Hostile Takeover: A Dr. David Hayward Story



David Hayward has had a vendetta against the Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis for years when Stefano DiMera ousted him from DiMera as research engineer while Hayward was in medical school. To get back at DiMera and Kirakis, David decides to bring back EJ DiMera from the dead with deadly intentions to use EJ as his pawn and take over DiMera Enterprises as well Victor Kiriakis’ empire. But will EJ cross David when he comes face to face with the love of his life, Samantha?

Chapter 1

David Hayward checked on his new patient, EJ DiMera, who he had managed to abduct from Stefano DiMera. When he had examined EJ, he couldn’t believe the shoddy treatment Stefano’s people had done on EJ. After determining that that there were no ill-sided effects from Stefano’s damage, David administered his drug cocktail into EJ that would bring him back from the dead.

David couldn’t wait to get back at Stefano for ousting as his research engineer after he had made a major breakthrough in one of his findings. And EJ would be that pawn in his plan to take over DiMera Enterprises. And Victor Kiriakis would also suffer for turning over the information that ousted him.

EJ was stirring in his comatose state as David checked his vitals: Temperature―98.6; Pulse―75; Respiration―20; B/P―124/69.

“Vital signs appear normal.” David said to himself.

David left EJ to rest as he left to begin the next preparations for his revenge against Stefano and Victor. He couldn’t wait to get EJ back to Salem to wreak havoc in Salem.

Meanwhile. . .

Sami Brady DiMera still couldn’t get over losing EJ after his death. Even after a year in Hollywood doing a reality show on her life failed to help her move on with her life. EJ was the love of her life and meant so much to her. She saw him constantly in their two kids, Johnny and Sydney. It wasn’t fair that EJ couldn’t see them grow up and be apart of their lives.

Sami checked the notification on her cell alerting her to a new email.

She checked it and saw she had gotten an email from ScienceDoctor:

She smiled when she read it informing her that he would be in Salem shortly as his plans were coming to fruition. Not yet ready to move on, Sami was intrigued by this guy, who had managed to take her mind off her grieving after EJ’s death.

Chapter 2

Sami received another email from the ScienceDoctor stating that he had a surprise for her. She wondered what it was. This ScienceDoctor was so mysterious―even more mysterious than EJ was.

David had gotten to Sami. He had her right where he wanted her. Intrigued. His plan needed EJ’s widow to be surprised when he sprang a back-from-the-dead-EJ on Salem. It was imperative that no one suspected him, especially Stefano and Victor.

David crept into EJ’s room to see how he was doing. EJ was awake now. He ate his first meal, in fact, demanded steak and lobster with a baked potato and sour cream, and white wine.

David called his kitchen staff to make EJ his first meal since coming to from his coma. While EJ was eating, David asked him a series of questions.

“What is your name?” David asked.

“EJ DiMera.” EJ answered him.

“Do you have a wife and children?”

“Ah yes, the lovely Samantha Gene and our two kids, Johnny and Sydney and Johnny’s twin sister, Ali.”

“Great! Now, who is your father?”

“I don’t have a father! He’s dead to me!” EJ began to get raged.

“Easy now.” David calmed EJ down. “Seems I touched a nerve.”

“Do you know a ‘Victor Kirakis?’”

“Don’t speak that name either!”

“Okay.” David said, with a sly smile on his face. “Well, get a good night’s rest, EJ. Tomorrow, we leave for Salem.”

As EJ settle down to rest, David couldn’t wait to spring his surprise on Stefano and Victor and the rest of Salem.

Chapter 3

David peaked in on EJ sleeping. As he removed the headphones that EJ had over his ears, David listened and was pleased that EJ was still listening to the CD that David had put in the CD player when EJ fell asleep. Everything was going to according to plan. He was making a full recovery and they could make their trip to Salem just in time for the DiMera board meeting.

Back in Salem, Kate and Stefano (Stefano had managed to get cleared of all charges against him in the tax evasion scandal that kept him away from Salem for so long.) had just arrive at DiMera for the board meeting just as Chad had also arrived.

As Stefano went ahead and sat down, Chad pulled Kate to the side, “If you make me regret going against my father to get control of DiMera, you’ll be sorry, Kate!”

“I told you Chad, you and I are in this together!” Kate reassured him.

“Well, you had better not make me regret this!” Chad warned, holding Kate’s wrist.

“You won’t be sorry, Chad! Trust me!” Kate said, breaking free of Chad’s grip, and headed into the conference room, smiling slyly.

Across the hall, David spied on Chad’s warning to Kate, “Oh, Chad, Kate should be the least of your worries! You and Kate don’t have any idea of what’s in store for DiMera!”, as David looked over at EJ sleeping on the sofa. “None of you do, especially you Stefano!”

David was listening via headphones waiting for his cue so EJ could enter the boardroom and announce that he was the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

David woke up EJ just as the board members were about to announce the new CEO.

“EJ, it’s time!” David said as he roused EJ from his nap.

“Yes, Mr. Hayward. I will head into the conference room and announce that I am now the new CEO of DiMera..” EJ said, getting up from the sofa and headed into the conference room.

“Congratulations, Chad!” the President announced. “You’re the new CEO!”

As Stefano looked flabbergasted, EJ walked into the conference room, jaws dropping!

“I’m afraid you’re wrong!” EJ announced. “I am the new CEO!”

“What?” Stefano asked, confused. “How can this be? You’re dead?”

“No, father, I’m very much alive!”

“But how?”

“I faked my death.” EJ confessed, remembering the cues he listened to on the headphones David gave him. “I thought it was ingenious to set Clyde Weston up for my murder. I’m just appalled that none of you suspected the rat of murdering me.”

“Son, I had no clue Clyde was behind your shooting.” Stefano apologized.

“Well, I’m back and head of DiMera now.”

The surprise visitor that Chad had arranged to interrupt the board meeting walked into the conference room.

“Samantha!” EJ exclaimed.

Chapter 4

“EJ!” Sami said, surprised.

“Samantha.” EJ said happily.

“Can we get down to business?!” Stefano said irately.

“I agree!” Kate said.

“Right!” EJ said. “Business first. Samantha, we will talk after the meeting.”

EJ laid down the rules for DiMera just as David had instructed him via the tape that David had put on EJ’s head while he was sleeping. Although flabbergasted by EJ’s demands, everyone agree with the rules.

“Now that all’s well, I will need to take a break.” EJ said.

But before EJ could get a word to Sami, David pulled him to the side in another room.

“So how did things go?” David asked EJ, who only had Sami on his mind.

“It went well.” EJ told David, wanting to get to Sami before she left.

“Great job EJ.” David said congratulating him.

“Can I leave now? I must talk to Sami.”

“Yes, EJ. You can go.” David said, as he watched EJ run after Sami.

Thanks to EJ, David couldn’t wait to put his next plan into action for Victor Kiriakis and Stefano DiMera.

Meanwhile, EJ finally caught up with Sami, who had just sat down at a table in Horton Square to have lunch with her mother, Dr. Marlena Evans.

“Sami!” EJ said, as he watched her take a seat.

Sami turned around to see EJ coming toward them.

“Sami, can we go somewhere and talk?” EJ said in desperation.

“Mother, do you mind?’ Sami asked

“No, Sami, go ahead.”

Sami and EJ head off for a more private place to have a talk.

Chapter 5

“Dr. Hayward.” EJ called to confirm with him all that went down after he arrived in Salem to reclaim his life.

After his call with EJ, David Hayward poured himself a glass of wine and toasted to his success! He made a call to a mystery caller to tell him all was well at DiMera.

“Thank you, Dr. Hayward. I’ll take it from here.” The mystery caller told him. “Look at your account for payment. You will be richly rewarded.”

David logged onto his bank account and was shocked to find out just how much he was paid: “Richly rewarded, my ass!” David exclaimed heatedly. “I do the dirty work for your scheme and this is how you repay me!”

David dialed the pilot at the airport, “Fuel up the engine!” David demanded his pilot. “I am on my way to Salem! This is war!”

Meanwhile, in Salem…..

EJ and Stefano were assembling the DE board of directors for a meeting to discuss new arrangements now that EJ was alive and well, no thanks to Dr. David Hayward did to bring EJ back from the dead.

As the board members assembled in the conference room and the meeting was underway, David Hayward’s jet had arrived at Salem International Airport.


