Desperate Passions: A Todd Manning Fanfiction (Starring Roger Howarth)

Todd Manning woke up in a mental hospital in a strait jacket. The last thing he remembers is making love to Carly Jacks. He was headed to the Metro Court’s kitchen to find some food after their night of passion. He was just headed back up to his room with some leftover hot n spicy wings, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas, and some sodas, when he felt a sharp blow from a blunt object hit his head, before passing out. After coming to, and realizing that he is in a strait jacket, Todd struggles to free himself from the strait jacket when his captor comes in. It is none other, than his mother, Irene Manning! Now, Todd is extremely confused, because he thought he killed her and dumped her body in the river after she tried to kill him and his family with that bomb she had planted in his penthouse.
“Well, hello, Todd Dear.” Irene says.
“Yes, Todd, it’s mommy! Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?”
“How did you survive?”
“Mitch Laurence!”
“Mitch Laurence? But John and Natalie killed him?”
“Well, guess he survived too.”
“Geez, doesn’t anyone die in Llanview?” Todd questions. “So, what do you want?”
“I need you to help me get rid of Mitch and Alison Perkins.”
“What? Alison is involved?”
“Yes, she fished your brother out of the river after you shot him and kept him captive for months. Now Victor Jr. is alive and snuggling up to Blair.”
“Blair?” Todd almost chokes.
“Yes, Todd, your brother is in Blair’s bed. Are you going to help me with MItch and Alison?”
“What do you want me to do?”
“I’ll get back to you. I’m still working on the details.”
Irene leaves Todd in the secret room at the mental institution she had set up for Todd. Todd is worried about what his mother wants, and even more worried what Mitch and Alison want too. Even more disturbing is that his twin brother, Victor, Jr. is alive. . .after he shot him and threw his body in the river.

Episode 2
Todd wakes up in his secret room at the mental institution, but no longer in the strait jacket. There is a tray with breakfast of hot coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. The sun is coming in the small window in his room; the only source of light in this dreary room. Todd is still wondering what his mother wants from him, as he gulps the breakfast down before the staff come in and grab the tray. Todd knows to eat what is brought in quick or some staff member will take the tray from you.
Back at Irene Manning’s penthouse suite at Llanview Hotel…
“Max, how did it go?” Irene asks, sounding worried.
“Relax, Ms. Manning. Everything is going to plan.” Max replies, reassuring her.
“This plan can’t backfire. It’s imperative that we get Victor, Jr. away from that pesky Alison Perkins. I need Victor, Jr. back here now to keep Carly Jacks out of Todd’s life.”
“Yes, Ms. Manning. Victor, Jr. will be back in Llanview later today. I have a meeting set with Alison to make the trade.”
“See to it that it doesn’t go awry, or I’ll have your head.”
Todd has found a way to escape the mental institution that his mother had him put in. He just has to wait until the right moment to make his escape. He has to get back to Port Charles. Carly must be going out of her mind wondering where he is. Todd remembers the night of lovemaking he and Carly had before his mother took him away and put him in this institution. What is it with his mother to keep everyone he loves from him? First, Blair and his children, now it’s Carly. Well, his mother won’t win this time. He won’t let her ruin his happiness with Carly like she did with Blair.

Episode 3
Victor Jr. has managed to free himself from the shackles that Allison Perkins tied him to the bed in, while Allison busied herself in the kitchenette preparing their dinner.
“Just where do you think you are going?” Allison asks Victor Jr. just as he is about to sneak out of Allison’s hotel room.
“I’m blowing this joint!” Victor Jr. blasts at her.
“Oh, no you’re not!”
Allison hits Victor Jr. over the head with a lamp, knocking him out cold and sending him to the floor. Allison ties Victor Jr. up and settles him in her car.
“You naughty boy, Victor. Now you’ll be sorry for trying to escape!” Allison tells an unconscious Victor Jr.
Todd has just escaped the mental institution where Irene Manning put him just as Irene decides to pay him another visit.
Unlocking the door to Todd’s room, “How the hell did he managed to escape?”
Irene is livid as Todd has made his way back to Port Charles and Carly’s room at the Metro Court.
“Hello beautiful!” Todd says as Carly answers her door.
“Todd, where have you been?” Carly asks him.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“I was so worried when you disappeared after we made love.”
“My crazy mother had me locked away at a mental institution.”
“OMG! Why would she do that?”
“She wanted me to find my twin brother.”
“I thought he was dead?”
“Apparently he’s alive and Allison Perkins has him. Now I need to find my brother and warn him.”
“When will you go?”
“Right away.”
Todd kisses Carly before he leaves her hotel room.

Episode 4
Todd heads to Llanview in search of Alison Perkins. Todd is tired of playing these games with his mother. All he wants is to find his brother, and get back to Port Charles and to Carly. He stops by his sister, Viki’s house at Llanfair. He figures Viki may know something about Alison’s whereabouts. But when he arrives at Llanfair, he walks in on a crisis just as he is about to ring the doorbell.
“Hello? Viki? Anyone here?” Todd walks inside the open door at Llanfair.
Todd hears a man’s voice barking orders. It sounds much like Mitch Laurence’s voice. He hears the voice coming from the sitting area and walks in only to find Mitch holding his niece Jessica in his arms. Mitch is here to claim his daughter and her two children, Bree and Ryder.
“I’m taking what is mine. My daughter, Jessica, and her two children, Bree and Ryder, my grandchildren.” Mitch states.
Clint Buchanan adds, “But Jessica is my daughter. Viki and I had DNA tests re-run after Alison let it slip that I, not you, am Jessica’s father.”
“Alison let it slip out that you’re Jessica’s father?”
“Yes, Mitch. I am Jessica’s father. Not you.”
Todd chimes in, “So why don’t you just mosey on out of here before I throw your ass out of here.”
After all the commotion has died down, Todd asks to speak with Viki. They go out onto the patio to talk.
“So, Viki, have you seen Alison Perkins?” Todd asked her.
“No, I haven’t seen here since she let slip about Clint being Jessica’s father.” Viki replied back.
“Well, Irene is back. . .back from the dead.”
“What? But Todd, you shot her dead?”
“Yes, I know. . .Mitch saved her. Irene is on a mission to find my twin brother, Victor, Jr., and she wants me to find him.”
“Victor, Jr. is alive too?” Viki asks, bewildered.
“Yes, and Alison has him hidden somewhere. I need to find my brother and warn him about our mother.”
“I think she wants Victor to ruin my relationship with Carly Jax. They way she tried to ruin my relationship with Blair and the kids by having Victor, Jr. pose as me to get Victor’s inheritance. Victor, Jr. has always been Irene’s favorite son, the one ousted by the Great Victor Lord.”
“Oh, wait, I think I remember now. I saw Alison coming from the Llanview Hotel just a few days ago.” Viki added.
“Great sis! You’re a lifesaver!” He kisses his sister on the forehead and heads out.
Todd waits outside the Llanview Hotel waiting for Alison to come into the hotel. He didn’t have to wait long as she was coming back to the hotel within twenty minutes of arriving at the hotel.

