Hostile Takeover: A Dr. David Hayward Story



David Hayward has had a vendetta against the Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis for years when Stefano DiMera ousted him from DiMera as research engineer while Hayward was in medical school. To get back at DiMera and Kirakis, David decides to bring back EJ DiMera from the dead with deadly intentions to use EJ as his pawn and take over DiMera Enterprises as well Victor Kiriakis’ empire. But will EJ cross David when he comes face to face with the love of his life, Samantha?

Chapter 1

David Hayward checked on his new patient, EJ DiMera, who he had managed to abduct from Stefano DiMera. When he had examined EJ, he couldn’t believe the shoddy treatment Stefano’s people had done on EJ. After determining that that there were no ill-sided effects from Stefano’s damage, David administered his drug cocktail into EJ that would bring him back from the dead.

David couldn’t wait to get back at Stefano for ousting as his research engineer after he had made a major breakthrough in one of his findings. And EJ would be that pawn in his plan to take over DiMera Enterprises. And Victor Kiriakis would also suffer for turning over the information that ousted him.

EJ was stirring in his comatose state as David checked his vitals: Temperature―98.6; Pulse―75; Respiration―20; B/P―124/69.

“Vital signs appear normal.” David said to himself.

David left EJ to rest as he left to begin the next preparations for his revenge against Stefano and Victor. He couldn’t wait to get EJ back to Salem to wreak havoc in Salem.

Meanwhile. . .

Sami Brady DiMera still couldn’t get over losing EJ after his death. Even after a year in Hollywood doing a reality show on her life failed to help her move on with her life. EJ was the love of her life and meant so much to her. She saw him constantly in their two kids, Johnny and Sydney. It wasn’t fair that EJ couldn’t see them grow up and be apart of their lives.

Sami checked the notification on her cell alerting her to a new email.

She checked it and saw she had gotten an email from ScienceDoctor:

She smiled when she read it informing her that he would be in Salem shortly as his plans were coming to fruition. Not yet ready to move on, Sami was intrigued by this guy, who had managed to take her mind off her grieving after EJ’s death.

Chapter 2

Sami received another email from the ScienceDoctor stating that he had a surprise for her. She wondered what it was. This ScienceDoctor was so mysterious―even more mysterious than EJ was.

David had gotten to Sami. He had her right where he wanted her. Intrigued. His plan needed EJ’s widow to be surprised when he sprang a back-from-the-dead-EJ on Salem. It was imperative that no one suspected him, especially Stefano and Victor.

David crept into EJ’s room to see how he was doing. EJ was awake now. He ate his first meal, in fact, demanded steak and lobster with a baked potato and sour cream, and white wine.

David called his kitchen staff to make EJ his first meal since coming to from his coma. While EJ was eating, David asked him a series of questions.

“What is your name?” David asked.

“EJ DiMera.” EJ answered him.

“Do you have a wife and children?”

“Ah yes, the lovely Samantha Gene and our two kids, Johnny and Sydney and Johnny’s twin sister, Ali.”

“Great! Now, who is your father?”

“I don’t have a father! He’s dead to me!” EJ began to get raged.

“Easy now.” David calmed EJ down. “Seems I touched a nerve.”

“Do you know a ‘Victor Kirakis?’”

“Don’t speak that name either!”

“Okay.” David said, with a sly smile on his face. “Well, get a good night’s rest, EJ. Tomorrow, we leave for Salem.”

As EJ settle down to rest, David couldn’t wait to spring his surprise on Stefano and Victor and the rest of Salem.

Chapter 3

David peaked in on EJ sleeping. As he removed the headphones that EJ had over his ears, David listened and was pleased that EJ was still listening to the CD that David had put in the CD player when EJ fell asleep. Everything was going to according to plan. He was making a full recovery and they could make their trip to Salem just in time for the DiMera board meeting.

Back in Salem, Kate and Stefano (Stefano had managed to get cleared of all charges against him in the tax evasion scandal that kept him away from Salem for so long.) had just arrive at DiMera for the board meeting just as Chad had also arrived.

As Stefano went ahead and sat down, Chad pulled Kate to the side, “If you make me regret going against my father to get control of DiMera, you’ll be sorry, Kate!”

“I told you Chad, you and I are in this together!” Kate reassured him.

“Well, you had better not make me regret this!” Chad warned, holding Kate’s wrist.

“You won’t be sorry, Chad! Trust me!” Kate said, breaking free of Chad’s grip, and headed into the conference room, smiling slyly.

Across the hall, David spied on Chad’s warning to Kate, “Oh, Chad, Kate should be the least of your worries! You and Kate don’t have any idea of what’s in store for DiMera!”, as David looked over at EJ sleeping on the sofa. “None of you do, especially you Stefano!”

David was listening via headphones waiting for his cue so EJ could enter the boardroom and announce that he was the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

David woke up EJ just as the board members were about to announce the new CEO.

“EJ, it’s time!” David said as he roused EJ from his nap.

“Yes, Mr. Hayward. I will head into the conference room and announce that I am now the new CEO of DiMera..” EJ said, getting up from the sofa and headed into the conference room.

“Congratulations, Chad!” the President announced. “You’re the new CEO!”

As Stefano looked flabbergasted, EJ walked into the conference room, jaws dropping!

“I’m afraid you’re wrong!” EJ announced. “I am the new CEO!”

“What?” Stefano asked, confused. “How can this be? You’re dead?”

“No, father, I’m very much alive!”

“But how?”

“I faked my death.” EJ confessed, remembering the cues he listened to on the headphones David gave him. “I thought it was ingenious to set Clyde Weston up for my murder. I’m just appalled that none of you suspected the rat of murdering me.”

“Son, I had no clue Clyde was behind your shooting.” Stefano apologized.

“Well, I’m back and head of DiMera now.”

The surprise visitor that Chad had arranged to interrupt the board meeting walked into the conference room.

“Samantha!” EJ exclaimed.

Chapter 4

“EJ!” Sami said, surprised.

“Samantha.” EJ said happily.

“Can we get down to business?!” Stefano said irately.

“I agree!” Kate said.

“Right!” EJ said. “Business first. Samantha, we will talk after the meeting.”

EJ laid down the rules for DiMera just as David had instructed him via the tape that David had put on EJ’s head while he was sleeping. Although flabbergasted by EJ’s demands, everyone agree with the rules.

“Now that all’s well, I will need to take a break.” EJ said.

But before EJ could get a word to Sami, David pulled him to the side in another room.

“So how did things go?” David asked EJ, who only had Sami on his mind.

“It went well.” EJ told David, wanting to get to Sami before she left.

“Great job EJ.” David said congratulating him.

“Can I leave now? I must talk to Sami.”

“Yes, EJ. You can go.” David said, as he watched EJ run after Sami.

Thanks to EJ, David couldn’t wait to put his next plan into action for Victor Kiriakis and Stefano DiMera.

Meanwhile, EJ finally caught up with Sami, who had just sat down at a table in Horton Square to have lunch with her mother, Dr. Marlena Evans.

“Sami!” EJ said, as he watched her take a seat.

Sami turned around to see EJ coming toward them.

“Sami, can we go somewhere and talk?” EJ said in desperation.

“Mother, do you mind?’ Sami asked

“No, Sami, go ahead.”

Sami and EJ head off for a more private place to have a talk.

Chapter 5

“Dr. Hayward.” EJ called to confirm with him all that went down after he arrived in Salem to reclaim his life.

After his call with EJ, David Hayward poured himself a glass of wine and toasted to his success! He made a call to a mystery caller to tell him all was well at DiMera.

“Thank you, Dr. Hayward. I’ll take it from here.” The mystery caller told him. “Look at your account for payment. You will be richly rewarded.”

David logged onto his bank account and was shocked to find out just how much he was paid: “Richly rewarded, my ass!” David exclaimed heatedly. “I do the dirty work for your scheme and this is how you repay me!”

David dialed the pilot at the airport, “Fuel up the engine!” David demanded his pilot. “I am on my way to Salem! This is war!”

Meanwhile, in Salem…..

EJ and Stefano were assembling the DE board of directors for a meeting to discuss new arrangements now that EJ was alive and well, no thanks to Dr. David Hayward did to bring EJ back from the dead.

As the board members assembled in the conference room and the meeting was underway, David Hayward’s jet had arrived at Salem International Airport.


Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 16-20, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 16-20, 2018

The Young & the Restless
In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Jill’s return topped the week while Victoria was underplayed in her own storyline.
Young and Restless spoilers for the week of July 16:
Twists and turns are promised by Head Writer Mal Young in JT’s return from the dead to YR in the weeks and months to come.
Young and Restless spoilers for Monday July 16:
In Monday’s Y&R Spoiler Video: Victor taunts a figure in the shadows, Sharon worries what JT could reveal, and Mariah and Tessa share a more than friends moment.
In today’s Y&R recap, Victor’s blindsided at Nick’s reveal and Phyllis confronts Billy. Also, Jack gets the answer he’s been looking for.
Phyllis learns what Billy’s been hiding.
Victor’s confrontation with JT takes a stunning turn.
Jack receives paternity news.
Y&R spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Victor prepares to fight.
Hilary hides a secret.
Nikki and Victoria are taken completely off guard.
Y&R spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Hilary and Lily argue heatedly.
Nick begins a new chapter.
Mariah shares a close moment with Tessa.
Upcoming exit… Mishael Morgan is leaving Y&R and shared a goodbye message and photo.
Y&R spoilers for Thursday July 19:
A power move is made by Jack.
Abby must choose sides.
Sharon’s concerned about Nick.
Dayplayer roles… The latest Y&R casting calls for upcoming scenes.
Y&R spoilers for Friday July 20:
Nick’s dark side emerges.
Ashley has her eye on a new alliance.
Devon gets upsetting news.
More Y&R spoilers…
Neil and Ashley make out on the sofa. He stops and she asks, “What?”
Neil tells Ashley he doesn’t want to proceed with anything that might compromise their friendship.
Sharon worries to Phyllis that while they sit there, JT is telling Victor everything about that night.
Victor tells JT, “You’re a coward, hiding in the shadows, now the tables are turned.”
Neil comforts Devon in the hospital.
While on the movie date with Mariah, Tessa takes a mysterious call and asks the person on the other end if they have the money.
Tessa holds back on the date as she’s not sure where she stands with Mariah.
Coming up on The Young and the Restless…
Mariah comes undone.
Devon follows through on a promise.
The Chancellor legacy is defended by Cane.
Departure announcement… Eileen Davidson’s leaving Y&R as Ashley Abbott.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Liam still hasn’t decided between Steffy and Hope, Sally fights back as accusations are made against her, and the Hope for the Future fashion show takes place. Please return to this page daily for new teasers in the spoiler videos.
In the latest Deconstructing B&B, Zoe piqued some fans interest and Liam’s waffling was played out.
Friday July 13:
In today’s B&B recap, Bill learns Hope’s pregnant and visits Steffy, while Zoe sneaks into Forrester Creations.
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of July 16:
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday July 16:
In Monday’s B&B Spoiler Video: Zoe tries to explain herself to Xander, while Sally has no answers.
Sally insists she’s being framed in the face of serious accusations.
B&B spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Sally attacks Zoe in anger as Wyatt intervenes.
Xander realizes Zoe is the person working at Wyatt’s who has had contact with Emma.
Fan favorite Todd McKee returns to B&B as Jake Maclaine. wishes her all the best! Karla Mosley’s on a baby break and shared a clip of her last day.
B&B spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Brooke presses Liam to see that Hope would be a better partner for him than Steffy.
Zoe reveals Xander’s secret identity after he reminds her she’s not his girlfriend.
B&B spoilers for Thursday July 19:
Delighted that Hope’s pregnant, Bill starts pursuing his agenda again.
Everyone prepares for the Hope for the Future relaunch.
B&B spoilers for Friday July 20:
While attending the fashion show at Forrester to see Emma, Justin struggles with Bill’s latest request.
Thorne’s designs and Emma’s dance choreography feature in the Hope for the Future fashion show, which will have a surprise showstopper.
More B&B spoilers…
After Xander tells her about his ex with stalker tendencies, Emma shares the information with her new friend, Zoe, not knowing she’s his former girlfriend.
Bill visits Steffy to needle her about Hope’s pregnancy, but she refuses to show vulnerability and expresses complete faith in Liam.
After his visit with Steffy, Bill works to dig up dirt on Liam to exploit the situation.
Coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful…
Steffy is set up by Bill and makes a stunning discovery.
Emma’s insecurities surface after Zoe steals her thunder.