Thrilling Weekly Spoilers – August 13-17, 2018

Weekly Soap Thrillers – August 13-17, 2018
The Young & the Restless
Lily preparing to face the consequences with regard to the deadly accident, the business rivalry between Ashley and Billy heating up, and Phyllis and Nick facing exposure after Kyle and Summer learn their secret.
In the newest Deconstructing Y&R, Summer’s shameless pursuit of Billy baffles fans.
Young and Restless spoilers for the week of August 13:
In next week’s Y&R Spoiler Video: A newcomer investigates JT and the ladies, Nick gets a surprise regarding Phylliss, and Summer and Kyle come to a realization.
Young and Restless spoilers for Monday August 13:
In today’s Y&R recap, Cane wants Lily to go on the run and Sharon’s gathering has plenty of drama.
Cane shares the decision he made with Lily.
Sharon and Victoria argue.
Tension grows between Ashley and Billy.
Well wishes for Star Trek star and Y&R alum Nichelle Nichols who is suffering from dementia.
Exciting! Daytime icon stars in Hallmark murder mystery series, based on a popular novel.
Y&R spoilers for Tuesday August 14:
Nikki is romanced by Victor.
Victoria becomes defensive.
Summer and Kyle make a discovery.
Y&R spoilers for Wednesday August 15:
Lily readies herself to face the worst.
Michael stands up for Lauren.
Phyllis’ secret is revealed.
Seeking actors… Y&R is casting Genoa City residents including students, nurses, and professionals.
Y&R spoilers for Thursday August 16:
Nick calls the shots.
Phyllis calls for help.
Lily works to make things right.
Y&R spoilers for Friday August 17:
Ashley turns to Neil for support.
Summer takes someone up on their offer.
A man looks at an evidence board with JT’s photo in the center of it, as Jordi Vilasuso joins Y&R as Rey.
More Y&R spoilers…
Summer learns from Sharon that Nick spent a night away from the house.
Kyle and Summer deduce that Phyllis and Nick had sex.
Summer plans to use the secret in her pursuit of Billy regardless of who gets hurt.
Nick is suspicious when Victoria tells him Sharon asked Phyllis to be one of her bridesmaids.
Cane tells Lily he bought five tickets to Sydney, Australia – they’re leaving tonight.
Lily is stunned by Cane’s plan and feels it may make matters worse.
Ashley and Neil’s romance continues.
Victor wonders about Nick’s agenda.
Devon’s relationship with Lily changes dramatically.
Coming up on Y&R...
Rey zeroes in on Nikki and Victor.
Mariah’s concerned about Tessa’s well-being.
Summer makes an admission.
Down the road departure… Eileen Davidson’s leaving Y&R as Ashley Abbott.
The Bold & the Beautiful
Liam and Hope move forward and plan their wedding as Steffy focuses on business. Meanwhile, Bill manages to cause trouble in Katie’s world as he turns his attention to their son,
In the newest Deconstructing B&B, the Emma, Xander, Zoe triangle is dead boring.
Friday August 10:
In today’s B&B recap, Steffy tears up as Liam proposes to Hope, and Xander tries to make peace between Emma and Zoe.
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of August 13:
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday August 13:
In Monday’s B&B Spoiler Video: Ridge reacts to Hope’s big news, Wyatt questions Katie and Thorne, and Steffy has a big decision to make.
Hope’s news causes different reactions from Brooke and Ridge.
Steffy and Liam reminisce before making a decision regarding Kelly.
B&B spoilers for Tuesday August 14:
Steffy lays out her new business plan at Forrester Creations.
Katie and Bill discuss their past issues during a conversation about Will.
Test your knowledge! Play B&B Couples Trivia and recall romances, triangles, and weddings.
B&B spoilers for Wednesday August 15:
Things take a passionate turn while Liam and Hope are discussing the future.
Bill wants to reconnect with his youngest son, as Finnegan George joins B&B, as Will Spencer.
Thorne butts heads with Bill, who interrupts his date with Katie.
B&B spoilers for Thursday August 16:
Wyatt gives his brother advice after Liam asks him to be his best man.
After receiving an invitation to Hope and Liam’s wedding, Steffy asks Taylor to accompany her with Hunter Tylo returning to B&B.
B&B spoilers for Friday August 17:
Brooke doesn’t want Steffy and Taylor at her daughter’s wedding.
Steffy lets Ridge know that Taylor and Brooke will be meeting.
More B&B spoilers…
Steffy begins to make changes at Forrester Creations.
Unaware Steffy is watching, Liam commits to Hope.
Thorne tells Bill he’s not been a good father, prompting Bill to go on a rant and call Thorne a loser and ‘Forrester Lite’.
Katie gets in the middle when Bill and Thorne square off.
Bill and Katie cover old ground between them.
Coming up on B&B…
The Forresters, Spencers, and Logans gather, and Ashley Jones returns to B&B as Dr. Bridget Forrester for Hope and Liam’s wedding.
Brooke realizes Taylor’s trying to stop the wedding.
General Hospital
A few people have a lot to be sorry about and make their way around Port Charles to dish out apologies. While Alexis receives horrible news, Stella offers someone her condolences, and Bobbie makes her concerns known…
General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 13:
In last week’s GH Blog, a new mystery patient was discussed as another was revealed and Ava sinking Kiki’s trial wasn’t that surprising given her past.
General Hospital spoilers for Monday August 13:
Griffin is reluctant.
Scott apologizes.
Jason has a theory.
General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday August 14:
Kiki is on edge.
Alexis states the facts.
Franco apologizes.
General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday August 15:
Sonny gets an unexpected visit.
Alexis is cautious.
Sam is asked to do a favor.
General Hospital spoilers for Thursday August 16:
Joss apologizes to Sonny.
Stella offers her condolences.
Michael’s emotions get the best of him.
General Hospital spoilers for Friday August 17:
Bobbie voices her concerns.
Sonny takes Julian aside.
Alexis gets terrible news.
DVR Alert! Watch Hallmark’s Pearl in Paradise this weekend.
More GH spoilers:
Alexis is forced to swallow her pride.
Jason sticks up for Sonny.
Drew goes to Curtis for advice then finds common ground with Margaux.
Valentin defends himself.
Coming up on General Hospital in July and onward:
Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson returns to GH as a therapist helping Jordan, Curtis and Stella.
Madeline Reeves will surface as Donna Mills returns to GH.
Laura is heading back to Port Charles since Genie Francis is officially returning to General Hospital.
Kristina Corinthos will be back on the scene as Lexi Ainsworth returns to GH.
Since Vinessa Antoine has left GH, the soap has recast Briana Nicole Henry as GH’s new Jordan.
Days of Our Lives
Andre weighs heavily in the mind of one Salemite, as two others go toe to toe in an intense showdown. And one woman’s aggression rises to a whole other level, which results in someone looking down the barrel of a gun. Plus, Paul seeks answers from Will in regards to his lies, Steve wants answers as well, and John and Marlena’s wedding day is filled with surprise guests and plenty of drama…
In this week’s Deconstructing Days, stranglebae vs. 1950sbae talks Rope, Chabby, Jarlena, oddities – and Ted.
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of August 13:
In next week’s Days Spoiler Video: Abigail confronts Gabi, Paul makes an accusation, and Tripp gets an eyeful.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday August 13:
Kate has a dream involving Andre.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday August 14:
Eve and Jennifer have a showdown.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday August 15:
Paul confronts Will over his lies.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday August 16:
Tripp is furious when Ciara invites Ben to move into the loft.
Steve breaks into Kayla’s phone to get answers.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday August 17:
Kate pulls a gun on Ted!
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of August 20:
Days spoilers for Monday August 20:
Adrienne confronts Bonnie for the first time.
Days spoilers for Tuesday August 21:
An incident at John’s bachelor party threatens to derail the wedding.
Susan arrives on Will’s doorstep to ask for his forgiveness.
Summer drama ahead: Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady. We’ll find out if the Days rumor is true, whether Sami’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby!
Days spoilers for Wednesday August 22:
Shawn is upset when he learns Claire is living under the same roof as Ben, as Brandon Beemer & Martha Madison return to Days for an exciting storyline.
Days spoilers for Thursday August 23:
Will has a miraculous breakthrough.
Days spoilers for Friday August 24:
A shocking twist leads to total chaos at the wedding.
Returns coming up on Days in August and onward:
Keep an eye out for Ben’s sister, Jordan Ridgeway, as Chrishell Stause Hartley reprises her Days role.
Jack Deveraux will resurface once again with Matthew Ashford returning to Days.
Maggie’s daughter, Sarah Horton will appear with B&B alum Linsey Godfrey joining Days in the role.
Get the latest Days casting calls, auditions & bit roles.
Arianne Zucker is taping at Days, which means Nicole Walker will be making her way back to Salem…
Marci Miller has left Days as Abigail DiMera and Kate Mansi will return to resume the role she once played.
Farah Fath returns to Days as Mimi. The actress is currently taping scenes.
Sheila reappears soon with Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins still taping at Days.

Nicole’s New Life (A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction)

Nicole Walker was enjoying her new life in Paris with her daughter, Holly, despite the fact that Brady blackmailed her into leaving Eric by telling Salem PD she killed Deimos. But a surprise pregnancy gives Nicole pause for thought on whether she should head back to Salem to tell Eric about their daughter, Sienna Leigh? If Nicole does go back to Salem, will she run the risk of losing both her daughters with Brady’s blackmail? And Sami Brady and Jordan are back in Salem with a surprise for Rafe of their own? Will it threaten Rafe’s romance with hope? Also, Will and Paul’s romance is threatened by Sonny and Will’s closeness as Will comes to terms with his memory coming back.
Nicole Walker – Arianne Zucker
Eric Brady – Greg Vaughan
Brady Black – Eric Martsolf
Jennifer Devereaux – Melissa Reeves
Eve Donovan – Kassie DePaiva
Theresa Donovan – Jen Lilley
Chloe Lane – Nadia Bjorlin
Lucas Horton – Bryan Dattilo
Sami Brady – Alison Sweeney
Jordan Ridgeway – Chrishelle Stause Hartley
Rafe Hernandez – Galen Gering
Commissioner Hope Williams Brady Jennings Hernandez – Kristian Alfonso
Will Horton – Chandler Massey
Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis – Freddie Smith
Paul Narita – Christopher Sean
Ben Weston – Robet Scott Wilson
Ciara Brady – Victoria Konefal
John Black – Drake Hogestyn
Dr. Marlena Evans Brady Black – Diedre Hall