Episode 5
Todd used his charm to get housekeeping to let him into Allison’s suite. He was waiting inside as he heard the key turn in the lock. Allison was surprised to see Todd waiting inside her suite.
“Well, it’s about time you returned.” Todd said as soon as Allison got inside her suite.
“What are you doing here? How did you get in?” Allison queried, surprised.
“I have my connections. That’s all you need to know.”
“So, Todd, what do you want?”
“So, where do you have my brother hidden?”
“What makes you think I know where Victor, Jr. is?”
“A little birdie told me. . . . Seriously, where are you hiding my brother?”
“I don’t have your brother, and I never did.”
“C’mon Allison. I have proof that you kept my brother hidden in this suite.”
“Well, your proof is wrong. Now get out of my suite before I call security.”
“Okay. But I’m watching you, Allison.”
Todd leaves Allison’s suite. He gives his henchman, Steve, the order, with a wink to take down Allison. Then calmly leaves and lets things go down as planned. Steve and his partners nab Allison and take her off to a out-of-the way mental institution.
Meanwhile, back in Llanview…..
Todd shows up at La Boulee, to see Blair. He is surprised by what he sees in the window. Blair is in a liplock with his own brother, Victor, Jr. He knocks on the door, interrupting the kiss.
Answering the door, “Todd?” Blair looks surprised.
“Hello, Blair. How did Victor get here?”
“He’s been in Llanview since you left.”
“You’ve been sleeping with my brother for weeks now?”
“Well, you took off and hooked up with Carly. So when Victor showed up, things just reignited for us.”
“I took off because John McBain had me arrested for Victor’s murder.”
“You jumped bail and took off to Port Charles to go after Cole for taking Starr and Hope away.”
“Well, I had to get Starr and Hope back and make her realize that Cole was wrong for her.”
“Well, you got your wish when Cole and Hope were killed in that car crash set by Johnny Zaccara.”
Victor chimes in, “Johnny Zaccara killed Cole and Hope?”
“Yes, after months of thinking it was Connie Falconeri, we all learned that it was Johnny that did it.”
“I got to go, Blair” he kisses her before leaving.
“What, no hug for your bro—-?” as Victor runs out of La Boulee.
As Todd and Blair finish their conversation, Victor got in his car and drove to the prison where Johnny Zaccara was serving his time. He had to have a talk with Johnny. He had to make sure that he wasn’t fingered as the mastermind behind the shooting that killed Cole and Hope. Victor had to make sure that everyone in Llanview never found out that he was behind Johnny shooting the car that killed Cole and Hope.

Episode 6
Allison gets a text from Mitch Laurence:
“My suite. N 30 minutes. It’s urgent.”
What was she going to tell Mitch? She couldn’t face Mitch knowing that Victor Jr. escaped from her suite. Mitch was going to be so mad. Allison decided to just go over to Mitch’s suite and face the music.
Allison knocked on Mitch’s door. Mitch answered the door.
“Get in here, now!”
“Gee, who got your knickers in a bunch?!”
“How the hell did you manage to let Victor get away?!”
“He somehow broke free of his handcuffs.”
“Plan A is ruined, Alison. Now we have to go to Plan B.”
“No, not Plan B!”
“Yes. You let Victor escape. Now you must pay. You need to get Todd to marry you.”
“Not Todd. He’ll never go for it.”
“Well, it’s the only way, Allison.”
“How am I suppose to get Todd Manning to marry me?”
“You’ll come up with something. You’re sly and crafty. Do it before Todd leaves Llanview for Port Charles and goes back to Carly Jacks.”
“Yes, Mitch.”
Mitch sees Allison out the door. When he closes it behind her, Allison wonders how she will convince Todd Manning to marry her? It was going to be a challenge to get Todd to the altar.
Todd makes a call to Carly to tell her how much he misses her.
“Hello, Todd.” Carly says, pushing the green button on her cell.
“Hi, Carly. I miss you so much.”
“How are things going?”
“Not good. I have been looking for my brother. He seems to be keeping his distance from me.”
“Well, you did shoot him thinking you killed him.”
“Well, apparently I need to find Allison Perkins. She had him hidden in her suite for months before anybody knew he was still alive.”
“Gee, she sounds like a psycho.”
“She is. She’s also working for that evil Mitch Laurence. Somehow he’s behind this mess.”
“Well, be careful Todd. I couldn’t take it if anything happened to you.”
“I will Carly. I love you.”
Each ends the call telling each other how much they love each other. Just as Todd has ended the call, he is grabbed from behind as someone places a rag doused in chloroform. The mysterious figure then places Todd’s body into the back of the van, then climbs into the driver’s seat and drives off.

Episode 7
Todd wakes up in Allison’s hotel suite dressed in a tuxedo and a ring on his left third finger and a little woozy. Allison is no where in her suite.
“Where the hell am I?” Todd asks, looking at the wedding band on his finger. “What the hell is this?”
Coming into her suite, Allison cheerfully gives Todd a kiss, “Hello, husband dear! How was your nap?”
“We’re married?” a shocked Todd shrieks. “How the hell did that happen?!”
“Well, you took me to Vegas in your jet, we drank a whole lot. . .and the next thing I knew, you had popped the question and placed this ring on my finger and we were at the Las Vegas chapel saying our ‘I do’s.’ “ Allison chides Todd.
“You’re joking?” Todd questions her.
“Well, yes, about those details.” Allison jokes. “Actually, . . .”
“Never mind.” Todd interrupts her. “I don’t want to know the details. I just want an annulment.”
“Well, husband dear, that’s not possible.” Allison informs him.
“And why is that?”
“Well, you see, Todd, we both signed statements saying we would be married for one year before ending this marriage.”
Todd jumps up from the bed. “One year?!”
“Yes, Todd dear, we have to show that we are a happy couple for one year.” Allison revels in telling Todd.
“I want to see these papers I signed. I don’t remember signing any papers.” Todd demands.
“Well, you were pretty drunk when you signed them. But I’ll give our attorney a call in the morning and ask him to give you a copy.”
“Yes, Allison, you do that.”
“Well, look at the time. I need to go see someone right now. I trust you’ll be here when I return?” Allison says, as she darts out the door.
Todd just gives Allison a look as she is leaving. How the hell did he get married to Allison Perkins? And what was he going to tell Carly? One thing was for certain, Todd was going to get out of this marriage, even if he had to kill Allison to do it.

Episode 8
Allison shows up at Mitch’s office flaunting the ring on her finger.
“Well, boss, it’s done!”
“You managed to get Todd Manning to marry you?! Mitch asks. “How did you manage to do it?”
“Never mind the details, boss! I am Todd Manning’s wife and that’s all that matters.”
“Well, congratulations, Allison. Now for your next assignment.”
“Yes, boss.”
“Kidnap Carly Jacks!” Mitch demanded. “I have a plan to snare Todd and I need Carly Jacks here as bait.”
“Yes, boss.” Allison agreed.
“I have rented you a car to drive to Port Charles and get the job done.” Mitch handed Allison the keys to the rental car. “Leave tonight.”
“So much for a honeymoon?!” Allison joked, not that she was looking forward to one. “Yes, boss, I’ll leave tonight.”
Allison left Mitch’s office and headed for the rental car. She dialed Todd’s cell but it went to voicemail:
“Hey, Todd, sorry to ruin our lovely wedding night, but duty calls and I need to make a sudden business trip. I’ll be out of town for a few days. Good-bye husband dear.”
But Todd was on his way to Port Charles to see Carly. But he doesn’t get there as he is his car is hit by another car and goes off the side of the road, leaving Todd unconscious.

Episode 9
As Allison realized that he had just hit Todd’s car, she headed straight to Port Charles and did as Mitch asked.
Todd woke up and realized he had just been hit and his car was on the side of the road in a ravine. He picked up his cell to see that he had a voicemail. He pushed the icon to listen to the voicemail and heard that Allison was going “out of town on business.”
He got out of his wrecked car and walked up the side of the ravine. He walked along the side of the road hoping to hitch a ride to Port Charles.
Within fifteen minutes, he managed to get a ride from someone also on their way to Port Charles. It was Franco. Todd discovered him and Franco had one thing in common: their dislike for Sonny Corinthos.
When Franco and Todd had arrived in Port Charles, Todd asked Franco to drop him off at The MetroCourt so he could talk to his girlfriend, Carly. But not before getting Franco’s cell just in case he needed an ally.
Todd went up to Carly’s room to talk to Carly, but to his surprise, Carly wasn’t there. Then he went to his room that Carly promised she would hold whenever he came back to Port Charles. But she wasn’t there either.
He dialed her son, Michael’s number: “Hello?” Michael answered his cell.
“Michael, it’s ‘Todd Manning.”
“Yes, Todd, what do you want?”
“Have you seen your mother?” Todd asked. “It’s imperative that I talk to her.”
“Sorry, Todd, but I haven’t spoken to my mother today.” Michael told him.
“Okay, thank you Michael.” Todd said and ended the call.
Todd thought it funny that Carly hadn’t checked in with Michael. She always checked in on her children. Something was up and he figured Sonny Corinthos had something to do with it.
Todd did the next thing he could think of: He dialed Franco’s cell.

