was the daughter of a dear friend and Stefano had promised his son would one day marry the daughter.  All his other sons are either dead or taken up with other women, so when Stefano found out that Chad was his son, he demanded Chad marry the girl per Stefano’s promise.


“Hey Gwen.” Chad said, feigning a smile when Gwen kissed Chad on the cheek.


“When do I get to move to Salem, Chad?” Gwen said.  “I am your wife now?”


“Don’t remind me.” Chad said sullenly.


“You act like you don’t love me?’ Gwen accused.


“I don’t.” Chad confessed.  “This is all my father’s doing.”


“What about the times we made love?” Gwen grilled Chad.


“Faked.” Chad confessed again.  “I faked the passion between us.”


“You don’t mean that!” Gwen said, angrily.


“I want a divorce!” Chad spit out.  “I can’t stay in this marriage anymore!”


“Well, you can’t get a divorce!” Gwen yelled loud enough everyone in the Java Café could hear.

“Why not?!” Chad asked.


“Because I’m pregnant!” Gwen yelled at him.


“How can that be?” Chad said.  “We used protection!”


“Now it’s my turn to confess!” Gwen revealed.  “I was never on the pill!  I intended to get pregnant!”


Chad was stunned as Gwen looked at him smiling.


“I’ll find a way out of this!” Chad yelled at Gwen before storming off.


Gwen would not let Chad leave her no matter what.  Gwen looked across from the table to find that Chad had left his cell phone.  She reached across the table and picked it up and scanned Chad’s calls.  There were several texts from Jordan reminding him of their date tonight.


“Like hell if Chad will be showing up!” Gwen said to herself.


“Sorry babe, I can’t make our date tonight.  Something came up!” Gwen typed the message to Jordan.


Then went on her way to the DiMera mansion to have a talk with Stefano.



Meanwhile, after learning all this, Rafe sent Jordan a text, “Meet me at Java Cafe in 15 minutes.”


A Pocket-Sized Dream: A Mimi Lockhart Story



For two years, Mimi Lockhart searched for her son, Philip Victor Kiriakis, Jr., the one that she had with Philip Kiriakis, that Steve and Kayla found and named, Pocket.  Intent on coming to Salem to retrieve her son from the person who took him, Mimi headed back to Salem to blackmail the responsible party.  Will Mimi get her son back, or will little Philip be lost to her forever?




Mimi Lockhart – Farah Fath

Philip Kiriakis – Jay Kenneth Johnson

Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn

Abigail ‘Abby’ Devereaux – Kate Mansi

Ben Rogers – Rob Wilson

Bonnie Lockhart – Judi Evans

Patrick Lockhart – Brody Hutzler


Chapter 1


Mimi Lockhart couldn’t believe that her hard work had paid off.  After two years of endless searching for the baby that was ripped from her arms, she finally found him.  She called her mother to give her the good news.


“Mother, I found my baby.” Mimi announced to her mother when she answered her cell.


“Oh, baby, I’m so glad.” Bonnie Lockhart Horton cried.


“You’re not going to believe where he is.” Mimi announced.


“Where, honey?”


“In Salem.  Living with a Ben Rogers and Abby Devereaux.”


“How did Abigail Devereaux get her hands on your child?” Bonnie asked, confused.


“Chad DiMera, that’s who?” Mimi said, enraged.  “And I’m going to Salem to take my son back!”


“Why would Chad want to take your son?”


“To get Abby back!” Mimi told her mother.  “Chad stole my child in order to win back Abby.  And I intend to expose Chad and get my baby back.”


Suddenly, a worried Bonnie wondered what happened as the line went dead.


Philip Kiriakis grabbed Mimi’s phone and tossed it into the bushes.


“Over my dead body will you take Philip, Jr. from Abby and Ben!” an enraged Philip threatened Mimi.


“Watch me, Philip!” Mimi shouted back.  “He’s my son and you won’t stop me!”


“I went to great lengths to get you proved as an unfit mother to keep you out of Pocket’s life.” Philip told Mimi.


“Okay, Philip, I’ll stay away from our son.” Mimi said, meekly.


“That’s better.  Now go home and stay away from Philip!”


Happy that Mimi agreed to stay away from Philip, Jr., Philip walked away.  But Mimi did not intend to give up that easy.  When she knew that Philip was well enough gone, she headed for the airport and booked the next flight for Salem.


She was going to Salem to get her son, and nobody would stop her.


Chapter 2


Mimi arrived in Salem and showed up at the Horton home that Bonnie had managed to wrangle during her divorce from Mickey Horton.


“Hello, mother.” Mimi announced when Bonnie answered the door.


“Mimi, darling.” Bonnie exclaimed.  “I’m so glad you got here safely.”


As Bonnie hugged her daughter, Bonnie’s son, as Patrick shouted from the living room, “Who is it, mother?!”


“Oh, Patrick, it’s your sister.” Bonnie said as she and Mimi came into the living room where Patrick was eating popcorn and watching a movie on the sofa.


“Oh, hi, sis.” Patrick greeted his sister.


“Hi, Patrick.” Mimi greeted her brother back.


“Well, mother, I’d say you managed to get the Horton house after you divorced Mickey.” Mimi said, sounding surprised.


“Well, let’s just say, I gave Mickey an offer he just couldn’t refuse.” Bonnie smirked.


“So, what brings you back to Salem, sis?” Patrick inquired.  “I thought you were never coming back after what happened with the baby?”


“Well, brother, dear, that is exactly why I am here.” Mimi confessed.


“What?  Did you find him?”


“Yes, I did.” Mimi told Patrick, as Bonnie listened.


“Well, where is he?”


“He’s been living with Abigail and Ben.”


“The baby that Abigail and Ben have is your son?’ Patrick asked, confused.


“Yes.  It turns out that Philip went in on a deal with Chad DiMera and took Pocket from me when Philip faked proof that I was an unfit mother.”


“So what happens now?’


“Well, in the morning, I am going to confront Abigail and Ben and let them know I want my son back.”


“Well, good for you, sis.  I hope you win.”


Meanwhile, at Ben and Abigail’s house, Abigail has just laid little Philip (Pocket) down for the night.  As she and Ben and Abigail look on, admiringly little Philip as he sleeps soundly, with his thumb in his mouth.


Chapter 3


The next morning, Ben woke to the sound of banging on the front door of his Abigail’s apartment.


“Who the hell is up so damn early.” Ben whispers, stumbling to the front door, still half asleep.


“Ben?  Ben Rogers?” Mimi asks when Ben answers the door, dressed in boxers and a t-shirt.


“Who are you?” Ben asks in response.


“I’m Mimi Lockhart!”


“And that’s supposed to mean something to me?”


“Yes.  Yes it is.”


“Well, what do you want?”


“I want my son!” Mimi states right away.


“I’m sorry.  Am I supposed to know where your son is?”


“Yes.  He’s in your possession.”


“Come again?”


“I mean, that baby boy sleeping in this apartment is my son!” Mimi tells Ben.


“I’m sorry, how is that possible?”


“Well, Chad DiMera stole my son and gave him to you and Abby to get closer to Abby.”


Ben couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


“Yeah, in your dreams.” Ben told Mimi, in denial.  “Leave my home or I will have you removed from the premises!”


Just then, Abby comes out carrying Philip.


“What’s going on?” Abby asks Mimi and Ben.  “The ruckus woke the baby.”


The sight of Abby holding her son was enough for Mimi as she couldn’t stand to see Abby holding her son.


“I’ll take my son now.” Mimi said, reaching out to take Philip from Abby’s arms.


“Excuse me?” Abby questions Mimi.  “Just who the hell are you?”


“I’m Mimi Lockhart and I’m here to take my son.”


“Well, if this is your son, Mimi, where the hell have you been?” Abby grills her.


“It’s a long story.  One I don’t care to get into with you.”


“Well, Ben and I have custody of this boy.  So if you are his mother, you’ll need to go through legal channels to get this child.”


Mimi’s altercation was interrupted when Philip arrived at Ben and Abby’s for a meeting with Ben.


“Mimi, when did you get back in town?” Philip says, surprising Mimi.


“Philip, is what Mimi saying true?” Abby asks him.  “Is this baby hers?”


“No, she isn’t.” Philip lies.  “Mimi is crazy delusional.”


Philip went to extremes to hide Little Philip from Mimi by having Chad place his son with Ben and Abby.  He wasn’t about to let Mimi ruin everything by trying to claim Little Philip as hers.


“Well, Mimi, it seems as if you don’t have a leg to stand on, so I think it’s best you go.” Ben orders Mimi to leave.


“This isn’t over!” Mimi yells back as Philip and Ben are tossing her out the door.


“Imagine thinking she is the mother of this sweet boy?” Abby says, as Little Philip smiles up at her.


“Ben.  Abby.  Please don’t let her near this boy.” Philip demands.


As Mimi looks inside Ben and Abby’s window at Philip, Ben and Abby with her son, “This isn’t over by a long shot.”

A Life in Danger: A Sonny & Will Romance



After cheating on his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, Will Horton feels guilty he throws himself into his work, further neglecting Sonny and their daughter, Ari.  But after writing an expose on Clyde Westin, Will’s life is in jeopardy.  Will Sonny find Will in time?




Will Horton – Guy Wilson

Sonny Kiriakis – Freddie Smith

Paul Narita – Christopher Sean

John Black – Drake Hogestyn

Marlena Evans – Diedre Hall

Sami DiMera – Alison Sweeney

Clyde Westin – James Read


Chapter 1


Ever since the truth about Paul Narita came out, that he was John Black’s son, his husband was more drawn to Paul more than ever, and Will Horton couldn’t stand it.  He loved Sonny with all his heart.  He knew it was a mistake to sleep with Paul.  If only Sonny just believed that.  But Sonny decided to head to San Francisco and see if he and Paul could renew their love.


So Will decided to throw himself into his writing and his next assignment was an expose on Clyde Westin.  When he wasn’t tending to his daughter, Ari, Will was researching the web for anything on Clyde.


Will was waiting at Victor’s new club for Clyde to start his interview.  While he was waiting, his grandmother, Marlena, sat down next to him to talk.


“Hey, Will, I just heard from your mother.” Marlena said, hoping to break the ice between them.


“Oh, how is mother?” Will said.


“She’s doing well.” Marlena explained.  “Johnny and Sydney miss you terribly.  They ask about Ari all the time.”


“Well, tell mother that Ali misses her, but loves living with dad.”


