Hostile Takeover: A Dr. David Hayward Story


David Hayward has had a vendetta against the Stefano DiMera and Victor Kiriakis for years when Stefano DiMera ousted him from DiMera as research engineer while Hayward was in medical school. To get back at DiMera and Kirakis, David decides to bring back EJ DiMera from the dead with deadly intentions to use EJ as his pawn and take over DiMera Enterprises as well Victor Kiriakis’ empire. But will EJ cross David when he comes face to face with the love of his life, Samantha?

Chapter 1

David Hayward checked on his new patient, EJ DiMera, who he had managed to abduct from Stefano DiMera. When he had examined EJ, he couldn’t believe the shoddy treatment Stefano’s people had done on EJ. After determining that that there were no ill-sided effects from Stefano’s damage, David administered his drug cocktail into EJ that would bring him back from the dead.

David couldn’t wait to get back at Stefano for ousting as his research engineer after he had made a major breakthrough in one of his findings. And EJ would be that pawn in his plan to take over DiMera Enterprises. And Victor Kiriakis would also suffer for turning over the information that ousted him.

EJ was stirring in his comatose state as David checked his vitals: Temperature―98.6; Pulse―75; Respiration―20; B/P―124/69.

“Vital signs appear normal.” David said to himself.

David left EJ to rest as he left to begin the next preparations for his revenge against Stefano and Victor. He couldn’t wait to get EJ back to Salem to wreak havoc in Salem.

Meanwhile. . .

Sami Brady DiMera still couldn’t get over losing EJ after his death. Even after a year in Hollywood doing a reality show on her life failed to help her move on with her life. EJ was the love of her life and meant so much to her. She saw him constantly in their two kids, Johnny and Sydney. It wasn’t fair that EJ couldn’t see them grow up and be apart of their lives.

Sami checked the notification on her cell alerting her to a new email.

She checked it and saw she had gotten an email from ScienceDoctor:

She smiled when she read it informing her that he would be in Salem shortly as his plans were coming to fruition. Not yet ready to move on, Sami was intrigued by this guy, who had managed to take her mind off her grieving after EJ’s death.

Chapter 2

Sami received another email from the ScienceDoctor stating that he had a surprise for her. She wondered what it was. This ScienceDoctor was so mysterious―even more mysterious than EJ was.

David had gotten to Sami. He had her right where he wanted her. Intrigued. His plan needed EJ’s widow to be surprised when he sprang a back-from-the-dead-EJ on Salem. It was imperative that no one suspected him, especially Stefano and Victor.

David crept into EJ’s room to see how he was doing. EJ was awake now. He ate his first meal, in fact, demanded steak and lobster with a baked potato and sour cream, and white wine.

David called his kitchen staff to make EJ his first meal since coming to from his coma. While EJ was eating, David asked him a series of questions.

“What is your name?” David asked.

“EJ DiMera.” EJ answered him.

“Do you have a wife and children?”

“Ah yes, the lovely Samantha Gene and our two kids, Johnny and Sydney and Johnny’s twin sister, Ali.”

“Great! Now, who is your father?”

“I don’t have a father! He’s dead to me!” EJ began to get raged.

“Easy now.” David calmed EJ down. “Seems I touched a nerve.”

“Do you know a ‘Victor Kirakis?’”

“Don’t speak that name either!”

“Okay.” David said, with a sly smile on his face. “Well, get a good night’s rest, EJ. Tomorrow, we leave for Salem.”

As EJ settle down to rest, David couldn’t wait to spring his surprise on Stefano and Victor and the rest of Salem.

Chapter 3

David peaked in on EJ sleeping. As he removed the headphones that EJ had over his ears, David listened and was pleased that EJ was still listening to the CD that David had put in the CD player when EJ fell asleep. Everything was going to according to plan. He was making a full recovery and they could make their trip to Salem just in time for the DiMera board meeting.

Back in Salem, Kate and Stefano (Stefano had managed to get cleared of all charges against him in the tax evasion scandal that kept him away from Salem for so long.) had just arrive at DiMera for the board meeting just as Chad had also arrived.

As Stefano went ahead and sat down, Chad pulled Kate to the side, “If you make me regret going against my father to get control of DiMera, you’ll be sorry, Kate!”

“I told you Chad, you and I are in this together!” Kate reassured him.

“Well, you had better not make me regret this!” Chad warned, holding Kate’s wrist.

“You won’t be sorry, Chad! Trust me!” Kate said, breaking free of Chad’s grip, and headed into the conference room, smiling slyly.

Across the hall, David spied on Chad’s warning to Kate, “Oh, Chad, Kate should be the least of your worries! You and Kate don’t have any idea of what’s in store for DiMera!”, as David looked over at EJ sleeping on the sofa. “None of you do, especially you Stefano!”

David was listening via headphones waiting for his cue so EJ could enter the boardroom and announce that he was the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

David woke up EJ just as the board members were about to announce the new CEO.

“EJ, it’s time!” David said as he roused EJ from his nap.

“Yes, Mr. Hayward. I will head into the conference room and announce that I am now the new CEO of DiMera..” EJ said, getting up from the sofa and headed into the conference room.

“Congratulations, Chad!” the President announced. “You’re the new CEO!”

As Stefano looked flabbergasted, EJ walked into the conference room, jaws dropping!

“I’m afraid you’re wrong!” EJ announced. “I am the new CEO!”

“What?” Stefano asked, confused. “How can this be? You’re dead?”

“No, father, I’m very much alive!”

“But how?”

“I faked my death.” EJ confessed, remembering the cues he listened to on the headphones David gave him. “I thought it was ingenious to set Clyde Weston up for my murder. I’m just appalled that none of you suspected the rat of murdering me.”

“Son, I had no clue Clyde was behind your shooting.” Stefano apologized.

“Well, I’m back and head of DiMera now.”

The surprise visitor that Chad had arranged to interrupt the board meeting walked into the conference room.

“Samantha!” EJ exclaimed.

Chapter 4

“EJ!” Sami said, surprised.

“Samantha.” EJ said happily.

