Hostile Takeover: A Dr. David Hayward Story


David Hayward has had a vendetta against the Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis for years when Stefano DiMera ousted him from DiMera as research engineer while Hayward was in medical school. To get back at DiMera and Kirakis, David decides to bring back EJ DiMera from the dead with deadly intentions to use EJ as his pawn and take over DiMera Enterprises as well Victor Kiriakis’ empire. But will EJ cross David when he comes face to face with the love of his life, Samantha?

Chapter 1

David Hayward checked on his new patient, EJ DiMera, who he had managed to abduct from Stefano DiMera. When he had examined EJ, he couldn’t believe the shoddy treatment Stefano’s people had done on EJ. After determining that that there were no ill-sided effects from Stefano’s damage, David administered his drug cocktail into EJ that would bring him back from the dead.

David couldn’t wait to get back at Stefano for ousting as his research engineer after he had made a major breakthrough in one of his findings. And EJ would be that pawn in his plan to take over DiMera Enterprises. And Victor Kiriakis would also suffer for turning over the information that ousted him.

EJ was stirring in his comatose state as David checked his vitals: Temperature―98.6; Pulse―75; Respiration―20; B/P―124/69.

“Vital signs appear normal.” David said to himself.

David left EJ to rest as he left to begin the next preparations for his revenge against Stefano and Victor. He couldn’t wait to get EJ back to Salem to wreak havoc in Salem.

Meanwhile. . .

Sami Brady DiMera still couldn’t get over losing EJ after his death. Even after a year in Hollywood doing a reality show on her life failed to help her move on with her life. EJ was the love of her life and meant so much to her. She saw him constantly in their two kids, Johnny and Sydney. It wasn’t fair that EJ couldn’t see them grow up and be apart of their lives.

Sami checked the notification on her cell alerting her to a new email.

She checked it and saw she had gotten an email from ScienceDoctor:

She smiled when she read it informing her that he would be in Salem shortly as his plans were coming to fruition. Not yet ready to move on, Sami was intrigued by this guy, who had managed to take her mind off her grieving after EJ’s death.

Chapter 2

Sami received another email from the ScienceDoctor stating that he had a surprise for her. She wondered what it was. This ScienceDoctor was so mysterious―even more mysterious than EJ was.

David had gotten to Sami. He had her right where he wanted her. Intrigued. His plan needed EJ’s widow to be surprised when he sprang a back-from-the-dead-EJ on Salem. It was imperative that no one suspected him, especially Stefano and Victor.

David crept into EJ’s room to see how he was doing. EJ was awake now. He ate his first meal, in fact, demanded steak and lobster with a baked potato and sour cream, and white wine.

David called his kitchen staff to make EJ his first meal since coming to from his coma. While EJ was eating, David asked him a series of questions.

“What is your name?” David asked.

“EJ DiMera.” EJ answered him.

“Do you have a wife and children?”

“Ah yes, the lovely Samantha Gene and our two kids, Johnny and Sydney and Johnny’s twin sister, Ali.”

“Great! Now, who is your father?”

“I don’t have a father! He’s dead to me!” EJ began to get raged.

“Easy now.” David calmed EJ down. “Seems I touched a nerve.”

“Do you know a ‘Victor Kirakis?’”

“Don’t speak that name either!”

“Okay.” David said, with a sly smile on his face. “Well, get a good night’s rest, EJ. Tomorrow, we leave for Salem.”

As EJ settle down to rest, David couldn’t wait to spring his surprise on Stefano and Victor and the rest of Salem.

Chapter 3

David peaked in on EJ sleeping. As he removed the headphones that EJ had over his ears, David listened and was pleased that EJ was still listening to the CD that David had put in the CD player when EJ fell asleep. Everything was going to according to plan. He was making a full recovery and they could make their trip to Salem just in time for the DiMera board meeting.

Back in Salem, Kate and Stefano (Stefano had managed to get cleared of all charges against him in the tax evasion scandal that kept him away from Salem for so long.) had just arrive at DiMera for the board meeting just as Chad had also arrived.

As Stefano went ahead and sat down, Chad pulled Kate to the side, “If you make me regret going against my father to get control of DiMera, you’ll be sorry, Kate!”

“I told you Chad, you and I are in this together!” Kate reassured him.

“Well, you had better not make me regret this!” Chad warned, holding Kate’s wrist.

“You won’t be sorry, Chad! Trust me!” Kate said, breaking free of Chad’s grip, and headed into the conference room, smiling slyly.

Across the hall, David spied on Chad’s warning to Kate, “Oh, Chad, Kate should be the least of your worries! You and Kate don’t have any idea of what’s in store for DiMera!”, as David looked over at EJ sleeping on the sofa. “None of you do, especially you Stefano!”

David was listening via headphones waiting for his cue so EJ could enter the boardroom and announce that he was the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

David woke up EJ just as the board members were about to announce the new CEO.

“EJ, it’s time!” David said as he roused EJ from his nap.

“Yes, Mr. Hayward. I will head into the conference room and announce that I am now the new CEO of DiMera..” EJ said, getting up from the sofa and headed into the conference room.

“Congratulations, Chad!” the President announced. “You’re the new CEO!”

As Stefano looked flabbergasted, EJ walked into the conference room, jaws dropping!

“I’m afraid you’re wrong!” EJ announced. “I am the new CEO!”

“What?” Stefano asked, confused. “How can this be? You’re dead?”

“No, father, I’m very much alive!”

“But how?”

“I faked my death.” EJ confessed, remembering the cues he listened to on the headphones David gave him. “I thought it was ingenious to set Clyde Weston up for my murder. I’m just appalled that none of you suspected the rat of murdering me.”

“Son, I had no clue Clyde was behind your shooting.” Stefano apologized.

“Well, I’m back and head of DiMera now.”

The surprise visitor that Chad had arranged to interrupt the board meeting walked into the conference room.

“Samantha!” EJ exclaimed.

Chapter 4

“EJ!” Sami said, surprised.

“Samantha.” EJ said happily.

“Can we get down to business?!” Stefano said irately.

“I agree!” Kate said.

“Right!” EJ said. “Business first. Samantha, we will talk after the meeting.”

EJ laid down the rules for DiMera just as David had instructed him via the tape that David had put on EJ’s head while he was sleeping. Although flabbergasted by EJ’s demands, everyone agree with the rules.

“Now that all’s well, I will need to take a break.” EJ said.

But before EJ could get a word to Sami, David pulled him to the side in another room.

“So how did things go?” David asked EJ, who only had Sami on his mind.

“It went well.” EJ told David, wanting to get to Sami before she left.

“Great job EJ.” David said congratulating him.

“Can I leave now? I must talk to Sami.”

“Yes, EJ. You can go.” David said, as he watched EJ run after Sami.