General Hospital
Port Charles residents are filled with various emotions, as one is torn, another is desperate and someone else can’t help but express their frustration. Plus, while Sonny receives a surprise visitor, Carly’s actions are met with consequences.
General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 16:
In last week’s GH column, Obrecht should have spared everyone more misery and killed Peter, and Nelle and Michael’s Friday the 13th wedding is fitting given Nelle is a monster.
General Hospital spoilers for Monday July 16:
Michael is torn.
Jordan is sympathetic.
Sonny expresses his frustrations.
General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Maxie senses something is wrong.
Valentin puts two and two together.
Obrecht is overcome with emotion.
General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Curtis offers Liz an explanation.
Valentin buys some time.
Julian pays Sonny a surprise visit.
General Hospital spoilers for Thursday July 19:
Sonny gets in over his head.
Carly faces the consequences of her actions.
Nina dodges accusations.
General Hospital spoilers for Friday July 20:
Obrecht encounters an obstacle.
Valentin is desperate.
Diane is the bearer of bad news.
More GH spoilers:
Michael and Nelle’s wedding is interrupted by Carly.
Nelle goes into panic mode.
Lucas seeks advice from Alexis.
Jason’s mission is to protect Michael at all costs.
Chase plays his cards close to his chest.
Ava sets out to do damage control.
Ferncliff’s mystery patient has a familiar face.
Joss tells Michael she witnessed Chase and Nelle kissing.
Michael assures Joss he has control of the situation.
Coming up on General Hospital in July and onward:
Valerie Spencer will be back in Port Charles since Brytni Sarpy is returning to GH.
There’s a new doctor in town with Casey Biggs cast on GH as Ferncliff’s newest staff member.
Monica Quartermaine will look familiar again since Leslie Charleson resumes taping at GH beginning in July.

Days of Our Lives
Kayla is keeping a secret from her husband about the company that could give Steve his eyesight back and Stefan remains a factor during a much anticipated meeting. The fallout from Tate’s custody hearing leaves Brady having to say goodbye and Jenn looking for answers regarding a connection to JJ and some drugs. Plus, Abigail’s secret is exposed…
In Friday’s Days blog, the theme is ‘playing with fire’ which is what Salemites are doing amid the romance and lust!
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 16:
In this week’s Days spoiler video, Gabi switches Abigail’s paternity results then pays one DiMera brother a visit to announce he is the father.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday July 16:
Kayla and Steve eagerly anticipate a meeting about Steve’s new eye, but a tense cross with Stefan threatens to derail everything.
Fun! Play Days of our Lives trivia to test your knowledge on how well you know the NBC soap.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday July 17:
Brady faces having to say good-bye to his son.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday July 18:
Jennifer is determined to find out how the drugs ended up in JJ’s apartment.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday July 19:
Hope and Rafe press Ben to admit he set the fire.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday July 20:
Gabi “accidentally” reveals Abigail’s secret.
Will receives a shocking note.
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 23:
Days spoilers for Monday July 23:
Vengeful Gabi vents to JJ about the losses she suffered while in prison.
Days spoilers for Tuesday July 24:
Abigail confesses to Chad she’s pregnant with Stefan’s child.
Hope and Rafe are stunned by Ciara’s move to help Ben.
Days spoilers for Wednesday July 25:
Will shows Sonny the anonymous letter that implies its author knows that they killed Leo.
Days spoilers for Thursday July 26:
Marlena and John have a special request for Eric and Brady.
Days spoilers for Friday July 27:
Victor warns Eve that Jennifer is getting closer to the truth.
Coming up:
JJ is suspended from his job.
Abby considers an abortion and makes a decision on what to do about her pregnancy.
Theresa hears bad news about her mother, Kimberly.
Marlena and John have a favor for Brady and Eric.
Eve runs into Ben Weston, who murdered her daughter Paige. Eve confides in friend Chloe.
Gabi vents to JJ.
JJ asks Kayla for some help.
Steve gets surgery on his eye.
Rafe and Hope pressure Ben to admit he’s the one to have set the fire in the cabin.
Claire thinks Ciara could be getting involved with Ben, emotionally.
Kate overhears a suspicious conversation between Will and Sonny.
There’s a funeral for baby David Abraham.
Returns coming up on Days in June and onward:
Keep an eye out for appearances in Salem following various Days casting calls, auditions & bit roles.
In case you missed it: Arianne Zucker is taping at Days, which means Nicole Walker will be making her way back to Salem…
Marci Miller has left Days as Abigail DiMera and Kate Mansi will return to resume the role she once played.
Farah Fath returns to Days as Mimi. The actress is currently taping scenes.
Summer drama ahead: Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady. We’ll find out if the Days rumor is true, whether Sami’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby!
Sheila turns up soon with Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins still taping at Days.
Brandon Beemer & Martha Madison return to Days as Shawn and Belle for an exciting storyline.

Love & Betrayal: The Young & the Restless Romances

Romance is alive in Genoa City: but will they last?
Billy has moved on with Phyllis, but he is torn between Phyllis and Victoria. Who will win Billy’s heart?
Nick has moved on with Chelsea, but Nick’s feud with Victor puts a damper in his romance with Chelsea when Victor pulls out his latest maneuver yet. Will Nick and Chelsea survive?
As Sharon and Scott’s romance heats up, Abby realizes it’s Scott she wants, and Victor is more than willing to help Abby win.
If Nikki thought Victor would be a problem concerning her new romance with Jack, she has more than she bargained for when Dina comes between the two lovers. Will Nikki stay with Jack, go back to Victor, or fall off the wagon?
Reed and Mattie are torn by family loyalties and their blossoming new romance. Can the two young lovers stay true to family and stay away from each other?
Lily and Hilary are at it again as Hilary realizes it’s Lily he wants. Will Lily and Jordan give into temptation?
Mariah and Tessa devotes themselves to their men, Devon and Noah, respectively, as they try to squash their feelings for one another?
And Ashley and Ravi can no longer deny their feeling for each other?
Juliet’s secret is out: Cane is not the father of her baby, but who is?

Billy Abbott – Jason Thompson
Phyllis Summers-Newman-Abbott – Gina Tognoni
Victoria Newman – Amelia Heinle
Nick Newman – Joshua Morrow
Chelsea Lawson-Newman – Melissa Claire Egan
Victor Newman – Eric Braden
Nikki Reed Newman – Melody Thomas Scott
Jack Abbott – Peter Bergman
Dina Mergeron – Marla Adams
Reed Hellstrom – Tristan Lake Leabu
Matilda “Mattie” Ashby – Lexie Stevenson
Charles “Charlie” Ethan Ashby – Noah Alexander Gerry
Lily Winters-Ashby – Christel Khalil
Hilary Curtis-Winters-Hamilton – Mishael Morgan
Jordan Wilde – Darnell Kirkwood
Mariah Copeland – Camryn Grimes
Tessa Porter – Cait Fairbanks
Devon Hamilton – Bryton McClure
Noah Newman – Robert Adamson
Ashley Abbott – Eileen Davidson
Ravi Shapur – Abhi Sinha
Ethan “Cane” Ashby – Daniel Goddard
Juliet Helton – Laur Allen