“Can we get down to business?!” Stefano said irately.

“I agree!” Kate said.

“Right!” EJ said. “Business first. Samantha, we will talk after the meeting.”

EJ laid down the rules for DiMera just as David had instructed him via the tape that David had put on EJ’s head while he was sleeping. Although flabbergasted by EJ’s demands, everyone agree with the rules.

“Now that all’s well, I will need to take a break.” EJ said.

But before EJ could get a word to Sami, David pulled him to the side in another room.

“So how did things go?” David asked EJ, who only had Sami on his mind.

“It went well.” EJ told David, wanting to get to Sami before she left.

“Great job EJ.” David said congratulating him.

“Can I leave now? I must talk to Sami.”

“Yes, EJ. You can go.” David said, as he watched EJ run after Sami.

Thanks to EJ, David couldn’t wait to put his next plan into action for Victor Kiriakis and Stefano DiMera.

Meanwhile, EJ finally caught up with Sami, who had just sat down at a table in Horton Square to have lunch with her mother, Dr. Marlena Evans.

“Sami!” EJ said, as he watched her take a seat.

Sami turned around to see EJ coming toward them.

“Sami, can we go somewhere and talk?” EJ said in desperation.

“Mother, do you mind?’ Sami asked

“No, Sami, go ahead.”

Sami and EJ head off for a more private place to have a talk.

Chapter 5

“Dr. Hayward.” EJ called to confirm with him all that went down after he arrived in Salem to reclaim his life.

After his call with EJ, David Hayward poured himself a glass of wine and toasted to his success! He made a call to a mystery caller to tell him all was well at DiMera.

“Thank you, Dr. Hayward. I’ll take it from here.” The mystery caller told him. “Look at your account for payment. You will be richly rewarded.”

David logged onto his bank account and was shocked to find out just how much he was paid: “Richly rewarded, my ass!” David exclaimed heatedly. “I do the dirty work for your scheme and this is how you repay me!”

David dialed the pilot at the airport, “Fuel up the engine!” David demanded his pilot. “I am on my way to Salem! This is war!”

Meanwhile, in Salem…..

EJ and Stefano were assembling the DE board of directors for a meeting to discuss new arrangements now that EJ was alive and well, no thanks to Dr. David Hayward did to bring EJ back from the dead.

As the board members assembled in the conference room and the meeting was underway, David Hayward’s jet had arrived at Salem International Airport.

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoilers – February 19-23, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – February 19-23, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Chelsea gets the upper hand.
Phyllis resorts to extreme measures.
Cane and Lily learn of Hilary’s deception.
J.T. plays with fire.
Kevin bends the rules.
Sharon makes a sacrifice to help Nick.
Billy conspires with Phyllis.
Devon gives Hilary the cold shoulder.
Phyllis and Chelsea’s game of cat-and-mouse heats up.
Nikki makes a shocking discovery.
Mariah makes up for lost time.
Sharon’s life hangs in the balance.
Victor springs into action.
Chelsea is backed into a corner.
Nick’s world is rocked.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Realizing that this is last chance with Katie, Thorne moves in for a passionate kiss.
Ridge extends an olive branch to Thorne and gifts him with a meaningful heirloom.
Hope gains a new partner as she lays out her plan to relaunch the Hope for the Future line at Forrester Creations.
Steffy leans on Ridge to help her navigate this emotionally tumultuous time in her life.
On the heels of a heart-to-heart with Liam, Wyatt delivers really bad news to $Bill.
Liam shares his joy about his unborn child with Hope before making a suggestion about their future.
Steffy attempts to get through to an angry Ridge regarding what happened between her and $Bill, and how it was consensual.
Although pleased by the current situation between Wyatt and Katie, Quinn resigns herself to doing her best to comfort her son.
Sally storms into Spencer Publications and confronts $Bill about reneging on Liam’s promise.
Katie and Wyatt make a realization about their cross-communication and their significant feelings for one another.

General Hospital
Jason is pitted against Drew.
Anna pays Maxie a visit.
Peter changes his mind.
Alexis is caught off guard.
Sonny confides in an old friend.
Molly lashes out.
Monica surprises Michael.
Olivia stands by her man.
Drew looks to Curtis for help.
Kim steps in.
Alexis ends up in a precarious position.
Anna makes a promise.
Sam looks out for a friend.
Peter appeals to Lulu.
Kim asks a favor.
Jason looks to Peter for help.
Peter knows more than he lets on.
Ava’s gallery is threatened.
Nelle is ready to take the next step.
Alexis meets with Brad.
Sonny confides in Epiphany.
Griffin calls for help.
Franco meets with Kevin.
Anna is awkward around Finn.
Kiki gets the help she needs.

Days of Our Lives
Stefan sees Abigail in a new light.
John admits the truth to Steve, Kayla and Marlena.
Paul and Will struggle to break free, but their predicament has drawn them closer.
Tripp and Ciara bond.
Billie is rushed to the hospital.
Tripp and Ciara find themselves in grave danger.
Kaya tries to keep Steve in the dark.
A hostage situation turns deadly.
Steve and Tripp have a heartfelt reunion.
Marlena comforts a guilt-ridden John.
Eric and Jennifer have a tense run-in with Brady and Eve.
Maggie learns of Victor and Brady’s plan.
Kate rips into John for putting Billie’s life in danger.
Chad warns Stefan to stay away from Abigail.
A fed-up Maggie walks out on Victor.
Lucas has a warm moment with Will.
Abigail makes an unexpected move regarding Stefan.
Hope has a romantic surprise for Rafe.
Claire finally uncovers Ciara’s secret.
Brady makes a confession to Eve.

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Cursed: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It is also a Buffy/Spike/Angel prompt set in the 5th season of Angel, the finale ‘Not Fade Away.’ Illyria was the only one that died but the remaining group survived: Gunn, Wesley, Angel, and Spike. Buffy also died by fighting an escaped Ubervamp from Sunnydale. Willow resurrects her again, but when she comes back, she is turned cause the spell messed up and ripped her from Heaven sending her back to where she was fighting Kralik except now, she was too stunned to be there and to be brought back that the Vampire took advantage and turned her in her younger self’s body. It’s future’s Buffy in her ‘Helpless’ body.