Thanks to EJ, David couldn’t wait to put his next plan into action for Victor Kiriakis and Stefano DiMera.

Meanwhile, EJ finally caught up with Sami, who had just sat down at a table in Horton Square to have lunch with her mother, Dr. Marlena Evans.

“Sami!” EJ said, as he watched her take a seat.

Sami turned around to see EJ coming toward them.

“Sami, can we go somewhere and talk?” EJ said in desperation.

“Mother, do you mind?’ Sami asked

“No, Sami, go ahead.”

Sami and EJ head off for a more private place to have a talk.

Chapter 5

“Dr. Hayward.” EJ called to confirm with him all that went down after he arrived in Salem to reclaim his life.

After his call with EJ, David Hayward poured himself a glass of wine and toasted to his success! He made a call to a mystery caller to tell him all was well at DiMera.

“Thank you, Dr. Hayward. I’ll take it from here.” The mystery caller told him. “Look at your account for payment. You will be richly rewarded.”

David logged onto his bank account and was shocked to find out just how much he was paid: “Richly rewarded, my ass!” David exclaimed heatedly. “I do the dirty work for your scheme and this is how you repay me!”

David dialed the pilot at the airport, “Fuel up the engine!” David demanded his pilot. “I am on my way to Salem! This is war!”

Meanwhile, in Salem…..

EJ and Stefano were assembling the DE board of directors for a meeting to discuss new arrangements now that EJ was alive and well, no thanks to Dr. David Hayward did to bring EJ back from the dead.

As the board members assembled in the conference room and the meeting was underway, David Hayward’s jet had arrived at Salem International Airport.

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Franco Baldwin, P.I.

While investigating the murder of Tom Baker, Franco decides to become a P.I. His new venture is a smashing success as he begins to take on cases. But Julian Jerome decides to take matters into his own hands and ruin Franco’s business. Will Julian succeed in ruining Franco’s business, or will Franco be the hero of Port Charles as a P.I.?

Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Julian Jerome – William DeVry
Elizabeth Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Alexis Davis-Jerome – Nancy Lee Grahn
Jason Morgan – Billy Miller
Sam McCall-Morgan – Kelly Monaco
Sonny Corinthos – Maurice Benard
Carly Corinthos – Laura Wright
Michael Corinthos – Chad Duell
Nelle Hayes – Chloe Lanier
Scott Baldwin – Kin Shriner
Nathan West – Ryan Paevey
Maxie Jones – Kirsten Storms
Claudette – Bree Williamson
Valentine Cassadine – James Patrick Stuart
Nina Reeves Cassadine – Michelle Stafford

Chapter 1
Franco enjoyed investigating Tom Baker’s murder that he decided to become a P.I. So after he got his license to investigate crimes, he hung up a shingle outside his studio, Franco Baldwin, P.I.
As soon as he open his doors, a young lady came into his studio, out of breath.
“Are you Franco Baldwin?” the lady asks.
“Yes I am.” Franco replies.
“I need your help!” the lady says, afraid.
“What can I help you with?”
“My boyfriend is trying to kill me!”
“Have a seat!” Franco says to the scared lady, as she takes a seat across from him. “Now why do you think your boyfriend is trying to kill you?”
“I witnessed him kill someone!”
“And just who would that be?”
“I saw him kill Julian Jerome!”
“What?” Franco says in disbelief. “Julian is dead!”
“Yes. I saw it with my own eyes!”
“And you’re boyfriend is the one who did it?”
“Yes. And now he wants me dead!”
“Do you have a safe place to go?” Franco asks the lady.
“I’ve been staying at my sister’s.”
“Okay, can you still stay there?”
“Yes. So far my boyfriend hasn’t found me. I took a risk coming here.”
“Well, let me escort you back there and I’ll get on the case.”
After Franco escorted the young lady to her sister’s, he didn’t realize he was being followed. By none other, than Julian Jerome, who had faked his death so he could ruin Franco’s P.I. business. The lady was a front so Julian could make sure Franco’s business was ruined. He couldn’t have Franco messing around in his affairs and spying on him.

Chapter 2
As soon as Franco left the young lady’s home, she quickly left her home and went to Derek Wells Gallery via the text she received.
“So, did Franco fall for your story?” Julian asked the girl, who took off her disguise to reveal herself as Blair Cramer.
“Yes, I think he bought my story.” Blair said to Julian.
“Good, Ms. Cramer, because I have more for you.”
“And what would that be?” Blair asked worried.
“I want you to kill Franco!” Julian ordered.
“Kill Franco!” Blair said, confused as to what Julian wanted. “I thought that murder wasn’t in the plan?”
“Well, Franco is a loose cannon and I can’t have Franco messing around my business.” Julian explained.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Jerome, but I can’t fulfill the assignment.” Blair flat out told Julian.
“Well, Ms. Cramer, I say you will, or I will reveal your secret if you don’t! Do I make myself clear!” Julian demanded.
“Yes, Mr. Jerome.” Blair agreed. “This Franco will be terminated!”
“You may leave now!” Julian told Blair, who left Derek Wells Gallery to fulfill Julian’s request and kill Franco.
After Blair left, Julian was leary of Blair’s capability to fulfill the mission. Something about this Blair Cramer was somewhat odd. But he couldn’t figure it out.

Back at Franco’s studio, Franco walked into his studio to find Liz dressed in nothing but a towel.
“I’m sorry ma’am, but I think you’re a little underdressed.” Franco said.
“I’m sorry sir, but I really needed your help?” Liz said seductively, Franco pulled her into a kiss.
“Well, I’ll say that was just awesome.” Liz said when the duo finally came up for air.
“Thank you ma’am,” Franco said, “but I’m afraid that I’m just not that kinda guy.”
“Oh snap!” Liz said. “I was hoping for your help!”
“Well, how about you meet me at The MetroCourt at 5 pm for drinks and maybe a night out?”
“I think I will take you up on that.” Liz said. “It’s a date!”
Liz gave Franco a kiss before heading out of Franco’s studio, where she bumped into Blair, but not knowing what she had planned via Juilian’s orders.
As Liz went back to General Hospital, Blair headed inside Franco’s studio to kill Franco.
“Put ‘em up!” Blair said to Franco, who was surprised to see her.
“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Franco asked as he put his hands up in the air.
“I’m about to kill you and you ask who I am?” Blair asked.
“Yes, because I don’t think you’ll go through with it and pull that trigger.”
Blair stood holding the gun, her hand shaking to the point, that she couldn’t get her finger on the trigger to pull it. Franco reached out and grabbed the gun from Blair’s hand.
“My boss is going to kill me!” Blair said sobbing.
“Your boss ordered you to kill me?” Franco asked her.
“Yes, he doesn’t like your new P.I. business and wanted you out of commission.” Blair revealed.
“Just a guess but does your boss have the initials, JJ?”
“Yes, how did you know?” Blair asked him.
“Just a hunch.”
“I don’t know why I agreed to Mr. Jerome’s mission.” Blair revealed. “I knew the first time I saw you, I wouldn’t be able to do what he wanted.”
“The first time we. . .” Franco began to say, then it hit him what she was saying. This woman was the young girl he had found and tried to help. So it was all a set up and she was working for Julian Jerome. But why? What did Julian have on her?
“Ma’am, can I have your name?” Franco said, already in detective mode.
“It’s Blair. Blair Cramer.” Blair said.
Then it hit him. “You’re not the Blair Cramer from Llanview?”
“Yes, I am. Why?”
“Because I knew you’re boyfriend.”
“I’m sorry. My boyfriend?” Blair asked confused.
“Yes, your boyfriend. Father of your two children—Todd Manning.”
“How do you know Todd Manning?” Blair asked confused.