Chapter 1-Phyllis Schemes to Keep Billy Away from Victoria
Phyllis couldn’t believe that her plot to bring Benjamin Hockman in to sweep Victoria off her feet backfired in a major way. Now Billy was working day and night closely with Victoria at Brash & Sassy, now that Neil Winters saved Brash & Sassy. She and Billy rarely had time together anymore because he was too busy working late with Victoria. She had to find a way to keep Billy away from Victoria? But how?
Phyllis opened up her laptop and to view “The Hilary Hour” and was impressed with Hilary to dig the dirt on Victoria. She had a plan to use Hilary to her advantage.
“Mariah, GC Buzz?” Mariah answered the phone at GC Buzz. “How can I help you?”
“Mariah, this is Phyllis. Can I speak with Hilary?”
“Just one moment.” Mariah said as she handed the phone to Hilary, who was just passing by. “Hilary, the phone is for you.”
“Thank you, Mariah,” Hilary said as she took the phone from her. “Yes. This is Hilary.”
“Hilary, this is Phyllis.”
“Phyllis, what do you want?”Hilary said. “You want a piece of me too?”
“On the contrary…I have a proposition for you.”
“Really?” Hilary said surprised.
“Yes. Can we meet at GCAC for cocktails?”
“Yes. I’ll be there. What time?” Hilary asked her.
“1:00 pm?”
“I’ll be there.”
Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria were having an argument over the company she’s been keeping.
“I can’t believe you slept with Benjamin Hockman?!” Billy said irately.
“Why does it matter, Billy? You’re with Phyllis, so who does it matter who I’m with?!” Victoria said hotly in her defense.
“The guy’s bad news!” Billy pointed out, not wanting to admit he was jealous and that he wanted her back.
“You sound jealous!”
“Well…well, I’m not!”
“Fine. Then can we get back to work?” Victoria said, as she logged onto her laptop to view the days tasks.
“Fine with me!” Billy said to her as he logged onto his laptop.
Billy watched Victoria as she worked. He couldn’t believe she slept with Benjamin Hockman! She should be with him!
“Billy, would you quit looking at me?” Victoria told him. “It’s very distracting!”
“I can’t help it.” Billy said quietly.
“Why not?”
Billy got up from his seat and pulled Victoria into his arms and kissed her. Victoria, wanting Billy to kiss her for so long, gave into his kiss and kissed him back.
At GCAC, Hilary arrived to find Phyllis waiting for her.
“Phyllis, I have to admit, your phone call caught me off guard.”
“Well, I have a job for you to do.”
“Oh, and what would that be?” Hilary asked her, her curiosity piqued.
“I need you to help me keep Billy and Victoria away from each other.”
“You don’t like Billy working with his ex?”
“No I don’t.” Phyllis confessed.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Find Travis Crawford and have him brought to Genoa City.”
“You think I can convince Victoria’s ex to come back to Genoa City?” Hilary asked her.
“Tell Travis that Victoria is ill for all I care. Just get Travis back here!” Phyllis threatened. “Or I will reveal your secret!”
“I have nothing to hide!” Hilary told her confidently.
Phyllis opened up her phone and showed her the video of hiding at GCAC to get the footage of Victoria and Benjamin Hockman.
“Where did you get that?” Hilary accused.
“It doesn’t matter where or how I got it! Do what I say or this will be posted online!”
“Fine. I will get Travis here.” Hilary told her.
“Thank you.” Phyllis said. “I knew you would see things my way.”
Phyllis picked up her things and walked away, confident that Victoria’s Billy would be all hers soon.
Hilary checked her phone and found a number for Travis, and dialed the number.
“Travis, you need to come to Genoa City. Victoria is real sick and needs you.” Hilary said to Travis as soon as she heard his voice.
Chapter 2 – Victor and Nick’s Feud Reaches New Heights
Victor couldn’t believe that Nick was turning his granddaughter Faith against him. That sweet little girl and he was taking her away from him. Well Nick was going to pay for his actions.
“Yes, I need you to come to town pronto!” Victor said via his cell to a mystery person.
“Yes, I will be there.” The mystery person said. “Does tomorrow sound too early?”
“That’ll be perfect.” Victor said before hanging up.
Victor sat at his chair at Newman Enterprises. He poured himself a drink from his wetbar in his office.
“Soon, Nick. Soon. All will fall into place.” Victor said as he took a swig of his drink.
At Chelsea’s condo, Nick and Chelsea were having a romantic night. Their love was falling into place for the first time since Adam’s death. It really seemed right between the two of them.
“I love you Nick.” Chelsea said after making love to him.
“I love you too, Chelsea.” Nick replied. “It seems right. The five of us as a family: you, me, Connor, Christian and Faith.”
Nick and Chelsea clung to each other, unaware of the intruder that was coming to wreck their future.
Meanwhile, at Brash & Sassy, Phyllis decided to surprise Billy with a lunch and hopefully some romance, but Victoria’s presence as she hung all over Billy while working together of B & S business was a little too unnerving for Phyllis. The thought made her sick to see Victoria play games with Billy. Why couldn’t Billy see Victoria for the tramp she was? Phyllis thought.
“Gawd, you at it again, Victoria!” Phyllis said outraged when she opened the door to Brash & Sassy.
“What are you talking about, Phyllis? Billy and I are working on business.” Victoria defended herself.
“You always hang all over your co-workers?” Phyllis questioned her. “Or is Billy the lucky one?”
“What do you want, Phyllis?” Victoria said irritated with Phyllis’ presence in her company.
“Well, I thought ‘my boyfriend’ could use some lunch.” Phyllis said, emphasizing Billy’s role in her life, hoping it unnerved Victoria.
“Well, Billy, if you need to eat something, don’t let me stop you.” Victoria said, to Phyllis’ glee.
“Thanks, Victoria, I am a little famished.”
“Well, don’t let me stop you.” Victoria said. “I need to go and do some unfinished business for Brash & Sassy.”
Victoria walked out of Brash & Sassy leaving Phyllis and Billy to their lunch. Little did Phyllis know, she was playing right into Victoria’s hands.
Chapter 3 – Abby Schemes to Take Scott from Sharon
The dating app to lure Scott away from Sharon was working. Scott was jealous of Zack. Abby knew she wanted Scott and was sickened by Sharon as she made her advances to lure him into her bed…the nasty slut…Abby detested Sharon and couldn’t stand the fact that Scott was with her. That’s when she came up with the dating app idea. And Victor was all too happy to help her win the war over Scott.
She wanted Scott but couldn’t come out and tell him so. Sharon had already squirmed her way into Scott’s heart. But the success of the dating app was doing wonders. She was successful and soon, Scott would be all hers…and Sharon would be a nasty history. But she didn’t know the regret she would have letting Zack go after she and Scott declared their love for each other.
Meanwhile, Zack was working on the finishing touches as he plotted to make Abby his bride. He couldn’t wait to show her his surprise soon. Once he was married to Abby Newman, Victor would have to help him out of the sex-scandal mess he got himself in. Abby was his ticket to a better life…and no one was going to get in his way!!
Abby put her plan in motion as she text Scott to meet her at Crimson Lights…the perfect spot as Sharon now owned the coffee bar after Dylan’s absence. It worked like a charm…maybe too much.
Not only Sharon witnessed the kiss between Abby and Scott. Zack became more than jealous as he too witnessed the kiss.
Chaos erupted at Crimson Lights as Zack took out his gun and held Sharon at gunpoint. Scott was forced to bargain with Zack to get Sharon out of harm’s way, but he didn’t see Zack’s next move as he kidnapped Abby and forced her into his car. By the time Scott got to Zack’s car, Zack was long gun. And Scott had no idea where Zack took Abby.
Meanwhile, Nick’s life was in shambles as the intruder revealed himself as Adam Newman.
“Chelsea, I’m alive!” Adam said to a shocked Chelsea, who was in bed with his brother.
“Screwing my brother!” Adam chastised her and Nick. “Guess the next surprise is the perfect payback for my brother and his whore!”
“What payback!” Nick demanded.
“Christian isn’t your son!” Adam revealed. “And your whore of a girlfriend, my loving wife, knew all about it!”
Adam left Nick and Chelsea and went to pick up his son, Christian, who was crying in his crib.
“Just what do you mean, Christian is your son?!” Nick demanded, with Chelsea right behind him.
“Yes, brother dear. Christian is mine. And our father knew all along. Not to mention your new girlfriend.”
Nick was crushed. Christian was Adam’s. And Victor and Chelsea knew all along. Nick couldn’t take it. He ran out of Chelsea’s and got into his car. He ended up at Crimson Lights where he spied a sobbing Sharon.
“Sharon, why are you crying?”
“Scott ran after Zack who took Abby?”
“Well, I got news of my own.”
“What can be so bad as Scott being in love with your sister?”
“Try Adam being back and being the father of Christian?”
“What the…..”
“Yeah, the son you raised as Sully with my brother, Dylan, is Adam’s son.”
Nick and Sharon commiserated their loss in each other’s arms as the two made love at Crimson Lights.
Chapter 4 – Jack & Nikki Heat Up Their Romance
Passion was in the air for Jack and Nikki as they took their romance to the next level. As they finished their fiery lovemaking, a knock on the door interrupted their fireworks. It was Dina.
“Jacky?” Dina said, before barging through Jack’s bedroom door, shocked to see Nikki in Jack’s bed.
Nikki covered herself as Jack grabbed his pants and escorted Dina out of his bedroom.
“Mother, what did you want?”
Dina took a few moments to come up with a reason because she didn’t have one. She hated Nikki being with Jack. She wanted Nikki out of her son’s life.
“Mother, what did you want?” Jack repeated again, becoming irate.
“You’re needed at Jabot.” Dina lied. “There’s trouble brewing.”
“Alright. Thanks for telling me.” Jack said as he left her alone and went to get ready and tell Nikki.
“I’m sorry for mother barging in, but I need to head to the office.” Jack said as Nikki’s heart was secretly crushed.
“It’s okay. I’ll just wait here for you until you get back.” She told him with a kiss, which Dina spied.
As Nikki laid back in Jack’s bed, Dina waited for Jack to leave the mansion before confronting Nikki, who was still in Jack’s bed.
“What do you want?’ Nikki said annoyed.
“You out of my son’s life!” Dina demanded.
“Don’t you think Jack should have a say who he’s with?” Nikki pointed out to a disagreeable Dina.
“You’re just a gold-digging tramp!” Dina shot out at her.
“I love Jack!” Nikki defended herself.
“I want you out of Jack’s life or I will tell him your secret!”
“What secret?! I have no secrets?!” Nikki said, knowing she did.
“I know you’re working with Victor to destroy Jabot.” Dina accused.
“You wouldn’t!”
“Watch me!”
Nikki got up out of Jack’s bed, got dressed and grabbed her things and left the Abbott mansion. No one could know why she was romancing Jack. She had to silence Dina before she blabbed everything to Jack.
Meanwhile, Nick and Sharon woke up to find them in bed after Adam found Nick with Chelsea. He couldn’t believe that Christian was Adam’s and he couldn’t believe that Chelsea kept that secret along with his own father.
“Nick, I’m sorry about Christian.” Sharon told him after their tryst.
“I can’t believe I was lied to by my own father and Chelsea.”
“I know I lied to you about Christian being Sully, but it’s funny how you weren’t even Christian’s father—Adam was. And Sage knew the truth?” Sharon tried to reason.
“I know how Dylan felt when I found out Christian was my son.” Nick said, trying to make sense of it. “He couldn’t handle Sully being Christian and not his son. Now I learn that Christian isn’t mine either.”
Nick and Sharon just held each other at Crimson Lights unaware that Dylan had made his way back to Genoa City after he received word from a mysterious source about Christian.
Chapter 5 – Reed & Mattie: Torn Between Family and Love & A Niktor Reunion
Mattie was miserable at Walnut Grove as she walked the hallways. She was barely able to concentrate on her studies. She just couldn’t get Reed out of her head.
Reed also was torn at the public school where he was separated from Mattie. Their families were making it difficult to see each other. Reed couldn’t take it anymore. So he sent Mattie at text at school:
“Meet me later?”
Mattie took out her cell during English class despite the teacher’s objections to having cell phones on during class and was pleasantly surprised to see it was from Reed. Without hesitation, Mattie sent a quick “Yes!” before the teacher saw her texting in class.
“Great! Meet me at Chancellor Park in an hour!” Reed text back.
“Okay.” Mattie replied back just in time before her teacher confiscated her phone.
Mattie couldn’t wait for class to be over to meet Reed.
Nikki was getting ready for her date with Jack. It was going to be a promising night as Nikki looked forward to spending time with Jack. But Jack’s mother, Dina, had other plans in store for Ms. Newman.
Nikki arrived at the Abbott mansion where Jack was planning a romantic night for him and Nikki, but Dina had managed to ruin the dinner when she had a health crisis just minutes before Nikki was to arrive.
Nikki let herself in as no one came to the door and found tending to a sick Dina. Seeing Jack’s devotion to his mother, Nikki became jealous, despite her concern for the woman. She couldn’t help but wonder if Dina was faking it all.
As Nikki quietly walked out of the Abbott mansion, Dina smiled to herself for faking a health crisis. It appeared she had won this round. She hoped her health held so she could get Nikki out of Jack’s life.
Nikki found herself at GCAC ordering a drink when Victor saw her and came over.
“Nikki, what are you doing?”
“I’m having a drink.” Nikki said snidely to her ex-husband.
“Come home, tonight!” Victor pleaded, something he rarely did, but deep down, he missed her. “End this farce of a divorce now!”
After the night Nikki had, she thought it over for a split second and thought…what the hell…why not!! Nikki allowed Victor lead her out of GCAC before she took one gulp of her alcoholic drink.
Back at Newman Ranch, old feelings resurfaced as Nikki allowed herself to be seduced by Victor, despite the issues they had currently between them. Sparks of romance ignited for the star-crossed lovers as they made love through the night.
Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack learned that Dina staged her health crisis and scolded her for trying to ruin him and Nikki.
To Dina’s dismay, Jack ran out to find Nikki, only to find her at Newman Ranch in Victor’s bed.
Chapter 6 – Lily Dashes Jordan’s Hopes
“Lily, it’s you I want.” Jordan came out and confessed his love for her.
“Jordan, I’m touched that you think we should be together…” Lily said, trying to find the right words to gently let him down.
“I was only with Hilary to make you jealous.” Jordan continued his confession.
“Wow! And you thought making me jealous would make me run into your arms?” Lily said in disbelief.
“What can you say, people do stupid things when you’re in love?” Jordan said in his defense.
“I’m sorry, Jordan, but I’m still in love with Cane.” Lily just came out and told Jordan, as she was sick of his games.
“After the heartache he caused you…you’re going back to him?!”
“I can’t help how I feel?”
“But you can flirt with me and make me believe we had something going?” Jordan accused.
“I never led you on?!” Lily said hurt by his accusation.
“Yeah, that’s right! Deny it!” Jordan said as he walked out on her.
Lily couldn’t believe Jordan would accuse her of coming on to him…let alone, think she was leading him on. But she had more troubles to come when Hilary confronted her after a talk with Jordan when she found him at GCAC drowning his sorrows.
“Who do you think you are?” Hilary yelled as threw hurled accusations at Lily at Brash & Sassy.
“So you talked with Jordan?!” Lily asked.
“Yeah! And he told me you told him you were still in love with Cane!”
“I tried to let him down gently, but he threw accusations at me!”
“You’re nothing but a slut, Lily.” Hilary threw out at her. “You come onto men then break their hearts.”
“I don’t need to take your insults, Hilary!” Lily told her. “Now get out of my office!”
“I hope Cane dumps your @$$! You never deserve him!” Hilary said heatedly before storming out of Lily’s office at Newman.
Lily couldn’t believe the gall of Hilary to come to Newman and yell at her. After everything she put her father and brother threw. Well, Hilary was going to get her due…when she least expect it.
Meanwhile, Reed and Mattie continued to meet secretly after school as their families didn’t approve of their dating. Everything went well, until Charlie caught them in sharing a smoothie at a hideway beach café on the beach. Charlie was there with a date as well.
“Mattie, what are you doing here with Hellstrom?” Charlie asked his twin sister.
“Reed asked me to meet him for a smoothie and I agreed.” Mattie told her brother.
“Mom and dad are going to be so pissed.”
“That’s why you aren’t going to tell him, are you brother dear.”
“You expect me to lie for you?”
“Please, Charlie.” Mattie begged him with a pout.
Charlie could never refuse his sister when she pouted, “Fine, Mattie, I won’t say a word to mom and dad.”
“Thank you, Charlie. You won’t regret it.”
“I better not.” Charlie said, as he went off with his date, while Reed and Mattie continued theirs.
Chapter 7 – Tessa and Mariah’s Secret Is Exposed
Devon was waiting at the top of Newman Tower when Mariah showed up late for their dinner date.
“Devon, I’m so sorry.” Mariah apologized. “I had a situation come up with my mother.”
Mariah felt bad for lying to Devon about why she was late for their dinner date, but she knew she couldn’t tell him about the kiss between her and Tessa. Tessa, feeling guilty for hurting Noah, back off and told Mariah it could never happen again. Hiding her hurt, Mariah understood Tessa didn’t want to hurt her step-brother, Noah.
“That’s okay.” Devon told her. “I took the liberty to order drinks and dinner.”
“I’m sure whatever you order will be delicious.”
Mariah decided to make the best of her romance with Devon, but Hilary decided to have dinner alone and made herself known when she spied Devon with Mariah.
“Why, hello you two!” Hilary said cheerfully despite being hurt that Jordan dissed her for Lily, unbeknownst to her, Lily dissed Jordan.
“Well, I got a business dinner waiting.” Hilary told them as she sashayed away from their table.
Hilary didn’t expect to see Jordan waiting at her table.
“I have some news to tell you?”
“Lily left Cane and you two are a couple?”
“No. She dissed me. She’s committed to Cane and her family.”
“Well, well, well.” Hilary tsked.
“I learned something about Mariah and Tessa I thought you might want to know.”
“And you’re telling me…out of the goodness of your heart?”
“I’m telling you so you get the scoop first.”
“Well, what is the secret?”
“Tessa and Mariah kissed.”
“And how did you come across this bit of news?”
“I don’t disclose my sources.”
“Well, thank you Jordan. You can go.”
As Jordan walked out the Newman Tower, Hilary wondered what she do with Tessa and Mariah’s secret.
Meanwhile, Reed was planning a surprise date for Mattie, but when he called her up to join him, she had to decline his invitation.
“Mattie, can you meet me at the country club?” Reed said excitedly.
“I’m sorry, Reed, but I’m swamped with work her at HWG.”
“Yeah. Maybe some other time.” Reed said disappointedly .
Reed bumped into Charlie when he sat down in a lounge by the pool.
“Why so bummed? Did my sister dump you?”
“I don’t want to get into it.”
“She did. My sister dumped you. Must be the new guy at HWG.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
But Charlie left before he could explain, leaving Reed fuming that Mattie found someone else. He decided to pay Mattie a visit at HWG just to see how swamped she really was.
But when Reed got there, he saw with his own eyes when he caught Mattie in what looked like an embrace with Nate Hastings, and left HWG without one word to Mattie.
Chapter 8 – Ashley’s Night Out
Ravi was a real gentleman when Ashley arrived at the opera house for their date. Ravi was taken aback by Ashley’s beauty as he took her hand and led her to their seat.
The opera was lovely and Ravi looked handsome in his tux. Ashley couldn’t take his eyes off him.
After the opera, Ravi asked Ashley out for coffee afterwards. Ashley accepted and they went to a quaint coffee shop where no one they knew frequented the shop, which left Ravi to wonder if Ashley didn’t want anyone to know about their date.
“Ashley, are you ashamed of dating me?” Ravi came out and asked.
“Of course not, Ravi. I genuinely like you.”
“So, why the quaint coffee shop your family and friends know nothing about?”
“I wanted to get to know you better without the drama.”
“Well, since you put it that way.”
Ashley and Ravi enjoyed their time alone. it was nice to be with someone without family interference.

