Twisted Universe: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction


Everything is changed as Buffy does not turn back into a human. Instead she is captured by Vampires and used as a slave until the Master is told of this and saves her on the request that she promises to stay with him forever even though she has a soul. She agrees and eagerly kills, losing herself everyday until the soul is gone. Now, she can’t ever have it cursed because she chose to be without the soul and killed with it.

How will she summon Angelus in Season 2 to be her partner and become his Queen because the new Slayer Faith arrived and took out Nest? Will they resurrect him because the Master claimed her as his childe to the Demon population and because she WAS technically his to begin with in the dream, just never sired her in reality. Now, she is bonded to him through their blood link once he gave her some from his cut wrist. She drank from the black milk.

Chapter 1

Buffy longed to escape the Master’s clutches, linked forever to him because she drank from him. Everyday she did the Master’s will, Buffy lost her soul. The Master beckons and Buffy does the will of the Master. To the glee of the Master. If only. . .if only Angel were here. How Buffy longed for Angel. To be Angel’s sire. His lover. Forever. But it wasn’t possible. Angel was dead. Or so the Master informed Buffy of this.

Elsewhere, in Sunnydale, the new slayer, Faith was glad to be in Buffy’s place—that sanctimonious little bitch. Buffy was gone. Thanks to the Master. Now she was the slayer. And her target: Angel. And Buffy couldn’t stop her!

There he was. Gorgeous hunk of man—er, vampire—that Angel was. Her heart did flip-flops as she watched Angel from afar. Soon, my love. Soon. We will be together.
Back to the Master’s lair…

Buffy looked for a way to escape the clutches of the Master. She tried to summon Angel, but it didn’t work. Angel was really dead. But Buffy didn’t know that she wasn’t a vampire. The Master only let her think she was. Built her desire for human flesh and blood so she would eventually love it and do his will.

Chapter 2

Buffy kept doing the Master’s will unbeknownst to her that she wasn’t really a vampire. For days Buffy drank human blood believing she was the Master’s childe.
Longing for Angel, Buffy lived in torment as she did the work of the Master…….
And Faith was the Queen Bee in Sunnydale. She took over Buffy’s house and even managed to get Dawn to admire her. Joyce even began showing some admiration for the new Slayer.

But it only lasted a week and Faith had become a slave driver, making Dawn do the household chores while she went out hunting demons all day.

Dawn wished Buffy were here………

And there it was…Buffy’s connection to Sunnydale, that would help her come back—Dawn!

Chapter 3

Buffy helped Dawn with the chores that Faith had forced her to do. At least until she could come up with a plan to save them from Faith and the Master.
Longing for Angel, Buffy watched Faith make love to him. What did he see in her? Faith was horrid in her role as Angel’s new love.

Buffy was interrupted in her thoughts when Dawn broke the glasses she was washing. The crash alerted Faith and Angel, as Faith left his bedside to see what the crash was.

“What’s going on in here!” Faith demanded when she saw the broken glass on the floor.

“I’m sorry.” Dawn told Faith, who berated her.

“You dumb b—–“ Faith started to say, but Buffy interrupted.

“Don’ call my sister names!”

“What are you doing here?” Faith demanded.

“I’m helping Dawn with her chores.”

“If I wanted Dawn to have help, I would have invited a party!” Faith yelled.

“I was only helping. What’s the big deal!”

Angel came down to see what was taking Faith so long.
“Faith, where are you?”

“Baby, go up stairs. I’m busy with these two nitwits.”

Angel, who unbeknownst to him, was drugged by Faith, hence the reason Faith became his girl.

As Faith was busy chiding Dawn, Buffy watched Angel go back upstairs.

“Funny how Angel just obeyed Faith like that?” Buffy thought to herself, as she followed him back up to the bedroom…her bedroom. Faith was having sex with Angel in her bed?

She found Angel lying in her bed asleep. It was weird that he was down stairs one minute and asleep in her bed the next.

“What was going on?” Buffy whispered to herself. She vowed to get to the bottom of this.

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To the Past: A Buffy the Vampire slayer Fanfiction


Buffy wishes to be Angel’s sire and the wish is granted, she is whirled back in time where the Master finds her, is attracted to her more than Darla, and picks a new childe.

Chapter 1

Buffy, the sick girl was lying on her bed.

“Miss Beth,” said her chamber maid sitting down the China and tea. “Where am I…,” she asked with her eyes closed.

She was in her own body but from a different era and dimension. This Beth had gotten aids for being a whore. She was in prostitute in this life, also a former Slayer objecting the Council. She objected their sick ways of using Slayers as toys.