Episode 10
Todd agreed to meet Franco at Kelly’s in Port Charles. As he waited, he saw Sonny Corinthos meeting with his henchman, Shawn. Todd assumed he was discussing where he took Carly and he fumed inside, his fists clenched.
Just then Franco arrived to meet Todd, who also saw Sonny with Shawn.
“Doesn’t that man ever quit?” Franco asked, sitting in the booth across from Todd.
“Apparently not!” Todd answered him.
“I’m glad you agreed to meet me, Todd. I feel we could become real good friends.”
“I just want to take Sonny down.” Todd told Franco. “It’s time Sonny was brought to his knees!”
“I agree. What better way than to take down Sonny’s territory?”
“Yes, Sonny needs to go!” Todd agreed with Franco.
“He can’t get away with what he did?”
“What did Sonny do?” Franco asked Todd, but Todd was vague in answering him.
“He took away my girlfriend! And he won’t get away with it!”
“You’re right. I want Sonny to pay for what he did to me too.”
“So why are you so hot to ruin Sonny?”
“He took away my girlfriend too?” Franco answered Todd vaguely as well.
“So we’re both agreed? We take down Sonny and his territory?”
“That’s the plan!” Franco told Todd, as they shook hands on the deal.
Meanwhile. . .
Carly had woke up in Llanview in Mitch’s secret room, Allison had brought her after she arrived back in Llanview.

Episode 11
“Oh my god! My head hurts!” Carly calls out.
Mitch holds Carly’s hand as she wakes up. His face is the first she sees.
“W-w-who are you?” Carly asked, confused.
“Well, nice of you to wake up, Gorgeous!” Mitch said.
“Where am I?” Carly asks.
“You’re in my care, Ms. Jacks.” Mitch explains.
“I’m sorry. I don’t seem to recognize you.” Carly says.
“Just relax Gorgeous.” Mitch tries to make Carly stay in bed.
“I can’t. I have to find Todd.”
“Todd? You aren’t talking about Todd Manning?” Mitch asks.
“Yes, he’s my boyfriend.” Carly tells him. “I was supposed to meet him.”
“Well, I think Todd will come looking for you.”
“How do you know that?”
“Because I had you kidnapped to trap Todd.” Mitch explains. “I’m sure he’s looking for you at this moment.”
Meanwhile. . .
Todd and Franco were headed to Sonny’s warehouse to plant some cocaine and frame Sonny for cocaine possession. But they hit a snag. Michael was there at the warehouse looking over some shipments that were delivered. Todd and Franco had to hide out until Michael left so they could plant the cocaine in the warehouse.
It seemed like hours waiting for Michael to leave, but after an hour, Michael was headed out. As soon as Michael left, Franco and Todd put the cocaine into one of the boxes that Michael had been inspecting.
Then they left the warehouse where Franco put in an anonymous call to the PCPD to report the ‘drug possession’ at Sonny’s warehouse.

Episode 12
“Oh my god, my head hurts!” Carly says, with Mitch standing over her.
Carly jumps up, her head pounding. “Who the hell are you?”
“No, wonder Todd adores you so much.” Mitch says, maniacally.
“Who are you and where the hell am I?” Carly asks, shaken up.
“I’m your worst nightmare. . .come true!” Mitch tells her, with a laugh.
“I asked who you are?” Carly shrieks.
“Don’t worry your pretty little head, Carly.” Mitch tells her, rubbing her back to soothe her.
“Don’t touch me!” Carly says, as she backs away from him.
“Relax, Carly!” Mitch orders her. “All in good time! All in good time, will you know what is going on! That is, if Todd does as he’s told!”
“Todd!” Carly shrieks again. “What have you done with Todd?”
“Nothing, Carly.” Mitch explains. “You’ll be free as soon as I get word that Todd has done as he is instructed.”
Mitch kisses Carly on the lips, but she resists, pulling away.
“You just rest here and wait.” Mitch orders. “I’ll let you know when the time is up.”
Mitch walks out of the room leaving Carly alone.
Meanwhile. . .
PCPD has been dispatched to Sonny’s warehouse after Todd’s 9-1-1 call to the PCPD. There are cops all over the warehouse when Sonny’s right hand man, Shawn, arrives on scene.
“Sonny, we have a problem at the warehouse.” Shawn says, when Sonny answers his cell.
“What kind of problem?” Sonny demands.
“Cops are all over the place.”
“What? What are the looking for?”
“Excuse me, Sonny, there’s a cop coming over to talk.” Shawn says, as he puts his hand over the phone. “Yes, officer, what can I do for you?”
“Sir, who are you and what are doing here?” the officer asks.
“I am reporting to work.” Shawn says, covering. “I am an employee here at the coffee house.”
“Well, you have to stay outside while we conduct a search.”
“Search? What are you looking for?”
“We got a report that there are drugs located inside.” the officer informs him. “We’ll let you know when you can go inside.”
As the officer walks away, Shawn continues his call with Sonny.
“Boss, the officer just told me they got a report that there are drugs in the warehouse.” Shawn informs Sonny.
“Drugs! How the hell can that be?!” Sonny rages. “Okay, Shawn, you can go. I’ll take care of this!”
“Okay, boss!” Shawn says, as the call ends.
Todd and Franco watch from a distance as Shawn heads out, shaking hands at their success.
“On to plan B!” Todd says.
“Agreed!” Franco adds.

Episode 13
Sonny Corinthos arrives at his warehouse, against Dante’s orders, Sonny starts towards the warehouse. But Shawn manages to pull him back.
A few minutes later, the warehouse blows up.
Sonny screams, “Michael!” and heads towards the burning building, just as Dante pulls him back.
“Are you crazy, Sonny?” Dante yells.
“Your brother was in there doing inventory.” Sonny informs him.
“Michael was in there?” Dante asks, confused.
“Yes, I asked him to go to the warehouse and do inventory on my supplies.”
“Omigosh, Michael!” Dante cries out.
As firefighters put out the flames from the explosion, and do an extensive search for any bodies, they come out emptyhanded.
“I’m sorry, sir.” the firefighter says to Sonny. “There was no indication of any bodies in that warehouse.”
“What do you mean? Where is my son?” Sonny grills the firefighter.
“I don’t know sir, but put in a report with the police.”
“Don’t worry, Sonny. I already put in an APB on Michael.” Dante told his father.
Todd and Franco are headed back to Llanview with an unconscious Michael in the back seat of their car.