Love & Games: General Hospital Romances

Relationships are back on track after a sizzling summer, but who will last and who will break up?
Sonny and Carly are back together after everything that has happened the last year, but more surprises come in the form of teen drama as Josslyn begins dating Oscar.
Jason and Sam take a much needed vacation with the kids, but find danger while on vacation.
Julian and Alexis are back together, despite angst from family. Will they survive or end it?
Kristina moves to L.A. for love until she gets the news that Parker is back with her ex.
Nathan and Maxie’s marriage is tested when she gets wind that he is “Ask Man Landers”. Will their marriage last or will he find comfort in Amy?
Dante and Lulu rejoice in their love and their family as Lulu wins custody of Charlotte, Valentin pulls out all the cards to bring Charlotte home to him.
Griffin comforts Ava in her grief. Will it turn to love, or is Ava using him to further her agenda?
Molly and TJ get a unwelcome shock when she discovers she is pregnant.
After a long separation, Liz and Franco are sizzling as they renew their love and find adventure along the way.

Sonny Corinthos – Maurice Benard
Carly Corinthos – Laura Wright
Josslyn Jacks – Eden McCoy
Oscar Nero – Garren Stitt
Jason Morgan – Billy Miller
Sam Morgan – Kelly Monaco
Danny Morgan – T. K. Weaver
Scout Morgan – Lori and Sevan Adonian
Julian Jerome – William Devry
Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Maxie Jones-West – Kirsten Storms
Amy Driscoll – Risa Dorken
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zaprogna
Lulu Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Rocco Falconeri – O’Neill Monahan
Charlotte Cassadine – Scarlett Fernandez
Valentin Cassadine – James Patrick Stuart
Nina Reeves-Clay-Lansing-CAssadine – Michelle Stafford
Griffin Munro – Matt Cohen
Ava Jerome – Maura West
Molly Davis-Lansing – Haley Pullos
TJ Ashford – Tequan Richmond
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Cameron “Cam” Webber – Michael Leone
Jake Morgan – Hudson West
Ayden Spencer – Jason David