Chapter 3
Franco thought back to his days in the marines and to the day he met Todd Manning. He couldn’t believe the resemblance they both had. It was like they were brothers. They looked so much alike. He wondered what had happened to Todd Manning, besides marrying and having kids.
Franco remembered the day he and Todd Manning met. They pulled pranks on the drill sergeant switching places with each other to fool the drill sergeant and their comrades. It was great fun back in those days.
Franco’s reverie was interrupted by a knock on his door. When he went to answer it, he did a double take and was surprised to see Todd Manning at his front door.
“Todd?” Franco asked surprised to find him standing there.
“Franco, I need your help.” Todd pleaded.
“I’m sorry, you need my help?” Franco asked.
“With what?”
“My girlfriend.” Todd told him.
“Your girlfriend?”
“Yes. She’s having an affair and I want to know with who.”
“Blair’s cheating on you?”
“Yes. She skips out on me at odd hours and she flakes on sex with me.”
“That’s your proof?”
“What else could it be?” Todd asked.
“Well, maybe she has a job?” Franco encouraged Todd to think something other, knowing what Blair tried to kill him because of Julian Jerome.
“A job?” Todd asked confused. “Why would Blair need a job? I give her everything she needs?”
“Maybe she needs more in her life than love to validate her.” Franco offered suggestions.
“My wife needs more than me?”
“Or maybe she was forced to do something she didn’t want to do?” Franco hinted.
“What would she be forced to do?”
“Kill someone.”
“Who would she kill?”
“Me.” Franco confessed.
Todd spit out the water Franco just gave him, “I’m sorry, are you saying my wife was here trying to kill you?”
“Why would she kill you?”
“Because she was forced to. . .by a guy named Julian Jerome.” Franco told him.
“My guess is Julian had something on Blair.” Franco told Todd.
“What would this Julian Jerome have on Blair?”
“I don’t know but I was about to find out when you happened by.” Franco said.
“Well, find out and let me now.” Todd said. “And it was good to see you.”
“Yeah. You too.” Franco and Todd shook hands.
Well, it looked like he got his first case. Franco just didn’t think it would involve someone from his past.

Chapter 4
Franco wanted to get to work on his case for Todd Manning, but Elizabeth came to him with a more pressing matter: why Liesl Obrecht was so intrigued about her sister’s arrest.
“Franco, I know you have other cases to work on, but I really need you to find my sister, but more importantly, I need you to find out why Liesl Obrecht wanted my sister behind bars?” Liz said heartbrokenly.
“Yeah, I was just thinking about that one when I saw her at the hospital yesterday.” Franco told her.
“So you’ll find out?”
“Anything for you you.” Franco said giving her a kiss.
“Thank you.” Liz said gratefully, with a kiss. “Somehow, I knew I could count on you.”
“Well, as much as I love your kisses, I’d better get to work getting the information you want.”
Franco left Liz at the hospital and went into undercover mode to follow Liesl Obrecht. He needed to know what she was up to.
He was shocked to find that he had followed Liesl to Finn’s hotel suite at The MetroCourt.
“What was she doing at Finn’s suite?” Franco said to himself as he watched her sneak into Finn’s suite.
But Franco got the shock of his life when he accidentally overheard a conversation between Nathan and Amy talking about his role in “Ask Man Landers.”
“Nathan is ‘Man Landers’?” Franco whispered to himself. “Shocking!”
That news would have to wait for now! Obrecht was more pressing than Nathan being ‘Man Landers.’ He had to keep an eye on Liesl and find out what she was up to. He waited for Liesl to leave Finn’s suite, then got his credit card and sneaked inside to see what Liesl was doing in Finn’s suite.
He was shocked to find a note lying on Finn’s table that read:
How does it feel. . .to lose what you love most!”
Liesl Obrecht
So, Hayden wasn’t her target! Finn was. Liesl wanted to hurt Finn by getting to Hayden!
Franco pulled his cell from his pocket and pushed Liz’s button, “Liz, I found what Obrecht was up to and you’re not going to like it.”

Chapter 5
Franco hadn’t been working for months since Jim Harvey came to town. When Jim Harvey came to town, Franco was creeped out by the man, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. And Franco’s P.I. business was going to pot. He kept putting off clients saying he was sick or whatever excuse he could think of. Truth was, Jim Harvey was getting to him and the secrets he kept from his precious Elizabeth were taking a toll on him. Not to mention his mother, Betsy Frank, who apparently had gone missing during this time.
But after Kevin began shrinking his head to get to the truth, Franco finally remembered what creeped him out about Jim Harvey: the man had molested him when he was just 4 years old. And he was going after Andrew, or Drew. All this time, when it looked like Franco was trying to harm Andy, he was really protecting Andy/Drew from Jim Harvey.
Now that Jim Harvey was dead at the hands of Drew, shot when Jim Harvey tried to strangle him, Franco got Jim Harvey to write down a list of his victims. And as he read the list, a familiar name was on it: Jake Morgan.
Why was Jake’s name on this list? Jim hadn’t touched little Jake—at least he had better not have! Maybe Jake was an intended victim?
Either way, if Jim was going after Jake, it’s a good thing Jim Harvey is dead! Because there was no way he would ever get to Jake!!
But Franco had to contact the other victims and let them know that their perpetrator was dead. Franco opened up his computer and searched the Internet for the names on Jim Harvey’s list: he now had a renewed mission—find Jim Harvey’s victims!!

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A Mother’s Instinct: A Nelle/Michael/Kiki Triangle

Nelle is furious as Michael gets closer to Kiki after her split from Dillon. Nelle resorts to extreme measures to keep Michael away from Kiki. But how far will Nelle go to make a family with Michael? Elsewhere in Port Charles: Sonny deals with his father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Maxie learns to live with Nathan as her baby is about to be born and Lulu’s career threatens her marriage to Dante.