Episode 14
Todd is watching over a comatose Michael as Franco is working on the ransom note for Sonny and Carly. Todd just hopes that Carly won’t be mad that he partook in this scheme to kidnap Michael.
Meanwhile, Franco is emailing Sonny with the ransom note for Michael in an undisclosed email that can’t be traced back to him but Todd. With a sly smile, Franco hits the “send” button and waits for the sparks to fly once Sonny reads the email.
Ten minutes later, Sonny is logging into his email and notices the email. He reads it then forwards it to Damien Spinelli so he can run a trace on the sender.
Within minutes, Spinelli is emailing Sonny with the news that Todd Manning is the sender.
Back in Llanview, Carly is busy fighting off the advances of Mitch when Allison walks in, just as Mitch is about to plant a kiss on Carly, Carly slaps him.
“Hey, hey, hey!” Allison says. “Why the hostility?”
“Keep this man away from me!” Carly shrieks.
“Why? Whatever did he do?”
“He tried to kiss me!”
Turning his attention to Allison, “So, what has your husband been up to?”
“Well, how should I know?” Allison said. “I haven’t seen him.”
“Because I had you marry Manning to keep an eye on him!”
“Well, we don’t see each other much!”
“Well, you had better start keeping a better eye on Manning or you’ll be back in St. Ann’s before you know it!” Mitch ordered. “Do I make myself clear?!”
“Yes, boss!”
As Mitch leaves Allison with Carly, Carly grills Allison, “You’re married to Todd? How can that be?”
“Easy.” Allison says. “We went before a judge and said our vows. Just like any couple in love.”
“Please. Todd’s in love with you?” Carly says, not taking Allison seriously. “Don’t make me laugh.”
“Well, it’s true. Todd and I are in love. That’s why we are married.”
“Yeah, right.”
“Well, believe it, Carly. Todd is mine now. You are out of luck.” Allison says, leaving Carly in the room and locking the door.
“Damn you, Mitch!” Allison says. “How could you let Carly know I was Todd’s wife?”
Allison is headed home to see Todd, but all she finds in his pad is Franco.
“Who the hell are you?” Allison asks the intruder in Todd’s penthouse.
“I’m Franco. Todd and I just met and are working together on a project.” Franco informs her.
“Project?” Allison inquires. “Todd never told me about any venture?”
“Well, it’s top-secret. No is to know.” Franco says. “And who the hell are you?”
“I’m Todd’s wife.” Allison informs him. “So you can include me in on all Todd’s business plans.”
“No he can’t, Allison.” Todd says, walking downstairs, where he just come from the secret room where he placed Michael. “You are only my wife because you got me drunk. So you have no part in this venture.”
Fuming, Allison heads upstairs to her room where she notices a lock on the room down from Todd’s room, wondering why there is suddenly a lock on that door. Allison vowed to find out just what Todd was up to with this Franco.

Episode 15
Allison was determined to find out why Todd locked the room down from their room. They only slept in the same room for appearances. Todd and Allison never consummated their marriage, and Todd had no intention on ever doing so.
When Todd left with Franco, Allison used her skills and picked the lock on the door that Todd had locked. She was about to enter when Franco came up behind her.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Franco yelled.
“The lock was unlocked, so I thought I would go in.” Allison lied.
“You’re lying.” Franco said, catching her in her lie. “I strictly remembering locking it before I left.”
“Please tell me what you are doing with Todd?” Allison said, cozingly sidling up to Franco.
“Never.” Franco said, resisting Allison’s seduction.
“I’ll make it worth your while.” Allison said, seductively, but to no avail.
Franco wasn’t budging with his plot between him and Todd. And Allison was mad.
“I have to find out what Todd and Franco are up to.” Allison said to herself. “If I don’t, Mitch will have my head.”
Just then, Allison’s cell began ringing. It was Mitch.
“Well, Allison, did you find out anything?” Mitch said, angrily.
“No, not yet.” Allison told him. “They’re not divulging any information as to what they are doing.”
“Well, you had better find out, and find out now!” Mitch ordered.
“Yes, boss.” Allison said obediently.
As Mitch hung up, Allison thought of the perfect plan to find out what Todd and Franco was up to.

Episode 16
Todd and Franco found themselves locked inside their secret room that they had locked. Todd couldn’t remember what happened or how they got here. He wondered what Allison did that got them locked inside their secret room?
Franco was coming to and nearly freaked out when he discovered where they were and that he and Todd were handcuffed together with their hands behind them.
As Todd struggled to free them from Allisons’ clutches once again, Franco was beginning to doubt helping Todd with his plan.

Meanwhile, Allison looked at the ring on her finger before heading into the secret room to let Todd know that they were now husband and wife. She smiled a sly smile as she recalled what happened that finally got her in front of the justice of peace to marry Todd Manning per Mitch’s orders.
Franco and Todd heard the door unlock and Allison come inside.
“Well, good morning gentlemen!” Allison greeted them with breakfast.
“Thanks for the breakfast, but how do you propose we eat when we’re handcuffed together?” Todd angrily yelled at her.
“Well, I can feed you and your friend, husband dear.” Allison told him.
“Husband?” Todd railed. “What the hell are you talking about?!”
“Oh, did I forget to mention, hubby dear?” Allison taunted him, flashing the ring on her third left finger. “We’re married!”
“Well, it’s obviously a hoax because I certainly agree to this sham of a marriage!” Todd yelled at her.
“Well, believe it husband dear, but we are legally married.”
“Well, enjoy it while it lasts because when I get out of here, I’m going to annul this marriage!”
As Allison was taunting Todd with stories of how they got married, Franco had managed to free himself of the handcuffs and quietly got up and picked up the lamp and knocked Allison over the head with it.
After Allison went down, Franco unlocked Todd’s handcuffs and the two bolted from the room and locked Allison inside after they had retrieved Michael.
Before Todd and Franco could get Michael back to Port Charles, they ran into Blair.

Episode 17
“Blair?” Todd asked his ex-wife. “What are you doing here?”
“Nice rock you have on your finger.” Blair said eyeing the ring on Todd’s third finger on his left hand.
“It’s nothing.” Todd told her.
“It’s nothing?” Blair laughed. “It says you’re married? So who’s the lucky woman?”
“I’m not married.” Todd told her.
“So, you just wear the thing to keep the crazy women away?” Blair laughed again.
“No, the woman in question was playing a game with me.” Todd said.
“So who is this woman playing games with you?”
“Allison Perkins” Todd said, coughing.
“I’m sorry, did you say, ‘Allison Perkins’?” Blair laughed in disbelief.
Just as Todd was about to continuing his explanation, someone had drug Allison from the room. Todd left Blair to see who it was. That was when he ran into Helena Cassadine.
“Who are you?” Todd asked the queen of the Cassadine castle.
“I’m sorry, you’re in my home and you’re asking me who I am?” Helena laughed.
Blair came in to see what was going on when she found Helena with Todd.
“What’s going on in here?” Blair asked, shocked to see Helena with Todd and Franco.
“Blair, I told you to wait in your room.” Helena told her.
“I was hungry. I came down for a snack and ran into my ex-husband and his friend.” Blair explained.
“Well, go back up and I’ll bring you something to eat later.” Helena told Blair.
As Blair did as she was told, Helena called on the intercom her boys to take Todd and Franco down to the dungeon.
Franco and Todd were tossed into a cell next to a drugged Michael. They were interrupted by the sound of a woman in the next cell. Todd looked into the cell to discover it was Irene Manning—his mother.

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A New Beginning: A Finn & Hayden (Fayden) Romance

Dr. Hamilton Finn has finally found a cure for the disease he (and subsequently Hayden) contracted. Newly cured of the disease, Finn and Hayden now have a fresh start to begin a romance that has been sparking between them for months. Will Finn and Hayden get the life they want or is there more trouble brewing?
In other news, Elizabeth stands by Franco as he goes to trial for the murder of Tom Baker. Will the real murderer be revealed or will Franco be headed for Pentonville again?
Also, Maxie and Nathan head for the aisle, but a tragedy looms for the bride and groom. Will they make it down the aisle?
Not to mention, Lulu wins custody from Valentin and brings Charlotte home to Dante and Rocco. Will it take a toll on her marriage and on Rocco?