Time Line: After Angel’s 5th Season. Illyria died, but not Wesley, Angel, and Spike. Gunn disappeared.

Chapter 1- To Rise and Fall
Buffy is dead, killed by an escaped Ubervamp from the Hell Mouth, however, she isn’t dead for long as Willow is chanting her magic.
“I wish for Buffy Summers! Bring her back from the eternal beyond!” A portal opened directing hitting the Elysian Fields and Buffy’s peace was once again taken.
‘NO! DON’T KICK ME OUT!’ But, the spirits of the other Slayers chanted together and she was suddenly gone.
In the boarding house, Kralik was fighting the Slayer and she was losing the battle until something crashed into them both and he took the distraction he needed, pinned her arms, and bit into her throat. Her eyes widened and she tried to wiggle free, but he grabbed tighter. Older Buffy screamed loudly, but the fangs were in too deep. This had been what she was afraid of all her life, having a demon rip into her throat and drink her blood. This was her worst nightmare.

Chapter 2- The cure is blood
‘The cure is blood, the cure is blood, the cure is blood,’ rang in her mind like a drum. ‘Take it. Want it. Breathe it in… You’ll feel better…’ ‘But, I want to die! I want peace!’ ‘Unfair that it was taken away from you, wasn’t it…?’ ‘I don’t want this!’ ‘Yesss, take it!’ She grabbed the wrist and drank it down.
Something lifted her higher and higher out of the realm. Then, the pain stopped. Everything stopped. Kralik held something to her face, it was irony and coppery, blood. He spilt it into her mouth and she was hit with hunger; deep and knowing and crawling.
Her train of thought was gone and she was drinking. Slowly, but surely, she was gulping it down. She didn’t want it to stop.

Chapter 3- Evil
She stood up, grinning. ‘Wonderful new life…!’ “I feel refreshed!”
Kralik: You are a thing like me now. And we are connected. Do you feel it…?
“I feel so many things…!” ‘I can feel every body in this room, see every crack in the wall, see all of the colors, and my hearing is heightened. So overpowering!’ “It’s different.”
“You’re a Vampire.”
“And I suppose I have to thank my sire…?”
“Naturally.” She looked down at her clothes. “Got to get some leather!”
He took her to the park where she would meet a few teenagers.
She walked out smiling. “Hello boys…!” All of them looked her up and down with lust in their eyes. Soon, she’d be preying on them, making them entrée number 2.

Chapter 4-The Prey
The boys made it easy for Buffy to devour their blood. Then she slit her wrists and let them drink from her, siring them into new creatures of the night. Buffy loved her new self. It felt kinda ironic as she was chosen to slay these creatures, now she was one of them. . . . . . . . .
What would Giles and the Scoobies think of her new self?” Buffy thought to herself as she wiped the blood from her lips and leaving the teen boys to rest. They would need it for the hunt they would be needing when they woke up.
As for Buffy, she needed more. . .more blood. She went on the prowl looking for more prey when she encountered Spike.
“Buffy?” Spike asked confused. “I thought you were dead?”
“Well, I’m alive and well.” Buffy told him.
“You look different?”
“Different? How?”
“I don’t know? There’s just something about you?”
“There’s nothing different about me.” Buffy lied.
“No, there is. I just can’t place it?” Spike told her.
“Well, I’m the same ol’ Buffy Summers.”
“So, are you on your way to meet the gang?” Spike asked, changing the subject.
“The gang?”
“Yeah, Giles and everyone will be so happy you’re alive.”
“Yeah. I bet they will.”
“So, let’s go!”
Back at Giles store, Willow sat waiting to see if her spell to bring back Buffy had worked.

Chapter 5 – The Spell
Willow was surprised but happy when Spike walked into Giles’ store with none other than Buffy. Only neither the two of them realized it was a different Buffy. They knew something was different, just couldn’t place what was so different.
“Buffy!” Willow exclaimed.
“Willow!” Buffy replied back, not letting on that she was not who they thought she was.
“My spell worked?” Willow asked, half surprised.
“Spell?” Buffy asked.
“Yes, I concocted a spell to bring you back.” Willow said, hugging her friend. “I’m so glad it worked.”
“Yeah.” Was all Buffy could say. “It worked all right.”
“So, Bufs, where have you been hiding yourself?” Spike interrupted them.
“Oh, nowhere in particular.” Buffy told them, not wanting them to know her new craving for blood and that she is on the prowl for fresh meat. “Oh, look at the time. I need to go visit my mother and Dawn.”
Buffy runs out on her friends making the excuse to see her mother and Dawn, but she really is on the hunt for fresh meat. She needs blood badly as she feels herself getting weak.
While out on a hunt for blood from some unsuspecting victim, Buffy comes across Angel in what looks to be on the take.
As Buffy moves closer to hear what is going on, she steps on a branch and is caught by Angel, who runs to see who it is. Buffy hides so Angel won’t find her.
“Who’s there?” Angel calls out. But no one answers.
Buffy keeps silent so Angel won’t find her for several minutes until it is safe to leave. Scouting the area, Angel leaves when he can’t find anyone around. Good thing too. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his new job.
“So, Angel, you’re on the take?” Buffy says to herself. “I wonder what you’re really up to?”

Chapter 6 – Willow’s Failure
Buffy followed Angel, hungry for more blood, but it would have to wait. She wanted in on whatever Angel was up to. As Buffy continued to follow Angel, who was heading to the outskirts of Sunnydale, where he met with Gunn.
“Gunn?” Buffy said to herself so Angel wouldn’t hear her. “Everyone back in Sunnydale assumed he was dead, but here he was, meeting Angel?”
“You need to take out the Slayer!” Gunn told Angel.
“Kill Buffy?” Angel asked, confused.
“She’s one of us!” Gunn informed Angel. “And she’s more powerful now that she is!”
“Buffy…a vampire?” Angel laughed at him. “Impossible.”
“Don’t laugh, Angelus!”
“Buffy is dead!”
“No she’s not!”
“But? How?”
“Willow? What’s she got to do with this?” Angel inquired.
“Willow recanted a spell.”Gunn told Angelus. “Only, it went awry.”
“Willow’s spell went awry?” Angel said in disbelief.
“Buffy is a vampire…more powerful than you and Spike and all the demons.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Kill her! Kill Buffy!” Gunn repeated. “Kill Buffy!”
Angel watched as Gunn walked past in a trance to where Buffy was listening to their conservation. And just as Gunn was about to drive a stake through Buffy’s heart, Angel grabbed Gunn’s hand and shoved it through Gunn’s heart instead.
“What have you done?!” Gunn spat out before he died.