Michael Corinthos – Chad Duell
Nelle Benson – Chloe Lanier
Kiki Jerome – Hayley Erin
Carly Benson-Jacks-Corinthos – Laura Wright
Sonny Corinthos – Maurice Benard
Mike Corbin – Max Gail
Maxie Jones-West – Kirsten Storms
Peter August – Wes Ramsey
Leslie Lu “Lulu” Spencer-Falconeri – Emme Rylan
Dante Falconeri – Dominic Zamprogna
Dr. Lucas Jones – Ryan Carnes
Brad Cooper – Parry Shen

Chapter 1
Nelle was tired of waiting for Michael after he promised to meet her at The Metro Court when he finished his day at ELQ. She decided to treat herself to dinner at The Metro Court and got the surprise of her life: Michael was having dinner with Kiki…and they looked like they were pretty chummy.
“So, instead of having dinner with me like you promised, you’re with Kiki?” Nelle accused Michael.
“I’m sorry, Nelle, but Kiki called me at ELQ and needed to talk.” Michael explained to her.
“So you just decided to have dinner with Kiki?!”
“I’m sorry, Nelle, I should have text you, but I honestly forgot about our plans.”
“Yeah, I’ll bet?” Nelle glared at Kiki. “Stay away from my man!”
“Nelle!” Michael reprimanded her. “You and I aren’t together!”
“But we are having a baby together!”
“Nelle, Kiki and I are just friends.” Michael said straightforward.
“Well, I hope you keep it that way!” Nelle said before walking off.
“Don’t tell me? Hormones?” Kiki said after Nelle’s outburst.
“I’m sorry, Kiki. Nelle had no right…” Michael tried to apologize for Nelle’s behavior.
“You don’t need to apologize for her.” Kiki told him. “I’m just glad you came.”
At the Corinthos estate, Sonny was spending time with his father as he bonded with him, despite his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
“Mike, I’m sorry for how Rita left you, but you have a home here.” Sonny tried to get through to him.
“We had plans to spend the rest of our lives together.” Mike said.
“Well, I guess she couldn’t handle the news of your illness.” Sonny tried to reason with his father, but knew it was futile.
Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu were in the middle of a fight over her career as an investigative journalist. Lulu had gotten the story of her life and it was taking over her life to the point she was neglecting Dante, Rocco and Charlotte.
“I’m sorry, Dante, I’ll make it up to you after I write this story.” Lulu promised.
“You’ve been making promises for weeks.” Dante reminded her. “Meanwhile, Rocco and Charlotte are suffering without their mother.”
Rocco came out to the living room when he heard his parents arguing again, “Just stop it!”
Lulu, feeling guilty over her neglect of her children and husband went over to hug him, “Mommy is sorry, but when I get this article finished, we’ll go out for ice cream. Does that sound alright?”
“Yes, mommy.” Rocco told her with a hug.
Dante couldn’t believe Lulu would make another promise to their son, knowing she would probably break it for another story.
“I can’t believe you!” Dante yelled before he stormed out the door, leaving Lulu alone with Rocco.

Chapter 2
Nelle had to get Kiki out of Michael’s life. There was no way she would allow Michael to get back with his ex. First Carly, now Kiki. Those two bitches…they weren’t going to win.
Nelle wasn’t jealous of Kiki. Or Carly. She didn’t want the truth to come out…and with Carly and Kiki…they would surely find out the Nelle’s secret! And Nelle couldn’t have that!
Nelle planned to take her secret to the grave and be with Michael until she died. No could know that she agreed to be a surrogate for Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper, so they could have a baby. Nelle planned to renege and take the baby before he or she was born and raise the baby as Michael’s.
But Nelle didn’t know it…but someone was in Nelle’s quarters at the Q mansion rummaging through her belongings—a certain blonde-haired woman! And bingo…they got what they were looking for!
Nelle sat at a table waiting for Michael to meet her for coffee at The Metro Court…but alas, he was a no show…
At ELQ, Michael was hard at work when Kiki barged into his office…
“Michael, I have it!”
“The proof that Nelle’s been hiding!”
“Nelle’s hiding another secret?! Somehow I’m not surprised?!”
“Yes, it’s a DNA test. It shows you’re not the father of her baby?”
“All this time…she lied about me being the father of her baby!” Michael said anger in his voice. “Does it say who is?”
“Yes, it does. It says Lucas Jones.” Kiki said, confused.
“How could Lucas be the father of Nelle’s baby?” Michael said, equally confused.
Michael knew what he had to do…talk to Nelle and straighten everything out. But on his way over, he was stopped by his Uncle Lucas.
“Michael, we need to have a talk.”
“Not now, Lucas. I’m a little busy.”
“It’s about Nelle.”
Michael turned around when he mentioned Nelle’s name, “what about Nelle?”
“Nelle reneged on a contract that we made.”
“Contract?” Michael asked, beginning to see the picture.
“Yes. She agreed to be a surrogate for Brad and I so we could start a family and now she says she won’t give the baby up when it’s born.”
“Thank you Uncle Lucas. I just found out that she had DNA tests done proving I wasn’t the father but you were. You straightened everything out for me.”
“What are you going to do about it?”
“With Nelle’s state of mind, we have to precede cautiously.” Michael told him. “We need to outsmart Nelle and get the baby to you and Brad when it’s born.”
“I agree.”
Nelle wasn’t going to know what hit her when the baby was born…but no one knew that Nelle was eavesdropping on Michael and Lucas’ chat when Nelle came to ELQ to see what was holding Michael up.

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers – April 16-20, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – April 16-20, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Victor points the finger at J.T.
A secret pact is made.
Neil returns to Genoa City.
Hilary is determined to reunite with Devon.
A secret is buried.
Jack’s fate is decided.
Paul searches for J.T..
Ashley prepares for battle.
Nick vows to protect Victoria
Neil challenges Devon.
Nikki makes a power move.
Jack confronts Victor.
Phyllis gives Sharon a stern warning.
Kyle plays with fire.

The Bold & the Beautiful

Steffy reminds a heartbroken Liam how much she loves him and supports him.
Ridge and Brooke consider the possible reasons why $Bill cleared Ridge’s name.
$Bill is torn when Steffy arrives asking for a considerable favor.
Hope is taken aback when Liam firmly asks her to leave so he can sort out his feelings alone.
$Bill makes a distinct promise that he may not be able to keep.
Liam shows his gratitude to Steffy for her unwavering faith in him.
While discussing the upcoming Hope for the Future line Maya becomes a confident for Hope.
Liam rethinks his relationship with $Bill after his father admits his part in their rift.
Hope takes a big step and encourages Liam to set himself free from Steffy and $Bill.
Katie tells Brooke about the newest development in her on-again, off-again relationship with Wyatt.