Dr. Hamilton Finn – Michael Easton
Hayden Barnes aka Rachel Berlin – Rebecca Budig
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Maximilla Mariah “Maxie” Jones – Kirsten Storms
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Lesley Lu “Lulu” Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan

Chapter 1
Finn and Hayden are celebrating Finn’s success with finding a cure that loomed dark in their future. Finn made a toast to their future as the star-crossed lovers kissed. But a mystery figure sitting over on the other side of the restaurant wasn’t too happy to see the two lovebirds kissing.
“I can’t believe I’m here to see this day.” Hayden exclaimed to Finn after their kiss.
“I’m just grateful we found a cure.” Finn said as he kissed her again.
The kiss led to more passion as the two lovers couldn’t seem to take their hands off each other and decided they’d better take it elsewhere before anyone noticed.
So Finn took Hayden by the hand as they walked happily out of the Haunted Star hand in hand and back to Finn’s room at The MetroCourt. It didn’t take them long to wrangle out of their clothes before they had their hands all over each other as Finn laid Hayden on the bed, kissing every inch of her body.
But that was as far as it got when a mysterious text came in on Finn’s cell: I’m back!
“Do you have to check that?” Hayden asked, doing her best to keep him in bed.
Finn grabbed his cell as he looked at the text, perplexed by the message.
“What is it, hon?” Hayden asked worriedly.
“Nothing.” Finn said, trying not to worry her.
“C’mon, don’t say that. I saw the look on your face.”
“It’s nothing. Really.” Finn said as he tried to take Hayden’s mind off the message and back to their romance, but the mood was ruined.
“I’m sorry, Finn, but I just remembered I have a deadline at the hospital.” Hayden told him. “And you know how Liesl gets when I’m not there.”
“Yes, you better go.” Fin said. “Raincheck?”
“Yes. We’ll continue this later, when I get back.” Hayden said with a kiss before heading out of his room door.
As soon as Hayden left, Finn text back, “Who is this?”
“C’mon, Hamilton, it’s Rebecca!”
“How can that be?”
“Meet me and I’ll tell you.”
“I’m at Jake’s.”
Finn headed out to head to Jake’s just as Elizabeth went to the PCPD to visit Franco who was in jail awaiting trial for Tom Baker’s murder.
“I hate you being in here.” Liz said to Franco through the glass.
“I know, but I’m innocent. We just need to get the proof on Alexis for this murder to clear me.” Franco said to Liz.
“I’m working on it.” Liz said. “But Sam is deadlocked on the fact that Alexis had no reason for killing Tom Baker, even after I told her of our theory.”
“Well, something will come up.” Franco said hopefully. “Scott is working on a lead to get me acquitted of this trial.”
“Well, I hope it’s soon. I miss you.” Liz said as she held her hand up to Franco’s against the glass, as the two would-be lovers looked longingly at each other.

At the courthouse, Lulu is happy when the judge delivers his verdict in her custody battle over Charlotte with Valentin.
“After having reviewed the case, I have made my decision regarding the minor, Charlotte Cassadine.”
Lulu and Valentin sat vigil waiting for the judge’s verdict, “I order custody of minor Charlotte Cassadine to her birth mother, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri.”
Valentin stood up, “No, you can’t do this!”
“Silence in my court, Mr. Cassadine.” The judge ordered. “Before I place you in contempt of court.”
“Dante, did you hear that.” Lulu exclaimed, barely able to contain her excitement. “We can take Charlotte home!”
“I knew we would win.” Dante said as he hugged his wife, wondering what it meant for the four of them—Rocco, Charlotte, Lulu and him.
Lulu reached out to grab Charlotte’s hand but the little girl pulled away. “I want my daddy!”
Lulu did her best not to look hurt as she tried to comfort Charlotte.
“Go away!” Charlotte spit back at Lulu. “I want my daddy! Now!”
“Charlotte, the judge said you had to come live with me.” Lulu said, trying to be comforting. “You have a brother, Rocco.”
Charlotte gave in, remembering how she told Claudette that she wanted a brother or sister. “Fine, I’ll go, but I won’t like it!”
“It’s a start.” Lulu said encouragingly, as she held out her hand for Charlotte.

Chapter 2
Finn left before she give him the news that she was pregnant, Hayden thought to herself as she put her hand to her stomach. She wondered just what kind of mother she’d be? She was sure that Finn would be a great father.
But Hayden didn’t realize that she was being watched by Dr. Liesl Obrecht. And as Dr. Obrecht watched, she knew that Hayden was pregnant. And a scheme to get back at Finn and Hayden for getting her fired from General Hospital was hatched in her mind.
As Dr. Obrecht went along to work on her scheme, Hayden text Finn:
“I miss U. Can’t wait 2 C U!”
Finn saw his messages and text back: “Miss U 2!” “Kisses!”
Hayden went back to work at General Hospital, but her mind was preoccupied on the baby and not being able to tell Finn.
“Oh, screw it!” Hayden said to herself. “I’ll never get anything done today.”
Hayden gathered her things and headed out of the hospital just as she ran into Dr. Obrecht.
“Liesl, I’m so sorry!” Hayden apologized. “I was about to go home.”
“Leaving so soon, Miss Barnes?” Dr. Obrecht questioned her work ethic.
“I have to plan something special for Finn. I have big news to tell him.”
“Okay. I’ll let you go.” Dr. Obrecht told her.
“Thanks.” Hayden said rushing out of the hospital and to her car. And sped out of the hospital parking garage so she could start on her plans for Finn.
Meanwhile, Lulu, Dante, Charlotte, and Rocco were in the park having family time when Valentin happened along.
“Papa!” Charlotte said happily, as she ran to his side, to Lulu’s chagrin.
It took Dante to hold her back to fight the temptation to go after her daughter.
“Let them see each other.” Dante told her.
“You’re right, Dante, as always.” Lulu agreed.
“Oh, Papa!” Charlotte shouted. “I’m so glad you’re here!” Can Papa join us, Lulu?”
It hurt Lulu for Charlotte to call her by her name, but she agreed to let Valentin stay and join them.
“Yes, darling, Valentin can stay.” Lulu said, forcing a smile on her face for Charlotte’s benefit.
As the Falconeri family and Valentin enjoyed a day in the park, Hayden was almost home when she tried to put on her brakes and didn’t slow down. Panicked, she stepped on the brakes, and realizing they were out, ran the car off the side into a ravine.

Chapter 3
Finn had arrived home to find that Hayden still hadn’t arrived home. Worried, he text her, “Hey, where are you?”
10 minutes later, Hayden hadn’t responded by text or by call. So Finn headed out to his car to see if he could find her.
He pulled out of the driveway and started down the road where he saw an accident about a mile down from their residence. Being a doctor, Finn did the responsible thing and pulled his car over and got out to see if he could assist at the accident scene. What he saw rocked him to his core.
Hayden was being put into an ambulance.
He ran up to the stretcher before paramedics could place Hayden into the ambulance.
“Sir, we must really get going.” The paramedic told Finn.
“I’m sorry, but I’m coming along.” Finn said as he climbed into the ambulance with the paramedic after Hayden was inside.
“Hayden, what happened?” Finn questioned her.
“I was on my way home when the brakes went out.” Hayden told Finn.
Suddenly, Hayden felt a cramp and screamed out in pain, “Owwwww!”
“Miss, are you pregnant?” the paramedic asked her.
“Yes.” Hayden told the paramedic between spasms, as a shocked Finn looked on.
“Can you save my baby?” Hayden asked the paramedic.
“We’ll do all we can.”
The paramedics arrived at General Hospital and took Hayden inside where she was greeted by Liz.
“Hayden, what happened?” Liz asked worried when she saw her half-sister come in by ambulance.
As Hayden was rushed into the ER cubicle, an unseen Dr. Obrecht was waiting to put her plan in motion.
Finn was forced to wait in the waiting room while Liz and Lucas examined Hayden.
“Can you save the baby?” Hayden asked Lucas, as Liz looked surprised to learn of Hayden’s pregnancy.
“Well, let’s have a look at what’s going on?” Lucas said, as he placed his stethoscope on Hayden’s stomach.
Not hearing a heartbeat from the embryo, Lucas ordered tests done.
As Hayden was being admitted, Liz came out to see Finn.
“How is she?” Finn asked, when he saw Liz come out of the ER.
“Hayden is being admitted.” Liz told him.
“Can I go see her?”
“Yes, she wanted to see you immediately.” Liz told him.
Finn found Hayden resting and sat by her side, “Why didn’t you tell me about the baby?”
“I was on my way home to plan a special dinner.” Hayden explained. “I was going to tell you then.”
Finn kissed Hayden just as Lucas arrived with her test results, “I’m sorry, Hayden, but you were never pregnant.”
“What? But…..” Hayden was too stupefied to say anything more.
She just lay back on her bed and cried. She was so sure she was pregnant?
But on her way out of the hospital was Dr. Obrecht carrying a suspicious package.