Chapter 7 – Kralik’s Revenge
With Gunn dead, Sunnydale seemed to be at peace…for now.
But Kralik sought to seek revenge on Angelus for the death of Gunn.
As Angel held a distraught Buffy, who was thankful for saving her from Gunn, the two lovers kissed. The heat from their passion consumed them and they were oblivious to the hell that Kralik’s minions were wreaking on Sunnydale.
To Angel and Buffy, time stopped for a moment….
“Angel! Buffy!” Spike hollered to them, which jolted them from their passion.
“Spike!” Angel said, at first irritated with him for ruining his moment of passion with Buffy, then held in his anger when he spied the minions wreaking havoc.
“What the….”
But Buffy, ever the loyal slayer, grabbed a spike from a nearby wood pile and began dusting off the minions, to Kralik’s horror.
“Damn you, Buffy!”
Once the minions were diminished, thanks to Buffy, with the help of Angel and Spike, the three of them headed off to Giles’ store for a little celebratory fun…when Buffy heard a voice and told Angel and Spike to go on ahead of her and she would meet them later.
As Angel and Spike headed toward Giles’ store, Buffy went looking for the voice she heard…..

When someone grabbed her from behind and injected her with a needle that knocked her out….
Chapter 8- The Trap
Angel and Spike wait for Buffy at Giles’ store with the other Scoobies. Buffy never shows. The gang is getting worried about her. Spike heads out to look for her.
Buffy woke to find herself inside Kralik’s dungeon cell. Harmony came in to find how his guest was doing.
“Well, Buffy, how are you doing?” Harmony smirked.
“Just peachy.” Buffy said sarcastically.
“Well, looks like you’re in spot?” Harmony taunted her.
“I’ll do just fine. Without your help.” Buffy repied.
“Yeah. You’re doing a bang up job.”
“Get out!” Buffy yelled at her.
“Okay. Okay.” Harmony said. “Have it your own way.”
Harmony left Buffy’s cell and reported to Kralik.
“How is our little guest?” Kralik asked Harmony.
“In a snit.” Harmony reported.
“Good. I need Buffy amped up. For my mission for her.”
Buffy found a way out of her cell, unbeknownst to her, that Kralik left the way out. He knew where Buffy would go…straight to Spike. And Angel.
And sure enough…as Buffy broke free…she went straight to Spike and Angel…and straight into Kralik’s trap.

Chapter 9 – The Encounter
Buffy walked right into Kralik’s trap and headed for Spike and Angel.
“Spike. Angel.” Buffy said when she got to Giles’ store.
But before she knew what was happening, the ceiling caved in on Spike, Angel and Buffy. Giles and the Scoobies managed to get out safely. But Angel, Spike and Buffy were still inside.
Giles rushed in to see if they were alright. He found Buffy, but Spike and Angel were nowhere to be found.
“Buffy.” Giles said, trying to rousing Buffy.
“Spike.” Buffy whispered.
“Buffy?” Giles shook Buffy awake.
“Spike, Kralik has…” Buffy started to say, but drifted off and fell unconscious.
Giles called paramedics, who arrived within minutes to transport Buffy to Sunnydale Hospital.
Angel and Spike, however, found themselves in Kralik’s lair.

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Cruel Humanity: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

It will take place after Angel Season Five’s ‘Not Fade Away.’ Wesley, Angel, and Spike are alive but not Gunn and Illyria and she can’t ever be resurrected since she’s a God. Having no city to protect and no lives in L.A. to be saving since the city is destroyed by the Dragon, they decide to head to Cleveland to join the Scoobies. Well, they have news for Angel and Spike. Buffy had been captured by Quentin and Kralik. You see the old head of the Council had Giles manipulate her again by giving her another Cruciamentum. Then, Travers resurrected the evil Demon from Hell. Now that he’s back, he’s going to r***, torture, and turn Buffy once Spike and Angel show up for the rescue. They will be shocked and angered especially Spike. This is a Spuffy prompt with Angel and Faith. Wesley will be with Willow.

Chapter 1
A Vampire hefted up the long silver sword, it glowing in the Sunlight and down to the hilt.
He walked over to Buffy and gazed admiringly at her before swinging it in a perfect arch to cut her from the bind.
“So weak for such a powerful girl,” he tsked. “What are you waiting for, you crazy fool,” demanded Quentin. It smiled with stinky breath and yellow teeth, gazing down to her wrist which was dripping blood. She was injured and it excited him. His eyes now travelled to her neck where he could make out her fearful pulse. He slapped her. The Slayer was bruised all over, her lip had been cut, and her eye was swollen shut.
But, she gave him a defiant glare none- the- less which infuriated them all except for the new Council leader with his head bent and eyes closed.
It was Giles hiding behind his guilt and pain, but Buffy merely gave a f***., she stared at him like Angelus or William the Bloody or any other villain.
She was done playing games. She was 30 years old and saved the world, gave up her life, and her normalcy, was ripped from Heaven to destroy the First and couldn’t do it anymore. Couldn’t become a naïve fifteen year old. “Kill me,” she whispered. “Oh no, you’re not going to be dead Slayer! You’re going to be something else!” Then, he drank from her until she collapsed into the darkness.
It was an infirmity when she woke up. She knew she was alive and she could hear heartbeats around the room. Her heightened senses really allowed her to study everything, gave her a chance to test her fangs by swirling her tongue around it. Then, she gave them a chilling smile. “Is it my birthday,” she asked softly.