General Hospital
Carly is confronted.
Nelle messes with Ava’s head.
Jason moves with caution.
Griffin questions Finn.
Kiki expresses her doubts.
Dante remains supportive.
Lulu gets an idea for a story.
Spinelli gets himself in a bit of a bind.
Alexis has a surprise.
Kim makes her intentions clear.
Anna strikes out, but pushes on.
Maxie ambushes Nina.
Elizabeth offers words of encouragement.
Kiki runs into Molly.
Jordan gets a lead.
Chase catches Sonny off guard.
Kim encourages Julian to support his family.
Griffin is unsuccessful.
Liz sympathizes with Franco’s possible triggers.
Joss is overwhelmed.
Griffin comforts Ava.
Carly is at her wit’s end.
Sonny receives a welcome phone call.
Lulu updates Peter.
Jason sees the truth.

Days of Our Lives
Chad and Rafe work to prove that Gabi’s not guilty.
Abigail gets closer to the truth while trapped in her subconscious.
Thinking he’s speaking with Abigail, John grills Gabby about Marlena’s whereabouts.
Marlena warns Stefan he’s making a big mistake.
Ciara, Claire, Eve and Brady anxiously wait for the winner of the Bella contest to be revealed.
Vivian realizes someone may be on to her plan.
Chloe has a tense confrontation with Kate.
Paul shares his suspicions about Leo with Will.
Brady pleads his case to Eve.
Chloe makes a decision about the job offer in Mexico.
Paul questions Leo about his ties to Vivian.
Ciara reconnects with someone from her past.
Gabby and Stefan make plans to leave Salem.
Kate spies a “mystery woman” at the mansion.
Hope reluctantly works with Rafe in order to help Gabi.
Lani opens up to JJ about her medical situation.
Kate is stunned when she discovers the mystery woman is Abigail.
Chad gets the shock of his life.
Rafe and Hope zero in on the mystery woman.
Paul helps John try to track down Marlena.

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Critiques – April 2-6, 2018

Weekly Soap Critiques – April 2-6, 2018
This week will focus on the best performers for the week.

General Hospital
Roger Howarth: Howarth’s performance as Franco was riveting in the volatile story as he looks to find out about the secrets from his past involving Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) with the help of Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom). Never have I seen such a raw performance in Howarth since his One Life to Live days when he played Todd Manning and he was the ring leader in the rape of Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell). Howarth certainly gives it is all in any scene.

Days of Our Lives
Stephen Nichols: Nichols’ portrayal was a tear-jerker as Steve lost his eyesight in his one eye with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) by his side as it happened. Steve and Kayla’s love shows now bounds as Kayla helped him put the dark glasses over his eyes. Even heartbreaking was Steve walking out with a cane as John (Drake Hogestyn) struggled with his guilt over poisoning Steve that left Steve blind.

The Young & the Restless
Thad Luckinbill & Amelia Heinle: Luckinbill and Heinle gave it their all as they dealt with domestic violence in their relationship as J.T. scrambles to keep his secret of what he did to Victor (Eric Braden) and work on his issues with Victoria.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Scott Clifton: Clifton was beyond excellent as Liam dealt with his conflicting memories that showed he shot his father, $Bill Spencer in the back. Liam has been conflicted since the truth about his father’s affair with his wife, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) came out when Liam found the paternity results in Steffy’s handbag.

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers April 9-13, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – April 9-13, 2018

The Young & the Restless
J.T. and Victoria announce their engagement.
Devon has a change of heart about Hilary.
Phyllis and Sharon clash over Nick.
Ashley takes over at Newman Enterprises.
Kyle presses Dina to reveal her secret.
Sharon spreads her wings.
Nick meets Victor’s mystery visitor.
Jack and Billy join forces.
Lauren test Phyllis’ loyalty.
Victoria reveals the truth about her relationship with J.T.
J.T.’s confession leads to a shocking turn of events!

The Bold & the Beautiful
Hope and Steffy have a heated argument about what’s best for Liam.
Thorne questions Katie on whether her relationship with Wyatt is worth losing her son.
Wyatt hopes that $Bill’s near-death experience will give him a new perspective.
Steffy is shocked when Hope prophesies $Bill’s true intentions regarding Steffy and Liam.
Unable to contain his anger, Ridge confronts $Bill and issues a fiery threat about “next time.”
Thorne’s warning about Wyatt’s baggage leads Katie to make an uncomfortable decision.
Det. Sanchez recreates the scene of the crime for $Bill, hoping it will jog $Bill’s memory regarding who shot him.
Ridge and Steffy get suspicious of Hope’s motives with Liam.
Brooke urges Ridge not to allow his hatred for $Bill to lead him to actions that would land him back in jail.
Steffy urges Liam, for the sake of their marriage, not to work with Hope on her fashion line.

General Hospital
Liz is frantic.
Carly is forced to come clean.
Joss remains hopeful.
Nelle forges a new friendship.
Drew takes matters into his own hands.
Drew is not ready.
Sonny pushes for a professional opinion.
Finn is interrupted.
Anna tries to deflect.
Valentin prepares a romantic evening for Nina.
Anna has an idea.
Peter has plans of his own.
Maxie pleads her case.
Franco needs time.
Nina looks to Curtis for answers.
Sonny worries his past will come back to haunt him.
Lulu apologizes.
Nina meets with Curtis.
Griffin remains clueless.
Nelle gets the support she needs.
Sonny pushes too hard.
Carly grows determined.
Mike’s condition worsens.
Stella is sympathetic.
Jason balks at Anna’s idea.

Days of Our Lives
Gabi’s fate is decided.
Marlena realizes she’s been tricked by one of Abigail’s alters.
Sonny makes a difficult decision concerning Leo.
Vivian visits Victor and Maggie, claiming she wants a truce.
Marlena is appalled when she learns Stefan and Gabby are romantically involved.
Hope returns home from Hong Kong and comforts Rafe after Gabi’s sentencing.
Brady makes a bold bet with Eve.
Lucas tries to dissuade Chloe from considering Miguel’s offer.
Stefan and Gabby go to extremes to make sure Marlena doesn’t reveal their secret.
John worries when Marlena misses their dinner plans.
Lucas confronts the person he thinks is behind Chloe’s offer.
Rafe is rocked by Hope’s decision about their marriage.
Adrienne has a surprising suggestion for Will’s first Spectator article.
Vivian urges Leo not to give up on the plan to take down Sonny.
Rafe vows to fight for his marriage to Hope.
Tripp makes an unexpected choice between Ciara and Claire.
John searches for Marlena as she tries to convince Stefan to release her.
While Gabby fends of Chad’s questions, Abigail struggles to figure out what’s happening to her.
Ciara is hurt by Tripp’s decision.
Claire conspires to win a contest.