Someone came into the room, a robed figure hidden under a hood. He had watched her through her bedroom window a few nights ago, immediately forgetting about Darla. No, this is the one, a unique Chosen one whom had rebelled against her calling and piqued his interest. She dared to rise against the Council test. She would not let them use it on her. She had seen horrors done to the girls, younger ones would be subjected to different tests such as the Cruciamentum where a demon would rise to fight them without their powers, powers ripped without their consent. Beth would not let them, she stood up and demanded that they release the girls and send them back to their parents. They tried to have her killed and humiliated to the public claiming she was crazy.

“Who are you…,” she could hear him walking around the room, but couldn’t see him because she was blind.

“My name is not of the importance dear childe however it is Heinrich Nest.”

Nest, Nest, Nest, why did it sound familiar like coming home after a long adventure?

“What do you want!?!”

“To give you the gift of eternal life…”


“God’s not here dearie!” He pulled off the hood and she gasped.

“I am the Devil!”

Chapter 2

“I am alive.” ‘I am dead!’

“The last Vamp that turned a Slayer had been older than me. A failed experiment.”

Alive. Dead. Alive. Dead. It was overwhelming.

“W- what did you do, what happened!?!”

“I told you, you are a creature of the night.”

“You’re the Master!”

He frowned.

“Do you know me…?” She made up a lie. “I saw you in my dream. We Slayers, we have these dreams, they’re prophetic.”

“Care to define…?”

“A Chosen One is supposed to have these dreams and they develop as the Slayer reaches that age.”

“Oh, I see,” and sat down. He grabbed her hand. “What do you feel right now…?”

“Hunger. Painful hunger. That and seeing different colors. And I can smell things… Things like mice and blood.”

“Glinda, go bring her someone to eat, make it tasty…”

Chapter 3

Buffy ate. Ate whatever it was that Glinda brought her. She didn’t care. She just wanted to eat. Needed to eat. The smell. The blood. It was all she could taste. Was she? No. She couldn’t be. A vampire? But the meat. It tasted so good.

As she slurped the last morsel of the meat and blood, Buffy licked her lips as the Master came in to see how Buffy was doing.

“Did you enjoy your meal?” the Master asked her.

“No.” Buffy lied. She couldn’t admit that she enjoyed it, could she?

“Well, that’s okay. You will. In time.” The Master told her.

“No I won’t!” Buffy shot back, not wanting to admit that she did, or would. She enjoyed being a vampire. “So, did you sire me?”

“No, it was Angelus.” The Master told her.

“Angel?” Buffy said, secretly happy inside, not wanting the Master to know how happy she was.

The master left Buffy alone and she plotted her escape. She had to find Angel and let him know how glad she was to be his sire.

Chapter 4

Buffy made her escape after she had conned the Master she would be with him. Really? How stupid could he be?

Now that Buffy was out in the night air—she couldn’t believe she was a creature of the night, not to mention, Angel’s sire/childe—she had to find Angel and thank him.
As Buffy was searching for Angel, she felt hunger pangs. She desired meat—fresh blood! A poor lonely guy had the tenacity to be outside. It was as if he was put there for her to devour.

Buffy sank her teeth into the poor victim and drank his blood until the guy went limp in her hands. Then she tossed him away like trash.

She didn’t get far when she heard a familiarvoice calling her.

“Buffy!” the voice called out.

It sounded like Willow. Buffy turned around and sure enough, it was.

“Buffy!” Willow called out.

“Willow!” Buffy said as she hugged her friend.

“I’m so glad I found you.”

“Why? What’s been going on in my absence?”

“You won’t believe it?” Willow said, filling her in on the day-to-day activities of Sunnydale.

“What won’t I believe?”

“Angel is with Cordelia.” Willow began. “And Spike is with Harmony.”

“No? Really?” Buffy asked with disbelief. “Angel and Cordy? Spike and Harmony?”
“Who’d a thunk it, huh?”

“What about Xander? Is he with Anya?”

“Yah? That was a no-brainer.”

“And you and Tara? Are you two together?”

“Huh? You knew I was into women?”

“Hell yeah, girlfriend?” Buffy told her.

“Yeah, we’re a couple, but we’re taking it slow.” Willow confessed.

“So, who you been with?” Willow asked Buffy.

“Uh, no one.” Buffy lied not wanting to admit to Willow she was a vampire.

Just then, Spike had spotted them.

“Buff!” Spike said cheerily. “I’m so glad you’re back.”

“Thanks. I heard you’re dating Harmony?”

“Oh, you did?”

“Yeah.” Buffy said, when Harmony sidled up to them and grabbed Spike’s arm.

“That’s right, Buffy, so stay away from my man!” Harmony told Buffy.

“Hey, I’m not here to take Spike from you, Harms.”


Buffy let the others go off on their way as she went in search of Angel. She had to find him. Warn him. He was in danger. From the Master.