Chapter 1
“And how are my precious little girls.” Nicole cooed to year-old Holly and 2-month-old Sienna Leigh. Nicole took her daughters for a walk along the Seine in Paris to enjoy the scenery. As Nicole looked lovingly into her daughters’ eyes, she couldn’t help but notice how much Sienna looked so much like her father, Eric Brady, back in Salem?
Nicole had been contemplating going back to Salem to tell Eric about his daughter, but Brady’s blackmail made her keep quiet about Sienna since she found out she was pregnant shortly after she left Salem. Completely taken by surprise, since Nicole assumed she couldn’t have children, Sienna was a miracle. Well, actually, both of her girls were, thanks to Chloe Lane being a surrogate, giving birth to her and Daniel’s daughter. Nicole’s only regret was the drama that ensued afterwards.
But looking at Sienna, and knowing that Eric would want to know about his daughter, Nicole made the painful decision to go back and tell Eric about his daughter, no matter what happened.
Meanwhile, back in Salem, Brady found himself at Chloe’s Bar after learning about Eve’s part in having drugs planted in JJ’s apartment to make Theresa look like an unfit mother so he’d win the custody hearing.
“Brady, haven’t you had enough?” a concerned Chloe asked a tipsy Brady.
“Yea! Who the hell cares!” Brady said bitterly. “I hate women! They’re the bane of my existence!”
As Brady tried to pour himself another drink, Chloe knocked the glass from his hands.
“You don’t need that!” Chloe told him.
“Since when do you care?!”
“Since I’m you’re friend.”
“Yeah! If you’re such a friend, why did you keep quiet about Eve?!”
“I don’t know Brady, but it was obviously wrong of me to do so.”
“Yeah, you’re damn right you were!”
“Brady, I didn’t want to hurt you, but in the end, you did.”
“Well, I’m done with all you women!” Brady said taking one last swig of his drink. “Brady Black is a free agent from now on!”
Brady walked out of Chloe’s Bar satisfied by his decision to be free of women forever. Kristen! Theresa! And now Eve! The only one who really mattered to him was Chloe. Why did he ever divorce Chloe?
Chapter 2
Nicole was on the next flight from Paris to Salem with Holly and Sienna, despite being fearful about Brady’s promise about going to the Salem PD with his information about her killing Deimos Kiriakis. But Nicole’s only thought was telling Eric about his daughter. Everything else didn’t matter.
Back in Salem, Jennifer was getting ready for her wedding Eric the next day. It had taken a long time, but marrying Eric seemed the right thing to do since her husband, Jack, passed away saving their daughter, Abigail in an elevator shaft.
“Penny for your thoughts?” Eric kissed his fiancée on the neck.
“Just thinking how happy I am to be marrying you tomorrow.” Jennifer said kissing him back.
“You’re the one I want, Jennifer Rose.” Eric assured her.
“I realize that now.”
The two kissed again as they fell onto the bed to make love.
At the apartment of Will and Paul, Paul had just found proof of Will’s part in Leo’s death and set off to find and confront Will about killing Leo.
“Will?” Paul said when he found Will still sleeping.
“Oh, good morning.” Will said groggily upon waking up.
“I know what you did.”
“You killed Leo right before Sonny’s lawsuit.” Paul accused.
“How did you find out?”
“It doesn’t matter how I found out. The point is, I did find out.”
“Paul….you have it…” Will tried to explain.
“Why didn’t you come to me?”
“Paul, if you let me explain, I was going to tell you that I wasn’t the one who killed Leo.”
“Yea. Then who did?”
“That’s even worse, Will.”
“Paul, you don’t understand. Sonny killed Leo defending me.”
“Sonny killed Leo defending you?” Paul said sounding incredulously.
“Yes!” Will began his story. “Leo started choking me after I ratted him out about his past and Sonny threw Leo off me sending him into the fireplace.”
“That just sounds preposterous.” Paul told Will. “And what about Leo’s past?”
“I found out that Leo was a male prostitute who was in cahoots with Vivian to scam Sonny.”
“Leo was a male prostitute?” Paul said in disbelief.
“Yes. I found Leo trying to convince Sonny to marry him in order to drop the lawsuit.”
“Sonny was going to marry Leo?”
“Yes. But I walked in and ruin it and that was when Leo started choking me.”
“Well, thanks Will for telling me this.” Paul said before leaving for Black Patch to tell John about this new revelation.
After Paul left, Will didn’t know how he was going to tell him that since Leo choking him, he has recovered his memory and know how much he loved Sonny.
Chapter 3
It was Jennifer and Eric’s wedding day and the bride and groom were at the church early after spending the night together before the big day. They threw caution to the wind and decided it didn’t matter if they saw each other before the wedding. After all, after all they’ve been through, what could actually go wrong!
Meanwhile, Nicole’s flight landed in Salem. Taking Holly’s hand and pushing Sienna’s stroller, Nicole seemed relieved to be back in Salem.
Nicole put the girls in their car seats in the rental car and drove to Eric’s cabin. She couldn’t wait to see the look in Eric’s eyes when she told him about their daughter.
But when Nicole got to Eric’s cabin, he wasn’t there. That’s when a snoopy neighbor asked what Nicole was doing in the new couple’s cabin.
“Excuse me, ma’am? New couple?” Nicole asked the neighbor.
“Yes. The bride and groom.”
“Bride and groom?”
“Yes. Mr. Brady was getting married to day.”
“Married? To whom?”
“I don’t remember her name…Jenn…” the neighbor started to say.
“Jennifer? Eric and Jennifer are getting married? Today?” Nicole said more to herself. “Thank you, ma’am.”
When Nicole got to the church, friends and family were already gathering for Eric and Jennifer’s nuptials. She couldn’t believe that Eric would have moved on with Jennifer and marry her. But Brady’s blackmail forced her to leave Eric behind, so it was evident that he move on, especially after the way she left.
Nicole hid out of sight when she saw Brady enter the church to attend Eric’s wedding. He seemed happy for his brother, which really bothered her, but she didn’t see Eve when Eve tapped on her shoulder.
“Eve?” Nicole said turning to see who it was.
“Nicole? What are you doing here?” Eve said snidely, noticing Nicole had two babies. “Come to ruin the nuptials by professing your love for the groom?”
“No, I didn’t. I didn’t even know Eric was getting married today?” Nicole defended herself.
“And I thought you only had 1 daughter?”
“I, ah, adopted the other one.” Nicole thought on her feet, not wanting Eve to be the first to know about Eric’s daughter.
“Hmmmph! Looks a lot like Eric?” Eve commented before leaving Nicole alone and heading into the church.
As the music played signaling the bride to walk down the aisle, Adrienne, who was officiating their wedding, stood at the altar with a nervous Eric as everyone watched the bride walk down the aisle.
When Jennifer got the altar, Eric was stunned by Jennifer’s beauty as they stood in front of Adrienne, who began the wedding.
When Adrienne came the words, “Does anyone have any reason why these two people should not be joined together,” that’s when Nicole appeared at the entrance, as Eric and Jennifer looked into each other’s eyes.
Chapter 4
“Eric.” Nicole said, interrupting the wedding as she walked down the aisle with Holly and her youngest daughter, Sienna.
The wedding guests mumbled to themselves wondering why Nicole was there and who the little girl was.
“Eric, there’s something you need to know.” Nicole said to a stunned Eric.
“Nicole?” Eric said. “What are you doing here?”
“Eric, I had to come.”
“On my wedding day?”
“I didn’t know you were marrying Jennifer. But I do have something to tell you.” as she held his daughter in her arms.
“So? Spill it!” Eric said angrily.
“I gave birth to your daughter.” Nicole said to a confused Eric, while Jennifer stood there mystified.
“You had my child and you never found it in your heart to tell me?” Eric said irately.
“I was afraid!”
“Afraid of what!”
“Of what Brady would do!”
Jennifer knew what was coming next.
“What the hell does Brady have to do with not telling me you had my child!”
“Brady forced me to leave you and leave Salem with Holly.”
“And why would Brady force you to leave Salem with Holly!”
“He was going to the Salem PD with his proof that I killed Deimos! That’s why I left Salem, and why I couldn’t tell you about our daughter!”
All eyes were on Brady as Nicole revealed the truth about Brady’s actions.
Meanwhile, two women from Rafe’s past were also on their way back to Salem: Jordan Ridgeway and Sami Brady. Jordan, who was coming to support her brother, Ben Weston, after his release from the mental institution, and Sami, well, she had her own secret, that was going to makes waves when she returned.

Weekly Soap Thrillers – August 6-10, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – August 6-10, 2018
The Young & the Restless
Summer will escalate her plan to get her mother’s boyfriend, Billy, into bed, and in a surprising move, Victor will seek to calm the waters with an enemy.
In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Devon’s grief and outrage fueled big drama, while Summer’s motivations remained murky.
Young and Restless spoilers for the week of August 6:
In next week’s Y&R Spoiler Video: Summer makes a seductive move on Billy while family tensions rise around town.
Young and Restless spoilers for Monday August 6:
In today’s Y&R recap, Lily decides to turn herself in, Devon clashes with Cane, and Mariah has reason to worry.
Summer works harder to seduce Billy.
Victor needs Nate’s assistance.
Devon takes action.
Y&R spoilers for Tuesday August 7:
Lauren takes Jack by surprise.
Neil receives comfort from Ashley.
Lily makes a difficult decision.
Y&R spoilers for Wednesday August 8:
Victor calls a truce.
Billy’s secret project begins to come to light.
Nikki goes too far with Sharon.
Latest casting calls… Y&R seeks actress to play Candace, a contract role.
Y&R spoilers for Thursday August 9:
Jack makes a daring move.
Summer thinks she’s on track to achieve her goal.
Phyllis is out of patience with Billy.
Y&R spoilers for Friday August 10:
Cane’s determined to protect his family.
Summer is challenged by Kyle.
Jack’s loyalty is tested by Ashley.
More Y&R spoilers…
Devon enters his penthouse and asks what’s going on. Shauna says Mr. Ashby was reminding her that she needs to keep quiet about the car crash.
Phyllis notes that Jack’s always looking out for her. Jack says he’ll always be there for her.
Billy stands up from his chair and Summer pulls him into a kiss.
Sharon stands up to Nikki.
Phyllis’ buttons are pushed by Summer.
Lily’s actions surprise her family.
Lauren is incensed by Billy’s plan to open a chain of Jabot cosmetics boutiques that will directly compete with Fenmore’s, and Phyllis is caught in the middle.
Coming up on Y&R…
Ashley and Neil’s romance continues.
Someone new comes to Genoa City as soap vet Jordi Vilasuso joins Y&R as a mystery man named Rey, who comes to town to collect a debt.
Victor wonders about Nick’s agenda.
Summer learns something stunning.
Devon’s relationship with Lily changes dramatically.
Departure announcement… Eileen Davidson’s leaving Y&R as Ashley Abbott.
The Bold & the Beautiful
The drama continues in the lives of Liam, Steffy, Hope, and Bill as they strive to move forward in love and in business, and Emma’s upset after Thorne decides to hire Zoe at Forrester Creations.
The latest Deconstructing B&B, is cheering Steffy’s epiphany as she chooses herself.
Friday August 3:
In today’s B&B recap, Steffy stuns Liam & Hope by giving them her blessing, and Thorne hires Zoe.
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of August 6:
Coming back… Ashley Jones returns to B&B as Dr. Bridget Forrester for a special occasion.
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday August 6:
In Monday’s B&B Spoiler Video: Liam is upset over a decision and Hope and Brooke discuss Steffy’s latest move.
Liam’s stunned after Steffy makes a meaningful gesture toward Hope that should have come from him.
Thorne is confronted by Emma.
Congratulations! B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood eloped with Elan Ruspoli over the show’s summer hiatus.
B&B spoilers for Tuesday August 7:
Hope admits her biggest fear to Liam.
Steffy holds a dress rehearsal for the lingerie line.
Test your soap knowledge! Play Bold and the Beautiful trivia with ten multiple choice questions then share with your friends.
B&B spoilers for Wednesday August 8:
Liam engages Bill in a confrontation that includes talk of Steffy and Kelly.
Ridge tells Steffy he’s proud of her.
Recast alert… Finnegan George cast as B&B’s Will Spencer, which means Zane Achor’s out.
B&B spoilers for Thursday August 9:
Bill pleads with Liam to forgive him, but also issues a warning.
Emma battles jealousy as Zoe and Pam bond over their pets.
B&B spoilers for Friday August 10:
Steffy has bombshell news for Hope and Liam that will have ramifications for all of them.
Ridge and Brooke agree to stay out of their daughters’ love lives and focus on themselves.
More B&B spoilers…
Emma confronts Thorne about hiring Zoe as a model.
Emma becomes upset when Zoe begins to bond with the Forrester Creations staff, including Pam.
Liam apologizes to Steffy again before thinking about what he wants.
Steffy and Hope call a truce and Steffy urges Liam and Hope to be together.
Hope is happy, but wary when she and Liam become engaged again.
Hope faces changes at work.
Coming up on B&B…
Unaware Steffy is watching, Liam commits to Hope.
Bill and Katie cover old ground between them.
General Hospital
A grand gesture is made by one while another refuses to offer help. Nelle is still up to her old tricks and continues to taunt many in Port Charles. Plus, Ava strong-arms her way through a situation, and Jason makes plans to meet up with the new DA…
General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 6:
In last week’s GH Blog, the baby swap happened, which was not a schock, but Joss’s takedown of Nelle was epic.
General Hospital spoilers for Monday August 6:
Jason voices his concerns.
Ava is inspired by Julian’s actions.
Drew makes a grand gesture.
General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday August 7:
Jason meets with Margaux.
Sonny’s interest is piqued.
Nelle taunts those around her.
General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday August 8:
Finn refuses to help.
Kiki prepares for her trial.
Julian is grateful.
General Hospital spoilers for Thursday August 9:
Franco makes matters worse.
Sonny’s day is bittersweet.
Jordan takes the initiative.
General Hospital spoilers for Friday August 10:
Franco makes a dramatic move.
Elizabeth is conflicted.
Ava forces Scotty’s hand.
DVR Alert! Watch All My Children alum Cameron Mathison (Ryan) in Hallmark’s A Summer to Remember this weekend.
More GH spoilers:
Finn and Robert go in search of Anna.
Nelle refuses to listen.
Jason receives help from Sam.
Franco works to warn Alexis.
Jason is put on notice by Margaux.
Time’s running out for Valentin.
Drew makes a big gesture.
Scotty tries to reason with Dr. Bensch.
Kiki anticipates the trial ahead.
Franco ends up making things worse.
Kevin issues an apology.
Scott works to make things happen.
Sonny aims to make Mike comfortable.
Bad news reaches Julian.
Cameron goes along with Josslyn.
Coming up on General Hospital in August and onward:
Madeline Reeves will surface as Donna Mills returns to GH.
Laura is heading back to Port Charles since Genie Francis is officially returning to General Hospital.
Kristina Corinthos will be back on the scene as Lexi Ainsworth returns to GH.
Recast alert: Since Vinessa Antoine has left GH, the soap will be recasting the role of Jordan.
We may have seen the last of Nelle, as Chloe Lanier is leaving GH.
Days of Our Lives
Though Victor does Eve a favor, it’s not out of the goodness of his heart. Things are still tense between Chad and Abigail and despite experiencing the baby’s first kick, he can’t take the reality of the situation and walks out on his wife. However, Gabi plans to be there for her ex – very, very close to him. In addition, Ben remembers the night of the fire, and someone becomes angry enough to pull out a gun…
In this week’s Deconstructing Days, Gabi’s revenge story intensifies as romance blossoms in Salem.
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of August 6:
In this week’s Days spoiler video, Ciara is torn between Tripp and Ben, as Marlena and John prepare for their special day.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday August 6:
Victor keeps Eve’s secret from Brady – but he wants something in return.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday August 7:
Abigail and Chad feel the baby kick for the first time.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday August 8:
Ben tells Ciara he remembers everything that happened the night of the fire.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday August 9:
Chad walks out on Abigail.
John advises Steve to confront Kayla about the secret she’s keeping.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday August 10:
Gabi manipulates her way to living under the same roof as Chad.
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of August 13:
Days spoilers for Monday August 13:
Kate has a dream involving Andre.
Days spoilers for Tuesday August 14:
Eve and Jennifer have a showdown.
Days spoilers for Wednesday August 15:
Paul confronts Will over his lies.
Days spoilers for Thursday August 16:
Tripp is furious when Ciara invites Ben to move into the loft.
Steve breaks into Kayla’s phone to get answers.
Days spoilers for Friday August 17:
Kate pulls a gun on Ted!
Returns coming up on Days in June and onward:
Keep an eye out for Ben’s sister, Jordan Ridgeway, as Chrishell Stause Hartley reprises her Days role.
Jack Deveraux will resurface once again with Matthew Ashford returning to Days.
Confirmed: Maggie’s daughter, Sarah Horton will appear with B&B alum Linsey Godfrey joining Days in the role.
Arianne Zucker is taping at Days, which means Nicole Walker will be making her way back to Salem…
Marci Miller has left Days as Abigail DiMera and Kate Mansi will return to resume the role she once played.
Farah Fath returns to Days as Mimi. The actress is currently taping scenes.
Summer drama ahead: Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady. We’ll find out if the Days rumor is true, whether Sami’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby!
Sheila turns up soon with Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins still taping at Days.
Brandon Beemer & Martha Madison return to Days as Shawn and Belle for an exciting storyline.