Chapter 4
When Dr. Obrecht got back to her secret laboratory, she was happy to see that Nina was prepped and ready for surgery.
Back at General Hospital, Hayden was restless after Lucas spoke with her and told her she was never pregnant.
“Finn, I’m sure I was pregnant?” Hayden said.
“Shhh! Try to get some rest.” Finn said, trying to be supportive. “You’ve been in a terrible car accident.”
“No, Finn!” Hayden said, getting up. But just as she got up, she grew dizzy and passed out in Finn’s arms, as he gently laid her back in her hospital bed.
Finn was glad Hayden had passed out. The stress from the car accident and the news that she was never pregnant had taken a toll on Hayden. He didn’t know how he was going to tell her his news he received earlier tonight when he got the text about Rebecca telling him to meet her. He was so sure it was just a hoax. Now how was he going to tell Hayden that his not-so-dead wife was back from the dead.
After everything Hayden’s been through, Finn didn’t think she could handle this news very well.
At the PCPD county jail, Franco was restless. He was innocent of Tom Baker’s murder. He needed to get out of this cell so he could find Tom’s killer. He couldn’t wait for Alexis to arrive. He was getting out of this cell now.
“Alexis? Here to see Franco?” Dante said, when he saw Alexis arrive at the PCPD.
“Yes, I need to counsel my client.” Alexis told Dante.
“Well, go on in.” Dante said, as Alexis headed for Franco’s cell, but 5 minutes later, she returned only to the front desk where Dante was working on his reports for the day.
“Dante, has Franco been taken in for interrogation without me being notified?” Alexis quizzed Dante, who looked just as surprised at Franco’s disappearance.
“No, he was there 15 minutes ago?”
“Well, he’s not there now!” Alexis said, ired.
As Dante went to check on Franco in his cell, Franco had made it out without being seen and headed for Liz’s house.
Back at Dr. Obrecht’s laboratory, Nina was just coming to in a hospital bed just as Liesl was coming into her room to check on her.
“Well, how is my patient today?” Dr. Obrecht asked.
“How did I get here?” Nina asked her aunt.
“Well, you passed out at General Hospital and I brought you here to examine you.” Dr. Obrecht told her.
“So what’s wrong with me?” Nina asked.
“Why Nina, you’ll be so happy?” Dr. Obrecht said, smiling. “You’re pregnant?”
Nina’s jaw dropped. How could that be? Nina wondered.

Chapter 5
Dr. Obrecht wanted revenge against Finn and Hayden and what better way than to let Hayden believe she was never pregnant before she could tell Finn the news. She wanted them to pay for outing her at General Hospital as the one who falsified his drug tests. And her niece, Nina was perfect to accept the embryo. She would let Nina be a mother to Finn and Hayden’s daughter. That way, she could keep an eye on the little girl without anyone suspecting anything. And everyone would think Hayden was crazy and be angry at her for pretending to be pregnant. It was the perfect scam!
Dr. Obrecht’s thoughts were interrupted by Nina who was waking from her sleep.
“Dr. Obrecht, what happened?” Nina said, groggy from sleep.
“What do you remember?” Dr. Obrecht asked her.
“I remember you telling me I was pregnant?” Nina asked her aunt, confused.
“Yes, Nina, you are.” Dr. Obrecht told her niece. “I ran some tests here at my home and it came back positive. You are indeed pregnant.”
“But how is that possible?” Nina asked. “It’s been a while since I’ve been with Valentin?”
“Well, you are.” Dr. Obrecht said, not wanting to get into how her niece was pregnant. “Just enjoy it.”
“I still don’t see how?” Nina said, still confused. She remembered how Dr. Westbourne told her how she would never have children. “Your own daughter said I would never have children?”
“Well, my daughter has been known to be wrong?” Dr. Obrecht said.
“When can I go home?” Nina asked. “I have work at Crimson to get done.”
“As soon as I know the pregnancy took.” Dr. Obrecht told her. “Now get some rest.”
Nina felt drowsy and fell asleep to Dr. Obrecht’s delight.
Meanwhile, at Liz’s home, Franco knocked on the front door.
“Franco?” Liz asked, shocked to see him on her doorstep.
“I escaped.” Franco said as he came in and locked the door.
“What? How?” Liz asked him.
“I couldn’t sit in that cell.” Franco explained. “I needed to get out so I could solve Tom Baker’s murder.”
“But you’re going to make problems for you when they find you here.” Liz told him.
“Don’t worry. I made sure no one followed me here.” Franco told her, but the sound of sirens arriving in Liz’s driveway made Franco hide upstairs in her room while Liz was forced to lie to Dante.
“Dante, what are you doing here?” Liz said, trying to sound surprised to see him.
“Has Franco been here?” Dante asked her.
“No. No he hasn’t been here.” Liz lied to him. “I haven’t even been to the PCPD to see him.”
“Liz, you were there just this afternoon.”
“Oh, silly me. I do remember seeing Franco this afternoon.”
“Well, do you mind if I have a look around?”
“Go ahead.” Liz told him, hoping Franco wouldn’t get caught.
Dante looked upstairs in Liz’s bedroom first while Valerie looked in the living room and kitchen. After about 15 minutes of searching Liz’s home, and satisfied that Franco was not there, Dante and Valerie walked out of Liz’s home, to Liz’s glee.
“So, we didn’t find Franco at Liz’s.” Valerie said, so sure he’d be there.
“No, we didn’t.” Dante replied. But he did happen to see Franco in Jake’s closet. But, overlooking the closet, Dante let Franco stay in there and left. He knew why Franco escaped. He wished Franco luck in finding Tom Baker’s killer.

Chapter 6
Dr. Obrecht smiled at the revenge she was going to get on Finn and Hayden for outing her at General Hospital as the one who sabotaged Finn’s test results. She imagined Hayden going crazy knowing she was pregnant one minute and suddenly not pregnant the next.
She went back to Nina’s room to check on how her niece was doing.
“Well, Nina, how are feeling?” Dr. Obrecht asked her.
“Suddenly ravenous.” Nina replied.
“Well, lucky for me I brought you a little lunch.”
“Please, get that away from me.” Nina said, as she threw up.
“Hmmmmm…” Dr. Obrecht said, hoping it was morning sickness from the pregnancy from when she implanted Hayden’s embryo into Nina.
“Let me do a little check up, Nina darling.”
After placing the fetal stethoscope over Nina’s belly, she successfully heard the fetal heartbeat.
“Well, Nina, I have good news.” Dr.Obrecht said. “I just heard the heartbeat of your baby.”
“It’s not a dream?” Nina inquired from her aunt.
“Nina, you are indeed pregnant. And you must take precautions with this pregnancy.”
“Okay, Aunt Liesl.” Nina said as she went back to sleep, still wondering how she was pregnant in the first place.
Meanwhile, Finn had Hayden blindfolded to surprise her with their new home that he had purchased to start their new life. He was hoping it would take her mind off the miscarriage.
“Ta da!” Finn exclaimed when he removed the blindfold over Hayden’s eyes to reveal the new apartment.
“What’s this?” Hayden said depressed.
“Our new home?” Finn said, trying to cheer Hayden up.
“What good is it now?! There’s no baby!” Hayden said, melancholy.
“We can have another baby?” Finn said.
“What’s the point? It won’t replace the one we lost!” Hayden said as she ran out of the apartment crying.
As Finn went after Hayden, Dr. Obrecht was watching, smiling at the thought of her revenge on Finn and Hayden. She couldn’t wait for Nina’s baby to be born to lord it over the two them.
“This is what you get Finn, for outing me at General Hospital!” Dr. Obrecht said to herself.