Chapter 1-Josslyn Dates Oscar
“Mom, you’ll never guess!” Josslyn comes into the living room with a huge smile on her face.
“What is it, dear?” Carly says, wondering what her teenage daughter is so happy about.
“I have a date!” Josslyn beams. “With Oscar!”
“Oh, hell no!” Carly says, enraged, but her ire fells on deaf ears as Josslyn went to her room to fix herself up.
“Carly, I’m home!” Sonny says coming into the living room.
“You have to have a talk with her!” Carly tells Sonny.
“What’s Joss done now?”
“She’s getting ready for a date with Oscar!”
“What’s the problem with Joss dating?” Sonny inquires. “Oscar sound likes a nice boy?”
“She can’t date?! She too young!” Carly tries to plead to Sonny’s parental side, since he was always the more rigid one.
“Carly, I had a talk with Oscar. He understands where we’re coming from.” Sonny tried to get through to Carly.
“I’ll talk to Josslyn.” Sonny told Carly.
“Well, now’s the time.” Carly says as Josslyn bounces down the stairs to head out the front door as to meet Oscar at Ruby’s Diner.
“Josslyn, you can’t go out!” Sonny tells her, making Carly happy.
“But——-“ Josslyn whines.
“Not until I have a talk with this Oscar.” Sonny says adamantly.
“Well, then you can do it now.” Josslyn tells him as Oscar is at their front door.
“Oscar, my step-father would like to talk with you.” Josslyn says, answering the doorbell.
“Come in, Oscar.” Sonny tells him.
While Sonny and Oscar sit on the sofa in the living room, Carly takes Josslyn into the kitchen for her own little talk.
With the understanding that Josslyn and Oscar would be accompanied by friends their talk with Carly and Sonny, Carly and Sonny relented and allowed Josslyn to go out with Oscar.
As soon as they were out from under Sonny and Carly’s thumb, Josslyn and Oscar went to the high school party they were really going to.
“I can’t believe my parents actually fell for it.” Josslyn smiled.
Chapter 2 – Jason and Sam Take a Much Needed Vacation
After Sam and Scout’s health scare, Jason and Sam took Danny and Scout home. They decided that they needed a vacation and after getting word from Dr. Bensch that Sam and Scout were out of danger, Jason and Sam said good byes to Monica and the Q’s, as well as Alexis and Sam’s sisters, Molly and Kristina, for a spell and hopped into their new RV that Jason and Sam had bought and took off for parts unknown for a family vacation.
“I’m glad we’re doing this.” Sam told Jason as she gave him a peck on the cheek because he was driving the RV.
“Me too.” Jason happily replied. “After the Julian and Olivia issues, not to mention your pregnancy and health scare, we need this vacation.”
Sam looked back at Scout, who was sleeping peacefully in her car seat and Danny, buckled in next to his sister, was reading his favorite book that Sam read often to him, “Green Eggs and Ham (actually, Sam read it to Danny so many times, Danny had the story memorized).
“Good book?” Sam asked her son.
“Mom, you know this is my favorite book.” Danny happily berated her.
“I know, Danny.” Sam replied, laughing with her son. It felt good to finally be with family. The last year had been hell.
Jason was getting tired and decided to pull off into an RV trailer park for the night. They were so tired from traveling; they were oblivious to the trouble that was going down as they laid down for the night.
As they were drifting off to sleep, there was a barrage of gunfire. Jason jumped out of bed and put his pants on and ran outside to see what was going on.
One of the bullets grazed him in the shoulder as the hit man was firing away at the innocent campers. As the gunfire ended, Jason tackled the hit man and got him into a hold and drug him into his RV to interrogate him.
“Who are you and who’s your boss?” Jason questioned the man.
“That’s confidential information.” The man replied to Jason’s question.
“Listen here, man! I’m tired and pist off right now!” Jason threatened the man. “Either you tell me who you’re boss is, or face the consequences!”
“No comment!” the man spit in Jason’s face.
Outraged by the man’s outright disrespect, Jason took the duct tape and taped the man’s mouth shut and tied him up with rope.
Then he went back to bed as the man tried to free himself, thinking to himself, “Damn! The boss won’t like the mess I got myself into!”
Chapter 3 – Alexis Risks It All For Julian
Alexis couldn’t take it anymore. Dating other men just to appease her daughters to get Julian out of her life and mind. Yeah. Julian was in Pentonville. But that still didn’t erase Julian from her mind and heart. Alexis could no longer deny it any longer.
Alexis left the blind date her 3 loving daughters set her up on. She was appreciative of their help, but Julian was on her mind all through the date. So after politely apologizing to the gentleman—Alexis couldn’t remember the man’s name, that’s how into Julian she was—she made a hasty exit from the restaurant and hopped into her car and drove off………
…….In the direction of Pentonville. Alexis needed to see Julian!!!!
Josslyn was searching the web looking for Oscar’s father when Carly came to check on her late at night.
“Hey, what are you doing still up?”
“Couldn’t sleep.” Josslyn said as she closed her laptop so Carly wouldn’t see what she was doing.
“Well, it’s time to get to bed. It’s 1:00 a.m.”
“Yes, mom.”
Josslyn headed to bed just long enough for Carly to leave before she was back up searching the web to look for Oscar’s father.
Alexis pulled into the visitor’s parking lot and parked her car at Pentonville Correctional Institute and headed inside. She needed to see Julian.
“Yes, I need to see Julian Jerome.” Alexis asked the guard on duty.
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but Mr. Jerome is no longer here.”
“No longer here?”
“Yes. He’s been released.”
“Released? What do you mean?”
“Mr. Jerome has been released on good behavior.” The guard informed her.
Alexis headed out to her car and drove back to Port Charles. She couldn’t believe Julian was released from Pentonville. And more importantly, that Julian would ditch her after his release?
Alexis found herself at The Haunted Star as she ordered a drink. She needed one right now. She was about to pledge her love as she found out Julian was released and left Port Charles—and her.
As she downed her drink and put down the drink, Alexis got the surprise of her life as Julian stood before her.
Chapter 4 – Kristina Moves to L.A. for Love
Fed up with her mother’s hypocritical ideas on love, Kristina moved to L.A. to be with her love, Parker. After a heartbreaking breakup with Aaron, she boarded a flight bound for L.A. to surprise Parker and tell her it was her she wanted to be with.
Parker left Port Charles hoping to be with Kristina, but when Alexis disapproved of her daughter’s involvement with her, Parker went back to L.A. and got a shocking surprise when her wife told her she wanted her back.
Knowing she could never be with Kristina, Parker agreed to go back to Karrie, and the two tied the knot in a civil ceremony.
Kristina arrived in L.A. and immediately calls Parker to tell her she’s in L.A. but Parker’s cell goes straight to voicemail, as Kristina is unaware of Parker remarrying her ex-wife.
Kristina knocked on Parker’s door, but no one answered as Parker and Karrie were out having an impromptu wedding lunch.
Kristina left to go to her hotel and waited until she could see Parker to tell her she was in L.A. On her way, she spotted Parker sitting alone at a outside table.
“Kristina? What are you doing here?” Parker questioned as she waited for Karrie to come back.
“I love you!” Kristina blurted out.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Karrie asked as she arrived at her and Parker’s table with their order.
Kristina turned around to see Parker’s ex-wife and was shocked to see rings on their fingers.
“You’re back together?” Kristina said bitterly.
“Karrie and I recommitted to each other yesterday.” Parker informed her.
Kristina was heartbroken to find that Parker was back with her ex. She had risked her family’s trust and found her way to L.A. for love and it was gone.
Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Alexis took another sip of her drink after seeing Julian, but David Bensch took the drink from her hand.
“You don’ t need this!”
“David?” Alexis said when he grabbed her drink.
“Who the hell are you?!” Julian demanded to know.
“I’m the new surgical doctor at General Hospital, Dr. David Bensch.”
“And he’s my boyfriend.” Alexis told a shocked Julian.
“I thought you wanted me back?”
“I was wrong.” Alexis said, denying her feelings for her daughters’ sake, who wanted Julian out of their mother’s life. “If you’ll excuse me, David and I have a date!”
Alexis walked away with David Bensch to Julian’s chagrin. He wasn’t worried. He knew, soon, he’d b back in Alexis’ bed.
Chapter 5 – Maxie Finds Out Nathan Is Man Landers
Maxie had wondered why Amy was so chummy with her husband while she was away. So she thought she’d do some spying on the two and was shocked to discover he was Man Landers.
Maxie waited for Nathan to come home from work and got into an argument about her discovery.
“I know your secret, Nathan!” Maxie told him as soon as he walked into their apartment.
“What secret is that?”
“That you’re Ask Man Landers!”
“Oh, that.”
“Question is why you couldn’t tell me?”
“Maxie, I tried several times, but things always came up.” Nathan defended himself.
“That’s no excuse.”
“I’m sorry Maxie, I tried to tell you, in fact I was coming home tonight to tell you.”
“So that’s why you’ve become so chummy with Amy?” Maxie accused. “Or are you two close?”
“Maxie, you know I love you.” Nathan tried to reassure her.
“Well, I have been gone a long time?”
“I’ve been true to you and only you.” Nathan said. “It’s just business between Amy and me.”
‘Hope so, because I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”
Nathan and Maxie kissed. It had been a long time since they’ve been together since her abrupt departure shortly after their wedding.
“Let’s make up for lost time.” Maxie said affectionately as the two lovers kissed as Nathan carried Maxie to their room to make long need love.
Meanwhile, Josslyn was enjoying her time with Oscar, but he was unusually vague about certain details of his life. Josslyn wanted to know more so she decided to quiz Oscar about his life. What she found out surprised her.
“Oscar, why don’t you talk about your life?” Josslyn asked him while taking a break at Perks after their date.
“It’s hard to explain.” Oscar told her, not wanting to get into his past.
“You can tell me anything.” Josslyn pressed.
“You promise not to tell anyone?”
“Cross my heart.”
“I don’t know who my father is and I sorta want to know.”
“Why don’t you know?”
“My mother is very vague about her time with my dad.” Oscar confessed. “Every time I ask she abruptly changes the subject.”
“Well, I think I can help you with that.” Josslyn said, getting a smile on her face.
“How can you do that? I know nothing about him?” Oscar said hopelessly.
“Well, tell me what you do know and I’ll do an online search.”
“They met in San Diego but it ended soon after they met.” Oscar told her.
“That’s all you know? That could be anyone?”
“I do know he’s a Navy Seal.”
“Great, Oscar. Can you ask your mother for more details about your father?” Josslyn asked.
“I can try.”
“Great. Oh look, it’s getting late. I better get home or my mother will freak.” Josslyn said as Oscar gave her a peck on the cheek.
As Oscar walked Josslyn home, for the first time in his life, he had some hope of finding his father. He was glad he met Josslyn.
Chapter 6 – Dante & Lulu’s Family
Dante and Lulu decided it was best if they celebrated winning the custody hearing by taking Charlotte and Rocco on a cruise for vacation. But just before leaving, Lulu began feeling nauseous.
“Dante, I gotta head out to grab a few things before he head off on the cruise.” Lulu said not wanting to worry Dante or the children.
“Okay.” Dante said as he kissed Lulu on the lips as she headed out the door.
Lulu hopped into the car and headed for General Hospital. Pulling out her cell as she drove, she dialed Lucas’ number to see if he could squeeze her in for a quick appointment.
Getting the ok, Lulu pulled into General Hospital parking lot and headed inside where Lucas met her at the nurses’ desk.
“I hope everything’s ok.” Lucas told her as they headed to ER examining room.
“I’m sure it’s nothing. Just want to make sure before Dante, the children and I head off on our cruise.”
“Well, let’s get that exam done.”
After examining Lulu, Lucas went to the lab to have the results done and to tell Brad to have it done ASAP as the patient was heading out and wanted to know STAT.
Brad jumped on the spot and got the test done and headed to Lucas’ office to give him the results. Lucas took Lulu’s test results from Brad and opened them up. He smiled at the results, “Lulu will be surprised by this!”
After kissing Brad good bye and promising a special night for his quick response, Lucas headed to the ER waiting room to give Lulu the news.
“I have your results.” Lucas told her.
“That was quick? So is it…good?”
“You could say that?”
“You’re pregnant!”
Lulu was taken aback by Lucas’ news of her pregnancy. She thought she couldn’t get pregnant. She cherished Rocco and Charlotte. This news was going to surprise Dante.
“I can’t believe it! How?!”
“You don’t know how it happened?”
“I know how, I just….” Lulu began. “Never mind. Why think about it. I should just be grateful.”
“That’s right!”
Ecstatic at the joy of being pregnant, Lulu headed home to tell Dante the news.
But on the way home, Nelle, who was speeding home to tell Michael about her baby shower, didn’t see Lulu and ended up in a collision.
Nelle got out alive, but Lulu didn’t fair so well. Nelle went to check on the other driver and found Lulu unconscious at the wheel. Dialing an EMT from her cell, she waited by an unconscious Lulu as EMT’s rushed to her side.
As EMT’s rushed Lulu to General Hospital, Nelle called Dante to alert her to Lulu’s accident. Then headed the Q mansion to put her plan in motion.
Dante arrived at General Hospital where he was informed by Liz that Lulu was in ER as a result of a car accident an Lucas was examining her.
“Lucas, the baby?!”
After careful examination, Lucas sadly told her the news, “I’m sorry, Lulu. The baby didn’t make it.”
“But I just found out today.”
“Dante is here. Should I send him in?”
“Yes.” Lulu told Lucas. She was debating telling him about the pregnancy and now the miscarriage.
When Dante entered the ER exam room, his worried look told Lulu not to tell him about the baby and the loss. She couldn’t believe the baby was here—and gone—like that?
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.”
“I can’t wait to get out of here so we can go on our cruise with our children.”
“Yeah.: Dante said as he kissed her forehead.
Back at the Q mansion, Nelle was putting her plot to drive Carly crazy when Nelle fell down the Q stairs. Alice the cook found her unconscious and called an ambulance, who took Nelle to the hospital.
Chapter 7 – Nelle’s Fate
Nelle had been in a coma for 2 weeks with no chance of recovery. The baby was had survived the fall and thriving well with Nelle still in a coma.
Michael, who was onto Nelle and her plot to drive his mother crazy knew he wasn’t the father of the baby. He secretly had a paternity test done behind Nelle’s back by telling her she was having “a test done on the baby for the good of the baby.” Nelle believed the story and was willing to have the “test” done.
After receiving the results, that’s when Michael knew Nelle was plotting to drive his mother crazy. And put his own plan in place to bring Nelle down. He just didn’t think Nelle would end up in a coma. But at least he could get his mother out of Ferncliff with the proof of Nelle’s plot.
Michael needed to find a home for the baby, who due to be induced because Nelle would not be able to go through childbirth now that she was in a coma.
That’s when he thought of Dante and Lulu. So, heading over to Dante and Lulu’s flat, he barely missed them as they were on their way to meet their flight to board their family cruise.
“Dante? Lulu?” Michael said as Dante answered the front door. “Can we talk?”
“Sure, Michael, but make it quick.”
“You going somewhere?”
“Yes, Lulu, the kids and I are going on a family cruise to celebrate winning custody of Charlotte.”
“Well, I have a proposition for you two?”
“Well, as you know, Nelle’s in a coma and she probably won’t make it.”
“Michael, that’s terrible.” Lulu said concerned. “Is the baby okay?”
“The baby’s okay and due to be induced any day now.”
“What a relief.” Lulu said, as she thought of her baby she had just lost.
“That’s why I’m here.”
“What do you need. Just name it.” Dante told him.
“I was wondering if you and Lulu would adopt Nelle’s baby.”
“But aren’t you the father?”
“No. I went behind Nelle’s back and had a paternity test done. Turns out, I’m not the father.”
“I don’t know if I can do that.” Dante told him, but Lulu, stepped in, thinking how it would help her with her own loss.
“Dante, I think we should take Michael up on his offer.”
“You want to adopt Nelle’s baby?”
“It would be our baby. And according to Michael, Nelle probably won’t make it. Someone will have to take care of the baby.”
“But it’s Nelle’s baby?”
“The baby is an innocent victim. He or she can’t be blamed for his mother’s actions.”
“Thanks you two.”
As Michael headed back to the hospital, Lucas informed him that the baby was born and Nelle had died shortly after the birth.

Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 9-13, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 9-13, 2018
The Young & the Restless
An outraged Jill returns to town to confront Jack and Kyle!
Ashley makes a high-risk decision.
Sharon and Nikki panic when they see JT.
Nikki is afraid that JT has returned to finish Victor off!
Things become more complicated for Nikki, Sharon, Victoria and Phyllis.
Kyle takes matters into his own hands but winds up in over his head.
Billy’s dark side emerges.
Ashley is wined and dined.
Hilary helps Phyllis decide which direction to take.
Sharon and Nick prepare for their future.
Victor is stunned by a cryptic message the receives.
Neil returns a favor.
Jill returns to Genoa City and gets caught up in the turmoil.
Casting Scoops
Jess Walton returns as Jill Atkinson this week.
Brooks Darnell joined the cast in the role Nate Hastings last week.
Eileen Davidson has decided to leave the show.
Mishael Morgan has taped her final scenes as Hilary Curtis.

Sneak Peek at Next Week
Phyllis uncovers a secret.
Jack receives disturbing news.
Hilary and Lily butt heads.
Victor stands his ground.
Summer Preview
Nick and Sharon are determined to make their relationship work this time, but a bubbling secret might compromise their reunion.
As Arturo an Abby move forward, Arturo realizes that it isn’t easy dating a Newman and Abby realizes there is more to Arturo than she thought.
Jack will struggle while he tries to find his place at Jabot and is place within the Abbott family.
A major twist forces Nikki, Sharon, Victoria and Phyllis to question their motivations and their bond.
Nikki, Sharon, Victoria ad Phyllis’ problems regarding JT are still very real.
The Bold & the Beautiful
Xander shares a secret with Emma.
Xander shares a secret with Emma that he has been hiding.
Zoe overhears Sally tell Wyatt that she had been warned by Hope.
Steffy struggles with the news that Hope is pregnant with Liam’s baby.
Steffy employs tough love with Liam and says she will not accept and endless triangle.
Katie and Thorne hire Ken, an IT specialist to delve into Hope’s Internet harasser.
Zoe watches the blossoming friendship between Emma and Xander.
Sally fights to win Hope’s acceptance.
Katie and Thorne believe the Internet bully is Sally.
Zoe is interested in Emma because of a photo she shared on social media of herself and Xander.
Zoe has a secret agenda and she manipulates a situation to make Emma’s acquaintance.
Steffy and Hope each vow they have the right to a family with Liam.
Liam seeks counsel from Wyatt regarding his two families.
Emma and Xander kiss after she shares her dance routine with him.
When $Bill arrives to offer and apology, Wyatt tells him that Hope is pregnant.
Casting Scoops
Danny Woodburn appears as ken the IT guy on July 10 and 11.
Kiara Barnes joins the cast as Zoe, a mystery woman who has a secret past with a core character.
Marissa Jaret Winokur, winner of Celebrity Big Brother, will appear in one episode—airdate not determined.

Sneak Peek at Next Week
Xander needs to confront the past.
Sally vows to find Hope’s harasser after she needed to defend herself.
Summer Preview
Steffy wonders if her vision of motherhood will ultimately be fulfilled with a complete family.
Quinn will be involved in Wyatt’s situation and it will put Quinn and Eric’s relationship to the test.
Quinn’s dark side might rear its ugly head
At Forrester Creations, Emma and Alexander will find love.
General Hospital
Scott knows a secret, and it’s not what Ava thinks.
Nina’s appearance is well-timed.
Nina makes her feelings clear.
Valentin grows suspicious of Nina.
Franco’s curiosity is piqued.
Sonny is careful to hide his true feelings.
Mike gets some help from his son.
Michael is filled with regret.
Nelle is rattled.
Nelle’s luck begins to turn.
Michael reaches out to Alexis.
Nelle hears something that doesn’t sit well with her.
Carly opens up to Kevin.
Sam makes headway with her investigation.
Liesl lets her guard down.
Jordan turns to Stella for help.
Ava takes notice of Oscar’s new cologne.
Fin hopes to make peace.
Finn senses that something isn’t right.
Jason has a private word with Drew.
Ned decides to cut to the heart of the matter.
Sneak Peek at Next Week
Michael feels conflicted.
Valentin solves a mystery.
Sonny learns about Julian’s plans for Charlie’s Pub.
Carly pays the piper.
Diane delivers unwelcome news.
Down the Road Previews
Nelle’s carefully laid plans unravels.
Will a blast from the blast save the day?
Ava embraces her dark side.
Love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear.
Could Kevin be hiding a deadly secret?
Days of Our Lives
Salem sizzles with scandals and sex!
Covering up a crime can be very tricky, which Sonny and Will woefully discover as Leo’s whereabouts become a mystery.
A worried Sonny and Will is concerned as he and Sonny scramble to put out the fire, but their abnormal actions don’t go unnoticed by Paul.
While flames of passion finally ignite between Kate and Ted, Stefan is passionate that Kate gets him exactly what he wants now!
Waiting for answers as to whether Stefan or Chad is the father of her baby has Abigail at her wits end, but she still had Gabi’s support.
Still, Gabi will need her own support system as she’s rushed to the hospital where Kayla’s eventual diagnosis destroys Gabi.
Tate’s custody hearing becomes more of a macabre match of whom can destroy whom first—Brady or Theresa.
Having dealt Brady a devastating blow by suggesting he’s a murderer, Theresa wonders if she’s gone too far.
JJ remains at Theresa’s side, though encourages her to meet Brady half way before things get even uglier.
Feeling backed into a murderous corner, Brady believes it’s time to share the secret of Deimos’ death with Eve.
Knowing Brady has the means to turn things around for himself, Eve wants him to clear his name by naming Nicole as Deimos’ murderer.
Eve proves just how far she’ll go to help Brady win the war against Theresa and even gets an assist from Victor to do so.
The constantly turning tables in the battle between Brady and Theresa turn again, and things don’t look good for Theresa.
Hoping to turn the tables back in Theresa’s favor, JJ blasts into the courtroom with a colossal confession that could change everything.
The courtroom is abuzz with JJ’s jaw dropper, but his good intentions may get him into hot water.
The blaze gets too hot to handle for Ciara as she passes out amongst the flames, but help is on the way.
Hope and Rafe race to find Ciara and, when they finally do, Rafe rescues her just as the fire is about to consume the cabin.
The fires origins continue to confuse Ciara and she finally gets the chance to ask Ben about the blaze at the cabin.
Ben does his best to ensure Ciara he cares about her and wouldn’t intentionally harm her in any way.
As Ciara’s feelings for Ben continue to grow, she’s faced with the past when Tripp rushes to see her upon her return.
Casting Scoop
AMC/Y&R alum Stacy Haiduk hired to take over Eileen Davidson role.
Matthew Ashford reportedly making a DAYS return.
Stephen Nichols celebrates 33 years with DAYS while exit rumors circulate.
DAYS’ Judi Evans lands gritty film about the horrors of human trafficking.
Is Bryan Dattilo out at Days of Our Lives?
Christopher Sean issues statement: it was my decision to depart from Days of Our Lives.
Arianne Zucker set for a fall return on Days of Our Lives.
Marci Miller wraps up her time as Days of Our Lives’ Abigail.
Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison are once again Salem-bound.
Kyle Lowder returns to DAYS.
After being “on the fence,” Billy Flynn has decided to stay put at DAYS
Farah Fath returns to DAYS.
Camila Banus staying put at DAYS
Alison Sweeney back to DAYS for roller-coaster storyline.

Sneak Peek at Next Week
An already worried Will is on the receiving end of a bewildering note, which may blow his life apart.
An anxious Abigail fills Gabi in on her baby daddy’s identity and also makes a big decision about the pregnancy itself.
As Steve gets a medical update, Theresa is updated on a situation with Kimberly that may change her fate with Tate.
While JJ finds his future in jeopardy, Claire questions Ciara’s feelings about Ben.
Down the Road Previews
While some Salemites will be leaving town soon, other old faces will appear again (and some aren’t as dead as once believed).
One can’t count a DiMera down for too long, and one return will rock Salem to its core and leave enemies quaking.
It may not be such a happy homecoming for one worldly couple as they are faced with more drama than imagined.
A certain Salemite might have some explaining to do when his jilted ex returns to town.
Later this year, Hurricane Sami blows back into Salem, and it promises to be wild ride.