“Your mother’s reality show is really a big hit.” Marlena said.


“That’s great.  Grandmother, can you excuse me, please.” Will said as he got up when he saw Clyde having an intense conversation with some unknown person.


Will walked over to an undisclosed table so Clyde couldn’t see that he was spying on him.


“I don’t care what you think, just do it!” Clyde ordered.


“Okay Mr. Westin!  But you’ll regret it!” the unknown person reminded him.


“Nobody will ever know it was me who ordered the hit on Victor Kiriakis!” Clyde rebuffed.  “I want Victor taken out!  I want his territory!”



Will couldn’t believe what he heard.  Clyde was ordering someone he didn’t recognize to take out Victor.  Will knew what he had to do.  He had to keep on eye on Clyde and his business dealings.  Will had to find out just who Clyde Westin was.


Chapter 2


Will googled Clyde Weston’s name in Poplar Bluff, Arkansas and found nothing.  But Will wasn’t giving up.  It was obvious that Clyde knew how to keep his name out of the press.  Will would just have to outsmart Clyde.


Will closed his laptop when he heard a familiar voice talking with Clyde.  It was his grandmother’s voice.


“Clyde, we need to be more discreet when it comes to Victor Kiriakis.” Kate told Clyde.


“You don’t need to remind me, Kate.” Clyde replied back.  “I know what I’m doing where Victor Kiriakis is concerned.”


“But you don’t want anyone knowing that you ordered the hit that got Sonny stabbed.”


“Yes, Kate, I know.”


Will was shocked upon learning that Clyde ordered the hit that got Sonny stabbed.  Will was now more determined to write the article and get the goods on Mr. Westin.


Will took out his cell and dialed Ben’s number.


“Will?” Ben said, answering his cell when he saw Will’s number.  “This is a surprise?”


“Yes, Ben.” Will began.  “I’d like to talk to you about an article I’m writing.”


“It doesn’t have to do with my father, does it?”


“Yes, as a matter of a fact, it does.” Will confessed.


“A sure.” Ben said.  “When do you want to meet?”


“How does an hour sound?” Will asked.  “At my apartment?”


“Ah, sure.  I’m due for a break then.  I’ll see you then.”


“Great.  See you in an hour.”


As Will hung up his cell, Will was determined to get the goods on Clyde, no matter what it took.


Chapter 3


Upset that he hasn’t found anything on Clyde Weston for his article, Will decides to take Ari for a walk through the park.  Walking through the park, Will hears voices and hides, so he doesn’t get seen, but he didn’t imagine he would hit pay dirt with what he overheard.


“What do you want?” Clyde asks the henchman.


“I want more money to keep your secret!” the henchman demands.


“I’m sorry, I can’t do that!” Clyde replies.


“You will hand over more money, or I will tell Stefano how you shot and killed EJ DiMera!” the henchman demands.


“I’d think that one over if I were you.” Clyde says.


“I have nothing to lose if I tell Stefano, but you Clyde, what will you lose?”


“Okay.  I’ll get the money to you.  But I need a few days.”


“24 hours, or I tell all!” the henchman demands.


As Clyde goes on his way, Will is stunned to learn of Clyde’s involvement in EJ’s death.  He now had the goods on Clyde, but what was he going to do about it?  Will thought about the dilemma as he walked Ari back home.


When he got back home with Ari, will found Sonny in a close moment with Paul.  Upset with seeing his husband with another man, Will tried his best not to show it, but Sonny and Will got into a heated argument which led Will to abruptly leave the apartment.


After seeing Sonny with Paul, Will decided to confront Clyde with what he learned in the park.


Chapter 4


Will woke up the next morning and was on his way out the door, when he saw Sonny and Ari having breakfast together.


“Will, I made us all some breakfast.” Sonny said cheerfully.


“Sorry Sonny, but I don’t have time for breakfast.” Will said, hastily drinking down a cup of coffee and giving Ari a kiss before heading out.


“Well, I guess daddy is a little busy this morning.” Sonny tells Ari, as Will walked out the door.


Feeling bad about the way he walked out, Will felt bad about leaving in such a hurry, but he had to get to Clyde’s office.  He vowed to make it up to Ari and Sonny later when he got home.


Arriving at Clyde’s shipping business, Will told Clyde’s executive assistant that he had an interview with Mr. Weston.


“I’ll let you into Mr. Weston’s office.” Bunny, Clyde’s executive assistant told Will.


“Thank you.” Will politely told her.


After Bunny buzzed Will into Clyde’s office, Will immediately searched around Clyde’s office for a inconspicuous spot to plant the bug.


After planting the bug in the back of Clyde’s desk drawer, Will quickly sat down in the chair in front of Clyde’s desk when he heard Clyde’s office door open.


“Well, Mr. Horton.” Clyde said greeting Will.  “I didn’t know we had an interview?”


“Don’t you remember you asked me to come this morning?” Will lied to Clyde.


“No, but then I’ve had a lot on my mind.  Maybe I forgot.” Clyde said.


“No problem.” Will said.  “We can do it some other time if you’re not available.”


“Well, thank you Mr. Horton.” Clyde said.  “Have my assistant pencil you in for tomorrow.”


“Thank you.  I will do that.” Will said on his way out.


Will thank Bunny on his way of Clyde’s office and told her to have a nice day.  He had accomplished what he wanted and that was to plant a bug in Clyde’s office.


Next it was time to head over to Chad’s office at DiMera Enterprise and do the same.


Will barged into Chad’s office pretending to give Chad a piece of his mind after what he did to his cousin, Abby.


“Who do you think you are?!” Will said, blasting into Chad..


“What the hell are you talking about?” Chad asks an irate Will.


“Sleeping with Abby to break up her and Ben?!”


“Well, what can I say?  Abigail wanted me.” Chad said proudly.  “It wasn’t hard to convince her.”


“This is all about how you feel she betrayed you by sleeping with your brother, EJ?”


“Abigail deserves to lose Ben!” Chad flat out told Will.  “How can you defend her?  He was engaged to your mother?”


During the staged argument, Will managed to get Chad out of his seat and slipped the bug under Chad’s desk drawer without Chad seeing him.


“Abby and my mother made up after her humiliation of Abby in town.” Will pointed out.  “They moved on and let bygones be.”


“Just get out Will!” Chad angrily told him.


Will did just that after succeeding with his mission.


Now Will could go home and listen in on Clyde and Chad’s business.  It was the beginning of the end for Weston Shipping, Inc. and DiMera Enterprises.  Will would make sure of that.


Chapter 5


Satisifed that he got the bug planted in both Clyde office and the DiMera mansion, Will went home to listen to open up his laptop and spy on both Clyde and Chad.  But when he got home, he was unhappy to discover Paul sitting with Sonny holding his daughter.


“What the hell are you doing, holding my daughter!” Will railed at Paul.


“Will, chill out!” Sonny told him.


“I don’t want him holding my daughter!” Will said, turning his rage on Sonny.


“Oh, she’s your daughter now!” Sonny yelled back, making Ari cry, regretting letting Will get him so riled up.  Sonny had always managed to keep his cool.


As Will snatched Ari out of Paul’s arms, he went to put a crying Ari in her crib to soothe his daughter, leaving Sonny to apologize for Will’s behavior.


“I’m so sorry, Paul.”


“Hey, that’s okay.  I’d probably be upset to.” Paul said, trying to forgive Will for his outburst.  “I’d probably be upset too if I came home to find another man with my family.”


“Will was out of line.” was all Sonny could say.


“Hey, it’s no worry.” Paul said sympathetically.  “Anyway, I got to go.  Have a dinner date with dear old dad.”


“Say hello to John and Marlena.” Sonny said, as he saw Paul out the door.


Sonny was upset with Will’s outburst and waited for Will to come out of Ari’s room to tell him so.


“What was that about?!” Sonny railed, when Will finally came out of Ari’s room.


“I don’t want to talk about it?!” Will said, bitterly, opening up his laptop.  “I have work to do!”


“Fine.  If that’s the way you want it!” Sonny said, as he picked up his car keys and stormed out of their apartment to Club TBD to do a little work himself.


Will was sorry about what he did to Paul, but it couldn’t be helped right now.  He had to find out was going on with Clyde and Chad.


Putting on his headphones, Will was glad that Sonny left.  He just wasn’t happy about the way he left.  But it was all forgotten when Will’s surveillance started working and he was hearing Clyde talk to an unknown caller in his office.


As Will listened to Clyde and his mysterious caller, Will got to work on his article for Zoe.


Chapter 6


Will finished the article on Clyde Weston and went to pick up Ari so he could give it to Zoe for

publication as Sonny had yet to come home after their argument.


“Zoe, I have the article on Clyde Weston.” Will announces when he enters Zoe’s office with Ari.


“Oh, you brought your daughter.” Zoe says, fawning over the cute little tyke.


“Sorry, but I couldn’t find a sitter and Sonny was at Club TBD.” Will explained.


“No problem.” Zoe said, still fawning over little Ari.  “I enjoy seeing this little girl.”


“Well, I brought in the article.” Will said, handing it to Zoe.


“Thank you, Will.  I’m sure it won’t be a disappointment.” Zoe said, giving Will praise for his writing.


“Well, I gotta run.” Will says, heading out.


As Will heads back to his and Sonny’s apartment, an unknown person phones Clyde.


“Will just submitted the article.”


“Great work.” Clyde says to the mystery person.  “Your payment will be in your account.”


As Clyde hangs up with the mystery caller, he comes up with a revenge plot on Will for writing the article.


“You’re going to be sorry for writing the article, Will.  I warned you not too, but you wrote it anyway.” Clyde says to himself.


Meanwhile, Sonny returns home to find Ari in her playpen and Will nowhere in sight. . .


Chapter 7


“Dad, is it true?” Ben asked when he called Clyde after reading Will’s article.


“No, it’s not son.” Clyde said trying to calm his son down.  “Will’s a journalist and you know how they like to trash people.”


“But it says you smuggle drugs?” a confused Ben asks his father.


“Son, you know all about my business.”


“Do I?” Ben questions him.


“Yes, son, I run a legit business.” Clyde lies.


“Okay, dad.” Ben said satisfied.  “I don’t want to lose you.  We just got our relationship back on track.”


“I know son.  I wouldn’t do anything to destroy it now.”


As Ben hangs up, Clyde is out the door to meet with his henchman.