Chapter 7
Nina was awake when Dr. Obrecht came to check on Nina.
“How are my favorite niece and grand nephew/niece?” Liesl Obrecht asked Nina cheerily.
“Great.” Nina said happily. “When can I go home to Valentin?”
“Oh, dear, you can’t go home anytime soon.” Dr. Obrecht told her niece.
“I don’t understand?”
“Nina, it’s a high-risk pregnancy. I need to monitor you and the baby.” Dr. Obrecht covered.
“But how am I pregnant?” Nina asked confused. “I haven’t been with anyone in a long while?”
“Don’t you worry about it, Nina. All will come out when the baby is born.” Dr. Obrecht assured her. “Now get some rest. You’re going to need it.”
Meanwhile, at PCPD, Franco was having a restless night sleeping. It was the night of his trial for the murder of Tom Baker. The PCPD had enough evidence to send Franco away for life. It looked as if Franco might be headed for Pentonville again?
“Franco, I’ll be in court standing by you during this trial.” Liz said when Dante let her in to see Franco.
Franco held Liz’s hand as she stuck her hand inside the bars of Franco’s cell. They only got a couple minutes together when the guard on duty saw the embrace and separated the duo.
“No hanky panky in the cell!” The guard told Liz and Franco.
“Sorry.” Liz told the guard, looking at Franco to let him know how much she loved him.
“Okay, enough with the eye contact!” the guard warned them.
But Liz and Franco couldn’t keep their eyes off each other and Liz was thrown out of the jail.
“Hey, you can’t do this!” Liz yelled at the guard as he was tossing her out of Franco’s cell.
Franco sat in his cot inside his cell. He couldn’t sleep. So he stayed up all night waiting his trial. He hoped his father could get him off of this ridiculous charge?
Finn was having no luck trying to cheer Hayden up. She was depressed after learning of the miscarriage. Hayden refused to get out of bed and called into General Hospital sick and unable to go into work. Finn was out of his wits’ end as to how to help Hayden.

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Welcome Back, Chandler Massey/Steve Burton!

We welcome back Chandler Massey, who is returning to Days of Our Lives in the role of Will Horton–whom he played from 2010 – 2014 and was replaced by Guy Wilson. Last scene, Will Horton was subsequently killed off when Necktie Killer, Ben Weston (Robert Wilson) strangled Will when it became evident that Will figured out he was the one who was the Necktie Killer.

A drunken Lucas, Will’s father (Bryan Datillo) is the first to see his not-so-dead son on Friday, September 15, 2017, when Lucas, having fallen off the wagon after Adrienne, who was being impersonated by Bonnie Lockhart (dual role by Judi Evans) suddenly broke up their engagement.



Tuesday, September 19, 2017 also marks the return of Steve Burton on General Hospital, who was last seen playing in the role of Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless.  burton played the role of Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan from 1991 – 2012 when he departed the role.

Who will Burton be? Jason Morgan? And if he is Jason, where does that leavel Billy Miller, currently playing the role of Jason Morgan,



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The War At Spencer Publications


$Bill is livid now that he has been forced to hand Spencer over to his son, Liam. And Liam is letting his power over his father to his head as he goes ahead with his changes at Spencer. With employees at Spencer heralding Liam for his business tactics, $Bill vows to gain control of Spencer, not to mention, Liam’s marriage is threatened as he becomes closer to Sally when they do business together. Who will win the war at Spencer? And in other news, Wyatt and Katie’s relationship is exposed in a big way; Quinn and Sheila go head-to-head in a fight for the Forrester matriarch; Ridge sees new hope for a future with Brooke; and Maya is threatened by Nicole’s closeness with Lizzy.


Liam Spencer – Scott Clifton
$Bill Spencer – Don Diamont
Steffy Forrester-Spencer – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
Wyatt Spencer – Darin Brooks
Katie Logan-Spencer – Heather Tom
Eric Forrester – John McCook
Quinn Fuller-Forrester – Rena Sofer
Sheila Carter – Kimberlin Brown
Ridge Forrester – Thorsten Kaye
Brooke Logan-Spencer – Katherine Kelly Lang
Rick Forrester – Jacob Young
Maya Avant-Forrester – Karla Mosley
Zende Forrester – Rome Flynn
Nicole Avant-Forrester – Reign Edwards
Sally Spectra – Courtney Hope

Chapter 1

“Mr. Spencer?” Connie $Bill’s trusted receptionist said to Liam. “You’re meeting with the board of directors will begin in the conference room in 10 minutes.”
“Thank you, Connie.” Liam said.
Liam wasted no time in getting his vision before the Spencer Publications board of directors now that he was CEO of Spencer Publications. His father was going down for his underhanded business tactics at Spencer. Liam had a new vision at Spencer—Spencer was changing its practices.
Liam headed into the conference room where the board of directors were waiting for what Liam had waiting for them.
Meanwhile, Quinn was relishing her victory over Sheila in her war for Eric’s heart—but she didn’t know the tactics that Sheila was willing to go to be the next Forrester matriarch.
Sheila was down for now, but she dug deep in Quinn’s history and she became privy to a secret that Quinn was hiding and she intended to expose Quinn and her secret. Quinn was finally going down. Sheila may be down for the moment, but she was still in the game! Sheila’s prize was queen of the Forrester mansion—and she wasn’t going to lose! She would be Eric’s queen! Quinn beware!
Back at Katie’s mansion, she was feeding Will when Wyatt came in expecting some lovin:
“Hey, babe!” Wyatt said. “You won’t believe the day I had!”
Wyatt kissed Katie as she was just putting Will down for a nap.
“Let me put Will down and you can have my undivided attention.” Katie said to an obviously amorous Wyatt.
By the time Katie came back into her living room, Wyatt was stripped down to his shorts, as Katie eyed the sexy hunk sitting on her sofa.
“Hmmmmmm, look at the gorgeous guy sitting there in my living room.”
“And he’s all yours.” Wyatt said as Katie started unbuttoning her blouse and kissed Wyatt full on the lips.
“How about we take this to a much private location.” Wyatt said, seductively to Katie, who followed him to her room, where they didn’t wait to get busy in the bedroom—but they didn’t see the intruder that was watching their every move.
(Coming: Shelia exposes Quinn’s secret; Wyatt and Katie’s relationship comes out in a big way; and Liam is heralded a hero at Spencer as $Bill vows to come back.)

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers – September 18 – 22, 2017

Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for September 18 – 22, 2017

The Young and the Restless

Monday: Victor calls in a favor; Ashley’s sleuthing leads to trouble; Jack and Nikki’s relationship is under scrutiny.

Tuesday: Nikki and Victor clash; Dina interrogates Graham; Cane has a plan to save his marriage.

Wednesday: Nick becomes a target for revenge; Lily has a meltdown; Kevin returns to Genoa City.

Thursday: Cane bonds with Juliet; Scott makes a surprising connection; Hilary and Jordan feel the heat.

Friday: Billy and Victoria venture dangerous territory; Tessa’s moment in the spotlight is derailed; Phyllis defends Jack.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Monday: Steffy’s struggle is real when she attempts to get Liam to back off of blackmailing $Bill; unable to help themselves, Quinn’s visit to Sheila turns into a no-holds-barred catfight.

Tuesday: Ridge garners a new perspective when he learns of Brooke and $Bill’s current circumstance; feeling that he should have been the chosen one, Wyatt is baffled as to why $Bill would name Liam as the new CEO of Spencer Publications.