Port Charles Happenings

Chapter 1
“Hey, Alexis? We up for drinks later?” Dr. Bensch asked Alexis when she came in to see a patient.
“You manipulate Kiki when she’s just an intern at the hospital, and you think I want to have drinks with you?”
“I lost my job over that lawsuit! Can’t you cut me some slack?”
“Sorry, I’m all booked up with mob bosses!”
Alexis walked away as Dr. Bensch felt alone. He had no job and no friends…
In walks Blair Cramer…she’s here bringing her son, Jack, to the hospital after a fall from his bike when he tried to impress new friends, Josslyn Jacks and Oscar Nero.
“You come here much?” Blair asked Dr. Bensch.
“I used to work here.”
“Used to?”
“I was let go.”
“I’m sorry.”
“So what brings you here?’
“My son, Jack. He fell from his bicycle when he tried to impress some new friends.”
“Just moved to Port Charles?”
“Well, I’ve been here before when my daughter came here.” Blair explained. “I liked it so much I moved after my relationship with my ex ended.”
“Well, I hope you like it here.”
“Thank you. I’m beginning to like it here already.” Blair said, smiling.
“Care to get drinks after you’re through here?”
“I’d love to…..”
“David Bensch.” David introduced himself.
“Blair Cramer.” Blair replied.
“Shall we meet at The Metro Court?”
“Sure. Sixish?”
“Can’t wait.”David said, as Lucas comes out with Jack, who’s just suffered a broken arm from his bicycle stunt.
Chapter 2

Jack showed up at school the next day and ran into Josslyn and Oscar.
“Jack, are you okay?” Josslyn asked him seeing his arm in a sling.
“Yes. It’s just a broken arm.” Jack replied.
“Well, that was one hell of a stunt you pulled on your bicycle!” Josslyn said impressed by Jack, making Oscar feel uncomfortable.
“Thanks.” Jack said embarrassed, as students rallied around Jack after hearing about his latest stunt.
“OMG! I nearly forgot! I need to go to the library before class!” Oscar told Josslyn.
“Meet you after class?”
“Sure.” Oscar said running off to the library, leaving Josslyn and Jack alone in the school entrance.
“I thought he’d never leave?”
“You don’t like Oscar?” Josslyn quipped.
“It’s not that. I wanted to ask you out on a date?”
“A date?” Josslyn said, remembering her promise to stay steady with Oscar.
“Got a problem with that?”
“No. I’d love to.” Josslyn said feeling guilty about her promise to Oscar.
“Great! Meet you later! At The Metro Court!”
“Yeah.” Josslyn said wondering if she should tell Oscar she had a date with Jack Manning?
Chapter 3
“Jack, I gotta run!” Blair calls upstairs to Jack’s room. “I have a date at The Metro Court!”
Just then, Jack comes barreling down the stairs, “Sorry mom! No time!”
“Where are you off to in such a hurry?”
“Hot date!” Jack says as he races out the front door.
“Teenagers?” Blair says to herself. “I can never figure them out?”
At The Metro Court, Blair is welcomed by Olivia Falconeri-Ashton, co-proprietor of The Metro Court, who seats Blair in her booth.
“First time?” Olivia asks Blair.
“Yes. Just moved here from Llanview, Pennsylvania.”
“Dining solo?”
“No. Waiting for someone.”
“Oh. Dinner date already?”
“Yes. With a Dr. David Bensch.”
Olivia coughs, “I’m sorry, did you say, Dr. David Bensch?”
“Yes. Is there anything wrong?”
“You don’t know?”
“Know what?”
“He’s a vile predator.”
“Hmmm…he seemed harmless to me?” Blair mused. “Sad he lost his job.”
“And did he happen to say how he lost his job?” Olivia said ired.
“No.” Blair said, not sounding too concerned.
In walked David Bensch, which didn’t give Olivia the chance to tell Blair about what David did.
“I’m sorry, I feel my ears burning. Is someone talking about me?” David asked, looking directly at Olivia.
“No, Dr. Bensch, not me. I’ll let you two decide on your order.” Olivia said before walking away.
“Well, if that wasn’t weird?” Blair said. “You’d think you’d have started World War III?”
“Shall we just forget her and enjoy ourselves?” David asked.
“I agree.” Blair replied, as they clinked their wine glasses together.
Chapter 4
Blair was surprised to see Jack here at The Metro Court, and even more surprised to see him walk in on the arms of a beautiful blonde young lady.
“Jack?” Blair called out to her son as he and Josslyn passed by their table on the way to theirs.
“Mom? Geez?” Jack said, embarrassed. “Did you have to call out?”
“I think it’s cute!” Josslyn said. “Introduce me.”
“Hey mom.” Jack said to Blair and Dr. Bensch. “This is Josslyn Jacks.”
“Hey.” Josslyn replied. “Nice to meet you.”
“Well, our table awaits.” Jack said, who couldn’t get away from Blair fast enough.
“Pretty girl.” Blair commented on Josslyn’s looks.
“Yes. She’s the owner’s daughter.” David told her.
“No. The other owner—Carly Corinthos.”
Meanwhile, Jack and Josslyn were sipping on their cokes when they were interrupted by Oscar Nero.
“So, Joss, stepping out on me?!”
“Oscar!” Josslyn said, surprised to see him. “I thought you had plans with your mother?”
“It ended early.” Oscar said. “So, when were you going to tell me about your date?”
“Oscar, don’t make a scene. It’s just a date.”
“And I thought we were steady?”
“Geez, Joss! How can I ever trust you?!” Oscar said bitterly as he ran out of The Metro Court.
“Do you want to go after him?” Jack asked her.
“No.” was all Josslyn said. “Let’s just enjoy ourselves.

Pine Valley Friends & Lovers

After discovering their spouses’ (Amanda & David) in the throes of passion, a heartbroken Jake & Cara succumb to passion and spend the night together. Weeks later, Cara discovers she is pregnant with twins. Now that Jake is back with Amanda, will Cara tell Jake the truth or will he discover it on his own?
Other pairings: Kendall & Griffin (since Zack never came back), Ryan & Greenlee, Tad & Dixie, and a Tad & Cara friendship (who helps Cara with her decision).
Jake Martin: Ricky Paull Goldin
Cara Castillo: Lindsay Hartley
Dr. David Hayward: Vincent Irizarry
Amanda Dillon Martin: Chrishell Stause
Kendall Hart Slater: Alicia Minshew
Griffin Castillo: Jordi Vilasuso
Ryan Lavery: Cameron Mathison
Greenlee Smythe: Rebecca Budig
Tad Martin: Michael E. Knight
Dixie Cooney Martin: Cady McClain
Chapter 1
“Hey, Cara, how are you and David and Alisha?” Kendall asked, when she spotted her at the Pine Valley Hospital, where Cara worked as a doctor.
“Oh hi Kendall. We’re doing great. Couldn’t be happier.” Cara stated.
“That’s great.” Kendall said, looking relieved. She had heard a rumor that David was sleeping with Amanda, who was married to Jake Martin.
“How are you and my brother?” Cara asked her, spying the rock on Kendall’s finger.
“Griffin and I are awesome.” Kendall exclaimed. Kendall had succumbed to Griffin’s advances after her husband, Zack Slater, went missing action from a business trip for Cambias.
“Is there anything you want to announce?” Cara asked, still looking at the rock on Kendall’s finger.
“No.” Kendall said, then looking down at her hand. “Oh, it almost slipped my mind. I don’t know what is wrong with me.”
“Maybe you’re giddy with excitement.” Cara suggested.
“Maybe. “ Kendall agreed. “Anyway, Griffin proposed and I accepted.”
“Oh, that’s so awesome. I’m so happy for you two.” Cara said, congratulating her. “I know you will make my brother happy.”
“Code red in Room 114!” was announced over the intercom.
“Oh, I’m sorry Kendall. Looks as if I have to go.” Cara said as she rushed off to room 114.
“Talk with you later.” Kendall called after Cara.
Kendall went home to her two boys, Spike and Ian.