Chapter 2
Buffy was hungry for blood, and Quentin was nowhere to be found. She needed blood! Buffy managed to pull the shackles from the wall that she was chained to and got out to find some fresh blood.
“Now, time to look for some fresh meat!” Buffy said, baring her fangs. “I’m going to love this new life!”
Buffy managed to find some poor unsuspecting fool she could feed on while Spike, Angel , Giles and the Scoobies landed in what is now Cleveland, due to Sunnydale being destroyed by the dragon.
“I don’t think I’m going to like it here?” Xander said, when they departed the airport.
“It certainly isn’t Sunnydale.” Anya said.
“Well, we can’t go home.” Angel said.
“That’s because there is no Sunnydale.” Spike said.
“We’ll just have to make the most of it.” Giles said to the group.
“If only we knew if Buffy had survived?” Spike said sadly.
“It’s not likely.” Angel said.
Just then, a girl with blonde hair looking much like Buffy ran past them.
“Man, that girl looks a lot like Buffy.” Spike mused.
“That’s because it was Buffy.” Angel said, running after the girl.
“OMG! It was.” Spike said following Angel, with the Scoobies following close behind.
They found Buffy feeding on fresh kill as she sucked the blood from the guy.
“I can’t look.” Giles said when they all caught up to find Buffy sucking the blood from the guy.
Spike couldn’t believe what he saw…Buffy sucking blood from a human? She was one of them? Who had turned her? He vowed to find the one who turned Buffy, and kill them! They needed the Slayer…now that the Demons had destroyed Sunnydale and they were all forced to move to Cleveland. God how Spike hated it here!
“Spike, help me find Buffy!” Angel demanded.
Buffy had run off when she saw Angel and Spike. They couldn’t see her like this. One of them! A bloodsucker! As much as she enjoyed being one!
Meanwhile, in another part of Cleveland, Wesley and Willow were conducting their own search for the missing Buffy, when they were distracted by one of Kralik’s minions, hoping to destroy Willow and Wesley. Kralik had thought he’d seen the last of that Scooby gang when he kidnapped the Slayer and turned her, but no…they all had to move to Cleveland. That’s when Kralik decided to move to Cleveland. He had to destroy this Scooby gang. They couldn’t destroy his plan…to take over the world. He wanted to be King and the Slayer his Queen!
“Do you think he saw us?” Willow asked Wesley, as they hid in an alley from one of Kralik’s minions.
“No, but we’ll need to hide out here until all is clear.” Wesley told a nervous Willow.
As Wesley and Willow huddled close to each other in their cramped space, feelings of attraction haunted both Willow and Wesley as they each contemplated whether to give in to desire.

Chapter 3
As Buffy was finishing feeding on some poor soul, she caught a glimpse of Angel with Faith and jealousy reared its ugly head. Angel was the one she wanted, but now that she was one of them, how could she be with him?
The sight of Angel kissing Faith was too much to bare and, hearing footsteps nearing, Buffy the grabbed the man and kissed him—to her horror—it was Spike!
“Spike?” Buffy said apologizing.
“Babe, what’s got into you?”
Buffy was so ashamed that she just ran.
Confused by Buffy’s behavior, Spike ran after her. Despite losing her trail, Spike continued searching for Buffy, then after several hours of not finding her, finally gave up.
Meanwhile, back at Kralik’s chambers, Buffy woke up to find herself back in her cell, chained to the wall—and Kralik laughing maniacally at her through the bars.
“Thought you could escaped my compound?!”
Buffy just sat there in her cell………
Spike ran into Angel and Faith, who were busy making out in the cemetery.
“Angelus, we need to find Buffy!” Spike said, as he got disgusted at the sight of watching Angelus with Faith.
“We were on her trail……” Angel began, but an amorous Faith couldn’t stop with the kisses.
“I’m serious….Buffy’s disappeared!”
“Okay, okay!” Angel said, a little irritated with Spike.
As Buffy lay on the bed in her cell, she longed for Angel to rescue her, but knew that it was futile, since he now preferred Faith….and Spike…..well, what about him?

Chapter 4
Spike made love to Dru, but his mind was on Buffy. After the lovemaking, Dru knew Spike’s mind was elsewhere.
“Spike, where are you?” Dru asked, knowing full well where it was but didn’t want to admit Spike preferred Buffy to her.
“With you my pet.” Spike lied.
“Liar!” Dru hissed.
“My pet…I’m with you, aren’t I?”
“You’re body is…you’re mind…”
“Don’t be that way, my pet.”
“Get out! Go to her!” Dru yelled.
Spike grabbed his pants and left Dru’s side. If Dru didn’t want him, he’d look for Buffy. Now that Angel was with Faith, he was sure Buffy wanted him. But where was she?
Back in her cell, Buffy longed for Angel, but was happy to see Spike had finally found her. Happy to be free, Buffy let Spike take her from the life she had known the last few hours in Kralik’s dungeon.
Spike kissed Buffy on the lips, but Buffy tore herself away, unable to let herself be with him.

Chapter 5
Back home in her bedroom, Buffy couldn’t sleep.
She went downstairs to pour herself some milk. Milk always helped her sleep.
But when she went back upstairs to sleep, all she did was lay there in her bed…thinking about Spike.
Then a knock on her bedroom window…it was Spike.
Buffy let him in and with one look in each other’s eyes…the two kissed again.
Unable to deny the passion between them, the two lovers exploded as they made passionate love on Buffy’s bed.
Their lovemaking lasted hours as Sunnydale was being overrun by Kralik’s demons.

Chapter 6
With Kralik’s demons wreaking havoc in Sunnydale, Buffy was nowhere to be found. And the Scoobies were at their wits’ end trying to stop them. Oh, where was the Slayer when Sunnydale needed them.
Kralik just laughed knowing he had put a potion in Buffy’s cell so when Spike came to rescue Buffy, all they would think about was each other and his minions would wreak havoc on Sunnydale.
Kralik needed the Slayer out of commission so he could wreak havoc on Sunnydale.
And that’s exactly what Spike and Buffy did…for hours…
Now, Sunnydale would be under his control, and Buffy couldn’t do anything about it….