“Hey, I want you to find Will Horton and take him to this location.” Clyde orders his henchman.


“Sure, boss!” the henchman says without questioning Clyde.



Will is walking Ari home through the park after another nasty fight with Sonny.


“I can’t believe Sonny doesn’t believe me?” Will says to himself, feeling sorry for himself.


But just as they near the playground, a mystery man grabs Will from behind, knocks him out cold, and drags him off, leaving Ari alone in the park.


Soon, Paul is also taking a walk through the park when he spots Will being dragged off.  As he chases after the person who took Will, Paul loses them.  Discouraged, Paul heads back to get Ari and take her home to Sonny.


“Paul?” Sonny asks when he answers the knock at his door, thinking it’s Will.  “Why are you holding Ari and where is Will?”


“I-I-I think somebody took Will!”


Sonny pulls Paul and Ari inside as Paul recounts the scene in the park.

A Blessed Miracle



When John Black left for Paris after his divorce from Dr. Marlena Evans, he thought he had lost his soul mate.  When John comes back to Salem to reconcile with Marlena, and make amends with his son, Brady, things don’t go the way John anticipated.  Brady has been abusing drugs and alcohol with new friend Theresa Donovan.  After whooping it up in Vegas, a confused Brady comes back married to Theresa.  When John confronts Theresa about her marriage to his son, things get ugly and John winds up in a coma.  Suddenly, John is visited by a mysterious visitor.  Just who is this visitor and will they be able to help Brady out of his recent dilemma?


Chapter 1


“Marlena, can we talk?” John stops Marlena when he spots her in shopping at Horton Square.


“I thought I already told you, John, I had nothing to say to you.  Our marriage is over and I’ve moved on with Roman once again.” Marlena lies to him.


“Please, Marlena!  I have missed you.  I never wanted a divorce.” John pleads.


“Haven’t you heard a word I’ve told you, John!  It’s over!  Period!  I have nothing to say to you!” Marlena demands.


“Okay!  Just thought we could talk like civil adults.  I guess I was wrong!  Have a nice day.”


John leaves Marlena to her shopping and heads on over to Brady’s to see if he can make amends again with his son.  When John arrives at Brady’s, he is shocked to learn that Brady and Theresa partied it up in Vegas and is now married.  He really needed to have a talk with Brady.  John was very disappointed in Brady’s recent behavior.  Ever since his failed wedding to Kristen, Brady has been on a downward spiral abusing drugs and alcohol, and Theresa Donovan is soley to blame for everything.


Brady is passed out on the couch when Theresa answers the door to see a shocked John.


“Why hello, John!  It’s so good of you to drop by!”


“Cut the drama, Theresa!  I’m just here to speak with Brady!” John spits out.


“Well, good morning to you too, daddy!” Theresa replies back.


“Excuse me?  What did you just call me?” John questions her.


“I’m sorry, John!  Haven’t you heard?  Brady and I are now husband and wife!” Theresa gloats.


“You’re what?” John rages.  Looking towards the couch at an obviously passed out Brady, John says, “How can that be?  Brady certainly does not look like he was in any position to consent to a wedding.”


“Well, daddy dear, it’s true.  I’m your new daughter.”


“Over my dead body.  I want this sham of a marriage annulled.”


“Well, daddy dear, that won’t happen.  Brady is happily committed to me.”


“Well, we’ll see about that!  Tell Brady I’ll be back later!”


As John turns to walk out of Brady’s apartment, Theresa hits John over the head with the lamp knocking him out cold and sending him straight to the floor.  The commotion wakes up Brady who has just noticed that John is out cold on his floor.


“Theresa, what just happened?” Brady asks her.


“Oh, Brady!  I’m so sorry!  John showed up!  I was so scared for my life.  John was acting crazy when I told him we were married.  He came towards me.  He was going to rape me, so I hit him over the head.” Theresa lies.


“He did what?”


“Your father was going to rape me!”


“I don’t believe it?” Brady asks, confused, looking over at John lying unconscious on the floor.


“Well, believe it, Brady, because it’s true.  John was so angry about you and I getting married, he was going to rape me!”


“We have to call the paramedics and have him taken to the hospital.”


Brady grabs his cell that is lying by the couch and dials 9-1-1 to have paramedics come pick up John and take him to the hospital.  As soon as John is transported to Salem University Hospital, Brady tells Theresa he has to take a walk to clear his head.


Chapter 2


Brady finds himself in front of an abandoned warehouse owned by Titan Publishing waiting for the dealer to bring him his coke.  Suddenly, Brady is knocked over the head and knocked unconscious.  While unconscious, Brady has a dream about his mother, Isabella.


“Brady, my dear son.” Isabella rouses Brady


Brady comes to find a woman clothed in a veil.


“What?  Who are you?” a confused Brady asks the mysterious figure in the veil.


“Sh-sh-sh-sh!  It’s okay, Brady.  Everything will be alright.”


“What?  How do you know my name?”


“It’s not important right now.  I’m here to help you.”


Suddenly, the mysterious woman in the veil runs off, leaving Brady more confused than ever.  Brady’s dealer never shows so Brady walks off to The Cheatin’ Heart, to get drunk.  After having a few too many drinks, Brady is being hassled by an obnoxious drunk woman flirting and making passes at him.  As the woman is groping Brady, he tries to let her down gently, but doesn’t take no for an answer.  After failing to convince the woman to leave him alone, Brady finally loses it and leaves The Cheatin’ Heart hoping he is free of the drunk woman.


Feeling scorned, the woman only follows Brady back to his grandfather, Victor Kiriakis’s mansion.  As Brady lets himself inside, the woman shoves Brady inside the mansion where she passionately kisses him on the lips.  Too drunk to respond, Brady passes out on the floor of the foyer as soon as the woman kisses him.


Not caring about Brady’s condition, the woman manages to get him upstairs to Brady’s room.  When she gets a passed-out Brady on the bed, she takes his clothes off and starts to “make love” to him.  She removes her clothing and climbs on top of him, as Brady quickly gets aroused, despite his drunken state.


Just as the woman has removed her mask of Brady’s ex-fiancee, Madison James, revealing herself to be Kristen DiMera, whose wedding to Brady was short-lived after the video of Kristen “sleeping with” then-Father Eric Brady was revealed at their wedding.  Theresa has just let herself into Brady’s, her new husband, room; who was never drunk, just pretending to be drunk.


“Kristen?  What the hell are you doing here with my husband?” a shocked Theresa asks.


“Theresa, what do you mean, your husband?”


“Yes, Brady and I were married last night in Vegas.” Theresa proudly announces to Kristen.


“No, that can’t be?” Kristen rages.


“Well, Kristen, it is.  Brady is my husband now, so get out of here before I call Henderson and have you thrown out!”


Theresa struggles with Kristen as they fight over Brady, as he is coming to.  Brady is shocked to see Theresa fighting with a blonde-haired woman.  He manages to walk over to them and pull Theresa off the woman, only to discover the woman she is fighting with is Kristen.


“Kristen!” a shocked Brady asks.  “What are you doing here?”


“Well, Brady, I came back to you, my love.  We just made love, and it was very passionate.”


“How did you find me, Kristen?”


“I found you getting drunk at The Cheatin’ Heart.”


“I didn’t see you there?  I only saw  who I thought was ‘Madison James.’ “ a confused Brady replies.


“That’s right, Brady dear.” Kristen says, picking up the mask laying on the foot of Brady’s bed.


“You were my ex-fiancee, Madison James?”


“Yes, Brady.  I had to get you in bed and I read about your failed nuptials to the CEO of Madworld.”


Theresa butts in, “You slept with my husband?”


“Yes, Theresa, I had sex with Brady, but he isn’t your husband!”


“Just what are you talking about?”


“Your Vegas wedding to Brady isn’t legal.” Kristen confidentially assures Theresa and stuns Brady even more.


“How can that be?” Theresa asks.


“Well, you see, I was posing as that minister who married you.” Kristen replies, with a smirk.


Now, it was Theresa’s turn pass out, as she grabbed onto the chair next to her to keep herself from falling, as Brady looked relieved to know he was still single.  Theresa, however, lunged toward Kristen with and nearly hit her with the lamp, but Brady grabbed her hand before she could hit Kristen.


“Both of you get out, now!” Brady yells at them.  “I want the two of you out of here!”


Theresa tries to console Brady, but he just shoves her away.


“C’mon, Theresa, let’s give Brady some space.” Kristen says, grabbing Theresa’s arm and pulling her away.


“Yeah, Kristen, why don’t you do that, after you just raped me―just like you did Eric.” Brady reminds her.


“Oh, you Salemites still trying to say I raped that priest?”


“What else do you call drugging Eric and having sex with him?  You cost him his vows to the priesthood.  The Catholic church defrocked him.  I hope your happy!” Brady spits back at her.


Kristen didn’t have a reply, just turned around and left the mansion.


“I think you should go to, Theresa.” Brady told her.


“But I’m your wife.” Theresa reminded him.


“I think Kristen took care of that one.  So go.  Now!”


Theresa grabs her purse and leaves on Brady’s orders.  “I’ll be by tomorrow when you’ve calmed down.”


“Don’t bother.  I’ll let you know when I’m ready to see you.” he tells Theresa as she walks out.


All Brady can think about is that he had sex with Kristen DiMera while passed-out and that somehow, he is not married to Theresa.  Breathing a sigh of relief, Brady is relieved when Kristen revealed she was the minister that married them and he was not married to Theresa, but he was angry at Kristen for having sex with him while he was too drunk.  Brady had to make a change.  His father could die.  He may have killed his father.  His drugs and boozing had to stop.  Brady blamed his recent behavior on his father’s current condition.


Chapter 3


A mysterious figure hidden behind a veil is sitting at John’s bedside, holding his hand, tears coming down their cheeks.


“Please, John, wake up.” the veiled figure whispers.


But the mysterious figure is alarmed by a knock on John’s hospital door, and hides in the bathroom.


It is John’s ex-wife, Dr. Marlena Evans, sitting in the chair next to John’s bed.


“Oh, my dear John.  I don’t know what I’d do if you don’t pull through this.  I need you so much.  I was a fool to let you go.  Please wake up.  I need you, John.  Brady needs you.  We all need you.”


After her tear-felt speech, Marlena lays her head on John’s chest, as the mysterious veiled figure watches from the bathroom.  The mysterious figure can’t take seeing Marlena near John.  She nearly reveals herself, but is interrupted by a hospital nurse who has come in to deliver his medication.