Chapter 5

By the time Buffy found Angel, it was too late. The Master had found him. The Master had him in chokehold and was about to stake him. Buffy, grabbed the nearby object, a tree branch that she managed to break off a tree and slammed it down on The Master’s head, sending him to the ground, unconscious.

Angel got up and hugged Buffy to show his thanks for saving his life.

Things got hot and heavy between them and they gave into desire. . .

After ten minutes of passionate kissing. . .Spike happened by. . .became jealous and broke up the two’s lovemaking.

“Hey, what’s up?” Spike asked, as Buffy and Angel stopped kissing and tried to contain themselves.

“Nothing.” Angel said.

“It looks as if you two were kissing?” Spike hinted.

“I was. . .just. . .thanking Buffy for saving my life.” Angel covered.

“Buffy saved your life?” Spike questioned.

“Yes, The Master had me in a chokehold. . .and Buffy hit him knocking him unconscious.”

“So, she didn’t kill him?” Spike asked.

“There wasn’t time?” Buffy joined in.

Their conversation was interrupted when Cordy found them.

“You have to come!”

“What’s wrong, Cordy?” Buffy asked.

“Gile’s store is on fire!” Cordy told them.

The four of them rushed to Giles’ store to see what could be done.

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The Soul Series: Soul Revival (Book 1) A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction Series

The Soul Series, first story title is called: Soul Revival. The SEQUEL: Soul Redemption. 100 chapters with a 100 chapter SEQUEL plus 50 chapter third story to end the series and the last of the story is titled: Soul Bargaining.


In Season 8, Ethan Rayne ploys against Buffy. He has a time travel machine and will retrieve Kralik and Blair from Season 3’s Helpless, bringing them to turn Buffy. He will also steal the Cruciamentum drug from Giles. He found out about the Watcher’s test by looking into Quentin Travers’s archives and the files of the Council. He also secretly overhears a conversation between Willow and the victim about Spike being her lover and that she found out he was alive, but never told her and she was heartbroken that he didn’t tell her or come to her. He gets an idea by seeking a resurrection spell. He only resurrects Spike and Angel, but not the L.A. crew (Gunn, Illyria, and Wesley) because he didn’t want them interfering or helping the Vampires. He’ll capture the 2 Champions and will torture Buffy, r*** her, and then turn her in front of them. A soulless Slayer Demon is on the loose and they have to stop her. Willow does the curse but how will her best friend handle being turned?

Chapter 1

Ethan Rayne sat the machine on the floor before unbounding the unconscious Slayer. He really worked too hard just to fight her until he slammed the needle into her arm. The girl had been tied up and brought to this cabin in the woods. It was a single house there- no neighbors, no dogs, or pets. Not even cars honking. There was not a single person that lived there, but him, Ethan Rayne. This way, no one would know he was alive.

It felt like a train wreck had happened and she was the center of it all. She was tied to a strong rope, leather cauls, and straps. Ethan was standing over her, examining someone. She turned and there he was smiling that vulture like grin.

The devil was on the top of her, licking up her neck. Ethan Rayne took some photos.

“To save for later,” he shrugged snapping the camera.

The pain was evading, but the anger was ever still present.

Chapter 2

“This is wrong on many levels!” He stared at her like he didn’t care.

“Wasn’t it wrong when you and Ripper ruined Band Candy…? Oh, Janus could have been so fun…!”

“But like true White Hats, you destroyed it!”

Kralik: You ruined many Apocalypses and killed many of our kind…

The restoration had been ruined because of you! His glory…!

“You’re going to torture me aren’t you?” “You’re a clever girl then!”

They took pleasure in watching her discomfort. Ethan came back with a brief case.

“Here is what you wanted, Kralik!” He pulled out a wicked knife. “Irish dagger,” he sighed dreamily. “In the medieval days, they would carve symbols on their preys…”

“This is the most delicious gift!”

Chapter 3

After Ethan Rayne was done with her, Buffy got up and looked into the mirror. She was shocked to find her reflection was not there.

“I’m one of them—a soulless demon I’ve been trained to slay?”

Buffy couldn’t believe that Ethan had turned her. What would her friends think? Giles? She had to hide. Hide until she make them believe that she wasn’t one of them?

Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, Willow, Xander, and the rest of the Scoobies kept doing Buffy’s work until she could be found—hopefully alive.

Spike was at a loss not knowing where Buffy was or what happened to her. He had to find her and he would…alone…without anyone’s help—especially the Scoobies.

Then he ran into Angel…..

“Spike. Do you want to find Buffy together?” Angel asked him.

“Hell, no! It’s your fault Buffy’s missing!” Spike spat out at him.