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A New Love: A Griffin & Ava (Grava) Romance

Griffin has made his decision when he tells Ava he loves her. But Ava, unsure that Griffin wanted her or the priesthood, is sucked backed into the mob world when Julian asks her for a favor from Pentonville. Will Ava be able to get out of her promise to Julian, or will she lose Griffin? Other romances are on rocks when Franco’s dark side emerges and Kiki is faced with a decision that threatens her romance with Dillon?

Griffin Munro – Matt Cohen
Ava Jerome – Maura West
Kiki Jerome – Hayley Erin
Dillon Quartermaine – Robert Palmer Watkins
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Elizabeth Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Morgan Corinthos – Bryan Craig

Chapter 1
Ava had never been happier. Griffin was a wonderful man. She never wanted to do anything to hurt him. The last few nights spent in bed with him were magical…magical? Who the hell was she? She never used that word? Was she in love? For the first time in her life? Gee, love must do strange things to you?
As she reflected on the men in her life—Franco, Sonny, Scott. They couldn’t compare to Griffin. Then it happened. Julian called from Pentonville. He had a request. No, rather a favor.
Julian wanted her to keep an eye on the gallery in his absence. Who was she kidding? What Julian really wanted was to get back into the mob business.
And Ava did it! She could never deny her brother anything! Whatever Julian wanted—she did for him!
She just hoped Griffin never found out. She didn’t want it to ruin their romance.
Speak of the devil—for lack of a better word—Griffin was at her front door.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Kiki was at General Hospital checking on patients and making sure they were comfortable when she heard a page over the PA system: Kiki Jerome, line #2!
As she went to retrieve her phone call, she nearly tripped over Dillon who was making a surprise visit to see her at work.
“Dillon?” Kiki said, more irritated than happy.
“We’ve been missing each other a lot this week, so I thought I’d bring you some lunch?”
“Oh, how sweet!” Kiki said gratefully with is peck on the lips.
“You seem busy?”
“Yeah, and to top it off, I was on my way to the nurse’s station to retrieve a phone call when I ran into you.”
“Oh, well, I will let you go, for now!” Dillon said with a kiss before letting her get back to her work.
And at Franco’s studio at General Hospital….

Franco was working on a painting when Liz came by to see Franco.
“Working on another painting?” Liz said as she attempted to view Franco’s new work, but Franco quickly covered it up with a tarp.
“Not ready to show it yet?” Liz said, half jokingly.
“Well, you know an artist never reveals his work before he’s finished.”
“Touché.” Liz agreed.
“What did you need?”
“Just to see if you wanted to go for some lunch now that I’m on a break?”
“I’d love to, but I’m kinda swamped at the moment.”
“Oh, okay. Later then?”
“Yeah.” Franco said as Liz left him alone to do his painting.
Franco took one look at the painting of a injured young boy with blonde hair. Could it be Drew? Or just some random little boy?

Chapter 2
Ava met with Julian against her better judgment. But she had to help her brother. They’ve been through so much, she owed it to him. Surely, Griffin would understand her dilemma? At least, she hoped so?
But Griffin wasn’t too happy when he spied Ava meeting at The Metro Court with her mobster brother. Despite his religious past, he despised Julian and wanted Ava out of Julian’s life. And he was seeing red when he saw her with Julian.

Ava felt confident after her meeting with Julian but didn’t expect the fireworks when she got back home.
“So, you were with him!” Griffin railed as soon as Ava got into her flat.
“How did you know?” Ava asked, not sure if she wanted to get into it with Griffin.
“I saw you with Julian!”
“It was just a meeting, Griff—“ Ava defended herself.
“I don’t want you near that mobster!” Griffin continued his tirade.
“Chill out, Griffin.” Ava began, but Griffin didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He walked out of Ava’s apartment, leaving Ava unsure where she stood with Griffin. And after she made arrangements to never deal with Julian again.

Meanwhile, Franco was feeling guilty keeping secrets from Elizabeth about his past. He was set to come clean with her when he was knocked cold.
When Franco woke up, he found himself being held captive by Jim Harvey.
“What do you want, Harvey?” Franco asked, looking scared.
“I want you dead!” Jim Harvey raised his voice at Franco, bringing back flashes of the past.
Franco saw bits and pieces of him and a little boy being hit. Was the little boy Andrew? Franco got his answer when Jim Harvey’s thugs brought in Drew Cain and left Drew and Franco alone in the room.
“So, imagine us, alone in the same room.” Franco said, trying to break the ice.

And, Alexis was tired of everyone telling her to stay away from Julian and Julian assuming she wanted him back. Yeah, it was true, but Alexis just wanted Julian to stop. Then she got a crazy idea.
“Julian, I hope you enjoy life, because I’m enjoying mine.” Alexis told Julian, trying not to gloat.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Julian questioned her.
“I mean, I have a new guy in my life.”
“Oh, and just who is this new guy?”
“Well, I don’t know where it’s leading…but Finn and I have been spending some time together….” Alexis purposely left Julian hanging.
Julian, feeling jealous that Alexis was getting over him, added, “Yeah, well, I have a new woman in my life too.”
And as Kim Nero walked into Charlie’s, Julian grabbed her and impulsively kissed her, leaving Alexis shocked.

Chapter 3
Kim was caught off guard after Julian kissed her, but Alexis felt a twinge of jealously at Julian’s impulsiveness and his need to make her jealous.
After Alexis left Charlie’s, Julian and Kim were faced with the kiss he gave her. The next thing they knew, they were in the storeroom heating things up.

Alexis, on the other hand, found herself at Finn’s doorstep.
“Yes, Alexis?” Finn asked when he answered.
“We need to talk.” Alexis told a confused Finn.
“What about?”
“Well, for one, Julian thinks were serious about each other.”
“And how would he get the idea we’re serious about one another?”
“Because I told him we were.”
“But I’m dating Anna?”
“Well, then we’ll just go out on dates for appearances’s sake?”
“O.k. but I hope Anna will go along with it?” Finn said, unsure that she would.

Meanwhile, Franco and Drew were coming to terms with being held hostage by Jim Harvey. Drew was confused as to why Harvey wanted him, and that’s when Franco filled him in on the past about Betsy and Betsy’s claim on the “truth” of the past as he remembered it.
After Franco’s confession, Franco and Drew made a pact to find out what happened years ago and they both agreed that when they got out of their predicament, Betsy needed to be found.
But Jim Harvey put obstacles in their way to keep his identity secret.

Kiki went to her mother’s flat and was met with Ava’s tears instead.
“What’s wrong, mother?” Kiki asked concerned.
“I’ve lost Griffin!” Ava told Kiki through her tears.
“What happened?”
“Griffin left me!”
“What did you do, now!” Kiki said, thinking Ava did something to deserve it.
“He saw me meeting with your Uncle Julian.”
“He broke it off with you for that?”
“He thinks I’m working him!”
“Well…are you?”
“No!” Ava lied, knowing she was but Julian was holding her hand.
“I fixed things with Julian so I could avoid him and have my relationship with Griffin.” Ava continued her lie.
“Well, Griffin isn’t going to get away with it!” Kiki said, running out of Ava’s flat to give Griffin a piece of her mind, to Ava’s glee. It was good to have Kiki on her side in this one, even if Ava was lying to everyone.