“Oh, Dr. Evans, I’m so glad to see you here.”


Marlena looks up to see the nurse.  “Oh, nurse, has there been any change?”


“No, I’m sorry, Dr. Evans, Mr. Black is the same.” the nurse informs her.


“It’s so hard to see him like this.  I just hope he wakes up soon.”


“We all wish that.  Mr. Black is a beloved man.”


“Yes, yes, he is.” Marlena agrees.


Just then, Brady enters John’s hospital room.  Marlena welcomes him with a hug, which seems to infuriate the mysterious figure hiding in the bathroom.


“How is he?” Brady asks Marlena, trying to stay strong.  “Has there been any change?”


“No, there hasn’t.  I’m so sorry, Brady.  I want him to wake up too.  I want answers as to who did this to him.’


“What do you mean, ‘who did this to him?’  You don’t think I did this?” Brady questions Marlena.


“I think Theresa knows exactly what happened to John.”


“I wish I could reveal myself to you two.” the mysterious figure thinks to themselves.  “I know it was Theresa.  I saw her hit John with the lamp.”


Brady and Marlena watch vigil over John for about an hour before they have to leave for other commitments.  Just as soon as they leave, the mysterious figure is relieved.  They give John a kiss on his lips.


“Dear sweet John, I will find justice for you.  I know who did this to you.  And Theresa will pay for what she has done.” the mysterious figure promises.




Theresa is awakened by a sudden noise in her apartment.


Chapter 4


The intruder gags Theresa’s mouth and ties her hands and feet.  Then a slender woman with red hair comes in.


“Well, well, well, Theresa Donovan.” Isabella says.  “Did you have fun being married to my son for the five minutes that you were?  It’s funny that that nasty Kristen DiMera got the better of you.”


“Isabella?” Theresa asks, shocked.  “But it can’t be?  You’re dead?”


“Does it look like I’m dead?” Isabella asks, mocking her.  “I saw what you did to John and how you framed my son for it!”


“You know what happened to John?”


“I saw you hit John and move their bodies to make it look like Brady did it.”


“Then why didn’t you come forward?”


“Because then I would have to reveal my identity and I wasn’t ready to do that yet.” Isabella explained.  “No one can know that I am alive just yet.”


“But how, Isabella?”


“How do you think, Stefano DiMera!” Isabella remarked.  “Duh!”


“But why?”


“Who knows why Stefano does the things he does?  Maybe to get back at John and the Brady’s?  The point is I know what you did and now you are going to be my puppet!  Do you understand?”


“Yes, Isabella.” Theresa told her.  “What would you like me to do?”


“I want you to convince everyone that it was Nicole who hit John.  I want you to tell them that Nicole did it in a fit of passion because she couldn’t stand you being married to Brady.  She intended to hit you but hit John instead.”


“And just how am I supposed to convince everyone of that?  Nicole was even there?” Theresa asked.


“Tell them she showed up unexpectedly and after witnessing the scuffle between you and John came at you with the poker, but hit John.”


“Okay, I’ll go to Abe in the morning to tell him.” Theresa told her.


“Thank you.  I’ll check in on your progress in two days to see if you did it.”


Isabella put on her disguise and slipped out of Theresa’s apartment before anyone saw her.  Theresa still didn’t know how she was going to convince everyone that Nicole hit John accidentally trying to hit her.  And why did Isabella want her identity kept secret?  What was she hiding?


Chapter 5


The next morning Theresa received a text from Isabella:


“Wake up, Theresa!  Go tell Abe what I told you to say!”


Theresa headed to Abe’s office to tell him what Isabella convinced her to tell him.


“I need to speak to Abe Carver.” Theresa told the police captain, Roman Brady.


“I’m sorry, but Commander Carver isn’t here.  Can I be of assistance?” Capt. Roman Brady asked.


“I guess you’ll have to do then.” Theresa said.


“What can I help you with?”


“I have new evidence on what happened to John Black.” Theresa told him.


“In other words, you’re changing your story?” Capt. Brady asked her.


“No, I have new evidence.”


“What is it, Theresa?”


“It was Nicole who hit John on the head.” Theresa said.


“Really, Theresa?” Capt. Brady asked, incredulously.


“Yes.  Nicole must’ve heard the scuffle between John and Brady arguing over me, and she went to hit me, but hit John instead.” Theresa lied like Isabella told her to do.


“You expect me to believe it was Nicole who hit John and put him in a coma?”


“Yes, Capt. Brady.”


“Theresa, that is impossible.  Nicole’s prints were not found on the poker.”


“Well, she must’ve wiped them off?”


“Well, thank you, Theresa, for your update.  We’ll look into your story.”


Roman led Theresa out of the police station.  As soon as Theresa was away from the police station, she receives a text from Isabella:


“Did U tell Abe Carver?”


Theresa texts back:


“No.  Commander Carver wasn’t there, so I told Capt. Brady instead.”


“Good.  Your job is done.” Isabella texts back.  “1 more thing:  stay away from my son.”


“I can’t.  Brady & I slept together again.” Theresa text back.  “I may be pregnant.”


“U better pray Ur not, if U no wat is gud 4 U!” Isabella warned her.


It was the happiest moment of her life when Brady pulled her into a kiss and they ended up making love.  The next morning, Theresa had a feeling that she may be pregnant after that.  Now she has to pray she isn’t pregnant?  Just what will Isabella do if she is?


Chapter 6


The next morning, Theresa suddenly had to vomit.  As she ran to the bathroom, Isabella’s words came back to haunt her, “U better pray you’re not if you know what is good for you!”


Theresa couldn’t deny the morning sickness.  She was definitely pregnant, but decided she better go to the doctor to find out for sure.


She gets dressed and heads to Salem University Hospital.  Along the way, she runs into Nicole.


“Thanks, Theresa!” Nicole blasts her.


“What are you talking about?” Theresa lies.


“You know exactly what I’m talking about?” Nicole spits out.  “Roman Brady calls me in to his office to ask me how I managed to show up at the Kiriakis mansion and hit John with the poker!”


“I’m sorry.” was all Theresa could say.


“You’re sorry!  How could you do it?” Nicole blasts her.  “I wasn’t even there!”


“I had no choice but to name you!” Theresa says.


“Yeah, I’ll bet!  Had to take the heat of you, didn’t you!”


“It wasn’t like that!” Theresa says.  “But you wouldn’t understand.”


“Why don’t you just try me!”


Just then Theresa felt the urge to vomit and peeked her head in a bush.


“Are you sick, Theresa?” Nicole says, sarcastically.


“Just a little.” Theresa confesses, trying not to let Nicole know.  “It’s nothing.”


Theresa starts to leave, but Nicole pulls her back.


“Just where do you think you are going?”


“I need to see a doctor and have a checkup.” Theresa says, as she covers up her suspicions.


“Oh, forget it, Theresa!  Just go!”


As Nicole watches Theresa on her way and thinks that Theresa is up to something, so she decides to follow her to find out what is going on.


With Nicole following her unnoticed, Theresa arrives at the hospital and manages to get in right away, thanks to Anne.


Theresa is surprised to find that the doctor examining her is Daniel.


“Don’t they have a policy about doctors examining ex-lovers?” Theresa asks, when Daniel comes into the exam room.


“We were never lovers, Theresa.” Daniel reminds her.  “You just tried to make it look that way.”


“Well, anyway, I want another doctor.” Theresa demands.


“I’m sorry, Theresa.  I’m all you got.” Daniel says.  “But you can leave and come back another day.”


“Fine.  Let’s just get it over with.”


“Now, what seems to be the problem.”


“I think I may be pregnant.” Theresa mumbles.


“I’m sorry.  I didn’t quite hear you.”


“I said, I need to see if I may be pregnant.” Theresa says, a little louder.


“Well, let’s get started.” Daniel says, beginning with a exam as he instructs Theresa to put her legs up in the stirrups.


When Daniel is done examining her, he draws some blood to have a test done.


“Okay, Theresa, you can get dressed now.” Daniel says.  “Come back tomorrow for the results of your test.  Otherwise, everything else looks alright.”


As Theresa is getting dressed, Daniel hears someone accidentally knock down a shelf in the next exam room.  As he goes to the other exam room, he discovers Nicole picking up the contents of the shelf.


“Nicole, what are you doing?”


“I thought I’d do a little cleaning?” Nicole covers.


“You were spying on us, weren’t you?”


“Yes.” Nicole admits.  “I had to find out what Theresa was up to.  Is she really pregnant?”


“That’s confidential.” Daniel says.  “I can’t give that kind of info out.”


“Oh c’mon Daniel.  It’s me, Nikki.  You can tell me.” Nicole says, trying to butter him up.  “We’re partners, right?”


“Sorry, Nicole, but I can’t tell you anything.  You’ll have to ask Theresa tomorrow when she gets the results.”


As he leaves the room, she adds, “You can bet I will!”




Theresa is arriving home to find Isabella sitting in her living room.


Chapter 7


Theresa gets a call from Daniel.


“Theresa, I have results of your test.” Daniel tells her.


“Well, Daniel?  Am I?”


“No, Theresa, you are not pregnant!” Daniel said, matter-of-factly.


When Daniel got off the phone with Theresa, he flashed to him examining Theresa and how he injected Theresa with a drug that would eliminate any proof of a baby.  When Daniel received the results of Theresa’s test, he was relieved to learn that the injection worked.


Daniel wanted revenge on Theresa for coming between him and Jennifer that resulted in their breakup.


Daniel was glad.  Theresa deserved everything she got and Daniel was glad.  He just hoped he didn’t regret his actions.


Meanwhile, Isabella showed up to see if Theresa did as she asked her to.


“Yes, Isabella, I told Abe everything you told me to say, but I don’t think he believed my story.”


“Good job, Theresa.” Isabella said.  “You let me worry about what the police think.”


Isabella left Theresa wondering what would happen next.


Back at Salem University Hospital, John is waking from coma when he thinks he sees Isabella.


“Izzy B.” John says out loud.  “Is that you?”


Then he drifts back to sleep.


“Sh-sh-sh!” Isabella says quietly to John as he is soundly sleeping.


“I’m here, darling.” Isabella says, holding a sleeping John in her arms.