“I’m sorry, Spike. I’m sorry I got there late.”

“Yeah, where were you that you could help Buffy in her time of need from Rayne?”

“I was dealing with Connor.”

“Rubbish!” Spike said as he took off to find Buffy on his own.

Chapter 4

Spike was on the hunt to find Buffy as well as Angel. Angel wished Spike would agree to work together, but Spike was to mad to do that. Spike hit pay dirt when he spotted Ethan Rayne out and about and made the decision to follow him.

When Ethan arrived at the secluded cabin in the woods, Spike hid until Ethan left an hour later. Then he climbed in through an open window and was surprised to find Buffy tied up.

“Buffy?” Spike said relieved.

“Go away, Spike!” Buffy spat out at him not wanting him to realize she had been turned.

“Buffy, what happened?”

“Don’t ask!” Buffy cried, but not wanting to tell Spike that she had been raped and turned by Ethan Rayne.

“I’m here to free you.”

“Don’t bother. It’s over!” Buffy spat out.

“What’s over? You’re free. You can come back and do what you’re destined to be.”

“No I can’t!” Buffy screamed at him causing her fangs to appear, which shocked Spike.

“Buffy? Rayne turned you?”

“Yes. I’m a soulless demon. Just like you.”

“Come back! I’ll keep your secret!” Spike promised her.

“You won’t tell the others?” Buffy asked unconvinced.

“I swear.” Spike reassured her.

As Spike reached over to free Buffy from her chains, Ethan arrived to find Spike trying to free Buffy. That’s when he hit Spike over the head with a lamp to Buffy’s horror.

“I won’t let you destroy my plan!” Ethan told Buffy as he dragged Spike off to an unknown location.

Meanwhile, Angel, having no luck finding Buffy, headed back to Giles’ store to see if the Scoobies had any luck.

“Any luck finding Buffy?” Angel asked Giles and the Scoobies.

“No, Buffy is still at large.” Xander replied.

“Hmmm, I wonder if Spike had any luck?” Angel mused, more to himself than to the others.

“I don’t know but he took off in a hurry and he hasn’t come back either?” Willow said growing concerned that Spike and Buffy were now missing.

Back at the cabin, Spike woke to find he had been shackled to a wall in another room separate from Buffy. As he struggled to free himself and get back to Buffy, Ethan Rayne was well on his way to steal the Cruciamentum drug that Giles managed to get his hands on.

Chapter 5

Angel found an unconscious Giles lying on the floor of his store. As he shook him to rouse him from unconsciousness, Willow happened upon them to see if her spell worked.

“Angel? Is he okay?” Willow said concerned.

“It looks like he was beaten up?” Angel told her.

Giles was waking up when he heard Angel and Willow’s voices.

“Giles!” Angel shouted at him. “Can you hear me?”

“What happened?” Giles said, trying to regain his memory of what hit him.

“You were knocked out.” Angel told him.

“Is it gone?” Giles asked.

“What? Is something missing?” Willow asked.

“Check behind the counter.” Giles instructed.

Willow went to look behind the counter as Giles told her, “There’s nothing here?”

“Oh no! It’s gone!” Giles said worrying.

“What’s gone?” Angel asked him.

“The Cruciamentum drug!”

“So Ethan Rayne was here?” Angel said.

“So, that’s who hit me?” Giles asked, as he went unconscious again.

Not able to bring Giles back to consciousness, Willow called for the paramedics as Angel covered Giles up.

As Giles was being transferred to the Sunnydale Hospital, Spike was trying to break free of the chains Ethan Rayne had him tied up with.

He had to break free and help Buffy, who was with Rayne. . .who knows what he was doing to her. . .or making her do.

Buffy managed to get away from Rayne and found herself in downtown Sunnydale preying upon some young girl. . .ravenous with hunger for human blood.

As Buffy drained the poor girl of her blood, she felt sorry for her and let her suck from her wrist. . .turning the girl into a vampire.

Meanwhile, Rayne, who figured out that Buffy got away from him was now on the lookout for Buffy. She couldn’t get back to her friends. He needed her for his scheme on Sunnydale. He didn’t turn her for nothing!

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Starrleena’s Soap Opera Spoilers for the Week of July 24 – 28, 2017

The Young and the Restless

Monday: Victor and Nick’s feud is made public; Sharon receives a distress call; Gloria questions Jack about Nikki.

Tuesday: Nick defends his family; Victoria is pushed to the limit; Cane scrambles to repair his reputation.

Wednesday: Jack plays games with Phyllis; Charlie meets Juliet; Hilary undermines Lily.

Thursday: Devon and Mariah’s romantic getaway is derailed; Jordan and Hilary discuss the state of their relationship; Chelsea is reminded of her past.