Love & Danger in Salem: Days of Our Lives Romances

As the summer winds down, romances are still sizzling, but will they last?
After Nicole leaves Salem with Holly, Brady finds a new love, but someone from his past threatens his romance.
Andre finds love with someone unexpected, but his marriage to Kate puts a damper on the romance.
Chad and Abigail find happiness as they reunite their family, but danger looms for the reunited duo.
Gabi looks for love in all the wrong places as she denies her true desire; JJ moves on after Lani breaks his heart for Eli. Will Gabi and JJ admit their feelings for each other?
Claire moves to Hollywood when she lands a gig in show business. But is surprised when she discovers who her real boss is and is shaken by what he really wants. It’s Theo to the rescue when he gets wind of Claire’s trouble.
Steve tries to comfort Kayla after Joey confesses his role in Ava’s death and is sent to Statesville. But the inmates don’t take kindly to Joey when they find out why he’s there? Who is Joey’s shocking rescuer?
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Andre DiMera – Thaao Penghlis
Kate Roberts-DiMera – Lauren Koslow
Anne Millbauer – Meredith Lynn Scott
Chad DiMera – Billy Flynn
Abigail Devereaux-DiMera – Marci Miller
Gabi Hernandez – Camilla Banus
JJ Devereaux – Casey Moss
Lani Price – Sal Stowers
Eli Grant – Lamon Archey
Claire Brady – Olivia Rose Keegan
Deimos Kiriakis – Vincent Irrizarry
Theo Carver – Kyle Pettis
Steve Johnson – Stephen Nichols
Dr. Kayla Brady-Johnson – Mary Beth Evans
Joey Johnson – James Lastovic
Tripp Dalton – Lucas Adams
Ben Weston – Robert Scott Wilson
Will Horton – Chandler Massey
Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis – Freddie Smith
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Leo Stark/Matthew Cooper – Greg Rikaart
Chapter 1- A New Love For Brady
“Nicole, I’m going to miss you and Holly.” Brady said tearfully as Nicole bid farewell to Salem.
“I’m going to miss you too!” Nicole said, also tearfully. “I’ve has so many memories—good and bad. But it’s time for me and Holly to write our own story.”
“I’m going to miss you too!” Tate chimed in.
“Well, I’m going to miss you too, Tate.” Nicole said as she bent down to give Tate a kiss good bye.
Brady and Tate watched as Nicole and Holly boarded the plane for her flight to Paris as Brady wondered what his life would be like now that Nicole was gone. Tate didn’t have a mother—Theresa left Salem for some other guy…and now, Nicole was gone too.
“C’mon champ!” Brady said to Tate. “How about a father-son ice cream sundae.”
“Yay!” Tate exclaimed.
Brady led the way to the ice cream parlor in Horton Square. Brady escorted Tate to his seat and went up to the counter to order an ice cream sundae for him and Tate.
“May I help you?” a young girl asked him.
“Yes…” Brady started to order, but he didn’t get to order as a clumsy lady next to him knocked her ice cream cone into Brady’s jacket.
“What the….” Brady exclaimed, sensoring himself, as he didn’t want the lady and the young girl to hear him cursing.
“I’m so sorry!” the woman , disguised so Brady wouldn’t recognize her until she was ready to reveal herself, apologized.
“Yeah. It’s okay.” Brady said irritated, but trying his best not to show it. “Just try to be more careful.”
The woman walked away from Brady with a smile on her face.
“Yes, boss, I did it!” the woman said into her phone before hanging up.
Brady Black would soon get the surprise of his life.
Brady tried to ignore what just happened and took the ice cream sundaes over to Tate. At least Tate like ice cream sundaes—his favorite. It reminded him of when Theresa used to take Tate to the ice cream parlor.
“Here you go.” Brady set the ice cream sundae in front of Tate as Tate dug into his sundae happily.
The woman, on the other hand, watched Brady with Tate from across the ice cream parlor, anticipating her next move.
Chapter 2 – Andre Finds Love
Andre found himself at a place he rarely visited—The Club, now ran by Chloe and Julie. He couldn’t take Kate and her demands. Their marriage was in name only. The bitch was acting like it was a real marriage.
“What can I get you, Andre.” Julie said, her distaste of the man showing in her voice.
“Just pour me a double.” Andre demanded. “And keep ‘em coming.”
While Andre drowned his troubles with liquor, Anne was drowning her sorrows after failing to get Lucas’ interest in her. She didn’t understand it. She was just trying to make Lucas feel happy after Adrienne’s sudden break-up with him. She felt sorry for him. She just wanted to make him happy. But Lucas rejected her like the plague.
Something drew Andre to Anne as he watched her from his bar stool across the room. He had a drink sent to her table. As she accepted the free drink, Andre toasted her. He got a gleam in his eye as he smiled—thinking he could use Anne to make Kate jealous.
Walking over to Anne’s table, he joined her as the two drank their worries away.
While commiserating their woes, Kate walked into The Club and found her “loving” husband with Anne Millbauer.
“What the hell do you think you are doing with that woman?!” Kate demanded, making her ire known to the other patrons, and Chloe, who witnessed the scene.
“Why, Kate! I didn’t know you cared?!” Andre said, calling her out on her demands.
“You’re cheating on me! With. . .this?!” Kate said, pointing her finger at Anne.
Andre just smiled at Kate, knowing his plan to make Kate jealous with Anne seemed to be working. Soon Kate would be putty in his hands and he’d have DiMera Enterprises back in his hands.
Chapter 3 – Chad & Abigail Are Stalked on Their Honeymoon
Happily married newlyweds get ready to leave for their honeymoon in Sydney, Australia as Chad and Abigail bid everyone in Salem farewell. But someone isn’t too keen on the couple’s wedded bliss as they watch from afar.
“Soon, young lovers.” The mysterious intruder says.
Chad and Abigail arrive in Sydney as Chad carries his bride over the threshold to their honeymoon suite at the Sydney Hotel.
Chad kisses Abigail as he lays her on the heart-shaped bed. The couple begin to make love but is soon interrupted by the bellhop with room service.
“Yes.” Chad says irritated but polite as he opens the door to their suite.
“I have the room service you orderd.” The bellhop says to Chad.
“There’s been some mistake. We didn’t order room service.”
“Well, we have the Lovers’ Delight tea that came from your room.” The bellhop told Chad.
“Well, okay.” Chad agreed not wanting to argue with the bellhop as he let the bellhop inside the room. “Thank you, sir.”
Chad tipped the bellhop as he made his way out of the suite, but eyed Abigail, laying seductively on the heart-shaped bed. The bellhop’s pants grew a bulge inside his pants as he quickly exited Chad and Abigail’s suite.
“Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?” Chad said to Abigail.
“I believe you right here.” Abigail said as she led his lips to hers.
The couple made passionate love as they enjoyed their romantic bliss.
Outside the couple’s suite, the bellhop removed his scarf from around his face to reveal himself as Dario, who had followed the couple to Sydney.
Back in Salem, Andre was having dinner—a rather romantic dinner with Anne—when Kate spied them sitting alone together.
As Kate watched the two sitting together, jealously creeped in Kate’s mind, “You won’t steal my man, Anne!”
Andre watched Kate out of the corner of his eye,” my plan is working. Kate is green with envy. Just a little while longer!”
But Anne had a secret of her own, as she thought of her date with Lucas. Anne was using Andre to make Lucas jealous so he would notice her.
Chapter 4 – Gabi and JJ’s Second Chance
Gabi needed to find Eli. She wanted to apologize for being so angry over their fight about JJ and Theo. But she got the shock of her life when she witnessed Lani and Eli in a liplock in Horton Square.
“Moving on so fast?” Gabi said bitterly, interrupting their kiss.
“Gabi, I thought we were through?” Eli said.
“It was just a fight, Eli. And you assume it’s over and end up kissing her!” Gabi yelled as she gave Lani the evil eye.
“Don’t blame Eli, Gabi. You walked away!” Lani pointed out.
“You’re just a slut waiting to slither your way into any man’s life.” Gabi told her. “First, you charmed your way into JJ’s life, and now you steal Eli from me!”
“Hey, you walked away from JJ too.” Lani told her.
“What? Do you think every man is fair game!” Gabi yelled at her.
“Hey, stop it now you two!” Eli told the two women.
“I can’t take it anymore. I’m done.”
Gabi ran out of Horton Square and right into JJ’s arms, who was coming to make up with Lani after her broke her heart.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” JJ asked Gabi when he noticed she was crying.
“Why don’t you ask that bitch!” Gabi wailed as she pointed over to where Lani and Eli were consoling each other.
JJ looked over to where Gabi was pointing and assumed Lani was with Eli after their breakup. Knowing it was his fault Lani was probably with Eli, he decided he would tell Gabi why they were consoling each other.
“Gabi, I need to tell you something.”
But Gabi didn’t want to hear anything from JJ.
“Hey, have dinner with me?” Gabi told JJ not taking no for an answer, as she grabbed his hand and led him to a table at their favorite restaurant in Horton Square, while Lani and Eli dismissed them and started kissing.
Gabi and JJ were enjoying dinner when Gabi asked him a question, “Did you ever love me?”
“What?” JJ asked, taken aback by her question.
“Did you ever love me?” she repeated again.
“I’m sorry I didn’t give you more of a chance after your tryst with Lani came out.”
“That’s okay.”
“The truth is…I still wanted you.”
“You did?”
“Yes. I never stopped loving you.”
JJ leaned over the table and planted a kiss on Gabi’s lips. It was interrupted when Chad and Abigail came by with Thomas and Ari.
“Hey you two.” Abigail said, surprised to find JJ with Gabi, as Ari ran into her mother’s arms.
“I didn’t know you two were back together?” Chad questioned them.
“It’s just as much a shock to us.” JJ told Chad and Abigail.
“You’re back from your honeymoon?” Gabi asked them, taking the subject of her and JJ.
“Yeah, we got stalked and we decided to come back.” Abigail said.
“OMG! Stalked? By who?” JJ asked, concerned.
“We don’t know.” Chad told them, the four of them unaware that Dario was back in Salem watching them.
Dario was back to get revenge on Chad for taking Abigail from him.
In another part of Horton Square, Andre was having dinner with Anne, his plot to make Kate jealous, unaware that Anne was using Andre to make Lucas jealous.
“Good dinner?” Andre asked Anne to break the ice between them.
“Yeah.” Anne said, then went back to eating her steak and lobster.
“I hope it’s good. It cost a lot.” Andre told her.
“It is.” Anne replied, wanting Lucas to come by so she could kiss Andre.
She got her chance when Lucas arrived with Kate for a business dinner to discuss business.
She pulled out all she had and planted a wet one on Andre’s lips. Andre and Anne’s separate schemes worked as Kate and Lucas each got annoyed and jealous with their liplocked.
Chapter 5 – Claire’s Move to Hollywood
Claire couldn’t wait to get to Hollywood. She was stoked to have received a movie role. It was her dream to be famous and it looked like her dream was coming true. She just hated leaving Theo behind in Salem to do this movie role.
She arrived on set of the movie studio when she called the producer, Mr. Kentwood, who told her to come to the set immediately. Surprised she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep before starting, Claire agreed to show up.
The set was not what Claire expected. It looked like a set for a porn movie and thought she had come to the wrong studio. But Mr. Kentwood came out when he saw Claire arrive.
“Aw, Ms. Brady, I’m so glad you were able to come out on such short notice.”
“Thank you.” Claire said politely.
“Are you ready to get started?”
“Yes. What will I be wearing?”
“Why your birthday suit is all you’ll be wearing.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yes, this is erotic movie. You’ll be fliming nude scenes.”
“I’m sorry but I wasn’t aware of that fact.” Claire said, trying to back out. “I think I’ll be leaving.”
“I’m sorry, Ms. Brady, but I’m afraid you signed a contract.”
“Well, rip it up!” Claire demanded.
“Sorry, Ms. Brady, but a deal’s a deal.” Mr. Kentwood told her. “You will be in this movie.”
Claire didn’t know what to do. She text Theo in Salem telling him what the movie part was. Theo was on the first flight to Hollywood to help Claire out of the jam she got herself into.
Back in Salem, Brady was enjoying an ice cream sundae with Tate and had the feeling that they were being watched. He looked over at the next table and noticed a strange-looking woman staring at them.
Creeped out by the woman, Brady picked up Tate and started to leave. The woman, who was really Theresa, got worried that Brady would leave, knew she had to come up with a reason to keep Brady at the café—at least until she had the courage to reveal herself.
Tate cried that he wanted a hamburger so Brady stayed and ordered a burger and fries for the two of them. Theresa was happy.
As the server brought them their meal, Theresa decided to show herself to Brady and Tate.
“Brady?” Theresa said, as she took off the wig.
“Theresa?” Brady said, not sure if he should be happy or angry with her.
“I’m back.”
“Yeah. So what of it?!” Brady raged.
“I had to do what I did.” Theresa tried to explain.
“Yeah. You just had to break my heart?” Brady raged as Tate cried.
“Please, Brady, let me explain.” Theresa begged him.
“Explain what? How you left me and our son for someone else?”
“It couldn’t be helped.”
“Yeah! You broke my heart to be with someone else!”
“He was blackmailing me!”
“Blackmailing you? How the hell does anyone blackmail you into leaving your fiance and son?”
“If you’ll just give me a chance to explain…..” Theresa tried to explain, but her cries fell on deaf ears, as Eve walked in to join Brady and Tate for lunch.
It was Theresa’s turn to balk when she saw how cozy Eve got with Brady and Tate.
“You moved on with my sister?”
Chapter 6 – Forbidden Desires
Ciara’s horror came true when Claire came back from Hollywood after Theo had saved her from her jam in Hollywood. But she couldn’t imagine that Theo would break up with her when he caught her in a liplock with Tripp.
Ciara always knew Claire wanted Tripp. But since she was in a relationship with Theo. She couldn’t have him. Now, there was nothing standing in Claire’s way. She blatantly stole Tripp from her just like she stole Theo from her.
Well, if Claire and Tripp wanted each other so badly, they could have each other. Ciara decided to leave Salem behind. There was nothing here for her anymore.
Hopping on her motorcycle, Ciara sped out of Salem. Riding her dad’s bike gave her freedom. The wind through her hair as she sped through the streets.
“Good-bye Salem!” Ciara said as she saw the sign telling her she was leaving Salem.
Ben Weston was having problems of his own when he came back to Salem hoping to make amends for his crimes. His first stop was Will Horton to see if Will would grant him forgiveness for “choking him to death.” But Will’s angry outburst made Ben see that forgiveness wasn’t possible. His crime of being the Necktie Killer would be hard to forget for many Salem residents.
So Ben sadly left Salem and tried to thumb a ride to anywhere, but he couldn’t even get that. So he came to a cabin in the woods outside of Salem. When he got inside, flashes of memory came to him as he realized it was the same cabin where he held a pregnant Abigail, who Ben thought was carrying his son, but turned out to be Chad’s.
Hearing footsteps, Ben hid in the burned-out cabin thinking it was police looking for him. A few minutes later, Ciara Brady walked into the cabin, tired and looking for a place to sleep for the night.
Ben hid when he saw Ciara, not wanting scare her, but he was given away when Ciara began to undress to get some sleep.
“Ben Weston?!” Ciara said, panicking because she was afraid Ben would hurt her.
“Take it easy. I’m not here to hurt you.” Ben tried to ease her fears.
“How did you get out of Shady Hills?”
“I’ve been cleared of my insanity.”
“No longer insane? How can that be?”
“I’ve proven myself to my doctors. Followed the treatments to the letter and it paid off.”
“And you’re here in my cabin?”
“Excuse me, it’s my cabin. I was here first.”
“Well, maybe we can find a way to coexist?”
“Sure. You take the bed. I’ll take this chair.”
“Will you be comfortable?’
“Oh sure. I used to sleep in a chair at Shady Hills.” Ben lied to make Ciara feel better.
So Ben and Ciara went to bed, Ciara in the bed and Ben in the chair next to the bed.
Chapter7 – The Four Musketeers
Though Sonny still wanted Will, he was willing to go out on a date with the guy he met on the dating app, Leo Stark.
Will wasn’t happy about Sonny dating someone he barely knew, so he made Sonny agree to a foursome date with this Leo Stark, for cautionary purposes.
As Sonny was preparing for his double date with Leo, Will and Paul, Will was preparing Paul that they had a double date with Sonny and some guy named Leo he met on a dating app.
“So, does Sonny know anything about this Leo Stark?” Paul asked.
“That’s why I suggested a double date with us.”
“Good call, Will.” Paul agreed, but wondered about Will’s true intentions.
“Well, I just wanted to make sure Sonny knew he was going out with.” Will said as he gave Paul reassurance with a kiss.
Sonny was already at Horton Square where he agreed to meet Leo Stark when Will and Paul showed up.
“So where is this Leo Stark?” Paul asked Sonny.
“He text me saying he’d be a few minutes late.” Sonny informed them.
At an undisclosed location, Leo was meeting with his partner-in-crime, Xander Cook.
“So, you have a date with Sonny?” Xander asked.
“Yes. But he only agreed to a double date with a Will Horton and Paul Narita.”
“A double date with his two exes? How interesting? Can’t wait to see how this one plays out.”
“I’m sure Sonny is just taking precautionary measures since we haven’t met yet.” Leo reassured him.
“Well, you better make sure Sonny doesn’t catch on to our plan.” Xander threatened him. “I want that CEO position at Titan!”
“Don’t worry, Xander, everything is going according to plan.” Leo said, looking at his watch and seeing he was already late. “Oh, geez! I’m really late for my date! Gotta go!”
Leo left Xander as he hurried to Horton Square for his double date with Sonny, Will and Paul.
Chapter 8 – Romance Is in the Air in Salem
After Kate ripped into Andre for dating Anne, who had a secret agenda of her own, Andre wanted to make amends with Kate. So he planned a romantic dinner to ask her forgiveness and start anew in their marriage.
Ann wanted Lucas, who had his eyes on Chloe and when her plot to seduce Andre flopped, she had to come up with another plan to win Lucas’ heart. She couldn’t lose Lucas to that tramp, Chloe! How she wished Theresa were here?
And that’s when Theresa popped up…
“Anne?” Theresa asked, nearly knocking Anne on her @$$.
“Theresa, I thought you were long gone from Salem?”
“I’m back! To reclaim what’s mine!” Theresa said.
“You mean Brady and Tate?”
“Yes, I mean Brady and Tate! I can’t believe my sister managed to worm her way into Brady’s heart!”
“Yeah, the skank!” Anne agreed. “First, she sleeps with her daughter’s boyfriend, JJ. Now she’s sleeping with Brady!”
“Well, she won’t win! That’s for sure!” Theresa ranted. “Well, enough about me. What’s going on in your neck of the woods?”
“I have problems with a little skank of my own!”
“Oh? And who do you have problems with?”
“Chloe Lane!”
“What did Chloe do?” Theresa inquired.
“She’s taking my man from me!”
“Your man? You have a man in your life?”
“Yes. Lucas Horton.”
“Ahem!” Theresa coughed. “You and Lucas are an item?”
“Well, not exactly. But we would be if Chloe didn’t interfere.”
“Well, good luck with Lucas.” Theresa said about to leave but Anne stopped her.
“Any ideas on how I can land Lucas?
“Make him jealous.”
“Did that. It failed miserably.”
“How about a romantic dinner?”
“Now why didn’t I think of that?” Anne said. “Thanks Theresa.”
“You’re welcome.” Theresa said as she headed off to win back her man.
Meanwhile, Kate agreed to meet Andre at Doug’s Place for dinner, but she was taken by surprise to find it was a romantic dinner.