Meanwhile, at the Pine Valley Inn. . .
“David, we can’t keep doing this.” Amanda told him after they had just made love.
“Amanda, I love you.” David told her. “I don’t think I can go a day without you in it.”
“But what about Jake and Cara?”
“I married Cara because she became pregnant with Alisha.” David stated.
“But I married Jake because I loved him.”
“Then why are you in bed with me?” David asked.
Amanda had to ask herself the same question. Why was she risking her marriage to Jake just to sneak behind his back and have a fling with David?
“Exactly why we can’t do this anymore.” Amanda said matter-of-factly.
“Okay, Amanda, if that’s what you want.” David said, as he got up and began to get dressed.
As David left the motel room, he was seen by Ryan and Greenlee who were having their own magical night at the same hotel.
Chapter 2
“Wonder what David is up to?” Ryan asked, as an amorous Greenlee pulled himself their suite.
“Who cares?” Greenlee said, as she nuzzled Ryan’s ear.
“Yeah, who cares!” as Ryan grabbed Greenlee and threw her on the bed, as the two lovers succumbed to passion.
But Jake was at the Pine Valley Inn on business when he also saw David come out of the suite he had seen Amanda go in.
“Jake?” a shocked Amanda asked, answering her suite door. “I’m glad you came.”
“Really?! What was David doing coming out of your suite?!” an irate Jake confronted Amanda when she answered her suite door.
“He wanted a visit with Trevor.” Amanda lied.
“Really? But Trevor isn’t even here.”
“We were making arrangements for a visit.” Amanda covered, as Jake looked at the rumpled sheets on the bed.
“You’re sleeping with him!” Jake raged.
“What? No!” Amanda tried to get Jake to calm down.
“I can’t believe you, Amanda! After all we’ve been through to be together!”
Jake turned around and walked out of the hotel suite.
“Jake, please! Come back!” Amanda called after him. “Please let me explain!”
Jake wasn’t in the mood to go home, so he went to Pine Valley Hospital to tell Cara.

“Cara.” Jake said when he found Cara in the doctor’s lounge trying to nap.
“What’s wrong, Jake?” Cara asked sensing Jake’s agitation.
“It’s our spouses!” Jake said with anger. “They’re having an affair!”
“No!” Cara exclaimed. “David wouldn’t do that!”
“But they did.” Jake told Cara.
“But why?” Cara asked confused. “What about Alisha?”
Jake just held her in his arms, still reeling from the realization himself. The embrace led to more as Jake and Cara’s kiss turned passionate from the anger they both felt at being betrayed as Jake led Cara to the twin cot and the two made love.
Chapter 3
David came into the doctor’s lounge to get a nap after surgery and didn’t expect to see Cara in the cot with Jake.
“So, are you comfy?” David said, as Jake jumped out of the cot at the sound of David’s voice.
“David?” Jake said, surprised to see David.
“A little comfy with my wife, Jake?” David said, a little miffed.
“You’re having an affair with Amanda and you’re mad at finding Jake and I together!” Cara said, angrily before storming out of the doctor’s lounge.
“A little hypocritical, David?” Jake said, as he ran out after Cara, but was stopped by Amanda, who was there to surprise him with dinner she had made.
“Jake, I brought you dinner!” Amanda said, as Jake brushed her off.
“No time Amanda.” Jake said, ignoring her to go find Cara.
“What’s got into him?” Amanda asked as David came up behind her.
“They know about us.” David informed her.
“What?!” Amanda snarked at him. “You swore you would never tell Jake!”
“I didn’t tell them anything.” David said in defense. “I found the two of them together in a cot in the doctor’s lounge and they revealed that they knew about our affair.”
“What am I going to do now?” Amanda wailed at David. “What about little Trevor?”
“Hey, it’ll be okay.” David tried to reassure her with a kiss. “Now we can be together.”
“I gotta go.” Amanda said, hurt as she tossed Jake’s dinner at him.
Amanda couldn’t believe that Jake knew about her and David. She didn’t want to lose Jake. She loved him. David was just a mistake. She had to find Jake and explain.

Meanwhile, Cara had to see her brother, Griffin. She had nowhere to turn to and Griffin always had her back. She knew he and Kendall were celebrating their engagement, but she just had to see her brother.
“Hello, Kendall.” Cara said when Kendall answered her door. “I’m sorry to bother you and Griffin, but I really needed to see my brother.”
“Sure, come in.” Kendall said. “No problem.”
Kendall led Cara into the living room where Griffin was playing video games with Spike and Ian.
“Griffin?” Cara asked.
“Yeah, Cara, what is it Sis?”
“I’m in trouble.”
“What kind of trouble?”
“David is having an affair with Amanda.” Cara came out and said what was on her mind.
“I’m sorry, sis.” Griffin said trying to comfort Cara with a hug as he motioned to Kendall not to let Cara know they already knew.
“What are you two shaking your heads for?” Cara asked as she noticed out of the corner of her eye their nods.
“Nothing sis.” Griffin said, never able to keep a secret from his sister, who caught on to their quiet discussion.
“You two knew?!” Cara said hurt. “I’m the last to know about David and Amanda?”
Cara couldn’t believe that her brother and Kendall would keep such a secret from her. Unable to face the two of them, Cara ran out of Kendall’s house. Griffin tried to stop her, but Kendall held him back.
“Grif, just let her go. She needs time to be alone.”
Griffin realized Kendal was right, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that Cara was somehow in trouble.

Cara had just got to her apartment and let herself inside. She was so distraught she didn’t realize that it was unlocked. When she got in, the intruder who was still inside the apartment heard someone come in. Before Cara knew what was wrong, the intruder struck her from behind and hurriedly left the apartment before he was caught, as Cara slumped to the floor.
Chapter 4
“Did you get it?” David asked the thug he hired to spy on Cara.
“No.” the thug revealed to him.
“What?” David raged. “I paid you a lot of money and you failed!”
“She came home unexpectedly!” the thug tried to explain to angry David.
“Get it done! Tonight!” David threatened. “Or your dead!”
David walked away and to his job as chief of staff at Pine Valley Hospital.

Meanwhile, back at Cara’s hotel suite, Ryan and Greenlee come by to check on Cara.
“Cara?” Ryan said, knocking on her door. “It’s Ryan and Greenlee.”
Cara was just coming to after being hit on the head by the intruder when she heard Ryan call from outside her door.
“Help.” Cara whispered meekly trying to get Ryan and Greenlee’s attention.
Outside Cara’s suite. . .
“Ryan, maybe she’s not there?” Greenlee said, nudging his arm to leave.
“No. something’s not right.” Ryan said worried.
Ryan stepped back a bit and busted the door in, to find Cara lying on the floor.
“Cara?” Greenlee screamed, wondering if she was okay.
But Ryan saw Cara move and went to see how hurt she was.
“Cara, it’s Ryan and Greenlee. What happened?”
“Ow! My head hurts!” Cara said, rubbing her head.
“I don’t know?” Cara said, still rubbing her head. “I came home last night and then I blacked out.”
“You have a goose egg on your forehead.” Ryan said, rubbing her head. “Did you hit your head last night?”
“There was someone here in my suite when I got home last night?” Cara revealed. “He must have hit me before I blacked out?”
“We better get you to the hospital?” Ryan said, as he and Greenlee helped Cara to stand.

As Ryan and Greenlee took Cara to the hospital, the thug was standing outside Cara’s suite as they left. As soon as it was clear, the thug got in with the key card he stole from the front desk and managed to do what he was there to do.
Chapter 5
David made his way to Pine Valley Hospital to play the dutiful husband. He was sitting next to Cara when she started murmuring in her sleep.
“Jake, I have something to tell you.” David heard Cara say.
“Cara, it’s David.” David told a groggy Cara who was startled from her slumber.
“David?” Cara said, confused.
“You said you had some news?” David questioned her.
“News?” Cara asked instead.
“You said it while you were sleeping.”
“I don’t remember anything.” Cara lied, remembering her dream that she thought she was talking to Jake and was about to tell him about the pregnancy.
“Well, maybe it’s because of the concussion you got from being hit on the head?”
“Yeah, maybe.”
Cara was glad she didn’t tell David that she was pregnant with Jake’s child. It was bad enough to learn of his affair with Amanda. She didn’t want David knowing about her sleeping with Jake.
“Well, hun, I have to go to my office.” David said, making an excuse to rush off to see the thug he hired to sneak into Cara’s suite.
“Okay.” Cara said, glad that David was leaving.
As soon as he left, she took her cell from the bedside table and found Jake’s cell and pushed the button.
“Jake?” Cara asked when she heard his voice.
“What’s wrong, Cara?”
“I nearly blew it with David.”
“What do you mean, blew it?”
“I nearly told David I was pregnant.”
“What? How?”
“I was still asleep, dreaming I was talking to you about the pregnancy, and I thought I was telling you.”
“But you didn’t say anything?”
“No, David startled me and I woke up.”
“Whew!” Jake relaxed. “That was a close one.”
“I don’t know what David will do if he knows I’m having your baby?”
“I don’t want to know.” Jake said, “I think it’s best if we keep it a secret. . .for now.”
“Okay.” Cara agreed with Jake.
“I’ll be there to see you later, okay?”
“Okay. I’ll be waiting.”
Jake and Cara said their good byes and Cara settled back in her hospital bed and tried to sleep.

Meanwhile. . .David found his way to the meeting place on the pier he had told the thug to meet.
“Did do it?”
“Yes, sir. You should be able to see anything Cara does in her suite.” The thug informed David.
“Here you go.” David said, handing the thug his payment. “Now don’t let anyone see you in town.”
“I’m on my way out of town.” The thug reassured David.

David went back to his mansion and checked the surveillance equipment to see if it worked and waited for Cara to be released from the hospital.
Chapter 6
Cara was released from the hospital and David was there to take her home. Little did Cara know, that David was setting a trap to find out what his wife was up to.
“Darling.” David said as he came into Cara’s hospital room and kissed her.
“David.” Cara said shocked. “I didn’t expect you to take me home.”
“Well, I thought that was what you loved about me.” David replied. “That I’m full of surprises!”
“Yes, I do love your surprises.” Cara said. “It’s one thing that attracted me to you.”
“Well, shall we go now that you’ve been released from PVU?” David said extending his hand to her.
“Thank you, David.”
As David accompanied Cara home, Jake watched from the sidelines. He wished he could have intercepted and taken Cara home, but he couldn’t risk their affair. Or David finding out Cara was pregnant.

David and Cara got home. David was in an amorous mood (mainly to see where he and Cara was in their marriage) but Cara resisted.
“David, please, not now.” Cara told him. “I just got out of the hospital.”
“Babe, I thought you might need some lovin’.” David kept trying to be ‘loving.’
“I love your loving, but I’m just not in the mood. I just want to go upstairs and go to sleep.” Cara tried to put David off.
“OK, darling. You go upstairs. Get some rest.” David relented.
“Thank you, David.” Cara said, glad that she didn’t have to expose her pregnancy to him. She didn’t want David to know.
As Cara went upstairs to check on Alisha. She doted on Alisha. She missed her while she was in the hospital. She didn’t like that David had a handful of servants and nannies to care for Alisha. She wanted to be a mother to her daughter. Not a bunch of strangers, even though David claimed that he only wanted the best for his little girl.
While Cara was holding Alisha and feeding her, Carissa the nanny came upstairs to feed Alisha.
“Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Cara.” Carissa said. “I came up to feed Alisha.”
“Oh please, let me.” Cara pleaded.
“I’m sorry. I assumed you wanted to rest?” Carissa asked.
“I am resting. Alisha is my rest.” Cara said proudly.
“Very well then.” Carissa said handing the bottle to her.
As Cara fed Alisha, Carissa went downstairs was accosted by David.
“Carissa, I thought you went upstairs to feed Alisha?”
“I was, but Miss Hayward wanted to do it.”
“I hired you to do such details.” David said a little ired.
“But Miss Hayward insisted.”
“Very well, go get things ready for Alisha’s outing then. I’ll go see what’s up with my wife.” David ordered Carissa.