Eric Brady’s New Love



After learning of girlfriend, Serena Mason’s deceit, a deeply crushed Eric Brady ends their relationship, giving his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Walker hope for another chance.  But Eric decides to leave Salem knowing he still can’t forgive Nicole for the past.  When old friend, Rex Balsom, offers Eric a safe haven with him in Llanview, Eric takes him up on the offer.  When Eric thinks he sees Serena in Llanview, he confronts her, only to find out it is Natalie Buchanan, who turns out to be Serena’s identical twin, also by Clint Buchanan.  As Natalie and Eric investigate the secret of Serena’s mysterious birth, Eric is drawn to Natalie, despite her marriage to John McBain, putting them both in peril as Natalie is kidnapped when she is mistaken for Serena.  Can Eric save Natalie in time and if so, will she return to John, or find love anew with Eric?




Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan

Serena Mason – Melissa Archer (dual role)

Natalie Buchanan – Melissa Archer (dual role)

John McBain – Michael Easton

Clint Buchanan – Jerry Ver Dorn

Victoria “Viki” Lord Buchanan – Erika Slezak

Rex Balsom – John Paul Lavoisier

Gigi Morasco – Farah Fath

Shane Morasco Balsom – Austin Williams


Chapter 1


“Eric, please!  Don’t leave!” Serena begs him.


“I trusted you, Serena!” Eric laments.  “I thought you were different!  And what’s worse, Nicole was right about you!”


“Eric, please!” Serena begs him.  “Please let me explain!”


“Forget it, Serena!  It’s over!”


“I guess Nicole won!” Serena spits back.  “You’re going back to her?”


Eric storms out of Serena’s hotel suite at the Salem Inn, running into Nicole Walker, who has overheard Eric end it with Serena.


“What are you doing here?” Eric rages at Nicole.


“Is it really over between you and Serena?” Nicole says, hoping for another chance with him.


“You got what you wanted, Nicole!” Eric said, bitterly.  “You were right about Serena!  But don’t think for one minute that you have another shot with me!”


“I never thought I did have another chance with you!” Nicole angrily shot back as Eric walked away.


Deep down, Nicole hoped that Eric could forgive her and give them another chance at love.  Eric was the love of her life.  Nicole knew that and Daniel, the guy Nicole desperately tried to convince that she was over Eric.


Eric went to work and met with his client.  He was surprised to find out that his new client was his old friend, Rex Balsom from Llanview, Pennsylvania.


“I’m sorry I’m so late.” Eric apologized to his new client.


“Hey, bro, it’s quite alright!” Rex said.


“Rex?” Eric said, surprised to see him.  “How long has it been?”


“Too long!” Rex said.  “Way too long, buddy!”


“So, how has life been for you?” Eric asked him.


“I am engaged to Gigi Morasco.” Rex announced.


“Gigi Morasco?” Eric asked.  “Your high school sweetheart?”


“Yes, we reconnected when she moved to Llanview a few years ago.” Rex told him.  “We have a son, Shane, who she raised alone.”


“Gigi was pregnant with your child?” Eric asked.


“Yes.  Great kid.” Rex said.  “You’ll have to come to Llanview and meet them.”


“Is that an offer?”


“Are you looking for one?”


“Truth?” Eric said.  “My life hasn’t gone so well lately.”


“Yeah, I heard about you leaving the priesthood, over some woman?”


“Yeah, well it’s went downhill from there.”


“Was it that Nicole woman?”


“Part of it.” Eric said.  “The other was a woman from my past, Serena Mason.”


“Sorry, buddy.” Rex said.


“Why don’t you do it.” Rex said.


“Do what?” Eric asked.


“Come to Llanview.” Rex offered again.  “You can stay with Gigi and me until you find a place.”


“Thanks, Rex, but I don’t want to impose.”


“It’s no imposition.  Gigi and I would love to have you stay.”


“I’ll think about it and let you know.” Eric told him.


“Great.  You can show me the photos when you arrive in Llanview.” Rex said.  “I need to be going.  Hope to see you later.”


As Eric watched Rex leave, Eric seriously thought about Rex’s offer.  Eric needed a change in his life and what better place to be than with his old buddy.


Chapter 2


After thinking about Rex’s offer, Eric decided to head to Llanview for a new start after Serena’s deceit.  He couldn’t believe he fell head-over-heals in love with her all over again.  Eric couldn’t decide who was worse:  Serena or Nicole.  A change of scenery was just what Eric wanted, and Llanview, Pennsylvania seemed like a nice town.


“Yes, how may I help you?” the ticket agent asked Eric when he got to the ticket counter at Salem Airport.


“I need a one-trip ticket for Llanview, Pennsylvania, please.” Eric told the ticket agent.


The ticket agent punched in the details and asked for Eric’s ID and printed out the ticket and handed it to Eric.


As soon as he got his ticket, Eric headed to the gate and waited to board his flight.  He was surprised to see Serena trying to flee.  Eric kept out of sight so Serena wouldn’t see him, but he didn’t seem to have to worry since it appeared she was making a hasty exit.


Flight 2098 is ready for boarding!�the announcer said.


Eric picked up his carry-on bag and headed for the gate to board his flight for Llanview, Pennsylvania.  Before he got to the door of the plane, Eric gave Salem one last look before heading inside the plane, bidding Salem farewell.  Eric vowed never to come back to Salem.


Eric found his seat was next to a blonde girl with an infant son.


Hello, miss!�Eric greeted.  的t seems we’re seat buddies.


Yes it does seem so.�Jessica Buchanan Ford, said.  的’m Jessica.  And this is my son, Ryder.


Nice to meet you, Jessica.�Eric said.  添ou head to Llanview much?


Oh, I live there.�Jessica replied.  的’m coming back from a business trip my Uncle Todd sent me on a project.


Oh, what do you do?


I’m a reporter for his paper, The Sun.  Why are you going to Llanview?  I don’t recognize you?


Oh, sorry.  Eric Brady, from Salem.�Eric introduced himself.  溺y old buddy, Rex Balsom extended a visit for me to visit when he visited me last week.


Rex Balsom is a friend of yours?


Yes, we go way back.


Well, you can just ride with me, since I’m Rex’s sister.


You’re Rex’s sister?�Eric sounded surprised.  滴e never mentioned a sister.


Oh, we just found out a few years ago.�Jessica told him.  鄭 very long story.  Hope you’ll be around long enough to hear it?


I plan to stay a while.�Eric said.


Just then Jessica’s cell rang, 滴ello, baby!


Jess, I can’t wait for you and Ryder to come home.�Robert told her.  的 miss you both terribly.


I miss you too, baby!  Love you!�Jessica told Robert.  徹h, I’m bringing home an old friend of Rex’s from Salem I met on the flight back.


Oh, well I’ll see soon, baby.�


Bye baby.�Jessica said and hung up.


Your husband?�Eric asked.


Yes.  Married for two happy years.


Passengers, we are about to land in Llanview, Pennsylvania.  Please fasten your seat belts.�the pilot announced its arrival into Llanview.


When they got off the plane, Eric followed Jessica and Ryder and helped her with her luggage and the two waited for Max, the chauffeur, to take them to Llanfair.


Eric fell in love with Llanview the minute the plane landed.  He had a feeling he was going to love it here.


Chapter 3


“Hey, since you’re Rex’s friend, why don’t you come home with me?” Jessica asked.  “There’s plenty of room at Llanfair.”


“I couldn’t impose on your family.”


“Oh, it’s no imposition.  Besides you can meet my twin sister.” Jessica stated.


“You have a twin sister?”




“What a coincidence.  So do I?”




“Yeah.  We thought we had different fathers, but we recently found out we have the same father.  Besides, I don’t think it’s really possible for twins to have different fathers.”


“Oh, it’s possible, alright.”


“You and your sister?”


“No, my sister’s two children, Johnny and Ali – twins with different fathers.”


“You and your sister are twins and your sister had twins of her own?”


“Yes, and our mother is an identical twin herself.”


“Wow!  3 generations of twins!  Amazing!”


Jessica and Eric were coming upon Llanfair.  Jessica looked homesick for her husband Robert and her children, Bree and Ryder.


“Well, Eric, we’re home.”


Eric helped Jessica out of the limo that brought the two of them to Llanfair.  Jessica escorted Eric inside after Eric had gotten their bags out of the car.


3-year-old Ryder was waiting for his mother at the door when Jessica and Eric walked through the front door while everyone else hid in the sitting room.


“Surprise!” everyone yelled as Ryder led his mother and Eric into the room.


“Welcome home, baby!” Robert said as he kissed his wife.


“Oh, how I missed you guys!” Jessica exclaimed hugging Ryder, Bree, and Robert.


“And who might this be, Jessica?” Natalie asked her twin.


Eric’s jaw dropped when he saw Natalie, “Serena?!”


“Excuse me?” Natalie asked, confused.


“Oh, Eric, this is my twin sister, Natalie.”


“I’m sorry.” Eric apologized.  “You look exactly like my last girlfriend.”


“Oh, I see how you could have mistaken me.” Natalie said.


“Uh, Natalie, I met Eric on the plane.  It seems our brother invited him to Llanview, and I said he could stay here at Llanfair.” Jessica explained.


“Well, welcome Eric.  I hope you enjoy your stay.” Natalie said cheerfully, as 3-year-old Liam tugged on her skirt.


“Are you hungry, Liam?” Natalie said, picking him up in her arms.  “If you’ll excuse me, Eric, it seems I have a hungry toddler to feed.”


Eric waved her good bye as Natalie went to the kitchen to find her hungry son something to eat.  Rex came up behind Eric as he was watching her.


“I see you took my invitation.” Rex said.


“Rex!” Eric said, as the two friends hugged each other.  “Yes, I thought about it and decided, ‘what could it hurt?’, then boarded a flight for Llanview.”


“Well, glad to see you buddy.” Rex said, as Gigi happened upon them.  “Gigi, this is my old buddy, Eric Brady.”


“Nice to meet you.” Gigi said.  “I couldn’t help but notice, but did you say that your ex-girlfriend looks a lot like Natalie?”


“Yes.  I was quite taken aback when I first saw her.”


As the party was winding down, Rex showed Eric to the room he would sleep in.  As Eric finally got settled into bed, he couldn’t take his mind off of how much Natalie looked like Serena.  He made a mental note to check it out in the morning, after he had gotten some sleep.


Chapter 4


Eric woke up the next morning to little Liam jumping on top of him as Natalie rushed into the guest room where Eric was sleeping.


“I’m so sorry, Eric.” Natalie apologized for Liam waking him up.


“No problem.  I was awake and about to get up.” Eric said, tousling the toddler’s blond hair.