Forbidden Desires: A Ciara & Ben (Cin) Romance

Ciara had to tell Tripp that their kiss didn’t really do anything for her when they had dinner the previous night. Ciara really was pumped up for her date with Tripp and looking forward to what Tripp had in store for their evening together. She really wanted things to work out for them. But when Tripp kissed her, sparks didn’t fly for her.
She got her chance to tell Tripp, who was saddened when Ciara told him that it wasn’t working for her. Too bad that Tripp encountered Claire in Horton Square after Ciara told him the truth, and after telling Claire what Ciara told him, decided she would give Ciara a piece of her mind.
“How could you hurt Tripp like you did!” Claire blasted her aunt.
“What are you so angry at me?! I only told Tripp the truth!” Ciara defended herself.
“You really hurt Tripp with your confession!”
“Yeah, well, you want him so badly! You can have him!” Ciara told her.
Stung by Claire’s words that she hurt Tripp, she jumped on her motorcycle and sped off into the night, leaving a stunned Claire watching after her.
“Yeah, that’s right Ciara! Think of yourself! It’s all about you!” Claire yelled after her.
As Ciara drove through the Salem streets, Ben was happy he was finally out of the mental institution and able to proof to people he was free from insanity. But when he went to Will Horton’s to make amends, he was met with anger instead.
Unable to make the amends he desperately needed, Ben ran off into the woods where he came to a familiar sight: the cabin where he held a pregnant Abigail Devereaux and where she gave birth to what he believed was his son.
As the memories of that night came back to him, Ben wondered if he really was still insane. Now wonder Will couldn’t forgive him for “choking him to death?”
Ben found the knife he used to scare Abigail with and was about to take his own life…
…he heard footsteps coming…..
It was Ciara Brady, who had stopped off at the cabin to get a good night’s sleep…..

Steffy’s One Night Stand: A Bold & the Beautiful One Shot

What if Steffy’s one night stand wasn’t with $Bill Spencer, but Marcus (Texas Battle) and Liam wasn’t Kelly’s father, but Marcus after that one night stand? And $Bill, obsessed with Steffy, he played with Steffy’s mind to make her believe she slept with him to ruin her marriage to Liam and make her his?

Steffy was enjoying family time with Liam and Kelly. It had been a great day and she was exhausted by the time she had put Kelly to bed for the night.
Liam was in the mood for romance, but being a new mother, Steffy drifted off to sleep when Liam was in the shower. Despite wanting to make love to his wife, Liam covered up a sleeping Steffy and went to look in on Kelly.
That’s when he heard Steffy call out to him from their bedroom, “Liam?”
Steffy was jolted awake by her disturbing dream about her one night stand with $Bill Spencer. But it wasn’t $Bill in the dream, but none other than Marcus Forrester, her trusted friend and confidant. She wondered where he was?
“Steffy? I heard you from Kelly’s nursery? What is it, darling?” Liam asked concerned.
“Nothing. I just had a disturbing dream about your father is all?”
“Are you still afraid I haven’t forgiven you for your one night with my father?”
“Yes.” Steffy lied about Marcus’ part in her dream.
“Well, I’m committed to you and Kelly.” Liam hugged her to reassure her of his commitment.
“Yes. And we had such a beautiful family moment yesterday.” Steffy told him with a kiss.
With Kelly still sleeping, the new parents decided to get some much needed sleep themselves as Liam held Steffy in his arms. But the dream about Marcus really bothered her? What did it all mean?
Meanwhile, $Bill had met with Marcus in San Diego….
“Marcus, I came by to warn you…stay away from L.A.!”
“Is that a threat, $Bill?”
“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from Steffy and L.A.”
“And what if I don’t?!”
“I kept your secret about your one night stand with Steffy that night. I have the paternity results saying your Kelly’s father.”
“Yeah, and I heard how you made Steffy believe she actually slept with you that night while you ran me out of town.”
“Don’t think about exposing me, Marcus!”
“Don’t worry, $Bill, I’m happy here in San Diego…with Amber.”
Amber came up, as if on cue, and kissed Marcus on the cheek.
“Well, it’s good to see you’ve moved on.” $Bill told him, before heading back to L.A.
After $Bill as out of earshot, Marcus paid Amber the $10,000 he promised her to make $Bill think they were an item. Now it was time to head back to L.A. to give $Bill a run for his money…and hopefully, be a family with Steffy and Kelly….