As Carissa went to get things ready for David and Alisha’s outing, David went upstairs to talk to his wife when he overheard her conversation with Jake, who had managed to get into the mansion without David seeing.
“So, David still doesn’t know your pregnant?”
“No, it’s alright. David doesn’t suspect a thing.” Cara told Jake.
“Good. we can’t risk David finding out that I’m the father.”
“I don’t want David to know either.” Cara said worriedly. “No telling what David would do if he knew he wasn’t the father because I slept with you after learning of his affair with Amanda.”
“And he might suspect that he could be the father.” Jake suggested.
“That’s true.” Cara agreed.
“Well, then we need to keep quiet. . .for now.” Jake told her.
Jake got a text on his cell from the hospital. “I’m sorry Cara, but I need to get to the hospital. There’s an emergency at PVU.”
As Jake gave Cara a kiss on the forehead before leaving, David hid so Jake wouldn’t see him hiding and know that he heard the whole conversation.
“So Cara is pregnant and thinks that Jake is the father.” David said to himself.
As Cara was looking lovingly down at Alisha, David came up from behind her.
“I thought you were resting?” David inquired.
“I just need to check on Alisha.” Cara replied.
“That’s why I have a nanny.” David explained. “So you can get the rest you need.”
“Please, David, I don’t get enough time with her.” Cara said sadly. “Not with all the servants and nannies at Alisha’s beck and call.”
“OK.” David said. “Just get some rest.”
As David left Cara alone with Alisha, he told himself, “Just don’t get to comfortable, Cara. Your little secret is going to come back to bite you in the @$$! I guarantee it!”
Chapter 7
Kendall was hit hard as her and Zack’s anniversary approached. As Kendall flashed to the memory a year ago of the letter she received telling her that Zack was dead after he failed to come back from a business trip, Kendall thought her life was over. But now, Griffin has proved to be a great friend as well as a real gentleman. She was looking forward to her night out with Griffin. That’s when Greenlee text her.
“Are you still bringing the boys over 2nite?”
“Yes.” Kendall text Greenlee back. “Can’t wait 2 C what Griffin has planned.”
“I’m glad UR getting UR life back. ” Greenlee text back.
“B over around 5.”
“C ya then.”
After messaging Greenlee, Kendall went to take a shower and get ready for her date with Griffin. It was going to be a great night.
Meanwhile, David had to postpone his outing with Alisha, and went to confront Jake about him and Cara. But instead, he found Jake and Cara in a compromising position.
“What the hell is going on?!” David said angrily.
“David?” Cara said surprised to find David at the hospital. “I thought you were with Alisha?”
“She’s with her nanny!” David said irked. “I had some unfinished business here at PVH!”
“Jake and I were just working.” Cara covered.
“In each other arms?!” David accused.
“I was just comforting Cara.” Jake defended Cara.
“By kissing my wife!” David spat at Jake.
“I’m sorry, David. It just happened.” Cara said innocently.
“So, you’re cheating on me?!”
“What about you and Amanda!” Cara threw out.
“Me and Amanda!” David said, this time defending himself. “You think I’m cheating on you with my ex?!”
“I saw you with her!”
“That’s right, David.” Jake offered. “We know all about your tryst with my wife.”
“Well, then let’s just get everything out in the open!” David said.
“What do you mean?” Cara said.
“I know that you’re pregnant and you think Jake is the father!” David threw it out there.
“How do you know that!” Cara asked.
“That doesn’t matter. I know and if you think you’re going to keep my children from me, you have another thing coming!” David threatened.
That’s when Amanda happened among the argument, “Who’s pregnant?”
“Amanda!” David said surprised. “It seems our spouses have been seeing each other, and to make matters worse, my wife is pregnant.”
“Cara, you’re pregnant!” Amanda replied to David’s response. “Is Jake the father?”
“I-I-I don’t know!” Cara said. “David could also be the father.”
“So, you’re screwing my husband?!” Amanda said bitterly.
“Well, you’re screwing mine!” Cara threw back the accusation.
“That’s a lie! I am not screwing David!” Amanda defended herself, knowing full well she did.
“This is far from over!” David continued his tirade. “If I’m the father of this baby, I will make sure I take it away, along with Alisha, Cara! There’s no way I will let Jake anywhere near my children!”
David left the two would-be lovers alone as Cara doubled over in pain. Jake grabbed her and put Cara on the examining table to have a look at her.
“I’m running some tests on the baby.” Jake told Cara.
Chapter 8
Cara laid in her hospital bed waiting for word from Jake about her baby. She just hoped the baby was okay. Jake came to give Cara the results of the tests Jake ran on the baby.
“Cara, I’m afraid I have some bad news about the baby.” Jake told Cara.
“What is it, Jake?” Cara said, bracing herself for whatever Jake had to tell her.
“The baby is in distress and needs to born now.”
“But it’s too early?” Cara feared for her baby.
“It will be okay.” Jake said, doing his best to reassure her. “We’re monitoring the fetus for any signs of distress now.
As Jake hooked Cara up to machines to monitor the baby, David came in and immediately took over.
“I’ll take over, Jake.” David said, pushing him away.
“David, I don’t….” Cara said, but she lost consciousness.
“David, what are you doing?!” Jake demanded.
“I’m taking over!”
“You aren’t needed here!”
“I have the expertise to handle this situation! You can go now!” David told Jake.
As nurses and orderlies manhandled Jake to make him leave Cara’s room, David was left alone with Cara to monitor her and the baby.
“Everything is going to be okay. I’ll be taking over.” Jake said to an unconscious Cara.
Chapter 9
Jake waited in the waiting room while David monitored Cara and the baby. Tad arrived after Jake called him.
“Jake, what’s going on with Cara?” Tad asked, concerned.
“Cara had some pain in her stomach.” Jake explained to Tad. “I ran some tests on the baby and the baby is in distress.”
“Will Cara and the baby be okay?” Tad asked.
“It looks like the baby will be born early.”
“So, what are you doing out here?”
“David kicked me out of Cara’s room and took over.” Jake said, seething.
“Well, maybe it’s for the best.”
“How can you say that?”
“Well, you are the father. Maybe it is best if David were in there?”
“The only problem is….” Jake began.
“There’s a problem?”
“I may not be the father.” Jake told Tad. “David could still be the father.”
Back in Cara’s room, Cara woke up to find David in her room instead of Jake.
“Where’s Jake?” Cara asked David.
“I sent him out.” David told Cara.
“Why? I need him!” Cara spat at him.
“I’m taking over. I’m experienced in these things and can do a much better job.”
“I don’t care. I don’t want…..” Cara tried to say, but doubled over in pain from contractions.
“The baby’s coming. I can see his head.” David said as he got ready to deliver Cara’s baby.
A few minutes later, David laid Cara’s son on her chest. Cara smiled at her new son.
“Well, hello little one.” Cara said, but was interrupted when David took the baby away.
“Where are you taking him?” Cara asked David, as David left to put the baby in NICU to monitor his vitals.
Cara was left alone with the nurses to tend to her after delivering her son.
“Go bring Jake here!” Cara spat out at one of the nurses.
Chapter 10
“Dr. Martin, you’re wanted in Ms. Castillo’s room.” A nurse’s aide came out to tell Jake.
“Is she okay?” Jake asked the nurse’s aide.
“She had the baby and Dr. Hayward is monitoring the baby in NICU.” The nurse’s aide told him.
Jake went to Cara’s room immediately to see how she was doing.
“Cara, how are you doing?” Jake asked her with a peck on her cheek.
“Jake, you have to go see how he’s doing?” Cara pleaded with him, not able to take her mind off her son.
“Okay. Just relax and get some rest. I’ll go see what’s going on with the baby.” Jake reassured her.
“David can’t take him from me.” Cara cried.
“Cara, he’s not taking her. The baby was born a little early. He needs to be monitored.” Jake told her.
“I know I should know that, but it’s different when it’s your baby.” Cara told him.
“Well, get some rest. I’ll go check on the baby.”
As Jake went to check on David and the baby, Cara tried to get some rest, but it was impossible. Her mind was on her son. She got up and put on a robe and walked out of her room. She had to see her baby for herself.
When she got to the NICU, she could see David arguing with Jake.
“David, how is the baby?” Jake asked him.
“He’s small, but stable.” David told Jake.
“Well, I want to be involved in taking care of the baby.”
“Sorry, Jake, but I’m the father so I will be handling everything.”
“You don’t know if you’re the father!” Jake told him.
“Well, then when the baby is stronger, there will be a paternity test done to find out.”
“Then until we know the truth, I want to be involved in matters considering this baby.” Jake told David.
They were interrupted by Cara who had come into the NICU when she seen them arguing.
“Who says you have the right to make decisions!” Cara spat out at them.
“Cara, what are you doing out of bed?” Jake said rushing to her side.
“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to come see my son.”
As Jake rushed to her side, Cara collapsed in his arms as he took her back to her hospital bed.
“Yes, Jake, go back and be with my wife.” David said to himself. “That’s your place. My place is with my son.”
Jake sat with Cara until she woke up as he waited word from David about the baby.
Author’s note: I changed Cara having twins to Cara having just a baby boy.
Chapter 11
Cara woke up hysterical as Jake tried to comfort her.
“My baby!” Cara yelled out from her dream.
“Your baby is okay.” Jake tried to reassure her.
“No he’s not!” Cara argued with him. “He’s been kidnapped!”
“Cara, you were just dreaming. Your baby is in the hospital nursery.” Jake tried to calm her fears, but just then, a nurse came in with news for Cara about her baby.
“I’m sorry, Ms. Castillo, I have bad news.” The nurse said.
“What is it?” Cara said, trying to be calm.
“Your baby died.”
“Nooooooooooooooooo!” Cara cried in Jake’s arms, as the nurse departed Cara’s room feeling guilty, who ran into David.
“So, Nurse Ratchett, how did my ex-wife take the news of her baby dying?”
“Not well, Dr.”
“Well, it is a shame the baby didn’t make it?” David said shaking his head.
“Yes, it is.” Nurse Ratchett agreed.
“Well, you know what will happen if you try to double-cross me?!” David threatened.
“Yes.” Nurse Ratchett said meekly. She didn’t want to be on the wrong of David’s wrath. She needed this job and going behind David’s back was plain suicide.
David peeked in on Jake and Cara and smiled, knowing he was responsible for the torment Cara was going through.
“Sorry, Jake, but he’s my son, which is why I took the boy and faked his death.” David said to himself as he left Cara’s hospital room door, leaving them to grief together the baby’s “death.”
Chapter 12
Jake a brought a somber Cara home to her apartment as she went to the nursery she had set up for her baby. She couldn’t take the grief as she shed tears over the child’s crib. It just couldn’t be. Her baby couldn’t be dead?
Meanwhile, David arrived at his mansion and ran into the nanny he had hired to take care of the baby he had claimed was dead. Little did anyone know that Jake was the baby’s father and David switched the paternity test so it would show he was the father.
There was no way in hell David was going to let Cara strip him of being a father again! He got custody of his daughter, Alisha, and he would be a father this boy too!
Meanwhile, Jake had to lie to get Cara to go to the party that was planned in her honor for the baby. Only they now had to change it to a different venue due to the baby’s “death.”
As Cara and Jake met with their friends for dinner at Zack’s Casino, Opal gave Cara a hug for moral support.
“I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t believe the baby didn’t make it.” Opal cried with Cara.
“Well, I guess he wasn’t meant to live.” Cara said, trying to gain her composure.
“Well, if you need anything, you can call on ole Opal.”
“Thank you, Opal.” Cara said gratefully.
Jake and Cara joined Opal, Erica, Zack and Griffin, as well as Ryan and Greenlee to mourn the loss of Cara’s son.
Little did they all know, but David was watching from a monitor in the baby’s nursery, as he watched “his son” sleeping.