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Crucifixion: A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanfiction

In a pretend Season 8 of the tv show (NOT COMICS), Buffy is turned into a Vampire with a soul, but she chooses to lose her soul.

Chapter 1
Who knows how powerful a Slayer could be when she is turned. Or you could drive her insane. This was reality. And it was cruel. Buffy felt the heat of his stare. Bare essentials.
“Why,” she croaked.
The Vampire chuckled. “I am older than any Vampire you’ve ever known. The original one.” He carried on like he was bragging.
“It wasn’t desire,” she spat. Henry turned to slap her and the demon froze up. Was this what submission felt like…?
“You’re lucky I kept you the way you are due to the special power inside of you. Otherwise, my dream was to create a minion, a weakling, an obedient servant!”
Buffy turned her head away to look out the window at the sunlight blinking at the emptiness that she felt. This wasn’t her life. This was death.
He left her in the room with the chained up young man also looking at her. But he was frightened by the Yellow eyes and brow ridges that adorned her forehead or the way she wouldn’t look anywhere but at that window with an eerie quiet silence. She wasn’t trembling, just soaked it all in. She wasn’t human anymore. A living walking thing, the shadow spoke.
It spoke to her everyday and she was walking into a Drusilla-like coma.
“You might as well get used to death darling…” He kissed her temple and walked away laughing.

Chapter 2
His beating pulse was deflating fast. She just yanked his head and sucked harder. The breathing was stopping as the body went limp and she let go, crawling back to be chained up by a minion. She stared at the cauls of chains being locked to the wall and gazed up at her sire. Pretending to be insane was easier said than done. “Did I satisfy you daddy?”
He nodded and threw her the doll. She held onto it wearing her hair like Drusilla did from Halloween years ago and entangled its locks. “Pretty moon, all Red and naughty, what do you think Miss Lily…?”
The female servant’s eyes widened. The White dress now hung around her body like a canvas. It mirrored the raven beau’s. In fact, they pawned it from a shop. It was indeed Dru’s just like the other White dress from when Spike captured Angel and had his wicked plum torture her for hours. She liked torture and watched the humans as they lined up against the wall waiting for their punishments. Wicked knives, saws, stakes, whips, and fire pokers. She loved to hear screams and crying, the begging for mercy that wouldn’t come except for the wailings.
“Kill her,” whispered his new Queen having on her deep Red lipstick.
Henry growled, “No she is mine!” Beatrice snarled and went up, kicking her stomach.
Beatrice was vicious ripping into her skin with nails and scratching and punching.
Henry held up a hand. “That is enough!”
He tore her away from the laughing Vampiress.
“Let’s go, we have to prepare for the ceremony!” She grinned at the blond and purposely reached up to kiss him full on the lips, watching her with Yellow eyes. “Darling, why do you get all the fun!?!”
Days later, her insanity was no longer an act as the voices grew hostile and bickered loudly, screaming inside her mind.
Torture and more torture drove her to the shadows and the more she hid from the outside, the more she lost a part of herself.

Chapter 3
“She isn’t lucid,” she heard whispers. She knew it was the minions trying to stay far away from the psychotic creature.
She just giggled and talked to her doll, forcing tea of blood into her mouth.
Beatrice: Why do you keep the insane b*** around!?!
Henry: I am getting tired of you hurling insults at the poor child and the way you abuse her makes me regret turning you!
She backed away from him frightened as his face emerged, holding a stake.
Buffy fumbled around the room, looking at the other dolls and giving them each a piece of cake. She smiled. “Daddy is being cross with mommy…?”

Chapter 4
Buffy, in her Drusilla-like trance, looked at her dolls again and spoke to them in that Drusilla-like voice when Spike found her in Henry’s dungeon.
“Hey, Buffy.” Spike said grabbing her arm.
“Look! It’s a birdie!” Buffy spoke to Spike in her Drusilla voice. “Isn’t it lovely?”It broke Spike’s heart (whatever he had of it) to see Buffy that way. He had to bring her back. What Henry and Beatrice did to her wasn’t right.
“Come on, Buf!” Spike urged her to go with him. But it was too late. Henry arrived and grabbed at Spike.
“So, you tried to free the Slayer.” Henry warned him. “You’re going to regret your actions!”
“What you did to her is wrong!” Spike protested, trying to break free. But it was of no use. Henry was stronger than him at the moment due to Spike being weak from not drinking his allotment of blood.
Henry threw Spike into a cell in his dungeon across from where Buffy was.
“Psst!” Spike whispered as he tried to get Buffy’s attention. But she just kept talking to what was now a dead rat in her cell.
“Pretty baby!” Buffy singsonged in her Drusilla voice. “What happened to you?
“Buffy!” Spike yelled at her. “Snap out of it!”
Buffy looked up at him. “What Spiky Baby?”
“Listen to me!” Spike tried to get through to her. “We have to find a way out of here!”
“Oh, no!” Buffy warned. “The Master says I mustn’t!”
It was of no use. Spike had to find a way to get the both of them out of there . . . and fast.

Chapter 5
It was now or never as Spike grabbed Buffy as he pushed Buffy through the window and jumped out after her. Buffy was still dazed and talking like Drusilla in her singsong voice when he grabbed Buffy’s hand and ran far away from the dungeon that Henry had them both captive in. Spike could hear Henry’s voice in the distance as they were running away.
“Find them!” Henry demanded to his men.
15 minutes later, Spike and Buffy managed to get to safety when they came to the abandoned high school and went inside. They took cover until the coast was clear of Henry’s men looking for them.
Spike led Buffy to a secluded spot and told her to stay put while he went to look for something to start a fire to keep Buffy warm and find something to eat.
Spike came back a half an hour later to find Buffy singing to a dead rat that she had found lying on the ground.
“Buffy, c’mon, please. Snap out of it.” Spike pleaded.
“Looky Spiky, I found a baby!”Buffy said in that awful singsong voice that Spike hated.
“Here, I got some food for you, Buffy.” Spike said, handing her the food, but Buffy pushed it away.
“I’m not Buffy!” Buffy yelled at him.
“Okay, Dru.” Spike said, playing along, but secretly hoping Buffy would come out of her trance.
“That’s better.” She said to him, as she got up and began to kiss him.
Unable to resist her, Spike gave into Buffy’s kisses as the two began to make love. Buffy kissed Spike in all the right spots that caused Spike to make love to her the whole night through and since there was nothing better to do, Spike and Buffy laid in each other’s arms all night.
“Was it good for you?” Buffy said in her Drusilla-like singsong voice.
“Yes, pet, it was.”