“Did you have a good night?” Natalie asked as she retrieved her son so Eric could get up.


“Slept like a baby.” Eric said.  “Haven’t had that good of night in months.”


“Well, I’m glad to hear that.” Natalie said, smiling back at him.  “Breakfast will be served in about 15 minutes.”


As Natalie left with Liam to let Eric get dressed in peace, Eric couldn’t help but be reminded of Serena when Natalie smiled at him.  It was uncanny how much she looked like his ex-girlfriend.  Brushing it off his mind for the moment, Eric headed downstairs to join Natalie and her family for breakfast.


“Well, good morning, Eric.” Jessica greeted Eric as she poured Ryder and Bree some milk and orange juice.


“It’s nice to meet you.” Viki said when Eric sat down at the table with the rest of the Buchanan clan.


“Thank you.” Eric said, politely.



Meanwhile, Serena had landed in landed in Llanview after she had hacked Eric’s email and read his email from Rex inviting him to come to Llanview.  Serena intended to get Eric back and pulled out her cell to get Eric’s location via the GPS locator she had put on Eric’s cell.


Tapping into the GPS signal, Serena found the location of Eric at the Buchanan residence in Llanview, Pennsylvania.



Back at Llanfair, after Eric had finished his breakfast, he excused himself and went up to the guest room to get his lap top and search for anything on Serena and Natalie and their uncanny resemblance just as Serena had arrived at Llanfair.


Chapter 5


Eric couldn’t concentrate on his work as his mind was focused on Natalie.  He decided to head to the library in hopes of taking his mind off Natalie.


“Natalie, I have to run to the library.” Eric said, as he grabbed his bag.


“Do you want a ride?” Natalie asked, while feeding Liam and her nephew, Ryder.


“Thank you, but I think I’ll walk.  It looks like a great day for one.” Eric smiled at her.


“Well, I’ll see you when you get back.” Natalie smiled back at him.


As Natalie got back to feeding the children, Eric still couldn’t take his eyes off Natalie.  He forced himself to leave and walk to the library.


After he left Llanfare, Eric felt foolish not asking directions where the library was.  He made the most of it and asked a passerby for directions and gladly gave him directions.


As Eric arrived at the library, Serena clicked on the GPS and noticed that Eric’s location was the library.


Eric was searching the internet, oblivious to everyone around him, he didn’t realize when Serena had arrived.


“Well, Eric, did you think you could skip out on me?” Serena demanded.


“Serena?!” Eric said, taken aback.  “How did you find me?!”


“Modern day technology!” Serena explained.  “I had your cellphone tapped with a GPS locator!”


“Well, you can just leave, Serena!” Eric told her.  “I have nothing to say to you!”


Eric logged off the library computer and picked up his bag and started to leave, but Serena followed him.


“We’re not through!” Serena said, calling after him.


Eric kept on walking hoping Serena would get a clue and leave him alone, but Serena kept following him.


As Eric approached Llanfare, he didn’t want Serena to meet Natalie.


“Serena, I am at my friend’s home.  I don’t want you here.” Eric explained.


“Well, why don’t you introduce me to your friends?” Serena said, forcefully.


“Id rather not.” Eric pleaded.


But it was too late.  Natalie had met Eric at the door as he had gotten to the door.  Natalie and Serena were stunned to see each other.


Chapter 6


“Who is this, Eric?” Serena demanded.


“Uh, Natalie, can we take a rain check on our dinner date?” Eric apologized.  “I have an urgent matter to take care of.”


“Sure, Eric, but who is this and why does she look just like me?” Natalie asked, as she glances at Serena.


“Oh, sorry, Natalie, this is my ex-girlfriend, Serena Mason, from Salem.” Eric introduced Natalie to Serena.


“Well, what about me?” Serena demanded.  “Who is your new friend?”


“This is Natalie Buchanan, Serena.” Eric replied.  “Now can we go talk.  Now!”

“Yes, Eric.”


“I’ll see you later, Natalie?”


“Yes, Eric.  Hope you clear everything up.”



Eric and Serena went to an out-of-the-way coffee shop in Llanview that Eric had found one day while sightseeing.


“Well, Serena, just what are doing here, and what do you want?”


“Isn’t it obvious!  I still want you!”


“Well, it should be obvious to you that it’s over between us.” Eric flat out told her.  “Or didn’t you get that from my departure?”


“It’s not over, Eric, and I will win you back.” Serena promised.


“Just go, Serena!” Eric pleaded.  “I’m done with you and your lies!”


Eric walked out of the coffee shop and hopefully out of Serena’s life.  But Serena intended to stay in Eric’s life, one way or another.  Her luck had just changed when she met a handsome new guy in Llanview:  Jared Banks.


“Natalie?” Jared asked when he saw Serena sitting at the coffee shop.


“I’m sorry.” Serena asked.


“Natalie, I never thought I’d see you in a place like this?”


Oh my gosh!  This guy thinks I’m Natalie.” Serena said to herself.


“No, I’m not Natalie.” Serena explained.  “I’m . . . I’m . . . I’m her identical twin sister, Serena Mason.”


“Funny, I never knew Natalie had an identical twin sister, just a fraternal twin sister.”


“You calling me a liar?” Serena defended herself.




“By the way, who are you?”


“I’m Jared Banks.”


“Well, Mr. Banks, what do you say, you have dinner with me?”


“Don’t mind if I do.  Just tell me where and when.’

“If you give me your number, I’ll text you the details.” Serena told him.


As Jared gave Serena the number, she thought about the plans she had in mind for Jared as a way to make Eric jealous and leave that pesky Natalie for her.  And Jared Banks would help her out.


Betrayed: Marty Saybrooke Meets Ridge Forrester



After finding out about John latest betrayal with he ex, Natalie Buchanan, Marty leaves Llanview with her kids,2 years old twins, Cheyenne Margaret and Patrick Michael McBain to Los Angeles, California where she has accepted a job offer working at Forrester Creations. When Ridge meet Marty, he is instantly attract to her. What starts as a dangerous attraction soon spirals into something more between Marty and Ridge. What happens when John McBain and his new wife Natalie Buchanan comes looking to get custody of Cheyenne and Patrick.


Chapter 1


“I’m going to miss you mom.” Cole Thornhart says, giving Marty Saybrooke a hug as he and his wife, Starr Manning Thornhart see her and his siblings off for her new job in Los Angeles at Forrester Creations.


“You take care of Cheyenne and Patrick as well as yourself.” Starr says giving her a hug, as Cole is entertaining his brother and sister.


Marty hated to leave Cole and Starr and their daughter Hope now that Cole was exonerated for Eli Clarke’s murder.  But she couldn’t stay in Llanview after John McBain cheated on her with his ex, Natalie Buchanan.


When Forrester Creations creator, Eric Forrester called about her submitted designs, and hired her on the spot, Marty decided to accept with a little nudging from Cole and Starr.


Marty took Cheyenne and Patrick’s hands as the final boarding call for Los Angeles announced its departure.  After saying a tearful goodbye to Starr, Cole and Hope, Marty boarded the plane with the twins, bidding Llanview goodbye.




“I need to seek sole custody of my twins, Cheyenne Margaret and Patrick Michael?” John McBain asked his attorney.


“What do you want the grounds to be, Mr. McBain?” John’s attorney asked him.


“On the grounds that Marty Saybrooke is mentally unstable to provide for my children.” John said, firmly.  “I am newly married to Natalie Buchanan and believe the two of us could provide better home for them.”


“I will get started on the custody proceedings.” John’s attorney tells him.  “Just don’t do anything that could jeopardize your chances.”


“Thanks for the advice.” John says.


“I will let you know what you need to do next.” John’s attorney says.


Leaving his attorney’s office, John puts in a call to Natalie, “It’s done!  Custody for Patrick and Cheyenne is started.  Marty won’t know what hit her!”


Chapter 2


Marty and the twins arrived in Los Angeles and were greeted by Ridge Forrester to take Marty and the twins to her new home as Marty was a neighbor to the Forrester, as Eric Forrester agreed to pay the down payment for Marty as a condition to her employment.  Ridge was instantly smitten with Ms. Saybrooke, but had conflicted feelings due to his relationship with Caroline Spencer.


When Marty saw her new home, she was in awe of her new home and wanted to thank Eric for all of his help.


“Thank you, Ridge for picking me and the twins up from the airport.” Marty said, gratefully.


“It’s an honor to have done it.” Ridge said.  “I can’t wait to see your work and what you can do for Forrester.”


“Well, as soon as I get Patrick and Cheyenne fed, I’d like to thank your father for all his help.”


“Well, let’s go on over to the mansion now.  There is lunch and you can feed Patrick and Cheyenne and talk to my father.” Ridge suggested.


“I don’t want to impose on you.”


“It’s no imposition.  We’d love to have you.”


“Well,  okay.”


Ridge picked up Patrick while Marty picked up Cheyenne, as they all headed over to the Forrester mansion.


Meanwhile in Llanview. . .


“Mr. McBain, I’m afraid I have some bad news!” the detective said, when John answered his door.


“What is it?”


“I’m afraid Ms. Saybrooke has left Llanview.”


“Thank you for letting me know.” John said, as the detective left.


“Damn her!” John said, under his breath, as Natalie was coming downstairs, after putting Liam asleep.


“What’s wrong, dear?”


“Marty fled Llanview with the twins!” John raged, as he hit the number for Cole’s cell.


“Yes, Cole.  It’s John.” after Cole picked up his cell.


“Yes, John, is there a problem?”


“Yes, I need to know where your mother ran off to?” John said, ired.


“She’s in Los Angeles.  She got a job offer at Forrester Creations.” Cole informed her.


“Thank you, Cole.” John apologized.  “I’m sorry for my behavior.”


After John hung up with Cole, he grabbed his suitcase and packed some essentials.


“What are you doing?” Natalie asked.


“Pack some things for you and Liam.” John said.  “We’re going to Los Angeles.  Marty just moved there for a job.”


Natalie went upstairs to pack.  She couldn’t believe that Marty would just take the twins without letting John know.


Chapter 3


Ridge arrived at the Forrester mansion with Marty and the twins as Eric greeted her and welcomed her to the Forrester fold.  Caroline, who had fell in love with Marty’s twins, Patrick and Cheyenne, took their hands and led them to the kitchen to get them something to eat.