A Fresh Start: A Zack & Kendall (Zendall) Romance

Zack and Kendall Slater are bored with Pine Valley life and shock family and friends when they announce their plans to leave Pine Valley to sail around the world. As Pine Valley citizens bid them farewell on their new adventure, what will Zack and Kendall encounter on their journey? And will they ever come back to Pine Valley? And will Ryan allow Spike to join them?
In other news, Ryan and Greenlee are set to marry, but an unexpected tragedy befalls the nuptials. Will Ryan and Greenlee (Rylee) ever make it down the aisle?
Zack Slater aka Alexander Cambias Jr. – Thorsten Kaye
Kendall Hart Slater – Alicia Minshew
Spike Lavery –
Ian Slater –
Ryan Lavery – Cameron Mathison
Greenlee Smythe – Rebecca Budig
Bianca Montgomery – Eden Riegel
Reese Williams – Tamara Braun
Erica Kane – Susan Lucci
Leo du Pres – Josh Duhamel
Chapter 1
Zack was leading a blindfolded, and impatient Kendall to her surprise. She could hear the rippling of water and wondered what Zack was up to. She was shocked and surprised when Zack finally took off the blindfold to unveil a yacht.
“Oh Zack, a yacht!” Kendall said happily.
“Happy anniversary.” Zack said with a kiss.
“But why a yacht?” she asked him confused.
“I want to sail the world with you and the kids.” Zack revealed.
“You mean, leave Pine Valley?”
“Yes. I’m getting bored here.” Zack told her. “The day-to-day grind running the casino. I need a change.”
Kendall thought about all that had happened the last few years and she agreed with her husband. After thinking she had lost him and to have him come back was all that Kendall needed.
“Oh, yes, Zack. I will sail with you.” Kendall happily agreed.
“Then we leave in the morning.”
“In the morning?” Kendall asked. “But we need to pack.”
“No worry. I had it all arranged. No need for you to do anything. Except tell your family and Ryan the news.”
“Ryan?” Kendall said worried. “We’ll want Spike to go with us. I wonder how he’ll take the news?”
“I’m hoping he’ll see it as an opportunity for Spike to learn about the world on this adventure.” Zack told her.
“I hope you’re right.” Kendall said as she kissed him before heading to tell her family.
“See you later. Hurry back!” Zack yelled after his wife.

Kendall’s first stop was Ryan Lavery’s to tell him about her plans with Zack. She hoped Zack was right and Ryan would agree to let Spike to go with them.
“Kendall?” Greenlee asked as she answered Ryan’s door.
“Greenlee, can I have a word with Ryan?”
“Yes, Kendall. I’ll go get him.”
Greenlee came back after telling Ryan that Kendall was here to see him.
“He’ll be down in a few.” Greenlee told Kendall who had made herself at home on Ryan’s sofa.
“Is that what I think it is?” Kendall said, spying the huge diamond on Greenlee’s third finger.
“Oh, this old thing?” Greenlee joked. “Yes. Ryan proposed last night.”
“So——–“ Kendall said, not wanting to be held in suspense.
“I said yes.”
“Oh, congratulations.” Kendall said as she hugged her best friend.
“Am I interrupting something?” Ryan said, interrupting the two women.
“I just told Kendall about our engagement.” Greenlee told Ryan.
“So, what did you need to talk about, Kendall?” Ryan asked.
“Zack and I have plans of our own.” Kendall began.
“And what does that have to do with me?” Ryan asked.
“We’re leaving Pine Valley.” Kendall said, springing her news on the newly engaged couple. “And we want Spike to go with us.”
“I see. But if Spike goes with you and Zack, he won’t be here for my wedding?”
“I know and I’m sorry.” Kendall said.
“I wanted my son to be my best man.” Ryan said sadly. “I’m afraid I can’t allow Spike to go.”
“Please, Ryan. It would be such a learning experience for Spike?” Kendall pleaded.
“Well, I’ll need to think about it.” Ryan told Kendall.
“Well, hurry quick. Zack wants to leave like yesterday.”

Ryan was reeling with Kendall’s news to take Spike away from Pine Valley just as he was about to get married to Greenlee. He couldn’t believe how selfish Kendall could be during this time in his life. There was no way he was going to let Spike go with Kendall and Zack at this time. Kendall would just have to see that.

Kendall let Ryan think about the news she had just left him with and wished Ryan would see things her way. But for now, Kendall headed over to Erica’s to tell her the news.
“Mother, I have some news to tell you.” Kendall sprang on Erica as she opened the door.
“What is it, Kendall?” Erica said in tears, after Jack had just informed her their engagement was over.
“Mother, I’m sorry to do this, but Zack, the kids and I are leaving Pine Valley.” Kendall told an already grief-stricken Erica.
“So, what else could go wrong?” Erica bawled. “First, Jack ends our engagement and now my oldest daughter is leaving Pine Valley!”
“Oh, mother, I’m so sorry to spring this on you, but Zack and I need to get away from Pine Valley.”
“What’s this I hear?” Bianca said, interrupting Kendall and Erica’s discussion. “You’re leaving Pine Valley?”
“Bianca, I’m so glad you’re here.” Kendall said. “I was just telling our mother that Zack, the kids and I are leaving Pine Valley to sail the world.”
“Sail the world?” Bianca asked surprised.
“Yes, Zack purchased a yacht for us and wants to leave immediately.” Kendall told them.
“Well, I hope you have fun.” Bianca said happy for her sister.
“Well, at least you’re still here.” Erica said to Bianca.
“Yes, mother. I’m not going anywhere.” Bianca told Erica. “Reese is busy with designing the new hospital wing.”
“Oh, she got the job!” Kendall said happily.
“Yes! She did.”
“Well, I need to get back and help Zack.” Kendall said as she bid Erica and Bianca adieu.
As Kendall headed back, she had no idea the trouble she’d be having getting
Ryan to let Spike go with them.
Chapter 2
Greenlee was heading out to the Glamourama to have Opal do her hair for her big day. But when she failed to show for her appointment, a frantic Opal called Ryan on his cell when Greenlee failed to show up for her appointment.
“Ryan, Greenlee didn’t show up for her hair appointment?” Opal said frantic with worry.
“She left hours ago. She called me from home to tell me she was on her way.” Ryan grew concerned.
“She was supposed to be here an hour ago!” Opal said worried.
“I’ll get to the bottom of this.” Ryan told her, feeling hopeful. “She’s probably just got cold feet.”
As Ryan searched for a missing Greenlee, Kendall was busy packing for her and Zack’s adventure sailing the world. She was still waiting word from Ryan to take Spike with them, but he never got back to her. She dialed Ryan’s cell to find out his answer.
“Ryan, have you thought about my request?” Kendall asked a worried Ryan.
“Kendall, I haven’t had time to think about it.” Ryan told her. “Greenlee’s missing!”
“What?!” a shocked Kendall asked.
“Yeah, Opal called me an hour ago to tell me she never showed up for her appointment at the Glamourama!”
“Wow! That’s not like Greenlee? She was so excited to marry you!” Kendall said. “She couldn’t wait to be your wife.”
“Well, I can’t think about that now!” Ryan said.
“Zack and I are set to leave.” Kendall pressed him.
“I want Spike here for the wedding!” Ryan said. “And he can’t do that if you and Zack take him away!”
“What if we face time the wedding for Spike to watch from the yacht?” Kendall suggested.
“Really, Kendall?” Ryan quizzed her. “You really think I want my son watching me get married by video chat?”
“It’s the only way!” Kendall continued to pressured him.
“I don’t have time for this! I need to find my bride-to-be!” Ryan said, ending their call.
As Ryan continued his search for Greenlee, Kendall wondered what she would tell Zack about Spike.
Meanwhile, a bound and gagged Greenlee woke up in a princess-style bedroom wondering where she was. All she could think about was getting back to Ryan and their wedding, as she finally managed to break free of the ropes that had her bind. Just as she was about to make her escape through the window, she was pulled back by her captor……..Leo Du Pres!!!!!
Chapter 3
“Let me go!” Greenlee yelled as she turned around coming face to face with Leo Du Pres.
“Greenlee, don’t go! I didn’t have you kidnapped just so you could go back to him!”
“Leo, y-y-you’re alive?”
“Yes, Greenlee. It took months to get back to you, but I made it. Back to you.”
“Before I married Ryan?”
“Do you really love him?”
“Yes? No?” Greenlee said confused by Leo’s sudden reappearance. “I don’t know?”
“Did our love mean anything to you?”
“Leo, I thought you were dead?”
Meanwhile, Ryan knocked on Kendall’s door to find out if she knew where Greenlee was.
“Ryan? I thought you and Greenlee were married by now?” Kendall asked confused when he showed up.
“No. Greenlee didn’t make it to the church?”
“That’s odd? She was so happy to be starting a life with you?”
“You don’t happen to know where she is?”
“No. Last thing I knew she was getting a good night’s sleep for the big day.”
“So, she didn’t say anything to you?”
“Ryan, Greenlee wanted to marry you.” Kendall tried to reassure him.
“So, then I guess I should have gave PVPD a missing person alert?”
“Yeah. I don’t think Greenlee left on her own.”
“Well, I guess I better head to the cop shop.”
“Ryan, before you go, I want to ask you a favor?”
“Zack and I are leaving to sail the world and we want Spike to come with us.”
“Yes. Kendall you have my approval to take Spike on the cruise.”
“Thank you, Ryan. I was wo-“ Kendall began but Ryan interjected.
“Hey, I want Spike to have lots of adventures and what better way than a cruise around the world.”
“You’re a great father, Ryan.”
“Well, have a great vacation, you, Zack and the boys.” Ryan said before he was off to the police station to put in a missing person report on his bride-to-be.
Chapter 4
Zack arrived home with essentials needed for the cruise to a happy Kendall, who kissed him when he walked through the door.
“Wow! What’s that for?” Zack asked his wife.
“I’m just happy is all.”
“Well, I’m glad.”
“This cruise with the boys is what we need.” Kendall began. “But I worry about Ryan.”
“Oh? Wasn’t he supposed to marry Greenlee today?”
“Yes. But Greenlee never showed up at the church?”
“And she was excited to marry Ryan?”
“Yes. Which is why I don’t think she left on her own?”
“You want to stay?”
“No. I’m sure Ryan will find out what happened.” Kendall told him. “And we need this trip.”
“So, we’re going!” Zack said as he packed everything into the car as Kendall grabbed the boys.
The Slater family had got into their yacht and began their sailing adventure. Spike took to fishing almost every day. Spike even tried to get his little brother, Ian, to fish, the two-year-old tyke was more interested in coloring in his coloring books.
After 2 days of sailing, the Slaters docked in Morocco, Africa, but they were expecting the surprise visitor when they dined at a Moroccan restaurant!
Chapter 5
“Everything looks great!” Zack said as he picked up a menu and scanned the food items.
“I’ll say.” Kendall agreed. “Whatever will I choose?”
But out of the corner of Zack’s eye, he spied a young gentleman sitting in the far corner of the restaurant. He was even more shocked when he saw who joined him after coming out of the restroom.
“Greenlee!” Zack exclaimed.
“Zack, Greenlee’s back in Pine Valley?”
“No, she’s here!” Zack said, pointing his finger behind Kendall.
“What?!” Kendall exclaimed, looking behind her to find her with Leo Du Pres. “OMG! It is her!”
“Who’s the gentleman she’s with?” Zack questioned.
“It’s Leo Du Pres!” Kendall replied. “I thought he was dead?”
“Apparently not!”
“Well, I’m going over there to give Greenlee a piece of my mind for standing Ryan up at the altar!” Kendall said angrily.
As Kendall walked over to Leo and Greenlee’s table, Leo stood up to greet her.
“Kendall, fancy seeing you in Morocco!”
“Yea, Leo, you too! Considering I thought you were dead?”
“Well, it’s a long story—“ Leo began before Kendall cut him off short.
“And Greenlee…how could you do this to Ryan?!”
“Kendall, it’s not what you think?” Greenlee defended herself.
“Yea! Ryan is worried sick about you looking for you! Wondering why you dissed him at the altar!”
“I’m sorry, but I didn’t come on my own. Leo had me kidnapped before the wedding. I knew nothing about Leo’s reappearance until he revealed himself to me when I tried to escape to get back to Ryan.”
“Oh. I’m sorry. I should’ve had more faith in you, Greenlee.” Kendall apologized.
“It’s okay.”
“So, should I tell Ryan you’re okay?”
“No. I’ll tell him. I don’t know what…but I’ll tell him.”
“Okay. Well, I guess I’ll mosey on over back to my table and stop being so nosy.”
“Nice seeing you Kendall.” Leo said.
Kendall headed back to her table to join Zack and the boys while Greenlee enjoyed dinner with Leo, wondering how she was going to tell Ryan about Leo?
Meanwhile, back in Pine Valley, Ryan told his story to the Jesse Hubbard about Greenlee’s disappearance, who put in an APB and began a search for her.