Chapter 6
A storm was brewing over Sunnydale. As Buffy and Spike basked in their passion, minions were wreaking havoc. Xander and Anya did their best to fight off the minions with Angel’s help, but they needed the Slayer. Even Faith didn’t’ seem to be able to fight off the minions.
“Where the hell is the Buffy?!” Xander yelled as one of the minions sucker-punched him.
While Xander, Anya, Faith and the rest of the Scoobies did their best to fight off the minions, Spike and Buffy continued making love, unbeknownst to the hell that Sunnydale was going through.
When all looked like the minions were losing, Buffy appeared out of nowhere as Angel and the Scoobies hoped Buffy would crush the minions, but instead, Buffy did the unexpected.
As Buffy stood there watching the Scoobies fight the minions, one of the minions got the better of Angel as they knocked him unconscious.
Buffy ran over to Angel and as she picked up a stake to take Angel out, Xander stopped her.
“Why did you do that?!” Buffy shouted at him.

Chapter 7
Buffy wanted revenge! Xander ruined her plot to kill Angel. Those damn Scoobies always ruined her plan. They all thought she was about good, but now she was basking in the real Buffy’s body. She was Dru inside Buffy’s body. And she wanted Angel destroyed once and for all!
Xander was going to pay for ruining her chance to take Angel out!!!!
Xander, Anya, Willow and Giles met at Giles’ store to discuss Buffy’s sudden change of heart. Too bad they didn’t realize that Buffy was just outside Giles’ store listening to their rants about what was going on with Buffy.
“What are we going to do about Buffy?” Willow asked concerned for her friend.
“I know one thing, we need to find Buffy and detain her until we can figure out what is going on with her.” Giles suggested, unbeknownst to everyone that he was not Giles, but The Ripper.
The Ripper needed the blood of the “Chosen One” to gain the powers of Acathla. And he hoped the Scoobies would lead him to the Slayer.
“Well, I know where Buffy likes to go when she’s feeling stressed.” Willow chimed in.
“Thank you, Willow.” Giles/The Ripper said. “Show me where you think Buffy is.”
As Giles/The Ripper followed Willow, followed by Xander and Anya, they were surprised when they got to Buffy’s spot and found themselves held hostage in the grotto.
Buffy laughed menacingly when Giles/The Ripper and the Scoobies realized that Buffy had outsmarted them.
“Buffy, what are you doing?” Willow said, pleading with her friend to let them out.
“You think you were going to let this maniac take me?!” Buffy railed at them.
“Buffy what are talking about?” Willow asked her friend, confused by Buffy’s rant.
“That man inside the grotto is not Giles!” Buffy wailed at them.
“What do you mean? Of course it’s Giles!” Willow told her.
“No, he’s not! But you were always too trusting for your own good!” Buffy said, as she left her “friends” with The Ripper, who looked angry that he had been deceived by Buffy.

Chapter 8
The Ripper, with his menacing look, came at the Scoobies. They couldn’t believe that Buffy would leave them in their time of need.
Buffy was busy thwarting the demons that wreaked havoc on Sunnydale. She decided she could only count on herself. It was good because she getting of the Scoobies whining constantly. In fact, the only one she could stomach was Spike. God, he was hot. Give her some of that man sandwich any day. She couldn’t enough of Spike ever since their encounter the other day.
It was heaven on earth…that kiss that sparked between them.
Well, speak of the devil…Spike was in the cemetery. Buffy would stop her hunting. Suddenly she needed what Spike had to offer.
As she watched Spike smack a demon against the tree before staking it…oh my…….
Spike saw Buffy and went to her. She gave in as the two kissed again.
While Spike and Buffy were busy getting it on, the Scoobies were left to get themselves out of the jam they were in with The Ripper….

Chapter 9
After what seemed like hours, the Scoobies were finally able to outsmart The Ripper, with no help from Buffy. When they found Buffy in the cemetery with Spike…anger seethed in them as they sought revenge for leaving them with The Ripper.
“Ahem.” Willow coughed interrupting Buffy’s moment with Spike.
“Willow.” Buffy said surprised to see her and the rest of Scoobies. She thought they were goners after she left them to their defense with The Ripper.
“Yes, Buffy we got away from The Ripper…no thanks to you.” Willow said angrily, with nods from the other Scoobies.
“I knew you could do it.” Buffy said encouraging.
“I thought we were friends?” Anya asked.
“Sorry. I had better things to do.” Buffy defended herself.
“Make out with Spike?” Xander accused.
“What of it?” Buffy scoffed.
“Well, we don’t need you anymore.” Willow told Buffy. “We’re through!”
As Willow and the other Scoobies took off, Buffy continued what she and Spike were doing.
“Buffy, I want you now.” Spike said as they made out, oblivious to the demon that was wreaking in the cemetery.

Chapter 10
Buffy and Spike were too busy getting it on while demons and minions wreaked havoc in the cemetery and the rest of Sunnydale. The Scoobies did their best to diminish them, but they overpowered them and sent them to a prison.
They needed Buffy, but they didn’t want to admit it since they were angry with her.
After Buffy and Spike had finished their make-out session, they looked around to discover the mess that Sunnydale was in. Demons and minions were in control and the Scoobies were nowhere to be found.
“Spike, what have we done?” Buffy wailed.
“Guess we were busy thinking of ourselves.” Spike said guiltily.
“Well, we better remedy the situation.” Buffy told him.
“Yes. I think you two should.” Angel agreed.
With the Scoobies stuck inside their prison, Buffy, Spike and Angel worked to get rid of the demons and minions controlling Sunnydale. It was the least they could do….