Chapter 4
Griffin went to the only place that seemed to give him peace and that was the church. As he talked with God, he became convinced that leaving the priesthood was a mistake. He decided to meet with the priest and see if he could come back to the church.
The meeting with the priest was eventful and Griffin was back at the church as a priest, provided he give up his new relationship, which Griffin was glad to do.
Griffin was glad to be back as a priest, although it would be hard to give up Ava, it was the right thing to do. Griffin didn’t want to deal with Ava working with her mobster brother. He couldn’t have no part of it! He hoped Ava would understand.
But Ava intended to make Griffin see her side of things. She was shocked when she saw him out in Port Charles dressed as a priest.
“Griffin, you’re a priest? Again?” Ava asked him.
“Yes, Ava, I went back into the priesthood.” Griffin said matter-of-factly.
“So, it was because of Julian?!” Ava said hotly.
“Yes. I can’t have you a part of Julian’s life!” Griffin said before walking off, not giving her a chance to explain herself.
Ava was beside herself. She couldn’t lose Griffin, especially not to God. She had to get him back! And she intended to do just that!

Meanwhile, Kiki was facing her own demons. After meeting with Dr. Bensch, she felt violated when he kissed her during a meeting. But the worst thing was Dillon’s reaction. Not only did Dillon break things off, he sent her a text saying he had moved on with an actress in his moving he was making.
Kiki felt alone. She never made it to the hospital to do her rounds. And class was the last thing on her mind. Instead, she found herself at The Haunted Star, where she drank herself to oblivion…until a handsome stranger sat down next to her.
Too inebriated to notice, Kiki didn’t see that it was Morgan who sat next to her to talk. As Kiki rambled on about her pathetic love life, Morgan listened patiently for Kiki to notice he was alive. But Kiki passed out instead.
Morgan carried Kiki off to a secluded motel so she could sleep it off…..
He couldn’t wait for Kiki’s reaction when she woke up to realize who helped her out.

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Jax’s Story: The Real Reason He Came Back to Port Charles

When Jax came back to Port Charles to deal with Carly and her search for Josslyn’s kidney donor, he also has another reason? His daughter with Alexis, named Chloe Morgan Jacks, after Chloe Morgan, Lila Quartermaine’s cousin and fashion designer who was killed by Stavros Cassadine. He finds their daughter on Cassadine Island where Helena has kept her prisoner after she had the baby kidnapped from a drugged Alexis.
Jake Martin is glad to see his friend when they were together on Cassadine Island. As Alexis and Jax struggle to deal with their daughter, Jake and Chloe kindle a sweet romance, much to Elizabeth’s dismay.

Jasper “Jax” Jacks – Ingo Rademacher
Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn
Molly Davis-Lansing – Haley Pullos
Kristina Davis-Corinthos – Lexie Ainsworth
Sam McCall-Morgan – Kelly Monaco
Jason Morgan – Billy Miller
Elizabeth “Liz” Webber – Rebecca Herbst
Franco Baldwin – Roger Howarth
Cameron “Cam” Webber-Spencer –
Ayden Spencer –
Jake Martin – Hudson West
Chloe Jacks –

Chapter 1
Now that the drama with Jossalyn’s kidney donor was over with, Jax could get to heart of the reason why he really came back to Port Charles. He headed over to Alexis’ to talk to her about their daughter, Chloe Morgan Jacks, who didn’t realize that Alexis never told anyone about their daughter.
“Jax?” Alexis said surprised to see Jax at the front door when she opened the door.
“Alexis, we need to talk about our daughter.” Jax said worried.
“Our daughter?” Alexis said, confused at first, then remembered Chloe, whom she gladly let Jax take with him to Australia to raise.
“She’s been missing for years.” Jax said.
“Missing. How can that be?” Alexis said. “And for years? And you’re now just telling me?”
“I just now got an idea on where she’s been all these years.” Jax told her.
“Where do you think she is?”
“On Cassadine Island.” Jax told her.
“Cassadine Island?” Alexis asked. “Do you think Helena had something to do with it?”
“I wouldn’t put it past her.” Jax said. “She always did need to put one over on you.”
“True. So what do you want from me?”
“I need you to go with me to Cassadine Island to bring her back.” Jax said.
“Jax, I can’t do that.” Alexis told him.
“Why not, Alexis?”
“Because nobody here in Port Charles knows I have another daughter.” Alexis explained to him. “How would I explain Chloe to Julian and my daughters?”
“So, they will know they have another sister, just like Jossalyn.”
“I can’t do that to them.”
“Well, I think Sam, Kristina and Molly will somehow understand.” Jax said. “Right now, you’re coming to Greece with me to retrieve our daughter.”
While Jax and Alexis were on their way to his private jet that he had gassed and ready for their departure, they had no idea that Molly was in the hallway listening to their conversation.

In another part of Port Charles, at Liz’s house, a despondent Jake had Liz worried as she tried to figure out why he was so depressed.
“Jake, what’s wrong?” Liz implored her son.
“I’m just missing someone.” Jake told her.
“Who?” Liz tried to get him to tell her.
“A friend from the island where I was staying before Jason found me.”
“Oh, you met a little friend.” Liz said, assuming it was a boy. “Do you know his name?”
“Chloe.” Jake told his mother.
“A girl?” Liz said. “Did you know her long?”
“For about a year before I was brought back here.”
“Well, I’m sure she went back to her life when you came back home.” Liz said, hoping Jake would forget all about her.
“Yeah, I guess.” Jake said sadly.
“C’mon, let’s you, me and your brothers go get some pizza at Jake’s?” Liz said to Jake as she called upstairs to alert Cam and Aiden.

Chapter 2
Jax and Alexis were flightbound to Cassadine Island to find their missing daughter, Chloe, just as Sam and her sisters arrived at Alexis’ home and found her note:
“I had to go out on town on business. Love you all. Your mother.”
“What business do you think mom had?” Molly asked her also-curious sisters.
“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” Sam said, dialing the airport for any flights out.
“Yes, Port Charles International Airport? How may I help you?” the counter agent asked.
“I’m looking for any outbound flights today?” Sam asked the agent.
“The recent one is to Greece.” The agent told Sam.
“Greece?” Sam asked, more to herself than to the agent. “Thank you ma’am. Can you book me flight to that destination?”
“To Cassadine Island?” the agent asked Sam.
“That’s the destination?” Sam asked. “Yes. Book me.”
“Me too.” Both Molly and Kristina chimed in.
“Make that 3 tickets to Cassadine Island, Greece.”
“3 tickets to Cassadine Island, Greece.” The agent punched into the computer. “Will you be paying now or when you get to the airport?”
“I’ll pay when I get to the airport.” Sam said to the agent before hanging up.
Sam, Molly and Kristina quickly packed a few things before heading off to the airport to catch their flight.