Ridge led Marty over to the duvet as a jealous Brooke watched.  She was sickened by Ridge fawning over Marty and Marty obviously enjoying it.  Who did this woman think she was?  Ridge was hers.  She had managed to come between Ridge and Caroline and cause conflict in their relationship, now this Marty Saybrooke is here.  Well, Ms. Saybrooke would not take Ridge from her when she was so close to having him back.


“Everyone!” Ridge announces, tapping a fork to his wine glass.  “I’d like to welcome our newest member to the Forrester family―Marty Saybrooke, who has come all the way from Llanview, Pennsylvania looking for a fresh start.”


Marty just looked at Ridge, blushing, as Brooke gagged.  She couldn’t believe the gall this Marty had.  She knew Marty’s type.  She looked like the innocent sweet woman, but deep down, this Marty Saybrooke was hiding something, and Brooke Logan vowed to find out what it was.


“Thank you everyone.” Marty said, accepting Ridge’s welcome.  “You don’t know how much it means to be accepted by all of you.”


Caroline had come into the living room with Patrick and Cheyenne just as Brooke was introducing herself to Marty.


“I’m Brooke.”


“Hello.” Marty said, cheerfully.


“I just wanted to welcome you to Forrester.” Brooke said, trying to hide her dislike of her.


“So, what do you do here?” Marty said, trying to break the ice.


“Oh, I’m Eric’s ex-wife and mother of the CEO, Rick Forrester, as well as Ridge’s ex-wife, and mother to his son, RJ.” Brooke gloated.


“Well, it’s nice to meet you.” Marty said, but thinking, “You obviously get around, don’t you.”


“Well, just for your FYI, stay away from Ridge.” Brooke warned.


“If you think I have designs on Ridge, you don’t have to worry.” Marty told her.  “I just got out of a relationship, and I don’t wish to start something at the moment.”


“Well, if you do, just make sure you don’t set your sights on Ridge.  Ridge is mine and we are about to reconcile after a year apart.”


“Okay.” Marty said. “Thanks for the advice.”


Marty could tell she was going to have some issues with this Brooke Logan.  What was her problem?   And was she seriously about to reconcile with Ridge when he was apparently in a relationship with Caroline?  Something was amiss and Marty didn’t want no part of it.  She was here to do a job and she had no intention on getting involved with anyone, let alone with Ridge Forrester.


Brooke, on the other hand, decided to do a background check on Marty Saybrooke and googled her name.  She couldn’t believe her eyes when she found the rape online.  “So, Ms. Saybrooke, you’re the victim of a gang rape back in college!” Brooke said to herself.  “I wonder what else you’re hiding!”


Meanwhile, John and Natalie and little Liam had just landed in Los Angeles with a summons to bring back Patrick and Cheyenne to Llanview.


Chapter 4


It didn’t surprise Marty in the slightest when she walked into her design studio at Forrester that Ridge had designed especially for her, to find Brooke sitting at her desk.  In fact, she half expected her to be waiting.


“Why good morning, Brooke.” Marty said, cheerfully, not letting Brooke dampen her spirits.


“Well, you certainly sound chipper this morning.” Brooke said, jealously.  “But I bet I can wipe that smile off your face.”


“Go ahead, Brooke.” Marty dared her.  “Nothing can ruin my first day at Forrester.”


“Well, how about you stay away from Ridge or I’ll spill your secret past as a rape victim.” Brooke warned.


“Go ahead, Brooke!” Marty said, as she whipped out a clipped article from Brooke’s past.


“What is that?” Brooke asked in disbelief.


“I knew you would be a thorn in my side, so I did my own Internet search on you.” Marty said.  “Somehow, I don’t think any of the Forrester’s know about this tidbit of news on you, do they Brooke?”


“You wouldn’t!”


“Just a little leverage to make you keep your mouth shut!”


Brooke was stunned.  She had Marty Saybrooke pegged all wrong.  She wasn’t like all the other women in Ridge’s life.  Clearly, Brooke was going to have a challenge keeping Marty out of Ridge’s life.


As if finding Brooke in her office wasn’t enough, Pam called her from outside her office to inform Marty that she had some visitors.  Before Pam could tell Marty who they were, she told Pam to let them in.


“Well, hello, Marty.” her ex, John said, as he walked into her office.


“John, how did you find me?”


“That doesn’t matter.” John said, angrily.  “Did you think you could skip town with my children without informing me?!”


“I was going to tell you.” Marty told him.  “I’ve just been busy getting the new home ready and starting my new job.”


“That’s not the point.” John stated.  “You took Cheyenne and Patrick out of the state of Pennsylvania and Natalie and I are here to take them back.”


“Sorry, John, but I got permission from the court before I left.”


“I wasn’t informed you were leaving.”


“Well, the judge said he sent out documents.”


“I don’t know what to tell you, John.  I did everything by the book.”


“Well, I am taking the twins back to Llanview.”


“No your not.” Marty says, as she pulled a restraining order from her desk.


“What’s this?” John asks.


“It’s a restraining order forbidding you or Natalie from coming 100 feet within me or Cheyenne or Patrick.”


“You can’t do this to us!” Natalie spit at her.


“I can and I have.”


“This isn’t over, Marty.” John warned as Ridge, who had just walked in on the end of the conversation, happily escorted an angry John and Natalie from Marty’s office and Forrester.


Marty just smiled knowing that she was one-step ahead of John and Natalie.  The was going pretty smoothly.  She had Brooke Logan and John and Natalie right where she wanted them.


Chapter 5


“John, I’m so sorry what Marty did to you?” Natalie apologized.


“Don’t worry, Natalie.” John assured her.  “I’ll get the twins.  Marty won’t win.  Soon Patrick and Cheyenne will be back in our home, playing with Liam.”


Natalie kissed John.  “I know they will be.  Liam is just love having his brother and sister around.”


Meanwhile in Los Angeles. . . .


“Marty, I want to praise you for your cool collective behavior when your ex came and threatened to take your children away.”


“Thank you Ridge.” Marty said, gratefully.  “I don’t want to seem unstable.  I know John will try to prove that I am.”


“Well, you’re a remarkable woman to risk coming out to Los Angeles for a new job in the middle of a custody battle.” Ridge praised.


“Well, I have to provide for my children.” Marty reasoned.  “Any court should be able to see that.”


“Well, I won’t argue with that one.” Ridge agreed.  “By the way, do you have your sketches?”


Marty pulled out her sketchpad full of her drawings.


“These are really good.” Ridge said, flipping through Marty’s sketchpad.  “Can I show these to my father?”


“Yes you can.” Marty said.  “I was a little unsure what you would think.”


“Don’t be.” Ridge assured her.  “These are excellent.”


Marty dropped her pencil and as she stooped down to pick it up, Ridge did to.  As they came back up, they ended up in a kiss, but Marty felt guilty about it and quickly backed off.


“I think you better go, Ridge.” Marty said, feeling guilty.


“Ah, yes.” Ridge agreed, but still wanted more.  “I’ll just go show these sketches to dad.”


After Ridge left, Marty couldn’t help but enjoy the kiss between them.  But logic told her not to get involved with him.  Ridge was with Caroline and John would for sure use that to gain custody of the twins.  A relationship with Ridge wasn’t the best move.  Marty had to keep her distance from Ridge.


Chapter 6


Ridge couldn’t concentrate on his designs.  Ever since the kiss between him and Marty.


“C’mon Ridge.  Concentrate.” Ridge told himself.


But it was useless.  Every time he tried to pick up the pencil and sketch a design, flashes of the kiss between him and Marty came back to him.


Finally, Ridge couldn’t take it.  He left his office and found himself in Marty’s.


“Marty, we need to talk.” Ridge said, when she let him in.


“Okay, what is it?” Marty asked.  “Is it my designs?”


Ridge just looked at Marty and pulled her into a kiss.  Marty attempted to resist and pull away, but Ridge wouldn’t let her.  So Marty succumbed to Ridge’s kiss.


“That was great.” Ridge said, when they finally came up for air.


“Yes.  Yes it was.” Marty agreed.  “But it can’t happen again.”


“Why not?”


“Because your with Caroline.” Marty lied, not wanting to tell him about Brooke’s threat to stay away from Ridge.


“I feel something between us, Marty.” Ridge explained.  “I think you feel it too.”


“Well, it can’t ever happen again.” Marty told him, as much as she wanted to kiss him again.


“Well, I’m going to tell Caroline the truth.” Ridge told her.  “I hope you will give us a chance.”


Marty wanted to explore what was happening between them so bad, but Brooke’s threat stopped her.


A knock on her door interrupted her thoughts, as she went to answer it, thinking it was Ridge.


“Ridge, I told you that. . .” Marty said when she opened the door to Brooke.


“Ridge was here?” Brooke inquired.


“He wanted to see my designs.” Marty lied.


“I hope that was all he wanted.” Brooke warned her.


“It was.” Marty assured her.


“I mean what I say, Marty.  Stay away from Ridge!” Brooke threatened.


“Really, Brooke!  What about what I have on you.” Marty reminded her.


“Well, go ahead.  Nobody here at Forrester will believe you story.  I’m respected her at Forrester.” Brooke bluffed.


“Yeah, we’ll see.” Marty retaliated.


“Just stay away from Ridge!” Brooke said before she left Marty’s office.


How was she supposed to stay away from Ridge.  Her feelings for Ridge were growing more and more each day.


Chapter 7


Marty woke up and got dressed and woke up Patrick and Cheyenne to get them ready for daycare while she was at Forrester.  When she got to the daycare, she saw that it was closed.


“Oh, no!” Marty said, under her breath so the twins wouldn’t hear.  “Now what am I going to do?  I’m already late for work!”


Marty did the next best thing.  She drove straight to Forrester hoping the twins could spend the day in her office.  They were good kids.  What could be the problem?


When Marty drove away, Brooke came out from behind the bushes and took away the “closed” sign from off the front door of Marty’s daycare, smiling a sly smile.


“That will serve you right, Marty, for going after Ridge.” Brooke said to herself.


Marty showed up at Forrester and went straight to her office.


“Now, Patrick and Cheyenne, mommy wants you two to color in your coloring books so mommy can work.” Marty says to them as she hands them some coloring books.


“Mommy, can I have some blank paper instead?” Cheyenne asks, innocently.


“Sure, honey.” Marty says, handing Cheyenne some blank drawing paper.


Marty went to work on her designs so she could deliver them to Ridge happy that her twins were being good little children.