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The Young and the Restless One Shots – Chelsea’s Secret

Chelsea knew she was lying to Nick and everyone about the hack at Chelsea 2.0. Her own company! No one would believe the real story. That Adam was alive! That was why she put the scheme in place. She was going to slip away from Genoa City with Connor and Christian (Adam’s son, not Nick’s). it was Adam’s plan to spirit Chelsea and his son’s way from the Newman family. Chelsea knew from the beginning, Chloe never killed Adam. The whole thing was staged so they could get out of Genoa City.

The only reason Chelsea stayed behind and “romanced” Nick—Victor!

Victor Newman ruined their plot! And Chelsea intended to make Victor pay by taking Connor and Christian away from Victor and Genoa City and back to Adam!

The only problem now is that pesky Phyllis and her vendetta to prove she was behind the hack!

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Starrleen’s Soap Critiques – February 5-9, 2018

Weekly Soap Critiques – February 5-9, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Phyllis was bound and determined to prove Chelsea was behind the hacked website of Chelsea 2.0 and even ruined a dinner party hosted by Victoria and J.T. As Chelsea stood her ground with Phyllis, she continued to get ominous text messages, and Nick was beginning to wonder if Chelsea was guilty.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Ridge and Brooke took another walk down the aisle as their wedding took place at Forrester mansion, in a heartfelt ceremony in front of family and friends. During the reception, Katie flirted with Thorne, who’s kiss was caught by Maya. And Thorne found out Wyatt was Katie’s mystery man as Wyatt witnessed Katie and Thorne kiss.

General Hospital
It was a sad week as Port Charles citizens grieved the loss of PC Officer, Nathan West, shot succumbed to his injuries in the line of duty, protecting his wife, Maxie, from his father, Cesar Faison, who also died, was laid to rest in a 21-gun salute funeral service. Meanwhile, Sonny visited his father, Mike, who discovered money is Mike’s cigar box. Reluctant, Mike agreed to go back Port Charles to be with Sonny’s family.

Days of Our Lives
After viewing a video of the night of Andre’s murder of a woman looking strangely like Gabi, Gabi was book on charges of murder. JJ and Lani were engaged as Lani, pressured by Valerie, confessed to Eli that he was the baby’s father, not JJ. What will Eli do now that he knows he’s the father of Lani’s unborn child?

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Starrleena’s Weekly Soap Spoiers – February 12-16, 2018

Weekly Soap Spoilers – February 12 – 16, 2018

The Young & the Restless
Chelsea covers her tracks.
J.T> and Traci reminisce about Colleen.
Victor takes matters into her own hands.
Jack tries to get under Ashley’s skin.
Hilary lashes out at Devon.
Sharon confides in Phyllis.
Victor and Nikki keep up appearances.
Billy plans a romantic surprise.
Cane and Lily renew their wedding vows.
Victoria plots to get Ashley out of Newman Enterprises.
J.T. makes amends.
Chelsea stuns Nick.
Phyllis receives a threat.
Noah makes an announcement.
Devon stumbles upon a secret.

The Bold & the Beautiful
Stunned by his own feelings, and the stolen kiss he witnessed, Wyatt makes a bold suggestion to a bewildered Katie.
While relishing in their honeymoon bliss, Ridge and Brooke wonder what Stephanie would think about their wedding.
Steffy is taken aback by Hope’s direct approach in discussing their past and present relationships with Liam.
Thorne accidentally grabs her phone instead of his after a heavy flirt sessions with Katie.
Steffy demands answers from Hope after Hope reveals her true feelings for Liam.
Brooke and Ridge celebrate Valentine’s Day, as do Maya and Rick, and Hope comforts Liam after giving him a gift from Steffy.
Having accidentally learned the identity of Katie’s mystery man, Thorne makes a move to secure a future with her.
Hope makes a selfless request of Liam regarding Steffy.
Thorne admits to Katie that he knows that her mystery man is Wyatt.
Liam and Steffy share a special moment during her first ultrasound appointment with Dr. Phillips.

General Hospital
Anna and Felicia commiserate.
Drew questions Franco.
Finn seeks legal advice.
Oscar tries to get one over on Kim.
Julian throws a bone.
Michael takes Jason’s words to heart.
Ava is concerned.
Jake puts Jason on the spot.
Franco is put on notice.
Drew learns something new.
Sam lays into Jason.
Sonny and Carly reminisce.
Ava looks forward to her time with Griffin.
Spinelli steps in to help Kiki.
Curtis surprises Jordan.
Nelle thinks quickly on her feet.
Michael gets an unsettling phone call.
Anna pays a visit to Andre.
Alexis is a ball of nerves.
Ava lashes out at Griffin.
Carly encourages Jason to find out everything he can.
Drew is put in an uncomfortable situation.
Diane relays a particularly audacious announcement.
Ava takes care of Kiki.
Sonny lays his trust in Griffin.

Days of Our Lives
Hope is curious about Carrie’s reaction to her and Rafe’s wedding invitation.
While speaking with Rafe and Eli, Abigail reluctantly implicates Gabi.
Marlena questions John’s behavior.
Kate discovers a shocking scene at the DiMera Mausoleum.
Abigail and Stefan share a moment.
John attempts to inject Steve with another dose.
Kate is reunited with Billie, who has a mysterious reason for being in town.
Claire confronts Ciara about the secret she shared with Tripp.
There’s love in the air in Salem.
Rafe and Hope escape to Smith Island for a romantic night.
Eve helps Brady out of a sticky situation.
Eric figures out he and Jennifer have had a misunderstanding.
Eric wants another chance with Jennifer.
Stefan continues to get under Chad and Abigail’s skin.
JJ asks Lani a very important question.
Eli comforts Gabi and promises to exonerate her.
JJ and Lani celebrate their engagement with Eli and Gabi.
Stefan fins an unexpected intruder in his room.
Billie saves John’s life.
Steve makes a shocking discovery from his hospital bed.

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