Meanwhile, on Cassadine Island, Jax and Alexis arrived at Helena’s castle to search for their daughter. When they knocked on the door, a little girl answered.
“Hello?” the little girl answered.
“Yes, is Helena here?” Jax asked the little girl.
“No, she stepped out for a while.” The little girl said, while Helena listened.
“Okay. We’ll come back later.” Jax said to the little girl.
After the little girl closed the door, Jax said to Alexis, “That’s her.”
“She’s our daughter?” Alexis asked.
“Yes. Can’t you tell?”
“If she’s our daughter, I’m going in!” Alexis said, as she banged on Helena’s door.
No answered, so Alexis let herself in with Jax following behind her.
“Helena?” Alexis called out, but no answered.
“C’mon, Alexis! This is useless.” Jax said to Alexis.
But just then, the little girl came out from hiding.
“What’s your name?” Alexis asked the little girl.
But the little girl just stared at Alexis and Jax.
“It’s okay.” Alexis told the little girl. “I won’t hurt you.”
“She won’t let me talk to anyone!” the little girl said, as she pointed to the door to the secret room.
“Who won’t?” Alexis asked, while Jax watched.
“The lady taking care of me.” The little girl said. “She said you were bad people.”
“You know us?” Jax asked.
The little girl pointed to two photos of Jax and Alexis sitting on the desk in the living room. Jax and Alexis looked at each other and nodded their confirmation that this was their daughter.
“Honey, come with us.” Alexis said as she grabbed the little girl’s hand as the three of them tried to make an escape from Helena’s castle, but Helena stopped them short.
“Just where do the two of you think you’re going with that girl?” Helena ordered.
“We’re taking our daughter with us?” Jax demanded.
“Oh, you think Chloe is your daughter, do you?” Helena smiled gleefully.
“We will take her back to Port Charles and have a DNA test done to prove it.” Alexis told Helena.
Just then, Jax and Alexis were knocked out as Helena’s bodyguards snuck up on them and hit them over the head with two lamps.
“Take them away!” Helena ordered the two men, as the men did as they were told and locked Jax and Alexis away in Helena’s secret dungeon.
“Chloe, why did you let those two in?” Helena asked her.
“I didn’t.” Chloe told her. “They came in on their own. I hid just as you told me.”
“Okay, dear. Let’s go get something to eat. I bet you’re hungry!” Helena said as she led Chloe out of harm’s way, just as Kristina, Molly and Sam arrived at Helena’s castle.

Chapter 3
Helena loved playing games and Jax and Alexis were going to get a game. They weren’t going to take Chloe from her. Her plan was foiled when Jason foiled her plan and took Jake back to Port Charles to that nasty Elizabeth. And Jason was going to pay for doing so. Which was why Chloe was so important to her. Helena planned on getting revenge on everyone in Port Charles.
As Helena and Chloe boarded the flight for Port Charles to do some damage control, Kristina, Molly and Sam managed to find Jax and Alexis locked in Helena’s dungeon.
“Mom!” Molly said to a grateful Jax and Alexis.
“Oh, you don’t know how happy we are to see you girls.” Alexis said to them.
“Where is Helena?” Kristina asked when they found Helena’s key that she had purposely left in plain sight, and unlocked the cell Jax and Alexis was in.
“You mean Helena isn’t here?” Jax questioned them.
“No, we searched the premises and Helena is nowhere to be found.” Sam told them.
“Damn her!” Jax said.
“What’s going on?” Sam asked.
“Helena took our daughter!” Jax said enraged.
“I’m sorry, come again?” Sam said confused.
“Chloe!” Alexis explained. “Helena has our daughter, Chloe.”
“You and Jax have a daughter?” Molly and Kristina said simultaneously.
“Which explains why you found the key to let us out?” Jax questioned. “Helena wanted you to find it. She wanted us to follow you.”
“Then why have you locked up?” Kristina asked.
“It’s all part of her game.” Jax explained.
“So, what next?” Alexis asked.
“We head back to Port Charles.” Jax told them all. “She’s on her way back to Port Charles.”

Chapter 4
Jax and Alexis made it back to Port Charles safely with Chloe. Alexis was put off guard when Chloe mentioned Jake, Elizabeth’s son.
“When can I see Jake?” Chloe asked Alexis as they were just coming into Alexis’ home.
“Sweetheart, how do you know Jake?” Alexis asked her daughter.
“He was at Helena’s castle. He was my only friend then?!” Chloe explained to a bewildered Alexis and Jax.
“Soon.” Alexis told Chloe. “First, let’s enjoy our time together.”
“Okay.” Chloe said, happy that she was away from Helena’s fortress. She longed to be away from Helena for such a long time and was glad to be out.
Back on the Greek Island, Helena vowed revenge on Jax and Alexis for taking Chloe away from her.
Back to Port Charles, Alexis was still mystified that Chloe knew Elizabeth’s son, Jake, and called her about it.
“Liz?” Alexis asked when she heard Liz answer her cell.
“Alexis, what makes you call?”
“I have some news to tell you. Can you come by?”
“Sure, I’ll be by in an hour when I get off from my shift at the hospital.”
“Can you bring Jake too?”
“What does Jake have to do with my coming by?”
“I have some news to tell you and Jake’s part of it.” Alexis explained.
“Okay, I’ll bring Jake too.”

Chapter 5
Elizabeth and Jake arrived at Alexis’ home where Chloe immediately hugged her friend from Helena’s fortress.
“Jake! I’m so glad to finally see you!” Chloe exclaimed.
“Chloe?” a shocked Jake was surprised to see his friend.
A confused Elizabeth pulled Alexis to the side while Jake and Chloe went off to get reacquainted since being separated.
“Alexis, I don’t understand? How does Jake know that girl?”
“That’s Chloe. My daughter with Jax.”
“Excuse me? You have a daughter with Jax?”
“Yes, I thought the baby died, but it turns out, Helena kidnapped the baby and had me told the baby died. She’s been on Helena’s Island all this time.”
“And how does this involve my son?” Liz questioned.
“Apparently they were friends when Helena had your son, when you thought Jake was dead.”
“Actually, it’s kinda cute that they are reunited. I’m so glad you found your daughter and got her away from Helena.”
Elsewhere in Port Charles, Helena’s henchman was seeking questions to get the slip on Jax and Alexis so he could take Chloe and bring her back to the Greek Island.

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