Wednesday: Liam wastes no time in making major changes to employee and business practices at Spencer Publications; Steffy makes a shocking request of Brooke to save Liam and $Bill from having an all-out war.

Thursday: Ridge jumps at the opportunity to provoke $Bill about his troubles with Brooke; having learned of Liam’s gift to Sally Spectra, an enraged Steffy confronts her nemesis with a rock-solid threat.

Friday: Wyatt becomes fiercely determined to uncover the truth of why Liam is now in business with Sally; $Bill makes a desperate plea to Brooke to forgive him for his misdeeds.

General Hospital

Monday: Griffin worries about Ava’s well-being; Anna’s determination grows; Curtis attempts to explain himself.

Tuesday: Ava’s curiosity intensifies; Sonny is conflicted; Liz is accosted.

Wednesday: Carly confronts Michael; Nelle receives some unexpected advice; Kristina has second thoughts.

Thursday: Ava gets positive news; TJ calls Jordan out; Sonny visits Sam.
Friday: Elizabeth remains committed to Franco; Sam leans on Alexis; Joss is put on the spot.

Days of Our Lives

Monday: Lucas pours out his heart to Will; Kate and Jennifer comfort each other over Lucas’ downward spiral; Abigail shares her empathy with Gabi over the tough spot she is in regarding the wedding; Sonny confides in Chad his conflicted feelings about Will.

Tuesday: Nicole finds herself drawn to Eric as they work together at the Horton Center; Brady is furious when he learns Eric has feelings for Nicole; Chloe and Julie find themselves at odds; Abe begins a search for a new Salem PD commissioner.

Wednesday: Chloe and Julie form an unlikely partnership; Lucas’s loved ones confront him about his drinking; Brady stuns Eric with his demand; Nicole makes a confession to Abe.

Thursday: Chloe warns Eric of the mistake she made; Gabi realizes why Eli was fired; as candidates for the commissioner job, Hope and Rafe are put in a tricky situation; Abigail throws Chad for a loop with her pre-wedding decision.

Friday: Eric makes a surprising move; Abigail and Chad’s wedding plans hit a snag; Sonny is disturbed by a dream he has about Will; Brady indicates to Sonny he may not be willing to give up the CEO position.

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers – September 11 – 15, 2017

Weekly Soap Opera Spoilers for September 11 – 15, 2017

The Young and the Restless
Monday: Billy and Victoria take a chemistry test; Dina is haunted by her past; Sharon takes a risk.
Tuesday: Ashley changes course to learn Graham’s secret; Neil is concerned about Lily; Victoria uses an opportunity to freeze Phyllis out.
Wednesday: Cane’s feud with Victoria escalates; Abby takes a leap of faith; tensions mount between Devon and Mariah.
Thursday: Nick asserts his independence; Michael counsels Victoria; Noah questions Victor’s motives.
Friday: Nikki makes things worse between Victor and Nick; Ashley uncovers surprising information; Jack and Victoria agree to play nice.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Monday: Liam makes a bold move that takes $Bill by surprise; Steffy unknowingly interrupts a secret liaison.
Tuesday: $Bill is enrage and in disbelief over Liam’s disloyalty, so he surprises his son with a knock down; Brooke tries desperately to put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding $Bill’s astonishing news.
Wednesday: Ridge becomes nostalgic about Brooke after she fills him in about $Bill and Spencer Publications; Sally’s outlook about her future goes from one spectrum to the other.
Thursday: $Bill begins to realize he may have taken things too far in the wake of a terrible memory; Sally excitedly shares the news of an unexpected and gracious gift with the rest of the gang.
Friday: $Bill breaks down and tells Brooke half of the truth; Steffy displays her concern for Liam and $Bill by attempting to speak with each of them individually.

General Hospital
Monday: Lulu has much to celebrate; Carly keeps vigil; Sonny takes Griffin for a heart to heart.
Tuesday: Alexis and Sam share a heartfelt moment; Carly decides it’s time Michael know the truth; Ava gains a supportive new ally.
Wednesday: Sonny does his best to protect his family; Michael defends Nelle; Anna looks to Fin for help.
Thursday: Nina is taken aback by Valentin’s honesty; Griffin is forced to confront his feelings; Maxie eyes a second chance at Crimson.
Friday: Franco makes his intensions known; Alexis consoles Monica; Anna uses any means necessary to get what she wants.

Days of Our Lives
Monday: John and Marlena fear they will meet a shocking fate; Hope confronts Hattie; Sheila threatens to blow Bonnie out of the water; the chaos at Bayview has unforeseen consequences.
Tuesday: Nicole makes a sacrifice for Brady; Chad, Andre, and Kate clash over DiMera; Julie catches Eli and Gabi in a compromising position; Rafe questions Hope about her reluctance to get married right away.
Wednesday: Marlena confronts Hattie, who slips and admits that she was working with an accomplice; Maggie confronts Bonnie about Sheila; John advises Brady about Nicole; Tripp helps Claire make Theo jealous.
Thursday: Bonnie begs Hattie not to expose her; Sheila gives Adrienne disappointing news; Marlena grows curious when Eric tells her about Hattie’s strange therapy session with Adrienne; Theo admits he wants to get back together with Claire.
Friday: A drunk Lucas makes a scene; Marlena tells John her wild theory about Adrienne possibly being in cahoots with Hattie; Sonny and Paul tell Gabi their wedding is going to be a double wedding; Eli tells Abe he was fired from the FBI.

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The Bold & the beautiful One Shots: $Bill Has Too Much Time on His Hands

It had been a week since $Bill was forced to step down as CEO of his own company. Liam had threatened him into stepping down or he would go to the police with the proof he set fire to the Spectra building among other things.
$Bill was bored and didn’t know what to do with himself. that’s when he went over to Wyatt’s to have some father-son time. Liam sure as hell didn’t deserve that. And besides, he would be busy running Spencer in his absence.
But $Bill got the shock of his life when he knocked on Wyatt’s door. When nobody answered, $Bill peeked into Wyatt’s living room and found his ex-wife, Katie, and Wyatt on the sofa making out.
He couldn’t believe it! His son’s mother and his son having sex! Instead of confronting the two of them, he decided to use the indiscretion to guilt Wyatt into getting back his CEO’s seat. Hell, if Liam could do it, then so could he.
$Bill sent Wyatt a text: “Meet me at my home.”
Back at Wyatt’s home, Wyatt wanted to continue their romp, but Katie insisted she had to get back to Will. So she got herself dressed and walked out of Wyatt’s house. That’s when Wyatt noticed a text that had come in. He opened it up to see it was from his did: “Meet me at my home.”
Wyatt text his dad back: “On my way.”
10 minutes later, $Bill saw the text from Wyatt, “It won’t be long now! Liam be damned!”
Another 10 minutes, and Wyatt was knocking on $Bill’s door. $Bill let Wyatt in.
“Son, we need to have a talk.” $Bill said to Wyatt.
“Yeah, dad, what about?” Wyatt asked his father.
“I know your secret.” $Bill said.
“You’re screwing my ex-wife!” $Bill said, disgusted.
Wyatt was dumbstruck for words to say.
“Well, I know how you can rectify the situation.” $Bill told Wyatt.
“You expect me to rectify sleeping with Katie?” Wyatt asked.
“Yes, son, I do.” $Bill demanded.
“Just what do you want me to do?”
“I want you to work with your brother at Spencer.”
“What?” Wyatt coughed up his water $Bill handed him.
“No, what I really want you to do is work with Liam but secretly you’ll be undermining him so I can resume control of Spencer.”
“And what if I don’t?!” Wyatt shot back.
“If you don’t, your affair with Katie will be exposed!” $Bill threatened.
“Okay.” Was all Wyatt could say.
“Thank you, Wyatt. I knew you would see things my way.” $Bill said, as Wyatt left $Bill’s mansion.
Wyatt text Katie: “Dad knows everything between us.”

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