I never thought that I wanted to be a parent.  I always told my mother I wasn’t planning on having kids.  So when I became pregnant at 30, I denied at first, telling others that there’s no way I could be.  But by the time I took the store-bought pregnancy test and had my first doctor’s exam, it suddenly became a reality to me:  I was going to be someone’s mother.

I enjoyed my pregnancy a lot, and the main reason was no monthly menstrual cycle to deal with.  I didn’t have any kind of morning sickness; although I did get the flu while I was pregnant, and I haven’t really had the flu since.  I enjoyed being pregnant up until it was time to give birth.  But once they gave me the epidural, the birth wasn’t too bad.

What I didn’t like about being pregnant was everyone dictating to me what I could and couldn’t do.  I was a courtesy clerk for a grocery chain in Phoenix, Arizona, which meant that I had to push in shopping carts when it was my turn.  I had several people disapprove of me pushing in carts because they all believed it would hurt the baby.  I even spoke to my doctor about and he said that pushing in shopping carts was no problem as long as I didn’t overdo it.  But no amount of influencing convinced these people that it was okay to push in a few shopping carts.  In the end, I listened to the advice of my doctor.


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