Friday: Billy discovers a secret that could change everything for Cane; Sharon worries about Noah; Tessa opens up to Mariah.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Monday: Coming later!

General Hospital

Monday: Jason will stop at nothing to learn the truth; Dante gets a break; Nathan’s column hits close to home.

Tuesday: Sam confronts Sonny; Anna arrives with big news; Nathan gets a welcome surprise.

Wednesday: Finn and Griffin make strides; Laura has her hands full; Obrecht seeks revenge.

Thursday: Garvey covers his tracks; Griffin grows concerned about Scout’s health; Liz is held captive.

Friday: Alexis rushes to the hospital; Olivia Jerome’s actions continue to haunt Port Charles; Garvey is pleased with himself.

Days of Our Lives

Monday: A pair of mischief-makers devise plans for revenge; John and Paul interrogate Xander further; Eric alerts Jennifer to Brady’s ulterior motive; Nicole discovers Eric’s secret.

Tuesday: Abigail and Theo race against the clock to protect Chad; Chad admits he lied to Gabi about Abigail; Nicole comes to a decision about Eric; Jennifer confronts Brady about using her to try to keep Nicole and Eric apart.

Wednesday: More later!



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The Bold and the Beautiful One Shots

Nicole’s Dilemma

Nicole contemplates Rick and Maya’s offer to be a surrogate again and give Lizzie a brother or sister. As much as Nicole is in love with Zende, they are finally in a good place right now. How can she turn Rick and Maya down and be happy with Zende? But at the same cost, how can she break Zende’s heart and accept Rick and Maya’s offer of having another baby to give Lizzie a brother or sister?

As she has just decided to give Rick and Maya the answer they want to hear, the timer goes off on her cell. Nicole runs into the bathroom and picks up the pregnancy test: it’s positive. How will Rick and Maya react when she has to deliver the news that she is already pregnant? With her and Zende’s baby?

Eric’s True Motive

Nobody understand what he was really doing. But then Eric couldn’t really divulge his true motive for marrying Quinn Fuller. He couldn’t take the risk of Quinn finding out. He had to marry Quinn to get her to trust her. His true motive was to bring Quinn down for everything she has done. In reality, Eric knew that Quinn has never changed. Ridge and Rick and even Liam all think Quinn has the upper hand, but in truth, he does. He has to gain Quinn’s trust in order to bring her down. And making Steffy CEO of Forrester and Quinn president is the perfect step in keeping Quinn in line.

Liam Is Fed Up

Liam can’t take Steffy as CEO of Forrester. Like everyone else, he thinks Quinn has one thing in mind–and that is reuniting Wyatt and Steffy. But Steffy doesn’t see it that way. Liam can’t get Steffy to realize that. And watching Steffy and Wyatt work together at Forrester frustrates Liam. They are getting closer while him and Steffy grow farther apart. There is only one thing Liam can do, and that is leave L.A.

So Liam leaves L.A. and boards a flight–to Australia to see Ivy. But the plane has to make an emergency landing in Port Charles, New York, where he becomes involved with Dillon Quartermaine (also played by Scott Clifton [who originated the role]). Liam sees his new passion when he realizes he enjoys managing Dillon’s singing career.

Ridge’s Dilemma

Brooke became amorous with Ridge as the passion between them grew. The two made love in Brooke’s bedroom, but as Ridge was making love to Brooke, thoughts of Quinn flashed through his mind. After making love, Ridge lay back in bed with Brooke, who was sleeping peacefully in Ridge’s arms. Ridge felt guilty for the thought he had while making love to Brooke. No matter what Ridge did, he just couldn’t get Quinn out of his head. Quinn consumed every facet of his life—his romantic life, his professional life—everything! He had to get a handle of these thoughts before his and Quinn’s secret came out.

Over at the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn were lying in bed after making love. Quinn, too, was feeling guilty about the thoughts she had of Ridge just now.

Thomas’ Frustration

Thomas can’t understand why Steffy was given the co-CEO position alongside their father? He’s worked hard all his life and was groomed for the position. And Granddad, Quinn, and his father overlook him? Well, Thomas wasn’t having it? He was quitting Forrester. He obviously isn’t respected in his own family as well as the family business? Spectra Fashions is looking promising these days—and what better way to get back at the family by going to work for the rival?! Bring it on Forrester Creations! I’ll show you all!!!!

Quinn and Ridge Can No Longer Deny Their Feelings

It is Ridge and Brooke’s wedding day and Quinn is sitting next to Eric in the front row. She can’t get rid of the thoughts of Ridge making love to her as Ridge and Brooke exchange “I do’s.” Quinn glances at her husband, the one she pledge her life to, but can’t his son out of her mind. She want’s Ridge. She can’t deny it to herself any longer.