Thrilling Weekly Spoilers – July 30-August 3, 2018

Thrilling Weekly Soap Spoilers – July 30-August 3, 2018
The Young & the Restless
Devon attempting to move forward after Hilary’s death, then facing another daunting revelation, and Phyllis confiding in Jack, who experiences increased tension with Billy. Please visit this page each day for new spoilers from the day-ahead episodes of Y&R.
In the newest Deconstructing Y&R, Hilary’s death was superb soap but leaves a void, and Billy spiraled at warped speed.
Young and Restless spoilers for the week of July 30:
Lily and Devon discuss the accident, Summer gives Billy advice, and Paul surprises Victoria and the others.
Young and Restless spoilers for Monday July 30:
Mariah pays tribute to Hilary on GC Buzz, while Summer hits on Billy.
Devon wrestles with his new reality.
Phyllis opens up to Jack.
Mariah gets a surprise visitor.
New role! Soap vet Jordi Vilasuso joins Y&R as a mystery man named Rey.
Y&R spoilers for Tuesday July 31:
Cane acts to protect Lily.
Summer tries to charm Kyle.
Arturo fields questions about his past from Abby.
Y&R spoilers for Wednesday August 1:
Tension grows between Billy and Jack.
Phyllis has an important message to deliver.
Devon’s world is turned upside-down.
Y&R spoilers for Thursday August 2:
Nikki’s surprised by Victor.
Neil plays peacekeeper.
Nick and Victoria mend fences.
Y&R spoilers for Friday August 3:
Nick faces temptation.
Devon delivers an ultimatum.
Paul suspects Victor.
More Y&R spoilers…
Summer’s distracted by Kyle.
Cane gets a shock.
Nick covers.
Arturo and Abby talk about the future.
Paul finds Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon together and chirps, “Well, what a coincidence, I was just thinking about all of you this morning.”
Devon watches on his laptop, as Mariah, on air, signs off, saying Hilary would want them all to keep buzzing, so she will.
Mariah looks across the Dive Bar and sees Tessa standing there.
Although Devon has difficulty watching a memorial for Hilary aired on GC Buzz, he agrees to attend her funeral.
At Hilary’s funeral, Lily says, “Please don’t tell me that you think that I…” Devon interrupts, “That you did it on purpose?”
Devon is devastated by Hilary dying and throws himself into work to keep busy.
Neil attempts to help Devon with his grief.
Though Lily cannot remember the specifics of the accident, someone reveals her role in it in a public way.
Devon’s dynamic with Lily will change when it comes out that she ran the red light.
Coming up on Y&R…
Sharon stands up to Nikki.
Phyllis’ buttons are pushed by Summer.
Lily’s actions surprise her family.
Victor seeks a truce.
Departure announcement… Eileen Davidson’s leaving Y&R as Ashley Abbott.
The Bold & the Beautiful
As Steffy forges ahead with her plans, Wyatt and Ridge both become involved in the drama, while Thorne approaches Zoe after hearing an announcement regarding Forrester Creations. Please return to this page daily for new teasers in the spoiler videos.
In the newest Deconstructing B&B, Steffy’s unexpected power move changed the game.
Friday July 27:
Ridge’s horrified when Wyatt confirms Steffy’s with Bill, and Liam clashes with his father.
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of July 30:
Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday July 30:
Ridge warns Steffy about getting in too deep and Bill defends himself to Wyatt.
Ridge is devastated to hear Steffy plans to marry Bill Spencer.
Wyatt warns Bill by marrying Steffy he’ll destroy his relationship with Liam.
B&B spoilers for Tuesday July 31:
Ridge wants Liam to stop Steffy and Bill’s wedding.
Bill has a gift for Steffy, and makes a demand.
B&B spoilers for Wednesday August 1:
Brooke and Ridge argue about their daughters.
Steffy chooses between Bill and Liam.
Recast alert… Finnegan George cast as B&B’s Will Spencer, which means Zane Achor’s out.
B&B spoilers for Thursday August 2:
Liam needs Wyatt’s support, and a place to live.
Steffy makes an announcement at Forrester Creations.
B&B spoilers for Friday August 3:
Thorne visits Zoe and makes her an offer.
Ridge is irked when Brooke presses Hope to interrupt Liam and Steffy’s conversation.
More B&B spoilers…
Ridge reacts when he sees Bill’s sword necklace around Steffy’s neck.
Despite how upset Ridge is about her plans, Steffy’s heart is hardened toward love and she is determined to look out for her daughter and their future.
Steffy softens toward Bill after he surprises her with a new nursery for Kelly.
Bill puts Steffy on the spot to marry him in his living room, which leads her to make her choice.
Hope receives further assurances from Brooke regarding her relationship with Liam.
Coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful:
Emma confronts Thorne about hiring Zoe as a model.
Liam apologizes to Steffy again before thinking about what he wants.
General Hospital
While Sonny feels as though he’s lost control of a situation, Michael faces disappointment, and Josslyn becomes furious. Plus, two people pay a special visit to Ferncliff, as someone else looks for answers…
General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 30:
Carly and Nelle’s stories served up great cliffhangers, Peter and Nelle are on similar paths, and concern for Brad and Lucas’s baby.
General Hospital spoilers for Monday July 30:
Sonny feels helpless.
Jordan assesses the situation.
Kim urges Julian to live in the moment.
General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday July 31:
Jordan heads to the PCPD.
Michael is disappointed.
Lucas is confused.
General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday August 1:
Carly has her doubts.
Sonny feels guilty.
Jason calls Sam.
General Hospital spoilers for Thursday August 2:
Joss fears the worst.
Sam and Curtis pay a visit to Ferncliff.
Chase is grateful.
General Hospital spoilers for Friday August 3:
Josslyn is furious.
Jordan looks for answers.
Brad is preoccupied.
More GH spoilers:
Finn and Robert go in search of Anna.
Nelle refuses to listen.
Jason receives help from Sam.
Franco works to warn Alexis.
Jason is put on notice by Margaux.
Time’s running out for Valentin.
Coming up on General Hospital in July and onward:
Recast alert: Since Vinessa Antoine has left GH, the soap will be recasting the role of Jordan.
We may have seen the last of Nelle, as Chloe Lanier is leaving GH.
Days of Our Lives
Ben is knocked out, as a major bombshell is revealed to one Salemite, which puts her in a very bad situation… Especially in the face of a marriage proposal. While Chad makes a mistake, Gabi furthers her revenge plot and seeks out a new ally. Plus, the author of the threatening notes is uncovered.
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 30:
Eric proposes to Jenn while Ben gets knocked over the head by Claire.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday July 30:
Claire knocks Ben out!
Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday July 31:
Eve stuns Jennifer with a bombshell that could affect her relationship with Eric.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday August 1:
Chad unknowingly plays right into Stefan’s hands.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday August 2:
Eric proposes to Jennifer.
Gabi confesses her scheme to Kate, hoping to gain an ally.
Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday August 3:
Sonny and Will discover who is behind the threatening notes about Leo’s death.
Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of August 6:
Days spoilers for Monday August 6:
Victor keeps Eve’s secret from Brady – but he wants something in return.
Days spoilers for Tuesday August 7:
Abigail and Chad feel the baby kick for the first time.
Days spoilers for Wednesday August 8:
Ben tells Ciara he remembers everything that happened the night of the fire.
Days spoilers for Thursday August 9:
Chad walks out on Abigail.
John advises Steve to confront Kayla about the secret she’s keeping.
Days spoilers for Friday August 10:
Gabi manipulates her way to living under the same roof as Chad.
Returns coming up on Days in June and onward:
Confirmed rumor has Bold and Beautiful star Linsey Godfrey joining Days as Sarah Horton, Maggie’s daughter.
Keep an eye out for appearances in Salem following various Days casting calls, auditions & bit roles.
Arianne Zucker is taping at Days, which means Nicole Walker will be making her way back to Salem…
Marci Miller has left Days as Abigail DiMera and Kate Mansi will return to resume the role she once played.
Farah Fath returns to Days as Mimi. The actress is currently taping scenes.
Summer drama ahead: Alison Sweeney returns to Days as Sami Brady. We’ll find out if the Days rumor is true, whether Sami’s pregnant with Rafe’s baby!
Sheila turns up soon with Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins still taping at Days.
Brandon Beemer & Martha Madison return to Days as Shawn and Belle for an exciting storyline.