Meanwhile, Brooke arrived at Ridge’s office to inform him of Marty’s dilemma.


“Ridge, do you know that Marty brought her children to work with her this morning?” Brooke gleefully told him.


“No I didn’t.” Ridge said.  “But she must have had a good reason for doing so.”


“I know Ridge, but isn’t it company policy to keep children out of Forrester?” Brooke reminded him.


“Well, obviously, it’s a policy that Forrester should change.” Ridge said.  “Or at least have a daycare for Forrester employees.”


“You approve of Marty bringing her children to work?”


“I will certainly get to the bottom of it, Brooke.”


Ridge left Brooke alone in his office as he went to talk with Marty.


“Marty, I see you had a little problem with your daycare.” Ridge said, noticing how well-behaved Patrick and Cheyenne were.


“I’m sorry, Ridge if it’s a problem.” Marty apologized.  “But when I saw that my daycare was closed, I saw no other option.”


“Don’t worry about it.” Ridge assured her.  “In fact, I think it’s about time Forrester started a daycare for its employees.”


“Look what I drew, Mommy!” 3-year-old Cheyenne showed Marty her version of the dress Marty was designing.


“That’s lovely, dear.” Marty told Cheyenne.


“I think you have a fashion genius!” Ridge said.  “That is really good for a three-year-old!”


“Speaking of designs, I have mine finished.” Marty told Ridge.


“These are great!” Ridge tells Marty.  “I will get them to the seamstress to get them made for our models to try on.”


“I’m glad you like them.” Marty said.


“Well, why do you and the twins join me for lunch to celebrate your first designs with Forrester and Cheyenne’s creativity.” Ridge said.


As Ridge escorted Marty and her twins to his favorite eatery, Brooke was livid that her plan to ruin Marty’s first day made Marty look so good in Ridge’s eyes.  Marty was going to pay for making her look like a fool!

A New Mob War: Sonny Corinthos Meets Joe Novak



Sonny Corinthos needed help getting back at Julian Jerome and Johnny Zacchara for stabbing him in the back and taking over his mob territory.  After a weekend trip back to his old stomping grounds in Bensonhurst, Sonny is caught in a mob war from the rival town of Riverside and comes face to face with Joe Novak.  When Joe recognizes Sonny from the news in Port Charles, Joe offers Sonny a deal Sonny can’t refuse.  Is Joe really wanting a Sonny’s help, or just another mobster out to ruin Sonny?




Sonny Corinthos:  Maurice Benard


Joe Novak:  Roscoe Born


Julian Jerome:  William DeVry


Johnny Zacchara:  Brandon Barash


Jason Morgan:  Billy Miller


Chapter 1


Sonny couldn’t believe that Julian Jerome and Johnny Zacchara stabbed him in the back just to get their hands on his mob territory.  No, he couldn’t believe he could be so stupid as to trust them.  He needed to get away and since going to his island in Puerto Rico was his forte for getting away,  Sonny decided to head to his childhood stomping grounds of Bensonhurst to throw everyone off his trail.


When Sonny arrived in Bensonhurst, he was shocked to find it wasn’t the same.  He pulled off to the side of the road where he lived as a teen and walked up the front steps of his old home.  Just as he was about to ring the doorbell, shots rang out.


As Sonny ducked for cover, he knew what was happening.  A mob war from a rival gang―but who could it be?  After the violence and bloodshed was over, Sonny thought he saw a familiar face:  “It couldn’t be?  Joe Novak?” Sonny thought to himself.  “What the hell did Joe Novak want in this neck of the woods?”


Just when Sonny thought it was clear to leave, he comes face to face with Joe Novak from his rival city of Riverside, another suburb of New York.


“Joe Novak?” a surprised Sonny asks.


“What are you doing here, Corinthos?” Joe asks, just as surprised.


“I need to get away and came to my old stomping grounds.” Sonny explained.  “I never expected to see you here?”


“Well, I never thought you had the nerve to show your face after everything that has happened?”


“So you kept up-to-date on my trial?”


“Yes, Sonny, I did.” Joe informed him.  “That was mighty ingenious getting the governor to pardon you from prison after you murdered your son’s biological father.”


“I never got the governor to pardon me, Novak.” Sonny defended himself.  “I was just as surprised as everyone else.”


“Well, your son wasn’t to happy to learn of your pardon.”


“Michael will get over it in time.” Sonny tried to reason.  “Michael is angry with me but I’m confident he will get over it in time.”


“And getting custody of your daughter and renaming her after his father. . .that didn’t hurt?”


“Yeah it did.” Sonny confessed.  “But the one thing that really hurts, is what Julian Jerome and Johnny Zacchara did to me.”


“Ah, yes, they back-stabbed you and took over your territory.” Joe said.  “Now that had to hurt.”


“More than you know.”


“Hey, Sonny, want to really get back at them?” Joe asked.


“What do you have in mind?” Sonny asked, not sure if he really wanted to know.


“You and I go in together and take back your territory, as well as theirs.” Joe offered the proposition.’


“You trying to strike a deal with me, Joe?”


“Yes, Sonny.” Joe repeated.  “Are you in?”


“Yes, Joe, I’m in.” Sonny said, as he and Joe shook hands.


“Great!” Joe said, smiling.  “You won’t regret this.”


“I hope not.” Sonny said.


“I’ll be in Port Charles in two days.” Joe said.  “We can meet and discuss strategy then.”


“I’ll see you then.” Sonny agreed.


Sonny couldn’t believe his luck, running into Joe Novak from Riverside.  He hoped he wouldn’t regret accepting Joe’s proposal to take back his territory from Julian and Johnny as well as theirs as well.


Chapter 2


After seeing Joe, Sonny went to see Olivia’s mother and Connie’s aunt to see how things were going.


“Sonny?” Mrs. Falconeri said, a bit surprised by Sonny’s arrival.


“Hello, Mrs. Falconeri.” Sonny said.  “I hope I’m not imposing, but I just came to see how you all were.”


“We’re doing okay.” Mrs. Falconeri said.  “So how are you and Olivia?”


“I’m fine and Olivia and Dante and family are doing fine too.”


“How is the little bambino?” Mrs. Falconeri asked.


“Rocco?” Sonny asked.  “He’s growing like a weed.”


“Awwwww, he’s so cute.” Mrs. Falconeri says, as Sonny hands her a photo of the tot.  “You must be quite the proud grampa!”


Sonny’s dimples show as he blushes at Mrs. Falconeri’s remark.


“Come, Sonny,  you must have dinner with us.” Mrs. Falconeri demands.


Sonny reluctantly agrees to dinner.


“That was a delicious dinner, Mrs. Falconeri.” Sonny says, thankfully.  “But I’m afraid I must go.”


As Sonny heads back to Port Charles, Joe Novak is meeting with a mysterious person before he heads to Port Charles to exact revenge on Sonny and Julian for the murder of his wife, Siobahn Ryan.


Chapter 3


Sonny couldn’t wait to meet with Joe Novak and discuss strategy.  He was afraid that Joe had been holding his wife, Siobahn’s death against him.  Sonny felt bad for Joe.  But Joe had got it all wrong assuming Sonny was responsible for Siobahn’s death.  He didn’t know that the person responsible was Julian Jerome.


Joe had arrived at Sonny’s mansion to talk about strategy to take out the Jerome and Zacchara organizations.


“Hey, Sonny!” Joe shook Sonny’s hand, despite the rage he still felt over Sonny’s part in Siobahn death.


“Joe, I’m glad you could make it.”


“Yeah, me too.”


“There’s just one thing I have to ask you, Joe?”


“What’s that, Sonny?”


“You don’t blame me for Siobahn’s death, do you?” Sonny came out and asked, despite being afraid to ask.


Joe could feel his blood boiling, but managed to contain his anger.  “No, Sonny, I’ve gotten over Siobahn’s death.”


“Whew!” Sonny said, relieved a bit.


“What do you mean by that, Sonny?!” Joe asked, starting to feel his anger rise again.


“That you don’t blame me, is all?”


“But you killed my wife?!” Joe raged.  “And you’re not one bit sorry!”


“Joe, calm down!” Sonny said, trying to calm Joe down.  “It’s time you knew who was responsible for Siobahn’s murder!”


“What the hell does that mean?”


“Julian!” Sonny confessed.  “Julian Jerome is the one who took out a hit on Siobhan!”


“Julian Jerome?!” Joe questioned Sonny, confused.  “You mean after all this time, you weren’t the one?”


“No, Joe.”


“I have a confession too.” Joe said.  “I was only here to avenge Siobahn’s death.”


Suddenly, there was a round of gunfire as Sonny and Joe took cover inside Sonny’s home.


Chapter 4


“So what do you want to do to get back at this Julian Jerome?” Joe asked Sonny while they were ducking for cover from the gunfire.


“Bro, that’s why I came to you in Bensonhurst.” Sonny confessed.


“You wanted an ally in me?” Joe said, touched.


“Yeah, Joe.  We go way back.  I knew you’d have my back.”


“I want to get even with Julian Jerome for the death of my wife.” Joe confessed.


“And I want to take back my territory from Jerome and Zacchara clans.” Sonny also confessed.  “Everything went downhill for me when I lost my right hand man, Jason Morgan.”


“Jason Morgan?” Joe asked.  “Was he the one that was killed by Cesar Faison?”


“Yeah, and he left a wife and son.” Sonny said sadly.


“I read about him.  He was one hell of a guy.”


“He was the best.  He really had my back, as well as those of most of us back in Port Charles.” Sonny said, trying to hold back the tears.


“So, what’s the plan to get this Jerome and Zacchara dynasties?” Joe asked.


“Fight fire with fire.” Sonny told Joe.


“What do you have in mind?”


“By planting drugs in Julian’s art gallery and in the Zacchara’s home.”


“Who will call the police?”


“We don’t have to.” Sonny explained.  “My son, Dante, is a cop at PCPD.”


“Dante Falconeri is your son?” Joe asked amazed.  “Olivia’s son?”


“Yes.  I only found out a few years ago as Olivia kept him from me for fear of being tied to the mob.”


“So, Dante will just be driving by Julian’s art gallery and happen to ‘drop in?’ “ Joe asked.


“Yes.  He will get a tip and check it out.”


While Joe and Sonny were discussing how to bring Julian and Johnny down, they heard a crash come from inside Sonny’s home.  As the two men carefully checked each room, they were shocked to find Jason Morgan hiding in Sonny’s kitchen.