She can’t believe she is going to pull a fast on the bride and the Forrester, especially Eric. But she can’t let Brooke be with Ridge. That’s why she and Ridge have agreed to a secret rendezvous after the wedding.

Quinn really does love Eric, but there is something about Ridge that she just can’t deny. She is afraid that everyone is right and she is still the same vindictive Quinn. Out for herself. No one can find out about her true feelings for Ridge. It would be the end of her marriage.

As family and friends gather around the newly married couple, Ridge gets a text from Quinn.

“Come to our secret spot.”

Ridge heads out of the church as he gives Brooke a kiss. He is sorry to deceive Brooke, but truth is, he only married Brooke so Bill couldn’t. As he headed over to meet Quinn, he smiles, knowing he finally got the last laugh on Bill! Or did he?

Sally’s Second Thoughts

Sally Spectra is torn. She wants to revive her Aunt Sally’s company. But to steal Forrester originals? Yeah. She gets it. It’s what Sally did. And got away with it.

But Thomas? Thomas will never forgive her if she goes through with it. And she so desperately wants Thomas’ approval.

No! They can’t go through with their plan to steal Forrester originals.

Grandmother Shirley’s plan to use her sister, Coco, and have her wear a piece of jewelry with spyware is all wrong!

Why can’t they revive the company with her own designs? What’s wrong with her designs?

Sorry, Grams, but we can’t steal Forrester orignals! Sally says quietly to herself.
Sally takes the designs they took from Forrester and put them in the shredder. They would just have to find another way to revive Spectra Fashions!

Ridge, Thomas and RJ’s Heartbreak

Ridge: Ridge was heartbroken when Brooke ended their engagement. Okay. He got it! He messed up kissing Quinn. It was innocent. He never meant for it to go this far. It was just to get proof of Quinn’s infidelity to get her out of Eric’s life. But Ridge was beginning to see Quinn in a new light. Yes. He was attracted to her. But she was his father’s wife and he was engaged to Brooke. But, now that Brooke has ended things, maybe……..what if Ridge started something with Quinn?

Thomas: Thomas thought back to his moments with Sally Spectra. They had some good times. And he was beginning to like her, maybe even fall in love with her. But now that Sally has stolen Forrester designs, could he trust Sally? And now his father and sister want to prosecute Sally? Thomas was confused by this action—should Sally be prosecuted or can Sally really change?

RJ: RJ liked Coco and he knew she was telling the truth that she was set up to help steal the Forrester designs without her knowledge. But now they want Coco to make a statement to send Sally to prison for espionage and theft? Should he ask Coco to do it, and will Coco go along with it?

Bill Takes Matters into His Own Hands

What is wrong with Thomas? How can he just abandon Caroline and Douglas? After all the drama over Ridge’s scheme to keep Douglas’ paternity from Thomas and the Forresters, Thomas is choosing Sally over his niece, Caroline?!

Over my dead body! Caroline will have Thomas in her life. . .and Sally will be out of Thomas’ life and out of L.A. and the Spectra building will finally be his!
Now he just had to get Sally Spectra out of town!

In walks Steffy to talk to Bill. . .

“Bill, I need your help?” Steffy pleads.

“What can I help you with?” Bill replies.

“I want Sally out of Thomas’ life.”

Bill sits back and smiles slyly. . .he just found the way to solve his and Steffy’s problem. . .

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General Hospital One Shots

Sonny’s Dilemma

Sonny stands on the train trestle contemplating his life after Morgan’s death. He wonders everyday if he was the one who killed him? Yes, he intended to put an end to Julian’s life, but a bomb in his car? He didn’t like bombs, not since his first wife, Lily was killed as a result of a car bomb? He was sure he told his henchmen not to use one? It was adamant that he didn’t want Julian’s life to end that way?

But. . .and the crazy things is he called to have the hit called off. Did it get called off in time, Sonny wonders? Now Morgan is dead! Was it because of him?

Then Sonny is ghosts from his past: Stone Cates and Lily Rivera. Lily reminds Sonny of the life they had as she is holding their child in her arms. And Stone tells Sonny of the good he has done despite his lifestyle.

But Sonny still has doubts as to whether he is a good person. He still can’t shake the feeling that he is somehow responsible for Morgan’s death, despite what everyone tells him. Sonny has to get to the bottom of whether or not he killed his son or if someone else did. He has to make it right!

Sonny Finds Out Who’s Behind Morgan’s Death

Sonny picked up his listening device he had on Julian and was shocked to learn that it was Julian’s sister, Olivia discussing her part in having the bomb planted on Julian’s car as well as her plot to buy General Hospital.

Well, Sonny was going to put an end the Jerome business once and for all! The Jerome’s were going to pay for what they have done. They killed his son and they were going to lose everything.

Sonny broke out of his electronic anklet bracelet that kept him in house arrest.
He headed for Derek Wells Art Gallery to have it out with Julian!

Nina’s Deception

Nina was hurt when she found the watch in Valentin’s possession. She wondered where he really got it? She wanted it out of the house. Now! So she makes a rash decision and takes the watch and throws it into the pier as Anna/Alex is watching.

“You bitch!” Alex says to herself. “You’re going to pay for this, Nina!”

And before Nina knows what is going on, Alex hits her over the head and drags her off to an undisclosed location.

Back at Wyndemere, Valentin has just arrived home and is in the mood for some lovin’. But Nina is nowhere in sight.

But Charlotte comes in and asks to go riding, so Valentin heads out to the pasture for a ride with his daughter instead, but wondering where Nina is?

Secrets Revealed

Sonny heads over to Carly’s to tell her the news about Ava and Morgan’s medication and tell her she was right along.

“Carly, I have news to tell you.” Sonny says when a tear-faced Carly answers the door. “You were right about Morgan’s medication.”

“What do you mean I was right along about Morgan’s medication?” Carly says.

“Ava tampered with Morgan’s meds and has been hiding it along.”

“That bitch! She’s going to pay!” Carly says enraged. But not before kissing Sonny as the two tear each other clothes off and have sex right there in the front room.

After the heated moment of passion, Carly tells Sonny to leave. She is on a mission and Ava is going to pay for what she did to Morgan. A high price too! Carly vows.
And Sonny will pay too, for what he did to Jax!

Dr. Obrecht Seeks Revenge Against Finn

Dr. Liesl Obrect was livid when she was fired from General Hospital and could not practice medicine after Monica and the crew found out about her plot to sabotage Finn’s drug test.

The only thing on her mind was getting even with Dr. Hamilton Finn. . .and what better way to get even than to take away what he loved. . .Hayden Barnes and their unborn child!

So that’s when Liesl came up with the plot to make Hayden think she was never pregnant with Finn’s baby. Her plot to steal Hayden’s embryo and implant it into her niece, Nina Reeves-Clay-Lansing-Valentin!

Finn and Hayden would lose their baby. . .and Nina. . .well, she would get the child she always wanted!

It was perfect! What could go wrong?!

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Days of Our Lives One Shots

Deimo’s Dilemma

Nicole kept Chloe’s secret about Chloe’s baby not being his. How can he ever come back from this? Nicole knew how much he wanted a child? She for one should have known how much it meant, having lost her own child? How could she do this to him?
Now, she’s back…to apologize? And why should he believe her? What else is Nicole hiding? Will she do this again?

Despite Nicole’s pleas and apology, he can’t bring himself to trust her again. It’s over between them. Nothing will ever be the same for them again!

Nicole’s Dilemma

Nicole loves Deimos. She just knows that Deimos has changed because of her love for him. But Chloe is pursuing custody of Holly, her daughter with Daniel, despite how much it hurts that Chloe would do this to her. Chloe knows how badly Nicole has wanted a child. To take away her child after Nicole has lost all hope of ever having a child is just cruel. Nicole doesn’t even know Chloe anymore. This has put a krimp in their friendship. If only she make it look as if she has let Deimos go—just until she got custody of Holly. Once custody of Holly was sealed by the court, Nicole could resume her plans to marry Deimos. But would Deimos go along with her plan? And would Chloe buy her charade to dump Deimos?

Where Is Deimos?

Author’s Note: This is a prelude to my new fanfiction crossover Deimos Kiriakis Meets Dr. David Hayward: (DOOL/AMC Crossover).

Deimos disappears after the Orwell Project is successfully destroyed? Did he go off on his own or was he kidnapped? Or maybe he died?

But just as Salemites have finally moved on with their lives, Deimos suddenly reappears. . .or has he? Is it really Deimos, or someone else?

Nicole Does the Unthinkable

“There’s no way Chloe is taking her daughter away from her and to New York!” Nicole said to herself while waiting for Chloe to turn away so she could snatch Holly.

She didn’t have to wait long as Dario was a saint for causing a scene that took Chloe’s attention off Holly. Nicole saw her chance and calmly walked over to Holly’s stroller and picked up her daughter and walked off with Chloe so engrossed in her argument with Dario she didn’t even notice Nicole had taken Holly.

Nicole had made her way to the secret house Deimos had arranged to have Nicole go with Holly so Chloe wouldn’t find her, by the time Chloe’s argument ended with Dario and realized Holly wasn’t in her stroller.

“Help!” Chloe yelled. “Someone has taken my daughter!”

But no one came to her aid but a little old lady who came up and slapped Chloe across her face, “you should be ashamed of yourself.“

“What did I do?! Someone took my daughter!” Chloe yelled back at the little old lady.

“I read the headlines!” the little old lady said heatedly. “You’re the one who took that sweet baby girl from her mother!”

“Holly is my daughter according to the court!” Chloe yelled back.

Soon, JJ came upon the scene and asked the two ladies what was the matter.

“JJ, you have to help me!” Chloe pleaded.

“Help you with what?” JJ asked her.

“Holly has been kidnapped!”

“Well, you know the procedure. I’ll take you to the PD and you can file a report.

Then after 24-hours, we’ll put out a missing persons report.” JJ told an angry Chloe.

“That’s all you’re going to do?!” Chloe said angrily.

“Sorry, Chloe, but I have to by procedure!” JJ explained.

“Fine!” Chloe harrumphed, as she followed JJ to the PD.

As soon as Chloe was gone from the scene of Holly’s kidnapping, Deimos took off the old lady mask, “You’ll never find Holly!

Julie and Eli Bond

“I’m sorry, but I need to talk.” Eli stands up at David Bannings memorial service.
Valerie shakes her head at her son and mouths, “No, Eli.”

Eli just looks at his mother as she begins to confess, “What I’m about to say will shock you all, but I need to say it.”

As Eli has everyone’s attention, Eli continues as Valerie silently objects

“I hate to do this to you, but I need to get this out. I am grief-stricken over David Banning’s death, especially since he was my father,” Eli confesses, as jaws drop and Julie heads over to Valerie and slaps her.

“How could you!” Julie yells at her. “Keep me from knowing my grandson!”

“I’m sorry!” was all Valerie could say, as Abe just looks at her with disapproving looks.

As everyone rallies around Eli, Valerie is left out of the cold. Valerie starts to leave, but Abe stops her.

“Valerie, why couldn’t you tell me?” Abe asks her, not understanding. “I thought we had a connection?”

“I’m sorry, Abe!” Valerie said, before slipping away from the memorial.

Julie comes up to Eli and hugs him, “Do you want to have lunch?”

“I’d like that very much.” Eli agrees.

Julie and Eli head on over to the Java Café as Valerie heads back to her suite and packs her things to head back the DC.

Nicole’s Happiness

Nicole thought she and Brady were going to have some happiness after the Scooter situation. Brady confessed his love for her—she for him—and they made passionate love. It was heaven. She and Brady—a family, with Tate and Holly.

But it all came crashing down when Deimos arrived looking for Nicole. And that vile Xander. Why can’t she ever have any happiness? What did she ever do wrong to deserve all this misery?

Yes, she’s made mistakes and some very big ones. But hasn’t she paid for her crimes?

She went to prison for keeping the truth about Sydney and Grace from Mia McCormick and Sami Brady and kidnapping Sydney to keep the truth from Sami and EJ.

But now that she has Holly, she just wants her daughter—the baby she thought she never would have—Daniel’s baby! And a perfect life with Brady, Tate and Holly! Don’t they deserve that?!

Rafe Goes on a Bender

Rafe locked his brother, Dario, in a cell. He couldn’t believe he had to lock up another family member. First, his own father, Eduardo, now Dario.
Rafe went to his office to review reports on the Deimos Kiriakis murder with Hope. That’s when Abigail barged into their office. He recalled Abigail’s visit to Salem PD:

“You have to arrest him!” Abigail said with a horrified look on her face.

“Abigail, who are you talking about?” Rafe asked her, as he helped her to a chair.

“D-D-D-a-a-r-r-i-o!” Abigail sputtered to get the name out.

“Your husband?” Hope questioned. “What’s Dario done?”

“He’s counterfeiting money and other illegal business, not to mention, I think I have proof he killed Deimos.”

“What’s your lead, Abigail?” Hope asked when Rafe stood there mystified, unable to speak.

“Well, when Dario showed me “proof” that Chad killed Deimos, I decided to do some investigating and that’s when I stumbled across Dario’s PC with pictures of Deimos’ murder and a video of him arguing with him on the night of the Martin House party.”

“Dario was at the Martin House on the night of the party?” Rafe asked in disbelief.

“Yes, here is the flash drive.” Abigail said, handing it over to Hope, as Rafe looked dumbfounded at them both.

As Hope plugged the flash drive into the PC drive, Rafe hoped Abigail was wrong. But images that popped up gave Hope and Rafe reasonable doubt that made Dario the new suspect in Deimos’ murder.

Rafe couldn’t believe that he now had to arrest his own brother for the murder of Deimos Kiriakis.

Back in reality, Rafe suddenly found himself at The Cheatin’ Heart, as he ordered a round of drinks.

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